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Act of War: Direct Action Cheat Codes. for Bush&Laden Endanger Humanity by The Nova Team (TNT)

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                            _          BLeH!          _
                           |_|                       |_|
                           | |         /^^^\         | |
                          _| |_      (| "o" |)      _| |_
                        _| | | | _    (_---_)    _ | | | |_ 
                       | | | | |' |    _| |_    | `| | | | |
                       |          |   /  &  \   |          |
                        \  BUSH  /  / /(. .)\ \  \  LADEN _/
                          \    /  / /  | . |  \ \  \    /
                            \  \/ /    ||Y||    \ \/  /
                             \__/      || ||      \__/
                                       () ()
                                       || ||
                                      ooO Ooo

                                 eNDANGER HUMANITY



                      Act of War: Direct Action Cheat Codes




 Here are the cheat codes to be entered in the "secured line" box (key [ENTER]) :

   motherrussia        summon a M80 tank mofo!
   coolihaveanewcar    summon a CIA armored van
   coolimthepresident  summon a US president (so useless! ;)
   swatatyourorders    summon a SWAT
   ymca                summon a US cop
   greenjelly          summon a UK cop  
   bringoutthedead     summon an ambulance
   duckhunt            summon a flying duck
   blackhawkdown       summon a SA12 anti-aircraft missile
   yeepeekaye          MEGABLAST!
   keyholemaster       unlock god vision
   fortknox            add $1000
   ineedalltechnos     unlock all buildings
   bigbrother          unlock camera mode (the camera key? ask TNT supersceners!)


                                  HEY TNT DUDES!

 A private(uh uh!) message to big-headed TNT : do you feel so threatened that you
 need to have recourse to scene bullshitting ?! your own words betray yourselves!

 Seriously who cares about your mood changes ? maybe man does if you were some
 leet crackers of latest challenging game protections, but are you ?

 We BLeH do dox not for your so-called fame, not for the sites, but only for the
 fun of gamehacking! yeah the fun, we do try to make dox as good as possible but
 we don't take the scene too seriously. We only want to play the game.

 About our previous release Battlestrike all access cheat, yes indeed we forgot
 to include a registry key to make it compatible with several created profiles,
 but no our .reg aren't uncompatible with win9x. However next time we'll ask our
 QA dept to ensure you that our releases do work on Windows for Workgroup 3.11.

 About our so-called dupes, do you know the relativity concept ? Our releases
 have hit our sites way before yours. And yours have probably hit your sites
 before ours. Guess what ? you aren't the center of the scene... However we wish
 dox were traded better and faster : too bad pr0n looks more sexy for traders...

 About our so-called stolen noCD cracks, yes indeed we do use the cracks of iso
 groups but we have never taken the credit for their work, we do always tell our
 sources. Speaking about noCD cracks and as you seem to be in a quarrelsome mood,
 we tell you as friends that your SWRC launcher noCD crack is bravely trying to
 rape the floppy disk device which screams at each time. I guess you are human
 like us in fact :)

 About our so-called lame trainers, they are still working so far and we even are
 proud of our lil trainer that gives a new game function to Flat Out, a game that
 is protected by Safedisc and therefore doesn't like very much our beloved debug-
 gers. By the way we are still waiting for TNT trainers :>

 About RVL & DWF, don't push your dishonesty to mix us with those groups we the
 hell have no link with! But about TECHNIC, we do support them in their reckless
 lust for gameripping! the gamerip scene owes them a lot!

                      In every life we have some trouble
                      But when you worry you make it double
                      Don't worry, be happy
                      Don't worry, be happy now!



BLeH.nfo 81x98 Font