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Loop01 - Digi.com for Digital Nightmare BBS by Cubic Team

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Emulating LOOP01F.COM in DOSee.

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DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

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DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

[+] Configuration Copy text
                           loop01 information file

The roots of loop01 go back to the summer of '94. For our 64k-intro
VEX we needed a good packing algorithm and I finally found out how the
inflation algorithm in pkunzip works by taking a look at pkunzjr.com.
This worked perfect, we shrunk vex to 65536 bytes. :)
What a pity that VEX did not make it to the bigscreen at the Assembly '94,
most probably because of missing gus support, it was a nice intro for that
time. Later at the end '94 / beginning of '95 I had the idea to
make a very small executable ZIP unpacker and made a version which did not
work that well and I postponed that project for the sake of cubic player.
A few weeks before Assembly '95 I restarted coding on the unpack routine,
and a week before Assembly it was about 450 bytes long. In the weeks before
the Assembly I was quite busy, because I had to supply our group with code
for our animation SPACE01 (player, converter, landscape generator & stuff),
and we had to finish off cubic player and the contracts for the Party 4 CD.

Well, it was Sunday by then and I had the idea to make a clone of
cyboman 2 by complex in 4k to test my packer and use that for the
4k intro competition at the Assembly '95. All I had was a dithered-gouraud
polygon routine for flat mode which I then converted to real mode.
The rest of the code was made in the time from Tuesday to Friday 23:00
(don't forget the flight to Helsinki...).
I also wanted to make a flight throught the doughnut and put in
some birds or fish, but as the deadline was moving closer and closer and
the code did not like a flight throught the doughnut I dropped those ideas.
:((  They would have made loop01 a lot more interesting, than just

The 4k-compo compo was cool. You could see many things you did not
expect in 4k...  loop01 had problems on the bigscreen, it did not run
smooth at all... :((( I forgot to init the timer correctly. There are
two timer modes, and on the bigscreen computer the wrong one was set and
so the donuts went back and forth. On my computer the right one was set and
I did not test loop01 on any other computer.... (no comments, please!)
It did not look nice at all. Anyway, that's the way it was. Loop01 finally
became 10th.

On the Assembly Lukas Grunwald asked me to make an intro for his BBS
Digital Nightmare in Hildesheim and a month after the Assembly I completed
it together with DOJ. In that version music, text on the donut, text on the
phongmap, multiple lightsources and an endansi was added, and some bugs
corrected. It was 7k in size.

  loop01 1.5:
After the Wired '95 I took the BBS intro and took the music and the
endansi out, and changed the text to put that version on the Assembly '95 CD,
because the 1.0 version is somehow to buggy and ugly.

  read in gsn:
"one 4k-intro was pain. lots of donuts spinning around..."
"the author must have been watching jmagic productions..."

That's about it concerning loop01.

greets fly out to all cp users!

                                   pascal / cubic team, 11'95

 ══[ ZIP comment attached to loop01f.zip ]══

                    $$$$$α      o$$$$o              .o$
                   $     ░&    Θ$░    ░           o░ $░
                  $       $   $░          ΦΘΘΦ      $░
                 $░     α$░  $$                   o$░
                $$$$$$$$░    ░$$$$$$            &$$&

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