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How to Unprotect Chessmaster Version 1.03. by Independent (IND)

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                    How to Unprotect Chessmaster Version 1.03
                                by Greg Menounos
                                January 26,1987

	Chessmaster 2000 is an excellent program with almost all the
features you could possibly want rolled into one package.  Its only flaw
is that it is copy-protected.  It is not an auto-booting disk, however,
and with a simple patch can be backed-up and/or placed on a hard disk.

1. Copy all the files to a formatted diskette or a hard drive.  Do not
bother copying the hidden file "priority.sw".  This file is located on
track 39 and is where the copy-protected sectors live.  Put your master
diskette in a safe place; you probably won't need it again.

2. Type "rename cm.exe cm<ENTER>"

3. Type "debug cm<ENTER>"

4. Type "u 741<ENTER>"  You should see the following:

XXXX:0741 50            PUSH	AX                                 
XXXX:0742 E8D744        CALL	4C1C                               
XXXX:0745 83C402        ADD	SP,+02                             
XXXX:0748 0BC0          OR	AX,AX                              
XXXX:074A 7407          JZ	0753                               

5. Type "a 741<ENTER>"

6. Type "jmp 74c<ENTER><ENTER>"

7. Type "w<ENTER>" and then "q<ENTER>"

8. Type "rename cm cm.exe<ENTER>"

9. That's it.  Enjoy.
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