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2003 September 4

Old and new acronyms from the Warez, VX, Demo and Cracking Scene. First release written by Ajax the Trojan in 1994 with 164 Acronyms. Version 2.3 (07.IX.2003) : +/- 1050 Acronyms !
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Old and new acronyms from the Warez, VX, Demo and Cracking Scene. By Lise_Grim / NFO Temple (http://nfotemple.cjb.net) First release written by Ajax the Trojan in 1994 with 164 Acronyms. Version 2.3 (07.IX.2003) : +/- 1050 Acronyms ! (PE) Person (VX) Virus Groups (informations from Cycatrix VDAT) ---------------------------- TERMS ------------------------------- AFA Adult File Areas EHQ European HeadQuarter HQ HeadQuarter MB Member Board MB Message Board SYSOP System Operator UKHQ British HeadQuarter USHQ American HeadQuarter USAHQ American HeadQuarter WHQ World HeadQuarter ---------------------------- GROUPS ------------------------------ 2KAD 2000 AD AAA Aces of ANSI Art AAF Audio Archive Force AAFH ANSI Artists From Hell AAOCG Advanced Art Of Cracking Group ABD Arrested Bus Drivers ABEZ Associacao Brasileira De Escambo De Softwarez ABG Ankeborg ACC The Active Cracking Crew ACE Arcane Corporate Elite ACE Acme Couriering Enterprises ACE Actual Cracking Entertainment ACG A Cracking Generation ACID ANSI Creators In Demand ACL Ascii CL ACS Australian Cracking Service AD Altered Destiny AFB Amazing Astrofest Bunch AFC ANSI Factory AFL Alpha Flight AFLD AC3 For Love Divx AFN Affliction AFS Alpha Flight Screener Division AFT Affinity AF1 Air Force One AGA A Great Agony AI Artificial Interrupt AKG Arkange AKS Arrakis ALE alliance ALF Anti Lamers Foundation AM AfterMath AMB Ambiquous AMD Advanced Micro Designs AMN Amnesia ANC Another Coding Group ANG Animage ANOI A New Order Of Intelligence (VX) ANX Anoxia AOD Acedemy Of Deception AOD Angels Of Death AOF Arsonistz On Fire AOF Agents Of Fortune AOQ Art Of Quality AP Advance Power APOC Apocalypse APP Appendix APT Advanced Pirate technology ARCV Association Of Really Cruel Viruses ARIS Atomic Rush In Sabotage ARR All Rights Reversed ASA Advantage Software Accessories ASB Astrofence Bunch ASC Association of Software Conspiracy ASE Anime Sphere ASM Association Of Satanic Maniacs (VX) ASP Alpha Storage Place AST Absolut ATA Above The Absolute ATA Atlantic Trading Alliance ATC A Touch Of Class ATL Atlantis ATL Atlante ATOE A Touch Of Eternity ATX Anthrox AVCR Amateur Virus Creation & Research Group (VX) AVG Avengers AVLHL Always Very Lubricated Happy Lemmings AVM Alternative Virus Mafia (VX) AVT Avant Garde AW Another World AWA Anti-Warez Association AWOL Artists Without Loyalty AZN AsZeon BAD BBS'ers Against Dweebs BAD Bitchin' ANSI Design BAD Best Amiga Dominators BAFH Bastard Artists From Hell BAFH Bastard Administrator From Hell BAR Beyond All reality BAT Battery BB Beastie Boys BB Bencor Brothers BBX The Bleach Box BBZ Berlin Bahnhof Zoo BC Black Cavity BCC The Bumper Car Company BCS Berlin Cracking Service BD Blind Dead BDC Breakdown Demo Crew BF Black Force BGD Brigade BGR Brotherhood of Gods and Retards BH Black Hole BH Bunny House BHA Badsector Hacking Alliance BHB The Beverly Hills Boys BHF BloodHound FXP ISO BHP Bong Hit Productions BL Blinkende Lygter BLH Backlash BLOT BlackOut Productions BLW Bloodweiser BLZ Blizzard BM Black Magic BNP Blue Nose Productions BNZ Banzai BOFH Bastard Operators From Hell BOS Blade Of Steel BOW Best of the Worst BPC Brutal PPE Coders BPI Blacklisting People inc. BS Black Squadron BSA Business Software Alliance BST The Bitstoppers BSZ Bunt Specht Zuechters BTB Back To Basics BTC Beyond The Cemetary BVN Banned Vision BZR Bizarre B3S Banda Trzech Skurwysynow CBE Crackers By Excellence CBX Cybrix CB4 Cell Block4 CC Celebrity Crackers CCA Central Crime Association CCC Chaos Cyber Creation CCC Cyber Criminals Clan (VX) CCC Cobra Cracking Crew CCG China Cracking Group CCi Cyber Crime International CCS Computerbrains Cracking Service CCS Cleveland Cracking Service CDM Cadmium CDX Codex CEN Centaur CF Cyber Force CF Clone Freaks CFH Chinchillas From Hell CFN Confusion CFO Crackforce Omega CGI Console Gaming Informers CHR Chromance CHS Chaos CIA Creators of Intense Art CIA Criminal In Action CIA Crackers In Action CIA Creators Of Intense Art CIFE CD Images For The Elite CLF Cyberpunk Liberation Front CLS Class CM Crazy Music CMG Cemetery Gates CMX Chrome Matrix CMY Criminology CNA Couriers National Alliance CNC The Council CNT Contrast COA Cracked On Arrival COC Citadel Of Chaos COD Children of Damnation COD Couriers Of Darkness COE Couriers Of Excellence COOL Croatian Organization Of Leechers COMA Community of Moral Advancement COR Corruption COR Crack On Request CoRE Criminals of Radical Extremes CoRE Challenge of Reverse Engineering CORP The Corporation CO5 Council Of Five CPHV CPH Vibez CPI Corrupted Programming International (VX) CPX Cyberpunx CP$ Computer Pirates $yndicate CRAC Crazed Artists Coalition CRAM Citicens Revolting Against Motzah CRN Creation CRO Chemical Reaction CRUE Cheat Requests for Underground Elite CSC Conspiracy CSISO Console Supply ISO CTF Coder's Task Force CTK Cryotik CTM Cyt0m!c CTRL Control CTX Contex CUD Computer Underground Digest CUM Crazy Users on a Mission CURE Classic Underground Ripping Empire CVC Corean Virus Club (VX) CVL Corean Virus Laboratory CXZ Da Clone Xpertz C4A Cracking 4 All C64CG C64 Comics Group DAD Death And Destruction DAN Digital Anarchy DBC Da Breaker Crew DBD Driven By Demons DBH Dableh DBZ Divide By Zero DBZ Divide By Zero (VX) DC The Dark Conspiracy DC Danish Crackers DC Dual Crew DCN Declusion DCN Deconstruction DCS Doughnut Cracking Service DCY Decay DD The Dynamic Duo International DDL Da Dirty Legacy DDT Dichlore Diphenyl Trichloretane (VX) DEAD Dame Excellent Ansi Design DEVO Devo Couriers DIN Da Internet Niggaz DIS Distortion DIVA Digital Indonesian VX Authors (VX) DF Dark Forces DF Digital Factory DFR Different Reality DGS Digisat DGT Digital Traders DHS Dominion House Show DI Distorted Illusions DIE Dimented Images of Euphoria DIM Does It Matter DIMEX Dimension X DIS Distortion DJP DefJam Productions DK Dark Knights DLC DreadLoc DLN Desolation DLS Dark Lands DM Damn (?) DM Dark Moon DM Digital Masters DMD Diamond DMG Damage DMN Demolition DMN Damn DMN Dominion DMT Digital Misconduct DN Disjunction DNL Drastic And Lost DNX Dynamix DOA Dead On Arrival DOD Drink Or Die D0D Drink Or Die DOM Dominators DPC Danish Proff Crackers DPC Depeches DQF Dark Quality Files DR Death Row DREAD Dutch Reverse Engineering Artistic Decypherians DRD Dread DS Dark Side DS Dark Star DS Digital Scream DS Dragon Society DSD The Dark Society Of Destruction DSI DarkSide Incorporated DSK Da Style Kriminal DSP Dead Pirates Society DST Distortion DT Dream Team DTCG Desperate Turk Crackers Group DTG Delirium Tremens Group DTG Dans Ta Gueule DTN Distinct DUA Digital Underground Association DVC Dutch Virii Community (VX) DVC Death Virii Crew (VX) DVL Digital Video Labs DVN Deviance DVN Devine DW Dead Weight DWP Discussion With Pornstars DZ Dark Zone EB Echo Base EBVL East Bosnia Virus Labos (VX) EC Enterprise Communications ECA Electronic Cracking Association ECL Eclipse ECN Electrocution ECR Electronic Rats ECS Eclipse (old) ECU European Cracker Unique EFT EfterLyst EGM Enjoy German Movies EL Extra Large EM Elite Media EMB Embrace EMC The Elite Mafia Against Copyright EMU Emulators EP Ethereal Plane EPH Euphoria EPiC Excellence Produced in Creativity EPS Epsilon EQX Equinox ESI EagleSoft Incorporated ESO Esoteric ESW Every Strange Wares ETA Express Traders Alliance ETC Extrem Trading Crew ETE Eternity EUR Eurasia EVC Ebola Virus Crew EVD Evidence EVIL Exotic Visions In Liquid EWR Elite Warez Review EXEC Execution EYM Engage Your Mind E! Eminence FAC The Federation Against Copyright FAGS Fat Ass Gay Sceners FBC Fag-Bashing Crew FBI Far Beyond Insanity FBR Fucked Beyond Repair FBR Fish Brain Rocket Team FC Future Crew FC Freelance Couriers FC Fatal Connection FCC Federal Cracking Consortium FCC First Class Couriers FCF Fearless Criminal Force (VX) FCF Formater's Cracking Force (~VX) FCN Fatigued Couriers Network FCS Fantasy Cracking Service FDN Foundation FF Fast Files FFF Fatalis Ferinus Ferreus FFF Fighting For Fun FFM Free Formation FFO fighting Force FHCF Flying Horse Cracking Force FICO Final Coalition FIFO First in First Out FiRM First in Releasing Most FLT FairLight FNW Fette Neger Warez FOA Forces Of Alliance FOD Forces Of Darkness FOS Fortress Of Solitude FOST The Federation Of Software Theft FOTL Free on The Line FP Future Projects FPS File Propulsion System FRL Freelancers Guild FS Feathered Serpents (VX) FS Fire Skull FS Fire Starter FSN Fusion FSN Future Scene News FSP French Sound Provider FTA Fuck Them All FTF Free Trade FXP FTH Faith FTP FullThrottle Pirates FTV Fusion Television FUAP Fucked-Up Average People FUCK Forgive Us Crazy Kids FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition FUD Fucked-Up Dudes FWUH Fuck What U Heard FWX Fudge Wax F2F Freak 2 Freak F4CG Fantastic Four Cracking Group G Genesis (VX) GCS German Consoles Syndicate GCS German Cracking Service GDU Grave Dancers Union GEN Genius GNX Generation X GLOW Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez GOA Guild Of Anarchists GOD Global Order Of Dance GODS Guild Of Distributors GODS Group Of Demomakers GODS Guild Of Distributors GOH The Gates Of Hell GOT Guardian Of Trance GOV Godz Of VCD GP Genesis Project GPA Gainseville Pirates Association GRiP Graphic Revolution in Progress GRiP/AD Graphic Revolution in Progress (Ansi Division) GRV Gravity GSP Groupe Special GSS German Spreading Service GTK Gothik GWA German Warez Alliance HASH Humans Against Society and Homework HATE Highly Artistic And Talented HBD Hybrid HCH HardCore Hackers HEAT Hackers Enterprising Across Telecommunications HEMP Hardcore Elite Mother Phuckers HERT Hackers Emergency Response Team HF HellForge HID Heroes In Darkness HIP Hackers In Paradise HIV Hookers Invented Viagra HK Hail and Kill (VX) HKH HooKaHey HLG Hooligans HLM Hoodlum HO High Octane HOG House Of God HOL House Of Lords HOL Hall Of Illusions HOM House Of Music HOW House Of Warez HR High Rezolution HR Hard Radiation HRC Hurricane HS High Society HSC High Stake Couriers HSGMT High-Speed Global Mass Trading HSL Happy Still Lives HST Hostile HTB Hard To Beat Cracking HTC High Tech Couriers HTG Heritage HVM Hungarian Virus Academy (VX) HW Haunted Warehouse HWC Hardware Couriers HZD Hazard IA Infernal Affairs IBP Igh Bah Poo IC Inner Circle IC Independent Crackers ICA Iranian Crackers Association ICE Insane Creators Enterprise ICI Independant Cracking Institute ID Immortal Descendants IDG Indigo IIII Four I IIP Impedance Inductance Phase IIRG International Information Retreival Guild IIT Israel's Internet Traders IIW Israel Import Warez LTD IKX International Knowledge Exchange (VX) ILL Illuminatus ILL Information Liberation League ILS Illusion IMG Image ANSI Artists IMP Imperial IMR Immortals IMS Immortals IMS Immersion INC International Network of Crackers INC International Network Of Chaos IND Independence IND Independent INF Inferno INF Infliction INF Infinity Distro INP Infinite Piracy INR International Network Rippers INS Insight INS Insomnia INT Integrity INTUTILS Intensity Utils INV Invasion INXS Inter National Xchange Of Software IOI Illusions Of Integrity IPA International Pirate Alliance IPL Interpol IR Immortal Riot (VX) IRG Immortal Riot / Genesis (VX) ISA International Software Alliance ISD Insane Software Designers ITC Italian Crackware ITN Intension ITR Integrity ITU Infinity Traders Unlimited ITU Infinity Trainers Unlimited IUD International Network of Crackers (Utility Division) IVM Immortal Virus Magazine IWS Invisible Warez Site JB Japan Boys JGT Judgment JNS Janus Virus Syndicate (VX) JST Justic JTS Just The Facts KAL Kalisto KF The Kefrens (VX) KGB Kriminal Goodsoftware Breaking KiSS Krazy Image Scanning Sickoz KK Kalles Kaviar KKK Kosher Kourier Klan KNO Unknown KNS Knacki Software Crew KORT Knights Of the Round Table KOP Kompletely Organized Piracy KRT Knights Of the Round Table KSI Kludge Sound Inc. KTF Kermit Trading Federation LANCE Lancelot ][ LBB Little Black Box LBZ Lost Boyz LCS Local Courier System LFW Light Fast Warez LG Liquid Gravity LGB Le Grand Bleu LGC Legacy LGD Legend LGN Legion LIFE Loyalty In Full Effect LLL Local Lamers Limited LND Legends Never Die LNG Lightning LOD Legion of Doom LOH Legions Of Hackers LORD Legion Of Rising Distributors LOTUG Lord Of The Underground LRS Lamers'R Us LS Liquid Sky LSD Lush Software Designs LSD Lethal Software Distributors LSD Light Speed Distributors LST Limburgia Soft Team LT Living Turmoil (VX) LTD License to Draw LTM Lithium LVEE Live Edge LVP Low Volume Please LW Little Wizard LWV Lamers with Vision LXT Laxity LZ0 Line Zero MA Mafia Associates MAD Massive Anarchistic Destruction MAD Malicious Art Denomination MAD Mutual Assured Destruction MAG Makings of Artistic Geniuses MAJ Majestic MAL Malice MC MindCrash MCG Madonna Cracking Group MCC Mac Crack Corp MCF Magnetic Cortex Fields MDC Million Dollar Corporation ME Mexelite MEX Mexelite MF Magnetic Fields MF Magical Force Distro MFD Manifest Destiny MFT Manifest MG Midgaard MGC Manga City MGR MegaRoms MI Minas Ithil MIC Master Image Creators MIND Moving In New Directions MJ13 Majestic 13 MKN Mikron MLC Malice MLF Magnetic Line Of Force MM Major Malfunctions MM Media Maniacs MMC Mad Max Cracks MNC Menace MND Make New Dir MNG Music n' Graphix MOM The Members Of Mayday MP Master Power MPI Micro Pirates Incorporated MQT Mosquito MRN Maroon MRN Moorigan Crew MST Mystic MSV Moonshine Vision MTX The Matrix MTY Mortality MUGS Most Ugly Gameboy Sceners MVF MAD Virus Factory MWG Mentallo Warez M7 Mode Seven M8 Motiv'8 NAS Nippon Animation Studio NBS No Bull Shit NC Nord Core NC Nuclear Crackers NCA National Courier Alliance NCF Nibiru Cracking Force NCG NGen Cracking Group NEI NorthEast Importers NEUA National Elite Underground Alliance NF Near Future NFE No Fear NFS Need For Speed NGT Next Generation Traders NIA Northern Ice Archives NIW New Interactive World NLA No Lamerz Allowed NLB Nail Bomb NLI Nomilini NMS Nemesis NOT Nation Of Thieves NRCC Nomad's Room Cracking Crew NRD Nerd NRV Nirvana NSC Non Stop Cracker NSN National Software Network NTA Nokturnal Trading Alliance NUAA NationaL Underground Application Alliance NUD Nuclear Dust NUKE Nuke Warez NWA National Warez Association NWA Nuclear Warez Of America NWO New World Order NX Nexus NX8 Nexus 8 NYC New York Crackers OA Only Appz OASiS Outstanding Ansi Specialists InStitution OCN Oceanine ODA Over-Dosed Anarchists ODD Oddity ODE One Day Empire OFG Originally Funny Guys OLR On-Line Revenge ONE Our Nefarious Ende Avor +ORC +Old Red Cracker (PE) ORN Orion OTFW Only the Finest Warez OTL Outlaws OUG Operation Underground Team OVEL Organization Of Virus Examination Lab (VX) OVK Overkill Courierz OX Outlaws Exchange OXD Oxyde OXG Oxygen Couriering O2V Orgie 2 Vash PA parental Advisory PAL Pirates at Large PAM Pathetic ANSI Makers PB Public Bitch PC Pyradical PC Planet Crime PC Phrozen Crew PC Pirates Cove PCI Power Crisis International PCN Precision PCP Phreaking Co-Operation PCX Paracox PDF Pegase De Feu PDIVX Purity Divx PDM Paradigm PDMP3 Perfect Dimensions MP3 PDRC Primal Demented Review Crue PDX Paradox PE Public Enemy PFT Pentium Force Team PGC Pir8s Gone Crazy / Pirates Gone Crazy PH Party Hard PH Phrozen Hell PH Pirates Hideout PHAT Phunky Hardcore ANSi Team PHELA Phreakers ELite Association PHS Phase PHT Phantasm PHX Phoenix PHXISO Phoenix ISO PIC Partners in Crime PIE Providence PIL Pirates In Legion PIMP Phuckin Insane Music Producers PJ Poetic Justice PJX Project X PLC Police PLS Paralise PM Poisoned Mind PNC Pinnacle PND Panda PNM Phantom Couriers PNW Peace And Warez POD Pirates On Dope POL Polla PONR Point Of Non Return POTMAN Pirates Of The Mid-Atlantic POW Programmers of War PP Psycho Palace PPN Papillon PR Panorama PRD Period PRI Primal PS Progressive PSC Power Supply Crew PSD Poseidon PSD PsychoSquad PSF Properstuff PSG Prestige PSI Pirates Sick of Initials PSP Plate Steel Productions PST Prosperity PSY Psychosis PTA Power Trading Arsenal PTC Patience PTG Pentagram PTI Power To Influence PTK Piratek PTL Pirates That Live PTM Pirates Of The Mid-Atlantic PTR Passage To Reality PTV Prime TV PUR Pursuit PVW Pinoy Virus Writers PWA Pirates With Attitudes PWH Pre Whore House PX Project X ORS Osiris QC Quality Cartel QLT Quality QTX Qualified To Xperience RAD Rowdy American Distributors RAF Raw Artic Force RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAM Reign Of Alpha Movies RAZ Reazon RB Reality Bytes RBL The Rebellion RBS The Rebels RBZ Raybiez RC Ripa Clip RCL Recall RCN Reality Check Network RET Reverse Engineering Team REZ Rezurection RFM Reform RGK Ragnarok RIP Rest In Peace RISC Rise In Superior Couriering RISE Really Into Spreading Elite RLX Reflux RND Random RNI Reoccuring Nightmare ROD Red Or Dead ROR Release On Rampage ROR The Rythm Of Rain RP Revolution Project RPD Rapid Distrobuters RQM Requiem RR Road Runners RS Rising Sun RSA Ruthless Stealth Angels RSI Red Sector Incorporated RSISO Red Storm ISO RSM Ransom PC RSN Resonance RSS Renaissance RST Rising Sun Team RTA Russia Traders Alliance RTFM Read The Fucking Manual RTI Rough Trade Inc RTN Resistance RTN Road To Nowhere RTP Real Time Pirates RTS Request To Send RVF Rudolf Valentino Films RVM Russian Virus Maker (VX) RVM Russian Virus Magazine (VX) RWE Radware Enterprises RZR Razor1911 R2 Rebels And 2000 Ad SAC Superior Arts Creation SAD Save And Destroy Team SAE Share And Enjoy SBC San Bruno Club SC Shmeitcorp SCA Swiss Cracking Association SCECC Shmeitcorp And European Cracking Crew SCF Silent Cracking Force SCG The Scouse Cracking Group SCS Silent Cracking Service SCS Softcrackers SDC Seduction SDN Soul Drinker SDZ Sweet Dreamz SFC Science Fiction Crackings SFM SciFiManiacs SG Stealth Group (VX) SHS Southfields Hacking Service SI Shroom Illusions SIC Simply Insane Coderz SIG Signum SK Splatter King SKISM (Phalcon) Smart Kids Into Sick Methods (VX) SKN Skillion SKW The Skewers SMF Super Malware Force (VX) SND Seek 'n Destroy SND Sub Sounds SOD State Of Devolution SOH South Of Heaven SOK Source of Kaos (VX) SOS Sphere Of Speed SOS Sign Of Scream (VX) SOUL Soul DC SP Sitanic Productions SP! Sphere! SPIN Software Pirates Invading The Net SPR Spear SPS Space Pirates SPS Scientific Programming Society (VX) SQZ Squeeze SS System Shock SS Saint Seiya SSG Saints And Sinners Group STD Slave To Dance STH Stairway To Heaven STL Second To Lame STM Spank The Monkey STM Storm STM Storm▓ STN Second To None STYX Society Of Tyrant Youth Excellence SUR Software Utterly Reverse SV Silicon Valley SVAT Special Viruses And Trojans (VX) SVL Slovak Virus Laboratories (VX) SVS Seoul Virus Society (VX) SWP Secret Warez People SX Supplex SX Synth X SYNC Syndicate Network Of Couriers SYND The Syndicate SZ Storm Zone SZ Synthetic Zone S3 Star Cube S6 Solid 6 TA The Alter TAC The Age Of Creation TAD Terror After Dark TAVC Tula Anti & Viral Club (VX) TBC Tubercolisis TBC The Borg Collective TBE The Bitter End TBR The Breakers TBS The Beast ! TC Top Cracks TCA The Courier Association TCC The Cruelity Crimson TCC The Camper Crew TCC The Commando Crew TCF The Chosen Few TCH The Carpenter's Haven TCP The Couriers Paradise TCR The Cinema Rapists TCS Teesside Cracking Service TCS The Chronic Squad TCV The Casino Vault TD Total Domination TDE The Dark Eden TDG The Digital Gang TDI The Darker Image TDI The Digital Inmates TDJ The Diabolical Judges (VX) TDSCA The Dark Sectorz Courier Association TDT The Dream Team TEC The Electric Circus TEG The Empire Group TEKZ Tekz 8193 GameCracking Crew TEMP Temptation TET The Elite Team TEX The Exterminators TE! The Egoiste ! (PE) TF The Faction TFA The Flame Arrows TFF The Fantastic Four TFG The Fall Guys TFL The Free Loaders TFR The Fried Rabbit TFT The Force Traderz TGC The Game Cracker TGE The Gamer's Edge TGF The God Fathers TGI The Guardians TGL The Ground Level THD Thunder Couriers THF The Friends THG The Humble Guys THL The Half Life THW The Hard Wares TI Technological Illusions (VX) TI Treasure Island TIA The Insane Asylum TIC The Idiotic Moronse TKJ The Killing Joke TKK The Kiwi Killer TKM Teraz Kurwa My TLC True 2 Life Couriers TLF The Last Fantasy TLG The Last Generation TLR The Last Resort TLS The Last Science TMB The Magic Breakers TMG The Millenium Group TML The Missing Link Couriering Network TMN The TribesMen TMOD The Master Of Divx TMS The MOD Skad TN Team Necrosis (VX) TNB Tech 'n Brain TNB The New Breed TNC TechnoCore TNC The Newcomers TNF The New Forge TNL The Neverland TNL The New Link TNN The Narkotic Network TNO The Namless Ones TNT Trinity TOAO The One And Only TOD The Temple Of Doom TOP Tired Of Protection TOP The Oriental Pearl TOS Tower Of Sorcery TOS Tornado Of Souls TPC The Programmers Crew TPD Trojan Power Distrucion TPE Trident Polymorphic Engine (VX) TPF The Positive Force TPN The Professional Novice TPVO Taiwan Power Virus Organisation (VX) TRA The Rebel Alliance TRB The Rough Boys TRB The Roxburry TRB Turbo Traders TRM Trashman TRN Tyranny TRPS Tekno Rage Pirasoft TRSI Tristar & Red Sector Inc. TRT The Revolutionnary Team TRWS The Rapeware Syndicate TS The Survivors TS The Syndicate TS The Sanctuary TSC The Sixthed Circle TSC The Supreme Council TSEP Twilight Software Engineering And Pirating TSK The Softkiller Crew TSL The Soft-Lords TSM The Shaolin Monastery TSRH The Sabotage Rebellion Hackers TSS The Sinister Syndicate TST The Supply Team TSZ Team Safety Zone TT The Technocrats TTAB The Terrorizerz Assault Brigade TUB The Unorginal Bastards TUW The Underworld TV Terminal Velocity TVB The Vag Boys TVC TV City TVS The Video Store TWG The Wanderer Group TWH The Wolves House TWT The Wonderful Team TZU Terror Zone Underground U USA UACG United Arabs Cracking Group UC United Couriers UCC United Cyberpunk Couriers UCF Untouchable Cracking Force UCF United Cracking Force UCOL United Crackers Of Lithuania UCSI Ultimate Chaos Security International (VX) UCU The united Cracking Union UD Unconquered Dreams UFP United Federation Of Pirates UG Unpacking Gods UGI United Group International UHA United Hackers Of Amsterdam ULC Unlimited Creations ULS Unleashed FTP UMC United Millenium Cracker UMS Unauthorized Mercenaries Of The Scene UNT The Untouchables UPS United Pirating Services USC United Style Crackers UTG United Traders Of Germany VBB Virus Bits & Bytes (VX) VCDWS VCD Workshop VDV Verband Deutscher Virenliebhaber = The German Association of Virus Lovers (VX) VDX V-Dox VEL Velocity Couriering VGN Vengeance VGR Vigor VHC Viral Hazard Crew (VX) VIA Virtual Arts VIM Video In Motion VIO Violence VIPER Viral Inclined Programming Experts Group (VX) VLAD Virus Lab And Distribution (VX) VOD Veil Of Darkness VOFCA Virus And Other Fine Code Authors (VX) VOTD Village Of The Damned VOX HyperVoxal VRL Virility VRS Versus VSN Vision VSW Very Strange Warez VXI VX India Unlimited (VX) V-ZONE Virus Zone (VX) WAF Warez Angles Federation WAR Wanted and Restless WARP Western Area Pirates WAVE World Association Of Virus Enhancement (VX) WBC Werner Broesel Crackings WCC West Coast Crackers WDF World Domination Force WEAPON World Expert Anonymous Pirates On The Net WIA Women In Action ( Dedicated to Helen R. ) WIP WipIce WIP Warez In Progress WJR Want Jap Release ! WKT Whiskey Kon Tekila WLS World Of Lost Souls WNS Warez Non Stop WOD Warez On Demand WOD Warriors Of Darkness WOE Wasted Obfuscated Evolution WOE World Of Elite WPR Want PAL Release ! WRG Wolf 'n Road Group WRX Warex WTHD The Wretched WWC World Wide Courier WWE World Wide Expressive WWF World Warez Federation WWP Warez Of Winnie The Poon WWR World Wide releasing W3D Warez 3D XAX Xorax 7 XF X-Factor XF X-Force XQZ XQuizit XPD Xpediant XPR XPress XR X-Rated XS X-Side XT Xtreeme XTC Extasy XV Xeon Vortex YAM Youngsters Against McAfee / Youths Against McAfee (VX) YF Yeti Factories Z Zone
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