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A response to ETH0 Goodbye. for Independent (IND) by Eth0

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This is a response to ETH0.Goodbye-ETH0.

1. First of all, you're acting like a bunch of cry-babies. IF (and of course you claim you didn't) have/had an insecure member, DEAL WITH IT. And I don't know what you think, but quiting is the oposite of dealing with a problem. Again, be men and DEAL with it. Kick the member and move on. Nobody is perfect, for christ sakes.
2. The original scene-notice did not ask the team to quit, it asked to deal with the member, for both your security and what's most importantly for the security of the scene.
3. No need to make a big scene out of your departure, since if I remember correctly, the only thing you did was integrating free shit (updates) into other groups original releases. Anything else to it? Nooope.

Now cry me a river!!! ;x
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