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Barbies Riding Club by 2xkids

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                  {2 X K I D S  P R O U D L Y  P R E S E N T S}
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        ...                                            o                      
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                       Barbie Adventure Riding Club
   Supplier.....: 2x                            Release Date...: 01/21/2001
   Packager.....: 2x                            Game Rating....: [90/100]    
   Format.......: BIN/CUE                       RAR Count......: 43x15mb 
                  . .. ::: [ System Requirements ] ::: .. .
   Mainly needed just to be kiddie...:)
   Microsoft½ Windows 95/98
   Pentium class processor, 133MHz processor or faster
   32MB RAM or greater
   60MB hard disk space
   8x speed CD-ROM drive
   16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card
   16-bit DirectX-compatible video card
                      . .. ::: [ Release Notes ] ::: .. .                    
   Everyone knows that girls love horses, and here is a chance for 
   them to own their very own! A virtual horse, that is. Adventure 
   Riding Club is a program designed to let girls ride and groom 
   their horses, and also to go on mini-adventures with them. 
   Upon starting the game, players can choose a horse to be their 
   own from 4 different horses. After picking a horse and naming it, 
   they can then either pick an adventure or certificate mission, play 
   in the stable, race another horse or go riding around the trails. 
   Several activities are available on the adventure missions; to play 
   these after the mission is done, simply choose the mission again, 
   then click on the location on the map for that particular game. 
   There are 3 activities, a color sequence game, a leap-frog game 
   similar to the "test your IQ" game done with golf tees on a triangle, 
   and an arcade sorting game. 
   Simulated, realistic riding 
   Virtual pet 
   Rescue missions interspersed throughout game 
   Certificates, badges, pictures and ribbons earned can be printed 
   Desktop virtual pet 
   Technical Aspects:
   The program installed easily, and ran well, but with a wait 
   between each transition scene. The graphics were amazingly 3Dish, 
   and the horses looked very realistic. 
   Report and Conclusions:
   At first, Adventure Riding Club looked very promising, with the 
   virtual pet, the realistic riding, plus the activities and missions. 
   However, after playing it a few times, we realized that there 
   just wasn't much depth to this program. The riding is fun, but 
   after riding around the trail several times, got tiring. The 
   adventures are simple, and after completion aren't much fun to 
   redo. The activities don't offer much, either, except for the 
   frog game. And the one thing that could have given some longevity 
   to this game, the virtual pet aspect, sadly didn't have enough 
   things to do. You could feed the horse, comb it or bathe it, or 
   put its tackle on. And on the desktop, you were only offered 
   the feeding, combing and bathing options. 
   The horses are extremely well done, and the simulated riding 
   feels like you're actually on the horse. The combing of the 
   horse's hair is the most fun, it actually "feels" like you are 
   really brushing that horse! If only there were more to do, or 
   if the missions offered more challenge and the activities more 
   fun...if only!
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