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    Unlike other systems of the era, audio for DOS was unfortunately complicated for both programmers and end users alike. A lot of early scene software didn't bother including it. While those that did often didn't test it on all the hardware they supposedly supported.

DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

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The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

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[+] Configuration Copy text
Description:Take your shot at being a World Tennis champion. There are thirteen countries to play in, each having a different type of court surface. You edit your player according to the features youthink will take you to the top (ie - offensive or defensive player, court advantage on clay, grass, synthetic or asphalt). With 64 different players in the tournament, your selection of variables plays an important part in your goal of becoming world champion.Opinion:This is not one of the best tennis games that Ihave seen. The graphic selection of VGA may foolyou because it just looks like EGA except for acouple freeze-frame pictures of the city that youpick to play in. Playing the game is a littledifficult as your view is just above net level and when you want to return a volley you have to be moving in the direction of the swing that you want to make. I wouldn't suggest getting this game unless youhappen to be a die-hard tennis fan.Description:A different slant at flight simulations. Rather than small planes, or combat aircraft, you get a chance to pilot the big birds, 747, 767, A320s! You are a commercial pilot with all the restrictions of the F.A.A. behind you. Better dot your i's and cross your t's if you gonna fly these planes. The game is very similar in style and appearance to the classic Microsoft Flight Simulator.Opinion:It appears that INC is as confused about this latest release as I am. They state in their NFO file that the game is VGA 256, when the install clearly shows EGA (yes, EGA) or lower! The NFO file date is 10/22/92, yet the date inside it is 11/26/92, and the zip is 11/28/92!Editor's Note: This may be due to the seeminglack of organization INC Canada is currently in the midst of. Thing's ain't what they used to!The game itself is very similar to ATP 1.0 from what I remember. The only notable additions that I could find include a couple of more recent aircraft, and a decent voice synthesis of control tower directions. (Tested on SoundBlaster) I'm a big flight sim fan, and I love the challenge of flying heavy birds, but unfortunately, without docs, this game is virtually useless. It does not follow many of the flight sim standards such as F-Flaps, G-Gear, B-Breaks. Even though it looks much like FS4, the keys from FS4 are not common.The problems with controlling and flying the air-craft, combined with the EGA graphics (which are still better than some VGA flight games I've seen)makes this release one for the true die hard flight sim fans ONLY!Installation Notes: INSTALL to update settingsReview Time: 1 hourDOCs Available: None yet, although requiredCHTs Available: NoneReviewed By: The Actuary -----------------------------------------------| Playability *234567890 Originality ***4567890 || Graphics **34567890 Sound *******890 | -----------------------------------------------Description: This game has the feel of a military style Shinobi (an old arcade/Sega game). Your mission is to escape to the island of Alcatraz and destroy the druglords that are inhabiting the prison in the year 1996.You can select between one player mode (keyboard) or two player mode (joystick & keyboard) and threeskill levels.The object is to run to the right while killing the enemies with various weapons of destruction -rifles, flamethrowers, grenades and knives while avoiding druglords, mines and dogs.Opinion:This game was O.K. at best. Controlling the dudes was pretty much standard except for the fact that the joystick I was using didn't seem to make the guy want to jump or even turn around. This was overcome by using the keyboard and letting anotherreviewer play the other guy! In one player mode you have the option of toggling between guys with the enter key which to me was rather pointless (I always let the one guy die at the start).The graphics are decent in the mild sense of the word (meaning I've seen better) and the sound,while not spectacular is kinda funny (all the oohs and aaaahs!).The plot is the same (good guys vs the druglords),only the names have changed. Personally, I was ontheir side...Description:This is one for the kiddies who need to learn the letters of the alphabet, and the sounds of the letters. This is accomplished using two game styles, matching a letter on a blackboard to a set of three random letters, and by picking the requested letter from among all 26. Letters are taught by a jack-in-the-box, while the sounds are taught by a monkey.The interface is all mouse driven as you would expect in a Windows package. The graphics and sounds are upbeat, bright, cheerful and cute! The characters talk in clear, childlike voices, with interspersed laughter and giggles.When a child guesses right, there is a small animation shown across the bottom of the screen, and if the guess is wrong, they child is told what letter they chose and then told which one they were looking for.There is also the ability for Parents to lock out certain functions, and to assign a passcode to the advanced functions.Opinion:If you don't have kids, why have you read this far? If you have young children and want an excellent program to help them learn about lettersand have fun doing it, this is one for you. My two year old daughter loves it, and screams with excitement when ever the onscreen characters laugh or giggle. She's a bit young for the concepts of letters, but loves the bright colours and great sound effects.What more can be said... if you've got young kids, and have a copy of Windows, you owe it to them to grab this program!Installation Notes: SUBST and Windows InstallReview Time: 1.5 hoursDOCs Available: None - not neededCHTs Available: None - not neededReviewed By: The Actuary -----------------------------------------------| Playability ********** Originality ********** || Graphics ********** Sound ********** | -----------------------------------------------Description:Coincidentially, Backgammon f/Windows is a look atthat venerable board classic, backgammon. Roll dice, move chips and try to get your pieces off the board before your opponent. Lotsa options like the doubling die and three skill levels.Opinion:It's pretty hard to screw up a board game conversion and should be even harder when the rules are simple as this. Even so, ??? manages to screw up nicely!!While the game DOES play by the rules, it does NOTallow you to play another human opponent. Thus, Isat down with the game and my girlfriend (with whom I've often played the game) only to find outthat it was a one player game! No problem, wedecided, we'd just take on the computer...The first game went pretty smoothly. There was noreal sound (other then my Fred Flintstone "yeeow!"when I moved a piece wrong) and the graphics werekinda simple but we kicked ass at the Beginner level. We moved it to Advanced for game two andthe next game flaw popped up. The computer didn'tplay any better BUT it got better rolls!! That'sright, the increase in skill equalled constant doubles and every roll possible to knock my piecesoff the board. Great AI on this one...Leave this game alone!!Installation Notes: Run .EXE from Windows.Review Time: 45 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Newton P. Forgery ----------------------------------------------- | Playability ****** Originality ** || Graphics **** Sound | -----------------------------------------------Description:Here's another addition to your Window's ensemble.In this game you have to move your Pac-Man like character around the screen picking up scattered banana peels. Dodging enemies and manuevering blocks around the screen will bring you to your goal of getting all the banana peels. As the levels progress so do their respective difficulty.Opinion:You've got games with bad graphics and games withbad sound and then you have games that bite my knob. This knob biting must stop somewhere!! WhyDRG released this game is beyond me... then againthey haven't released a single game worth mentioning. In fact, I can't even remember one oftheir other releases offhand. All I can associatewith DRG is shitty releases. Nothing personal guys but if you're going to release a ware, wouldn't you want people to remember who you wereand have them say "Greets DRG, Nice Job on ???".Not only was it a complete waste of time leechingbut it was an absolute complete waste of hard drive space. ** Yes, this game does not even rate **Description:Here's a compilation of Bicycle's card games.Take your shot at Cribbage, Poker, Solitaire andBridge. Poker offers you various games to play such as, 5 card, 6 card, and 7 card stud. Also, there are baseball and draw poker options. Bridgeis as standard as if you were to play with your friends. Cribbage offers two options: DuplicateCribbage and Losing Cribbage. Solitaire offersthe most diverse of games to play. There areseven different types including: Auld Lang, Calculation, Canfield, Four Seasons, Golf, Klondike, and Little Spider.Opinion:I guess SWFTE International is really hurting inthere sales department because they have releasedall of these games in the past few years. It's very noticable in both the graphics and the sounddepartment. Personally, this release isn't that good. At least they could have put a menu shellinto the program so that you could quit out of game and go into another. But seeing as they were a little cheap and only apted to change theactual packaging of the game they get a big fat 0for originality. If you like quiting out of gamesand going back into them then this is a game foryou. Installation Notes: SUBST it.Review Time: 30 MinutesDOCs Available: NoCHTs Available: NoReviewed By: Raider -----------------------------------------------| Playability ****** Originality - 0 - || Graphics *** Sound ** | -----------------------------------------------Description:As its name suggests, the 1st Chess Tutor is designed to assist individuals in learning to play chess. There are individual tutorials oneach chess piece showing their possible moves.There are tutorials on castling and capturing.There are a lot of tutorials. And, after each one, you are given a series of questions to testyour grasp on the subject matter at hand.As can be expected, there is also a face-off against the computer option in an all-out chess blow-out!Opinion:I didn't see any need to spend a lot of time withthis one. If you want to learn how to play chess,grab it. If you already know or couldn't care less, don't. The graphics are well done (for up-close shots of the pieces) but the sound is non-existant. My one complaint is that there seems tobe no way to abort a tutorial once it has begun.Description:Comanche: Maximum Overkill is the latest attempt to put you in the seat of a high tech attack helicopter. All the goodies you've come to expect are there - fire and forget air to air missiles, laser targeted air to ground missiles, rockets, and a machine gun. Certain missions include a wingman to help clear the required mission objectives (and take some of the enemy hits!!). Ground targets range from tanks and trucks to radar and SAM vehicles. The enemy also has a hi-tech helo toy called the Werewolf for you to contend with. The graphics are not your run of the mill polygon filled bland images that are in most flight sims, or combat games. Instead the landscape and enemy units have a very nicely done textured and shadowed bitmap appearance. Enhanced sound effects are only supported on the SB compatible boards, with Roland and Adlib getting only background music.The game itself is made up of two mission sets containing ten missions each (count on more to be release if this program sells). The missions contain various objectives to be completed, and later missions cannot be played until the earlier ones are successfully accomplished. In addition, if you fail a mission (not that it happened to me of course!), you will have to repeat an earlier mission before you can try again.Opinion:I had to reclassify this game from a simulation to an action/arcade game. If you are looking for a realistic simulation of flying a modern attack chopper into battle, you'll have to look elsewhere- Falcon 3 with a rotor this is not. For example, if you happen to cut your engine at 500 feet, the helo nicely glides down to the ground and lands itself. You can crash this bird, but it takes a great deal of effort...there is even an auto-hover mode which keeps you about 50 feet off the ground, even as the ground changes. There is no "challenge of flight".To me, this lack of realism is a major disappointment. To others, it's a prime selling feature. I will admit it makes it easy to do high speed runs down river canyons after an enemy tank or chopper!When I first installed this game it took about ten minutes for me to pull my jaw back into place. The graphical representation of the valleys and mountains, including the shadows and textures is incredible. An amazing job was done by the designers in creating a very realistic world in which to fly. However, the bitmapping doesn't work as well as I would have liked for some of the targets, especially when they are at a great distance and especially the enemy choppers. Oh well, can't have everything.The game ran great on my 386/40 at maximum resolution with all extras enabled. The controls were great, and I loved the way the cockpit displays were labeled with their appropriate FKey numbers..shows a thought towards user playability.4 meg is the minimum memory required, and you have to remove QEMM or 386Max from you configuration to play. Worth the hassle of a boot disk or using a configuration manager.Now for the complaints and beefs. In the minor department I would point out that the cockpit takes up too much of the active display. It's tough to pick up a target when you are close to it because the dash is in the way. On the topic of views, the external views are also quite poor, and I would guess only included for show, and not for use.The major beef I ave with this game is with the missions themselves. I finished ALL 20 missions in under 5 hours. With the exception of perhaps two missions, the objectives were all destroyed without any difficulty at all. There was usually little enemy resistance and lots of ordinance available. Much like shooting fish in a barrel. After being so impressed and overwhelmed by the graphics and sound, it was quite a disappointment to find the game play so lacking! But, as I said earlier, look for additional missions to be released to take advantage of the terrific graphics engine they've got here.Description:Combat Classics is a re-release of 3 classic combat simulation games. Included in the package are F-15 Strike Eagle, 688 Attack Sub and Team Yankee. While the graphics are only EGA and some VGA, it still brings back memories of my old 286 and Adlib.Opinion:This is just a basic release of 3 old games. There is no noticeable revamping of the graphics or sound. Also after you play one game and go back to the supplied menu, the computer either locks up or the games don't function properly. All in all, a total waste of time and credit.Description:If you liked Virtual Reality studio, you'll like 3D Construction II. Basically the same thingwith many pre-drawn objects, areas and worlds. You make 3 dimensional objects and you are able to move them around the screen, twist, turn, and look at your object from every angle.Opinion:The game comes with sound support, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. From memory, however, Virtual Reality Studio did not have any sound support, this would also be an improvement. It is difficult to learn how to make o bjects, but by loading different scenarios and objects, it is possible to get the general framework of what you may desire with little or no changes. Docs for this game would have been helpful as it was a difficult utility to learn. (In other words,I'm still trying to figure much of it out!). Overall, however, if you found Virtual Reality Studio helpful for whatever you may want to use it for this is definitely better and worth the download. If you who have never heard of Virtual Reality Studio, I doubt sincerely that you would ever need this at all, and therefore I would not recommend the download.Intallation Notes: Typical Subst.Review Time: 140 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Xiphoid ----------------------------------------------- | Playability ***** Originality ****** || Graphics ******** Sound ??? | -----------------------------------------------Description:This game get it's name from (you guessed it!!!) the movie, Cool World. You find yourself in the doodle world as Harris.Your mission is to kill (boy that word sure comes up a lot in game descriptions) certain doodles running around the screen for coins. Once you have enough coins you then go to the door that will accept you. (the square that looks like a purple portal when you push the second joystick button) Once inside you must try to get an even balance of doodles and items entering the real world. This one player game can be played with either ajoystick or the keyboard. It has a menu command for sound and sfx toggle, (although the sfx always seemed to stay off), to define keys and calibrate the joystick - good if you have one of those joysticks that seems to constantly recalibrate itself.Opinion:I found this to be kind of a COOL game. The screens were colourful and well drawn and the sound was mediocre. The only thing that really got ink on my hands was the fact that once I got in the doors I couldn't seem to figure out exactly what to do. I just kinda blazed away at all the little critters. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't which, in my opinion, made this game even more playable. Worth a looksee...Installation Notes: A typical SUBST. Review Time: 1 hourDOCs Available: NoneCHTs Available: UNCWDTRN.ZIPReviewed By: MicroCosm -----------------------------------------------| Playability ******** Originality ****** || Graphics ******* Sound ******* | -----------------------------------------------Description: The game is basically another adventure game that seems to be similar to the Sierra type game with a few minor differences. It's a point and clickgraphics adventure.Opinion:I don't really care for this type of game so this one just appeared to be another "Sierra" game. If you like these types of games, then I would suggest you check this one out. The music is pretty well done and the graphics are okay as well. So if you like the Sierra type game then this one should dish out some fun.Editor's Note: Will hafta try and keep these onesaway from this reviewer. Ah well...Installation Notes: SUBST it...Review Time: 30 minutesDOC's Available: NoneCHT's Available: NoneReviewed By: Erik The Red ----------------------------------------------- | Playablity ■■■■■■ Originality ■■■■■ || Graphics ■■■■■■■ Sound ■■■■■■■ | -----------------------------------------------Description:This is a fantasy come true for every sportsenthusiast who desires authentic pro-football realism. Options range from the ability to choosecommands and watch the action to the more expertlevels where you design your own plays or choosefrom over 200 stock plays. Trade players, draftrookies, break tackles, kick, punt, and dive forinterceptions. Play as the quarterback, coach, orgeneral manager. Front Page Sport Football features digitized speech and amazing 256 colorgraphics. Apart from this you can also view yourreplays in numerous different angles.Opinion:If we had to sum this game up in one word it would be "disappointing". Everything is here to construct a cutting edge football game, one that would be around on my HD for a long time, but the game has two serious flaws that put this one in the dumpster for me. Firstly, the play selection menu sucks if you are using a sensitive joystick. It is just too difficult to quickly select the desired play, within a reasonable length of time. The slightest touch on the joystick caused the pointer to move well past where we wanted it. We took a number of unplanned "time outs" due to the fact that the pointer jumped just as we were about to click on the "ok-break" button. Perhaps this was a problem on my system, but we've seen other games handle this with a "neutral" zone for slight joystick movement.We tried to run a couple of weeks of a season and ran across a blunder so large, we can't see anyone using the league feature. Each week has a full complement of games scheduled in addition to the game that your particular team is playing. Before you can advance to the next weeks schedule, the results of the other games have to be decided (no problem - like many other league simulations). The problem is that each game that is simulated by the computer takes at least 3 minutes to complete. The computer display the game scoreboard, with an update after each simulated play. This means that to simulate one week of play, you are forced to wait over 30 minutes while the computer works away! This is absurd! (If there was a way around this, we was unable to find it.) Check the dox (when they come out) to see if there is a way to fix these above problems. Without themthis game probably gets an 8 or a 9 overall from us. But with them this one's rates a 1 and goes straight to the "dead pile".Installation Notes: Typical SUBST.Review Time: 2 hoursDOCs Available: No.. but very much neededCHTs Available: NoReviewed By: Raider, Rip Torn, The Actuary -----------------------------------------------| Playability *** Originality ***** || Graphics ******** Sound ******** | -----------------------------------------------Description:In Inspector Gadget, the bumbling, half-witted inspector has to rescue six delegates from the United Nations which Dr. Claw from MAD has kidnapped. Inspector Gadget's gadgets have also been stolen by MAD agents at the start of the game when he is captured. It is up to Penny and Brain to find them and help Gadget to find the missing delegates. You travel the map searching out each one. However, each location is basically the same as the first. Penny and Brain get split up, Penny finds a couple of Gadget's gadgets and Brain rescues her. Then Brain gets dressed up in a uniform of some form and you enter wherever the delegate is being held.Once the delegate in a city is rescued, the trio jets off to another city to do the same thing over again. The game is basically a little redundant but it is fun altogether. There is even help from the Chief himself to direct you in the right way. Opinion:The game looks good. It is totally point-and-click interface and is fairly well made. The graphics are good but the sound is real nice. The game supports almost every sound card known to man and the game features small parts of speech. The only complaint is that on a 386-33, the game is fairly slow. The characters walk slowly and there is no way noticeable to speed things up or decrease the detail level. However, if you install a fairly large disk cache (about 2048k) the game runs considerably faster and the animation is smoother.Description:Gobliins is one of those games you can't really classify as an "adventure" or a "strategy". Instead, it's a combination of both. As in Gobliiins, you play more than just one dude - twothis time: Winkle and Fingus. You make them co-operate to get you past terrible people which enjoy booting you across the screen. Much of the cooperation is done simultaneously and therefore makes the game more interesting than your ordinary adventure game.Opinion:I really must say that this game is very unique -they have taken the usual adventure game and twisted it around to make it more interesting (and difficult I might add). The graphics are good and the sound adds a lot of enjoyment to the game as you can't help but laugh at the boings and splats arising when you get your ass kicked across the screen.I had some problems getting these two guys to doanything for me at all though. It seems as though the game won't work in English (despite having anEnglish option in the install!). This presented a problem as the game comes with a limited number of hints (which are really needed to figure out what you're supposed to do). Being the unlingual anglophone I am, I had a hard time reading the hints, until I had it translated into English. After this was done, I could once again enjoy the game and get somewhere! However, the lack of the English language puts a real damper on the game, unless you know what you're supposed to do.As for the rest of the game, it definitely challenges the imagination (in other words - it's bloody hard!). If you want to be frustrated for a while, just play this game. No need to argue with your girlfriend/boyfriend, this game will do nothing you want it to either! The crack by Skillion is a little rough around the edges (as mentioned in the NFO file) but at least it works, (which is better than I can say for some other groups)All in all, I must say that this game is almost a must-have. I played this game for approximately 4 hours and didn't get past the first screen but it still entertained me for those four hours. That fact alone separates this game from others.Description:<Stolen from the nfo file> A multi role strategic, tactical and operational scenario gives the player maximum control of the military campaign whilst allowing the option of 'gung ho' dogfighting in one of the worlds most exciting and versatile fighter aircraft, the Harrier!Opinion:The Harrier is a very challenging aircraft to fly.The dimension of vertical flight throws another wrench into an already difficult process. After about 10 minutes of fumbling with the keys, I found out how to control the variable direction engines (Shift 1 - 0 for various jet angles). The aircraft flies smoothly on my DX/40, with nice graduated horizons. In fact, as you fly towards the island in the scenario, it nicely "fades" into view, rather than suddenly appearing. Very nice effect! The sounds were rather simplistic, and not up to par with other flight sims. I was only able to fly the individual air combat missions, but there is an entire scenario that allows you to plan and execute strikes against various targets, similar to Falcon 3.Overall, not a outstanding effort, but certainly not the worst flight sim release of the month either! (see review of ATP 2.0)Review Time: 1.5 hoursDOCs Available: None (Quick reference needed) CHTs Available: NoneReviewed By: The Actuary -----------------------------------------------| Playability *******890 Originality *****67890 || Graphics ********90 Sound **34567890 | -----------------------------------------------Description:For all the strategic arcade gamers out there,X-Land has made a game for you to play. Yourobjective is to collect as many hearts placedaround the playing screen. Easy? Not really!Scattered around the board are balls that once you walk under them they fall until obstructed by either another ball or a wall. You've got to strategically path your way through mazes of wallsballs and grenades in order to retrieve the hearts that give you your energy to continue onwards. Opinion:The game play isn't as easy as it looks. In fact,I had a problem completing more than three of thenumerous levels. So, don't expect to load it upand think you'll have an easy time with it. Thesound has a rocking beat to it and the graphicsaren't too bad at all - except for the fact thatmy screen was flickering beyond playability inalmost all the screens. For this, I assume thatthe programming was very loose and nobody likes to play a game with shitty programming. So, as you can guess, the rating on this ware is going down the tubes.Installation Notes: Unzip and run Setup Review Time: 45 MinutesDOCs Available: NoCHTs Available: NoReviewed By: Raider -----------------------------------------------| Playability *** Originality ******* || Graphics ****** Sound ******** | -----------------------------------------------Description:THIS IS A SPACE ADVENTURE GAME WITH MANY FUNCTIONSAVAILABLE. ONE OF THE FEW GAMES THAT ALLOW YOU TOBE THE BAD GUY AND NOT FEEL LIKE A BAD GUY.ATTACK PLANETS AND TRY TO GAIN CONTROL OF ALL THEPLANETS IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. THERE ARE 6 MAIN SCREENS THAT YOU PLAN ATTACKS FROM. ONE IS TO OBSERVE ALL YOUR SHIP'S ORBITS. THE NEXT ONES ARE TO OBSERVE THE PLANET IN SELECTED REGIONS, ZOOM WINDOWS ON THE SELECTED REGIONS, CAMERAS IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF YOUR SHIP, AND TWO OTHERS DEALING WITH ATTACKING.Opinion:I LIKE THIS GAME, IT IS VERY WELL PLANNED OUT! I CAN TELL THERE ARE MANY THINGS THAT I DIDN'T GET TO SEE AND DO IN MY SHORT TIME PLAYING IT, BUT IT DID GIVE ME GREAT PLEASURE IN CAPTURING AN ENTIRE PLANET OF PEACE LOVING NOMADS. I WASN'T ABLE TO PLAY THIS AS LONG AS I WANTED TO SINCE OTHER REVIEWS WERE IN MY LINEUP...BUT I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK TO IT WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS!THERE IS DIGITIZED SPEECH, WHICH I MUST SAY ISOUTSTANDING! THE GRAPHICS ARE JUST GREAT, AS WAS THE SCROLLING OF THE USER INTERFACE SCREENS USED TO PLAY THE GAME! THE PROGRAMMERS ALSO SEEM TO HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR. IN ONE OF THE SCREENS YOU CAN WATCH DIFFERENT PARTS OF YOUR SHIP LIKE SURVELANCE CAMERAS, AND THE NAVIGATORS ARE PLAYING A VIDEO PONG GAME. THERE ARE OTHERS WHICH I WILL LET YOU FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.DEFINETLY A MUST FOR ANY SPACE CONQUEST GAME LOVERS! IF YOU LIKED OVERLORD BY VIRGIN AT ALL,YOU WILL JUST LOVE THIS GAME!Installation Notes: SUBST It!Review Time: 75 MINSDOCs Available: NONE BUT WOULD BE VERY HELPFULCHTs Available: NOT THAT WE HAVE FOUNDReviewed By: RIP TORN -----------------------------------------------| Playability ****** Originality ******* || Graphics ******** Sound ********* | -----------------------------------------------Description: Locomotion is an arcade game dealing with the routing of trains from station to station. Theycome out with little warning from station A, B, Cor D and travel along the track with another letter flashing beside them. The object is to getthe lettered trains to the correct station by clicking on the track to make the necessaryconnections. When enough trains make it home, thelevel ends and you move on to the next.The game comes with a number of progressivelydifficult scenes and also an editor which allowsyou to design your own. This, for those with a bit more time on their hands, would be quite usable (but, when the game AND PAW #3 come out onthe same day...).Opinion:I was surprised by this game! I figured it wasjust another famous TRSI German crap release (especially when I saw the install program & no offence - good job with Grand Prix!) but was caught off-guard when the actual program asked for a choice of language. Still, even HAD it been inGerman, the game would still be quite good as thewritten word is unnecessary to the game.The mouse control is fluid and the graphics arenice. The sound, while nothing to write home about, is okay. I plan on keeping it on my HD fora while cause, personally, I like it...Installation Notes: A typical SUBST.Review Time: 30 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Newton P. Forgery -----------------------------------------------| Playability ******** Originality ******* || Graphics ****** Sound *** | -----------------------------------------------Description:THIS IS A WAR SIMULATION. THE SCENARIOS ARE ALLIN THE PACIFIC PART OF WWII. IT IS THE JAPANEESE AGAINST THE ALLIED FORCES...WHAT OTHER SCENARIO COULD IT BE? THE GAME IS PLAYED IN STAGES. FIRST YOU PLAN THE ATTACKS AND THE COMPUTER EXECUTES THE COMMANDS AFTER YOU ARE DONE ENTERING THEM ALL IN. YOU CAN JUST WATCH A WAR (WHY?) BY HAVING THE COMPUTER PLAY BOTH SIDES. YOU MAY CHOOSE TO AID EITHER SIDE WITH INTERNAL 'CHEATS'.Opinion:I DON'T RATE THIS GAME VERY HIGHLY, IT IS NOT THAT THE GAME PLAY IS POOR OR THE GRAPHICS ARE CRAP (THEY ARE), IT'S JUST THAT YOU DON'T SEEM TO BEABLE TO DO VERY MUCH. THE COMPUTER TAKES MOST OF THE TIME AWAY FROM THE GAME. IT DOESN'T SEEM THAT YOU GET TO PERFORM ANYTHING MORE THAN SOME PLANNING. SOUND IS NON EXISTENT IN THIS GAME, EXCEPT FOR THE TITLE SCREEN T HERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SOFT BEEP HERE AND THERE. USUALLY SSI COMES OUT WITH SOME VERY GOOD GAMES, THIS ONE HOWEVER IS NOT.I DO CONGRATULATE THE NEW/SMALL GROUP THAT PUTTHIS OUT...PYRADICAL (403 AREA CODE?), KEEP IT UPGUYS -=BUT PUT 'PYR' IN YOUR ZIP NAMES NOT 'PRY'=- (JUS'A THOUGHT!) AND MAYBE INCLUDE SOME DOX WITH YOUR RELEASES THAT REALLY NEED IT...LIKE THIS ONE!Description:Formula One Grand Prix is another one of thoseracing games. There are many different optionsavailable to the player other than just racingaround the track. Included in the game is a selection countries you can race in, and withinthose countries, a set of cities. As far as I cantell, the tracks and skylines of the cities areall correct as well. You can select various viewsof the cars. For example, from the stands, driversseat, the pit, and so on. You can also select to'ride' with other racers during the race and seeit through the eyes of you competitor.Opinion:If the opening of the above description generallygives one the impression that I wasn't all that impressed with this game, then it's correct. Thisgame has little or no originality what-so-ever. Ihave seen games like this a million times. You race around the track against other cars duringqualifying runs, and then if you qualify, you moveon to the championship races. The only thing thateven remotely interested me was the option of joining a 'racing season' instead of individualraces.The sound and graphics both are pretty good, but nothing revolutionary. I especially like the intro to the game, although I feel that intro'sdon't add much to the game themselves, but insteadthey are just something nice to look at.I also had problems with the controls. My joystickwas difficult to calibrate, and once I was racing,I couldn't control my gear-shifting very well.Overall, I would recommend this game if you likerace-car games, but if you already have a favourite, keep it. This game probably isn't muchdifferent.EDITOR'S NOTE: Like Mantis, Microprose has failedto come up with the game one would expect. I donot completely agree with this reviewer's opinionbut I do feel that both this and Front Page SportsFootball were a lot more hype than substance...Installation Notes: Use a subst with 11MB free!Review Time: 45 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Xiphoid ----------------------------------------------- | Playability ****** Originality ** || Graphics ******** Sound ******** | -----------------------------------------------Description:As in the classic board game, you must travel around a board of categories collecting wedges of your "pie" and eventually answer a final question in the center of the board to win the game. Unlike the board game, visual and auditory clues are placed randomly within the game. Up to sixplayers can join in the action and there areeight "sets" of questions so the game can changeeach time it is played.Opinion:Faithful to the original (Canadian!!) board game,Deluxe Trivial Pursuit is one of those occasionalplay games that should be in everyones collection.The sound and graphics aren't that hot (even for the clues that NEED them) but, it's the spirit ofthe game that counts here. Worth the file pointsif you liked the original...However, my one question is why is the last pie-thing always so damn easy?? I tried for the final clue for 10 minutes only to have my opponent roll up and get "What does the earth encounter every 76 years?" I mean...come on!!Description:Revelation is a game where you try to solve a puzzle. The puzzle is the combination of a lock.In attempting to crack the lock, you must match upthe colours on the dials to the indicators on thelocks. Once you have matched all the colours onall the locks you have opened the safe. If youtake too long you run out of time.Opinion:This is a pretty lame game. Not much to it either.Unlimited has put out a cheat for this game, but inthe ten minutes I played it, I solved every puzzlethat was put before me. In other words, it's apretty easy game for those of you who have at leastone ounce of intelligence. The usefulness of thecheat is thus depleted but it's still available if you want it.The sound is really trivial. Just the normal boop-beep when you complete a level or open a lock. Asfor the graphics, I would be stretching it if Isaid that this game was good but I would at least say that they were not unpleasing to look at. However, I certainly wouldn't advise those lookingfor a graphics-intensive strategy game to downloadthis. If you can afford the file points, downloadit and "save it for one of those rainy days."Installation Notes: Unzip and go.Review Time: 10 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: UNREVTRN.ZIPReviewed By: Xiphoid -----------------------------------------------| Playability ****567890 Originality ***4567890 || Graphics ***4567890 Sound *123456790 | -----------------------------------------------Description: In the small city of Hercvlaven a lowly slave named Hadeus Corpus the Lawyer, named Hector, is sent on a errand to carry a message to Seganus theCounsel. Having more ambitions than befitting hisstation this lowely slave dreams of rising to therank of Ceasar. Now is the time to act.Opinion:This game has some potential. Yet, it fails in many areas. The programmers must have rushed to line with this one without enough play testing as there are several holes in the program. I counted four freezes on my system. Once, I bought a slave and didn't pay for him (Program Error). Took the slave to the arena to fight and learned that he was the current champion (Who would sell their champ?). My champion died after the second fight, yet I was able to put him into the competition again even though the Roman guards were dragginghim away (My machine froze after that). The sounds are really poor on a Sound Blaster Pro,in fact, the only sound worth mentioning is the lightning. Also there is only a Quit and Save, no flat save and no load game.A redeeming value is the complexity of the game. It is a challenge. The cheat is a must if you want to get anywhere. The graphics are excellent. This game relies on your wit and quick thinking. There is a sense of humor running through the entire program that brings chuckles in odd spots.This game will appeal to anyone looking for a challenge. Bored and want to waste MANY hours playing something? This may be your game. But, to be honest, after I finish this review the delete command will be used.Game Name: SimLifeDescription:SIMLIFE, BY IT'S OWN DEFINITION, IS A LIFE SIMULATION. BASICALLY A COMBINATION OF SIMCITYAND SIMEARTH IDEAS, THIS SIMULATION HAS GONE MUCH FURTHER. IN IT, YOU MAY RE-DESIGN CREATURES OR PLANTLIFE FROM EXISTING SPECIES, OR START FROM'SCRATCH' AND DEFINE AN ORGANISM'S GENETIC STRUCTURE. THEN, RAISE/LOWER LAND SOIL, CAUSE DISASTERS, RAISE/LOWER TEMPERATURES, ADD/REMOVE WATER AND LAND, AND SEVERAL OTHER THINGS REGARDING ENVIRONMENT. IT ALLOWS YOU TO USE SCENARIOS LIKE 'RANDOM MUTATION' TO SEE IF RANDOM GENE POOL ACTIVITY CAN PROVIDE THRIVING LIFEFORMS. YOU CAN TEST THE PAST TO THEORIZE WHY THE DINOSAURS DIED; WAS IT BECAUSE OF AN ICE AGE, A PLAGUE, OR MAYBE THEY JUST PARTIED TOO MUCH? YES, MAXIS HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR EVEN IN THEIR MOST SERIOUS SIMULATION TO DATE. THIS IS NOT A GAME, IT IS A SIMULATION. YOU WILL NEED PATIENCE TO SIT DOWN AT THIS PROGRAM. BUT I ASSURE YOU, IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THE LEAST ABOUT THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE, YOU WILL MAKE THE TIME TO USE IT.Opinion:WOW!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THE COMPLEXITY OF THIS PROGRAM!! THOSE 'DUDES AT MAXIS' (AS THEY PUT ITTHEMSELVES) ARE JUST INCREDIBLE DESIGNERS ANDPROGRAMMERS! FOR THE SIZE OF THIS GAME, IT ISMIND BOGGLING HOW THEY FIT ALL THE NECESSARY CODE NEEDED TO PERFORM THE MILLIONS OF CALULATIONS IT MUST HAVE TO DO. BESIDES THE DETAIL OF THE PROGRAM, THERE ARE ALSO THE GRAPHICS...BEAUTIFULLY DONE. THE SOUND IS JUST A BIT LAZY...AND SOMEWHATANNOYING.I ADMIT, I HAVE BEEN WAITING WITH ANTICIPATION FOR MAXIS TO RELEASE THIS PROGRAM. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM IT SINCE I HADN'T READ A WHOLE LOT ABOUT THE PROGRAM. I WAS PLEASANTLY SUPRISED. MY ATTENTION SPAN IS WORSE THAN THAT OF A 6 YEAR OLD WHEN IT COMES TO GAMES, THEREFORE I USUALLY CAN'T STAND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE COMPLEX ONES, BUTTHIS PROGRAM WAS ACTUALLY WORTH THE TIME TO GO THROUGH IT!ANYHOW, I GIVE THIS SIMULATION A HIGH RATING ANDI WOULD RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE TAKE A LOOK-SEE AT THIS PROGRAM, JUST TO FIND OUT IF IT'S FOR THEM OR NOT. OF COURSE, YOU CAN'T PLEASE ALL THE MORONS ALL THE TIME, BUT THIS MORON IS VERY IMPRESSED! WAY TO GO MAXIS! (AND TDT!)EDITOR'S NOTE: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE GAME, WHILE INITIALLY SMALL IN SIZE, IS NOT FOR THE HD FAINT AT HEART. SAVED GAMES, OF LARGE WORLDS,CAN TAKE UP TO ELEVEN (11) MBS OF SPACE AND MOVEAT A SNAIL'S PACE ON SLOWER MACHINES! ALSO, AS ARELATED BONUS, THERE IS A SECOND REVIEW INCLUDEDIN THIS ISSUE WRITTEN BY ONE IN THE FIELD.Installation Notes: A typical SUBST. Review Time: 275 minutesDOCs Available: Internal TutorialCHTs Available: Internal Experimentation ModeReviewed By: Rip Torn -----------------------------------------------| Playability ********* Originality ********** || Graphics ******** Sound **** | -----------------------------------------------Description:Summer Story appears to be some form of a Chinese Adventure game where the main character has to solve a murder. This might be off slightly sincethis was all deducted by the opening intro screens and the fact that I can't read Chinese. Opinion:If the Chinese was converted to english, this wouldn't be a half bad game...maybe. The graphics are reasonably good and there is sound card support. Still...Description:This is a repackage of three games put out bySpectrum Holobyte. Namely, Tetris, Welltris, andFacetris.Opinion:As if we wanted to see another one of those famous repackage and release to the public type of shit. Well, they've done it to us again with this one. God, I just love to see these come out of nowhere groups that have to make us all relive those past experiences we so much enjoyed. Any relation to LOP, guys? However, merely after playing this game I felt compelled to whip out my K-Tel record collection so that I could relive not only one disco star, but all of them. Kinda like this release! Installation Notes: SUBSTReview Time: 20 MinutesDOCs Available: NoCHTs Available: NoReviewed By: Raider -----------------------------------------------| Playability ****** Originality * || Graphics *** Sound *** | -----------------------------------------------Description:I have it on good authority that this is a typicalNintendo game (or would be if it was on such amachine). It is based on those cute, little, bash'em with a sledgehammer trolls figures with the big ass hair and their own cartoon series. He runs around collecting troll babies, bonus and bogus letters, yo-yos, money, hearts, stars and amultitude of other stuff. All this while runningaround a number of majorly psychedelic screens such as Toy Land, Media Land and Soda Pop. Wierdand wild stuff...Opinion:I'm not usually an arcade game player. Had I notassigned myself to this one I would have floatedalong happily arcade-less. And, while this gamehasn't changed my pinion, it is playable and, tome, that's a big accomplishment.I played the game under the watchful eye of aNintendo guru and was amazed at the predictabilityof the game (based on his "Jump there!" and "Lookfor a hidden ramp here!"). Even so, both of us were happily entranced in the visually assualtingworld of the Troll. Flourescent colours are everywhere!! Even the dude's HAIR changes colouras he gets shield protection (not latex), wings oreven an air pack (in Soda Pop Land).We finished two levels of Toy Land (one by warpingand one by finding the babies), got annoyed at thewavy Soda screens and a brief stint in Fable Land.Hell, it ain't that big. Try it yourself!!Description: This game is a science knowledge testing game for children from the ages of 9 to 14. The game tests children on their knowledge of science through questions and answers. These are done in a manner that is fun and also eduacational. The object of the game is to finsh the race ahead of the computer opponent by answering questions in order to build up funds to reach the waypoints betweenyou and the finish line. Opinion:At first sight this game appears to be anothereducational game. However this game has a littlebit more to offer. The sound is very well done,as are the graphics (as always with Sierra). Thegameplay is basic point and click and follows along the same lines as Island Of Doctor Brain.This game is very well done and is excellent forthe younger crowd.Installation Notes: SUBSTReview Time: 1 hourDOC's Available: None CHT's Available: NoneReviewed By: Erik The Red ----------------------------------------------- | Playablity ■■■■■■■■ Originality ■■■■■■■■ || Graphics ■■■■■■■ Sound ■■■■■■■■ | -----------------------------------------------Description:This game is a puzzle-type game. You move your man around a screen and try to collect tools to fix 'contraptions'. But in order to move around the screens and get the tools you need, you mustjump on little blocks that lower spikes in the rooms that impair your movement.Opinion:This game is definitely lame! The graphics areat best annoying, as I don't like the quasi-3Dangle they have tried to put into the game. It looks really cheap. The resolution on many of the tools you pick up is not very good either. The sound is very repetetive and just one of those boop-beep music type stuff - nothing amazing. The sounds are appropriate though.The game may try to market itself as some kind of strategy, but I find no strategy in the gamewhatsoever. Instead, all the strategy involvedin the game is done by trial and error, insteadof making the player make even some small educated guesses. Don't bother downloading this game, as it definitely isn't worth it.Installation Notes: SUBST. install and goReview Time: 40 minutes.DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Xiphoid ----------------------------------------------- | Playability ****** Originality ****** || Graphics ***** Sound **** | -----------------------------------------------Description:THIS IS AN ARCADE PUZZLE GAME AT IT'S FINEST.ACCOLADE HAS GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY TO CREATE ATETRIS STYLE GAME THAT IS FAR MORE ENJOYABLE THAN ANY OTHER GAME OF IT'S TYPE. IT IS A COMBINATION OF TETRIS AND ARKANOID, BUT WITH A TWIST. YOU MAY MOVE THE PIECES THAT ARE FALLING TO ANYWHERE ON THE PLAY FIELD. IF YOU DROP A BRICK ONTO ANOTHER FALLING BRICK, THEY BOTH FALL. YOU MAY PLAY WITH A MOUSE (EASIEST), KEYBOARD, OR JOYSTICK IF YOU WISH. THERE ARE FOUR MUSIC STYLES AND FOUR DIFFERENT VARIATIONS OF THIS GAME.Opinion:GREAT GAME! IT WILL PROVIDE HOURS OF ENJOYMENT FOR MOST PEOPLE! IT'S A KEEPER! PUT IT THIS WAY,I DON'T LIKE TETRIS OR ANY OF IT'S VARIANTS, BUT THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE! IF YOU HAVE A DAY OR TWO TO KILL, THEN GRAB THIS GAME! Installation Notes: Unzip & PlayReview Time: 130DOCs Available: None.CHTs Available: None.Reviewed By: Rip Torn -----------------------------------------------| Playability ********** Originality ******* || Graphics ********* Sound ******** | -----------------------------------------------
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