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Atomix. by Digital Stimulation BBS

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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 01/31/91 %%%%%%%

                         DIGITAL STIMULATION presents
                                * Atomix  *
Hi to all freaks out there!

This is the game of Atomix, an European Sokoban-like game.
All you have to do is to connect the atoms together as shown in box below.
Atomix is an VGA only game, sorry for that who have EGA ....

 At the beginning  : Select 1/2 Player Game
                     Keyboard or Mouse
 To select an atom : Return/Mouse button
 To move the atom  : Cursor/Mouse
 To quit the game  : don't know

Have fun!

Excessive Freddie.


(++43-1)-241-XX-XXX                        Mega Greetings to all freaks
12/24/9600 High Speed                      Special to HTL, WOZA, TUG!
SYSOP : Peeping Tom                        Black Knight, King Arthur   
CO    : Me..                               and all the others.....

PS : (to Black Knight)
     Atomix is no Shareware or Public Domain!

PPS: (to Black Knight)
     You are wrong with the Telephone Number, because your 43-1 is equal
     to my 43-222. (The Telephone Company changed 1 against 222 because
     The fucking Bell System can't handle a numer that long (it cut's
     it off and you never came thru.... 
     (So the Area Code of Vienna is 1 or 222 ... as you like it)
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