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21 of 21 files midnight oil bbs

1992 June 26

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[+] Configuration Copy text
------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complete File Listing for the Mid-Nite-Oil ]I[ Private as of 4/26/92 - 8:25 pm ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Uploads ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. BCACID1.ZIP Free 44k Body Count ANSi - <ACiD> 2. MLBB82.ZIP Free 30k Micro League BB 1982 Roster 3. MLBB83.ZIP Free 30k Micro League BB 1983 Roster 4. MLBBOR.ZIP Free 16k Micro League BB Baltimore Oriole Roster 5.MTHCPINC.ZIP Free 504k Math Copter [INC] 6.SJRNYINC.ZIP Free 650k Solitaire's Journey [INC] 7.TRSI-JY2.ZIP Free 574k John Young II ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:INC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.A10UPINC.ZIP Free 61k A-10 Tank Killer Update 1/1 [INC] 2.AARGHINC.ZIP Free 485k AARRRGH! 1/1 [INC] 3. ATOMINC.ZIP Free 263k Atomino English Version 1/1 [INC] 4.BBFCINC1.ZIP Free 191k Barney Bears Fun With Colors 1/3[INC] 5.BBFCINC2.ZIP Free 352k Barney Bears Fun With Colors 2/3[INC] 6.BBFCINC3.ZIP Free 178k Barney Bears Fun With Colors 3/3[INC] 7.BCMINC01.ZIP Free 232k Battle Chess Multi-Media 01/28 [INC] 8.BCMINC02.ZIP Free 372k Battle Chess Multi-Media 02/28 [INC] 9.BCMINC03.ZIP Free 685k Battle Chess Multi-Media 03/28 [INC] 10.BCMINC04.ZIP Free 629k Battle Chess Multi-Media 04/28 [INC] 11.BCMINC05.ZIP Free 572k Battle Chess Multi-Media 05/28 [INC] 12.Bcminc06.ZIP Free 566k Battle Chess Multi-Media 06/28 [INC] 13.Bcminc07.ZIP Free 655k Battle Chess Multi-Media 07/28 [INC] 14.Bcminc08.ZIP Free 681k Battle Chess Multi-Media 08/28 [INC] 15.Bcminc09.ZIP Free 681k Battle Chess Multi-Media 09/28 [INC] 16.Bcminc10.ZIP Free 736k Battle Chess Multi-Media 10/28 [INC] 17.Bcminc11.ZIP Free 680k Battle Chess Multi-Media 11/28 [INC] 18.Bcminc12.ZIP Free 721k Battle Chess Multi-Media 12/28 [INC] 19.Bcminc13.ZIP Free 698k Battle Chess Multi-Media 13/28 [INC] 20.Bcminc14.ZIP Free 702k Battle Chess Multi-Media 14/28 [INC] 21.Bcminc15.ZIP Free 781k Battle Chess Multi-Media 15/28 [INC] 22.Bcminc16.ZIP Free 850k Battle Chess Multi-Media 16/28 [INC] 23.Bcminc17.ZIP Free 701k Battle Chess Multi-Media 17/28 [INC] 24.Bcminc18.ZIP Free 704k Battle Chess Multi-Media 18/28 [INC] 25.Bcminc19.ZIP Free 714k Battle Chess Multi-Media 19/28 [INC] 26.Bcminc20.ZIP Free 668k Battle Chess Multi-Media 20/28 [INC] 27.Bcminc21.ZIP Free 630k Battle Chess Multi-Media 21/28 [INC] 28.Bcminc22.ZIP Free 509k Battle Chess Multi-Media 22/28 [INC] 29.Bcminc23.ZIP Free 517k Battle Chess Multi-Media 23/28 [INC] 30.Bcminc24.ZIP Free 343k Battle Chess Multi-Media 24/28 [INC] 31.Bcminc25.ZIP Free 246k Battle Chess Multi-Media 25/28 [INC] 32.Bcminc26.ZIP Free 241k Battle Chess Multi-Media 26/28 [INC] 33.Bcminc27.ZIP Free 323k Battle Chess Multi-Media 27/28 [INC] 34.Bcminc28.ZIP Free 228k Battle Chess Multi-Media 28/28 [INC] 35. BJWINC.ZIP Free 253k Black Jack for WIndows 1/1 [INC] 36.CIVV3INC.ZIP Free 308k Civilization v3.0 Update 1/1 [INC] 37.COSM1INC.ZIP Free 550k Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure #1 1/1 [INC] 38. DFINC-1.ZIP Free 697k Dragon Flight 1/2 [INC] 39. DFINC-2.ZIP Free 635k Dragon Flight 2/2 [INC] 40.DNOGSINC.ZIP Free 251k Dreadnoughts Naval Battle 1/1 [INC] 41. DVPINC.ZIP Free 68k Delux Video Poker 1/1 [INC] 42. ELFDINC.ZIP Free 553k Elf Playable DEMO 1/1 [INC] 43.FANTMINC.ZIP Free 621k Tony LaRussa's Fantasy Manager [INC] 44. FERNINC.ZIP Free 199k Fern Gully: Last Rain 1/1 [INC] 45.FORDINC1.ZIP Free 435k Ford Simulator v3.0 1/2 [INC] 46.FORDINC2.ZIP Free 999k Ford Simulator v3.0 2/2 [INC] 47.GCONINC1.ZIP Free 546k Global Conquests 1/2 [INC] 48.GCONINC2.ZIP Free 489k Global Conquests 2/2 [INC] 49.GOLDINC1.ZIP Free 239k Golden Eagle II 1/4 [INC] 50.GOLDINC2.ZIP Free 211k Golden Eagle II 2/4 [INC] 51.GOLDINC3.ZIP Free 214k Golden Eagle II 3/4 [INC] 52.GOLDINC4.ZIP Free 174k Golden Eagle II 4/4 [INC] 53.GOLFDINC.ZIP Free 390k Golf Doctor 1/1 [INC] 54. HACINC.ZIP Free 191k Home Alone Coloring Book 1/1 [INC] 55.Haralinc.ZIP Free 635k SilverRocks Harald Hartand 1/1 [INC] 56.HEMWINC1.ZIP Free 180k Empire of Milkyway Chinese 1/4 [INC] 57.HEMWINC2.ZIP Free 134k Empire of Milkyway Chinese 2/4 [INC] 58.HEMWINC3.ZIP Free 175k Empire of Milkyway Chinese 3/4 [INC] 59.HEMWINC4.ZIP Free 153k Empire of Milkyway Chinese 4/4 [INC] 60.HUGO3INC.ZIP Free 540k Hugo III: Jungle of Doom 1/1 [INC] 61. JNSINC1.ZIP Free 953k Jack Nicholas Signature Golf 1/2[INC] 62. JNSINC2.ZIP Free 919k Jack Nicholas Signature Golf 2/2[INC] 63.KABDINC1.ZIP Free 1168k Knowledge Adventture Bonus 1/2 [INC] 64.KABDINC2.ZIP Free 1177k Knowledge Adventure Bonus 2/2 [INC] 65.KOTUPINC.ZIP Free 71k Knights of The Sky Update 1/1 [INC] 66.Madtvinc.ZIP Free 983k Mad TV 1/1 [INC] 67.MAUPINC1.ZIP Free 192k Maupiti Island English 1/2 [INC] 68.MAUPINC2.ZIP Free 556k Maupiti Island English 2/2 [INC] 69. MEUINC1.ZIP Free 248k Manchester European Soccer 1/2 [INC] 70. MEUINC2.ZIP Free 166k Manchester European Soccer 2/2 [INC] 71. Mmc-inc.ZIP Free 668k Mutantnoid Math Challenge 1/1 [INC] 72. PE_INC1.ZIP Free 1182k Planets Edge 1/3 [INC] 73. PE_INC2.ZIP Free 1187k Planets Edge 2/3 [INC] 74. PE_INC3.ZIP Free 1168k Planets Edge 3/3 [INC] 75. RHPINC1.ZIP Free 199k Fairytale Comic Book Maker 1/2 [INC] 76. RHPINC2.ZIP Free 333k Fairytale Comic Book Maker 2/2 [INC] 77.SKI2INC1.ZIP Free 367k Super Ski II 1/2 [INC] 78.SKI2INC2.ZIP Free 503k Super Ski II 2/2 [INC] 79.SMFUTINC.ZIP Free 954k SIM City Future Cities 1/1 [INC] 80. STADINC.ZIP Free 449k Tony LaRussa's Stadium Disk 1/1 [INC] 81.STORMINC.ZIP Free 579k Storm Master 1/1 [INC] 82.TRON-INC.ZIP Free 43k The Ultimate Tron Game 1/1 [INC] 83. U71INC.ZIP Free 1486k Ultima VII 1/6 [INC] 84. U72INC.ZIP Free 1426k Ultima VII 2/6 [INC] 85. U73INC.ZIP Free 1426k Ultima VII 3/6 [INC] 86. U74INC.ZIP Free 1426k Ultima VII 4/6 [INC] 87. U75INC.ZIP Free 1424k Ultima VII 5/6 [INC] 88. U76INC.ZIP Free 1381k Ultima VII 6/6 [INC] 89.UUSAINC1.ZIP Free 1377k Ultima Underworld 1/4 [INC] 90.Uusainc2.ZIP Free 1408k Ultima Underworld 2/4 [INC] 91.Uusainc3.ZIP Free 1420k Ultima Underworld 3/4 [INC] 92.Uusainc4.ZIP Free 1123k Ultima Underworld 4/4 [INC] 93. UWUPINC.ZIP Free 227k Ultima UnderWorld Update [1/1] [INC] 94. WR1INC.ZIP Free 343k Word Rescue Part I 1/1 [INC] 95.WWRRINC1.ZIP Free 325k Wild West Rail Road Robbers 1/2 [INC] 96.WWRRINC2.ZIP Free 102k Wild West Rail Road Robbers 2/2 [INC] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:FLT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. 4QUEENZ.ZIP Free 378k IV Queens Computer Casino 1/1 [FLT] 2. ACQUIRE.ZIP Free 117k Acquire 1/1 [FLT] 3.JNPB-FLT.ZIP Free 183k Jack Nickalous PimBrook Course [FLT] 4.SBRIDGE1.ZIP Free 115k Super Bridge 1/2 [FLT] 5.SBRIDGE2.ZIP Free 38k Super Bridge 2/2 [FLT] 6. SROGUE1.ZIP Free 1161k Sea Rogue 1/4 [FLT] 7. SROGUE2.ZIP Free 1163k Sea Rogue 2/4 [FLT] 8. SROGUE3.ZIP Free 1118k Sea Rogue 3/4 [FLT] 9. SROGUE4.ZIP Free 894k Sea Rogue 4/4 [FLT] 10.WOF3-FLT.ZIP Free 142k Wheel of Fortune v3.0 1/1 [FLT] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:USA ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. BFMINC.ZIP Free 284k Microleague Fantasy Manager USA Edition ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:RAZOR ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.AMGLAD-1.ZIP Free 524k American Gladiator 1/3 [RAZOR] 2.Amglad-2.ZIP Free 568k American Gladiator 2/3 [RAZOR] 3.Amglad-3.ZIP Free 531k American Gladiator 3/3 [RAZOR] 4.CRIBMPC1.ZIP Free 236k Cribbage Master for Windows[1/2][RAZOR] 5.CRIBMPC2.ZIP Free 694k Cribbage Master for Windows[2/2][RAZOR] 6. He162.ZIP Free 431k HE 162 Volksjaeger SWOTL 1/1 [RAZOR] 7. KOREA.ZIP Free 495k Conflict in Korea [1/1] [RAZOR] 8.PHOBOS01.ZIP Free 722k Leather Godesses II 01/17 [RAZOR] 9.PHOBOS02.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 02/17 [RAZOR] 10.PHOBOS03.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 03/17 [RAZOR] 11.PHOBOS04.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 04/17 [RAZOR] 12.PHOBOS05.ZIP Free 713k Leather Godesses II 05/17 [RAZOR] 13.PHOBOS06.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 06/17 [RAZOR] 14.PHOBOS07.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 07/17 [RAZOR] 15.PHOBOS08.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 08/17 [RAZOR] 16.PHOBOS10.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 10/17 [RAZOR] 17.PHOBOS11.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 11/17 [RAZOR] 18.PHOBOS12.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 12/17 [RAZOR] 19.PHOBOS13.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 13/17 [RAZOR] 20.PHOBOS14.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 14/17 [RAZOR] 21.PHOBOS15.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 15/17 [RAZOR] 22.PHOBOS16.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 16/17 [RAZOR] 23.PHOBOS17.ZIP Free 436k Leather Godesses II 17/17 [RAZOR] 24. PHOBOS9.ZIP Free 714k Leather Godesses II 9/17 [RAZOR] 25.PLANED-1.ZIP Free 227k UMS II Planet Editor 1/3 [RAZOR] 26.PLANED-2.ZIP Free 296k UMS II Planet Editor 2/3 [RAZOR] 27.PLANED-3.ZIP Free 136k UMS II Planet Editor 3/3 [RAZOR] 28.RZDRQU-1.ZIP Free 1180k Secret Island of Dr. Q 1/2 [RAZOR] 29.RZDRQU-2.ZIP Free 915k Secret Island of Dr. Q 2/2 [RAZOR] 30.SIDRQU-1.ZIP Free 1181k Secret Island of Dr. Q 1/2 [RAZOR] 31.SIDRQU-2.ZIP Free 916k Secret Island of Dr. Q 2/2 [RAZOR] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:TDT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. AWE1TDT.ZIP Free 645k Another World English ver 1/2 [TDT] 2. AWE2TDT.ZIP Free 632k Another World English ver 2/2 [TDT] 3. BIE1TDT.ZIP Free 998k Battle Island English 1/2 [TDT] 4. BIE2TDT.ZIP Free 880k Battle Island English 2/2 [TDT] 5.DYLD1TDT.ZIP Free 704k Dylan Dog 1/2 [TDT] 6.DYLD2TDT.ZIP Free 616k Dylan Dog 2/2 [TDT] 7. Foxtdt.ZIP Free 708k Foxster 1/1 [TDT] 8. GAZZ2.ZIP Free 406k Gazz II Soccer 1/1 [TDT] 9.GOSIMTDT.ZIP Free 421k Gosi-Mini 1/1 [TDT] 10.HERO1TDT.ZIP Free 265k Hero Quest 1/2 [TDT] 11.HERO2TDT.ZIP Free 461k Hero Quest 2/2 [TDT] 12. IBC1TDT.ZIP Free 559k Ian Botham's Cricket 1/2 [TDT] 13. IBC2TDT.ZIP Free 413k Ian Botham's Cricket 2/2 [TDT] 14.IHOKLTDT.ZIP Free 409k International Hockey League 1/1 [TDT] 15. LEG1TDT.ZIP Free 592k Legends 1/2 [TDT] 16. LEG2TDT.ZIP Free 576k Legends 2/2 [TDT] 17. LMBBTDT.ZIP Free 485k Mermaid & Beast Print Kit 1/1 [TDT] 18.MID2TDT1.ZIP Free 307k Mid Winter II 1/2 [TDT] 19.MID2TDT2.ZIP Free 625k Mid Winter II 2/2 [TDT] 20. MIG1TDT.ZIP Free 596k Miglia 1000 1/2 [TDT] 21. MIG2TDT.ZIP Free 645k Miglia 1000 2/2 [TDT] 22.Redbutdt.ZIP Free 312k Red Baron VGA Update 1/1 [TDT] 23.SEAR1TDT.ZIP Free 714k Sea Rouge v2.95 1/7 [TDT] 24.SEAR2TDT.ZIP Free 691k Sea Rouge v2.95 2/7 [TDT] 25.SEAR3TDT.ZIP Free 703k Sea Rouge v2.95 3/7 [TDT] 26.SEAR4TDT.ZIP Free 677k Sea Rouge v2.95 4/7 [TDT] 27.SEAR5TDT.ZIP Free 669k Sea Rouge v2.95 5/7 [TDT] 28.SEAR6TDT.ZIP Free 635k Sea Rouge v2.95 6/7 [TDT] 29.Sear7tdt.ZIP Free 263k Sea Rouge v2.95 7/7 [TDT] 30.Stormtdt.ZIP Free 612k Storm Master 1/1 [TDT] 31. WCSTDT.ZIP Free 221k World Class Soccer 1/1 [TDT] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:THG ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Bgroyale.ZIP Free 166k BackGammon Royal 1/1 [THG] 2.FANTDIZZ.ZIP Free 195k Fantasy World Disney 1/1 [THG] 3. FAPACHE.ZIP Free 261k Fort Apache 1/1 [THG] 4.HEIMDAL1.ZIP Free 554k Heimdal 1/5 [THG] 5.HEIMDAL2.ZIP Free 732k Heimdal 2/5 [THG] 6.HEIMDAL3.ZIP Free 642k Heimdal 3/5 [THG] 7.HEIMDAL4.ZIP Free 807k Heimdal 4/5 [THG] 8.HEIMDAL5.ZIP Free 753k Heimdal 5/5 [THG] 9.OMARSRF1.ZIP Free 352k Omar Sharif on Bridge 1/2 [THG] 10.OMARSRF2.ZIP Free 280k Omar Sharif on Bridge 2/2 [THG] 11. STEEL_1.ZIP Free 224k Steel Empire 1/3 [THG] 12. STEEL_2.ZIP Free 517k Steel Empire 2/3 [THG] 13. STEEL_3.ZIP Free 284k Steel Empire 3/3 [THG] 14.STNT11-1.ZIP Free 572k Stunts v1.1 Update 1/2 [THG] 15.STNT11-2.ZIP Free 544k Stunts v1.1 Update 2/2 [THG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:TRSI ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.TRSI-REV.ZIP Free 143k Revelation 1/1 2. TRSICOL.ZIP Free 407k Colour Busters 1/1 [TRSI] 3.TRSIDOUB.ZIP Free 519k Double Mind 1/1 [TRSI] 4.TRSIHOT1.ZIP Free 249k Hot Rubber 1/4 [TRSI] 5.TRSIHOT2.ZIP Free 224k Hot Rubber 2/4 [TRSI] 6.TRSIHOT3.ZIP Free 214k Hot Rubber 3/4 [TRSI] 7.TRSIHOT4.ZIP Free 232k Hot Rubber 4/4 [TRSI] 8.TRSIMAU1.ZIP Free 241k Maupiti Island Euro 1/3 [TRSI] 9.TRSIMAU2.ZIP Free 285k Maupiti Island Euro 2/3 [TRSI] 10.TRSIMAU3.ZIP Free 265k Maupiti Island Euro 3/3 [TRSI] 11. TRSIPIN.ZIP Free 263k Pinball Magic 1/1 [TRSI] 12.Trsisam1.ZIP Free 240k Samarai: Way of The Warrior 1/3[TRSI] 13.Trsisam2.ZIP Free 145k Samarai: Way of The Warrior 2/3[TRSI] 14.Trsisam3.ZIP Free 221k Samarai: Way of The Warrior 3/3[TRSI] 15. Trsitu2.ZIP Free 386k Turn It 2 1/1 [TRSI] 16.Trsi_fox.ZIP Free 701k Foxster 1/1 [TRSI] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:DRG ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. DRG-SC1.ZIP Free 1235k Soul Crystal 1/3 [DRG] 2. DRG-SC2.ZIP Free 835k Soul Crystal 2/3 [DRG] 3. DRG-SC3.ZIP Free 895k Soul Crystal 3/3 [DRG] 4.DRG-SSG1.ZIP Free 226k Shadow Sorcerer 1/3 [DRG] 5.DRG-SSG2.ZIP Free 313k Shadow Sorcerer 2/3 [DRG] 6.DRG-SSG3.ZIP Free 317k Shadow Dorcerer 3/3 [DRG] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:XEROX ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.IMPERTOR.ZIP Free 366k Imperator 1/1 [XEROX] 2. X-a320.ZIP Free 337k Air Bus 1/1 [XEROX] 3.X-cov-g1.ZIP Free 190k Cover Girl Strip Poker 1/6 [XEROX] 4.X-cov-g2.ZIP Free 211k Cover Girl Strip Poker 2/6 [XEROX] 5.X-cov-g3.ZIP Free 241k Cover Girl Strip Poker 3/6 [XEROX] 6.X-cov-g4.ZIP Free 247k Cover Girl Strip poker 4/4 [XEROX] 7.X-cov-g5.ZIP Free 226k Cover Girl Strip poker 5/6 [XEROX] 8.X-cov-g6.ZIP Free 192k Cover Girl Strip Poker 6/6 [XEROX] 9.X-hotel1.ZIP Free 448k Hotel Steinburger 1/2 [XEROX] 10.X-hotel2.ZIP Free 345k Hotel Steinburger 2/2 [XEROX] 11. X-SHUT1.ZIP Free 269k Shuttle English 1/5 [XEROX] 12. X-SHUT2.ZIP Free 217k Shuttle English 2/5 [XEROX] 13. X-SHUT3.ZIP Free 259k Shuttle English 3/5 [XEROX] 14. X-SHUT4.ZIP Free 236k Shuttle English 4/5 [XEROX] 15. X-SHUT5.ZIP Free 109k Shuttle English 5/5 [XEROX] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:MISC ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. #1GTIX.ZIP Free 530k Galactix 1/1 2.ANOTHER1.ZIP Free 684k Out of this World 1/2 3.ANOTHER2.ZIP Free 630k Out of this World 2/2 4.CASCENE1.ZIP Free 228k California Scenery MS FS v4.0 1/3 5.CASCENE2.ZIP Free 228k California Scenery MS FS v4.0 2/3 6.CASCENE3.ZIP Free 108k California Scenery MS FS v4.0 3/3 7.Cdromdri.ZIP Free 26k CD Rom Drivers for Wing Commander 8.COLMENA1.ZIP Free 402k La Colmena 1/3 9.COLMENA2.ZIP Free 690k La Colmena 2/3 10.COLMENA3.ZIP Free 663k La Colmena 3/3 11. Connex.ZIP Free 116k Connex 1/1 12.CORPNCA1.ZIP Free 216k Corporation v2.0 1/4 [NCA] 13.CORPNCA2.ZIP Free 126k Corporation v2.0 2/4 [NCA] 14.CORPNCA3.ZIP Free 114k Corporation v2.0 3/4 [NCA] 15.CORPNCA4.ZIP Free 109k Corporation v2.0 4/4 [NCA] 16. Cricket.ZIP Free 399k International Cricket Challenge 1/1 17. Dawgfit.ZIP Free 289k Dawgfit: When Hillbillies Fly 1/1 18.Dgen1-hj.ZIP Free 537k Degeneration Full Release 1/2 19.Dgen2-hj.ZIP Free 453k Degeneration Full Release 2/2 20.DVGAMES1.ZIP Free 445k Dvorak's Guide to PC Games 1/2 [POW] 21.DVGAMES2.ZIP Free 351k Dvorak's Guide to PC Games 2/2 [POW] 22. EARL90.ZIP Free 41k Earl Weaver Baseball 1990 Stats 1/1 23.ELECTROB.ZIP Free 725k Electro Body 1/1 24. GALXREG.ZIP Free 607k Galaxy Registered 1/1 25. HYPEAPP.EXE Free 14k HYPE VGA Application v1.0 [HYPE] 26. JET1PTS.ZIP Free 245k The Jetsons Arcade 1/2 [PIRATES] 27. JET2PTS.ZIP Free 292k The Jetsons Arcade 2/2 [PIRATES] 28.JONESCD1.ZIP Free 1595k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 1/9 29.JONESCD2.ZIP Free 1424k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 2/9 30.JONESCD3.ZIP Free 1424k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 3/9 31.JONESCD4.ZIP Free 1424k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 4/9 32.JONESCD5.ZIP Free 1424k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 5/9 33.JONESCD6.ZIP Free 1425k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 6/9 34.JONESCD7.ZIP Free 1425k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 7/9 35.JONESCD8.ZIP Free 1424k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 8/9 36.JONESCD9.ZIP Free 597k Jones in The Fast Lane CD ROM 9/9 37. JOURNEY.ZIP Free 332k Ancients I: The Death Watch 1/1 38.LIST181R.ZIP Free 375k Berg's List v1.81 Registered 39. Loopz.ZIP Free 526k Loopz 1/1 40.MC-UTEMC.ZIP Free 335k Merchant Colony 1/1 [EMC] 41. MC2V13.ZIP Free 230k Magic Candle II v1.3 Update 1/1 42.MSTGLFWN.ZIP Free 1408k Microsoft Golf for Windows 1/1 43. MUSTANG.ZIP Free 73k WW II Arcade for DOS & Windows 1/1 44.NL92LST2.ZIP Free 30k NL '92 Roster for Fantasy Manager 1/1 45.NYTPUZZL.ZIP Free 637k N.Y. Times Crossword Puzzle Windows 46. OPFROG.ZIP Free 493k Operation Frog Megafortress 1/1 47. Out-nem.ZIP Free 413k Outsmart Nemesis 1/1 48.PACIFIC1.ZIP Free 374k Team Yankee II: Pacific Islands 49.PACIFIC2.ZIP Free 256k Team Yankee II: Pacific Islands 50. PCMWING.ZIP Free 360k PC Magazine Windows Games Review 51.PKCONTST.ZIP Free 15k Pkwarez Encryption Contest Win $1000 52.PLAYROM1.ZIP Free 219k Play Room Update 1/2 53.PLAYROM2.ZIP Free 305k Play Room Update 2/2 54.RED_HOOD.ZIP Free 968k Little Red Riding Rood 1/1 55. ROBIN-B.ZIP Free 253k Robin Hood Boot 1/2 56. ROBIN-V.ZIP Free 294k Robin Hood /VGA 2/2 57. ROCKINC.ZIP Free 184k Rock*A*Doodle Vga Coloring Book 58. RS2THP.ZIP Free 271k RS/2 R-Type Game 1/1 [THP] 59. SANGO1.ZIP Free 481k Three Kingdom Adventure 1/3 60. SANGO2.ZIP Free 520k Three Kingdom Adventure 2/3 61. SANGO3.ZIP Free 411k Three Kingdom Adventure 3/3 62. SIMANCT.ZIP Free 1184k SIM City Ancient Cities 1/1 63.SIMCTWIN.ZIP Free 681k SIM City for Windows 1/1 64. SIMSEX.ZIP Free 1396k Sim Sex: Sex in Virtual Reality [1/1] 65. SPC-TH1.ZIP Free 608k Thunder Hawk 1/2 66. SPC-TH2.ZIP Free 594k Thunder Hawk 2/2 67.SPORTCRD.ZIP Free 250k Sports Card Database 68. STARFLD.ZIP Free 35k Star Field Game for Windows 1/1 69. STARS91.ZIP Free 7k Wayne Gretzky Hockey 91 All Stars 1/1 70.STELL7-1.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 1/9 71.STELL7-2.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 2/9 72.STELL7-3.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 3/9 73.STELL7-4.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 4/9 74.STELL7-5.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 5/9 75.STELL7-6.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 6/9 76.STELL7-7.ZIP Free 1424k Steller7 CD-ROM 7/9 77.STELL7-8.ZIP Free 421k Steller7 CD-ROM 8/9 78.STELL7-9.ZIP Free 1353k Steller7 CD-ROM 9/9 79. SUNNY.ZIP Free 128k Jack Nickalaus Course 80.SYNBRIDG.ZIP Free 176k Super Bridge Cup Update 1/1 [$YN] 81. SYNWOLF.ZIP Free 454k Castle Wolfenstien 3-D 1/1 [$YN] 82.TLFANT92.ZIP Free 562k Tony La Russa'a BB '92 Teams Disk 1/1 83.TLI-BJO1.ZIP Free 196k Baby Jo 1/4 [TLI] 84.TLI-BJO2.ZIP Free 152k Baby Jo 2/4 [TLI] 85.TLI-BJO3.ZIP Free 182k Baby Jo 3/4 [TLI] 86.TLI-BJO4.ZIP Free 135k Baby Jo 4/4 [TLI] 87.Tony1990.ZIP Free 82k Tony Larussa's 1990 Teams Disk 88. TREAS-1.ZIP Free 636k Treasure of the Savage Frontier 1/3 89. TREAS-2.ZIP Free 474k Treasure of the Savage Frontier 2/3 90. TREAS-3.ZIP Free 601k Treasure of the Savage Frontier 3/3 91. VGAMAZ.ZIP Free 72k VGA Maze Maker 1/1 92. WARZONE.ZIP Free 156k Jack Nickalaus Course 93.WCCD-R-1.ZIP Free 1463k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 1/7 94.WCCD-R-2.ZIP Free 1425k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 2/7 95.WCCD-R-3.ZIP Free 1425k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 3/7 96.WCCD-R-4.ZIP Free 1425k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 4/7 97.WCCD-R-5.ZIP Free 1425k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 5/7 98.WCCD-R-6.ZIP Free 1423k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 6/7 99.WCCD-R-7.ZIP Free 317k Wing Commander Enhanced CD-ROM 7/7 100. WINARCD.ZIP Free 228k Windows Arcade Solid Gold 1/1 101. WINSPI.ZIP Free 40k WINSpider Windows Game 1/1 102. WINTREK.ZIP Free 582k WinTrek Windows Game 1/1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Dox Cheats Fixes and Updates ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4DB2TRN0.ZIP Free 9k 4 D Boxing v2.0 Trainer 2. 4queens.ZIP Free 10k Dox for 4 Queens 3. A1015-1.ZIP Free 465k A10 Tank Killer v1.5 Update [1/2] 4. A1015-2.ZIP Free 574k A10 Tank Killer v1.5 Update [2/2] 5.A10PATCH.ZIP Free 57k A10 Tank Killer v.1.5 Patch 6. A320dox.ZIP Free 14k Dox for Air Bus 7.Advancht.ZIP Free 3k Pro Tennis Tour II Cheat 8.AGLADTDT.DOC Free 9k American Gladiator Dox 9.ANESTHCR.ZIP Free 99k Anestisia Fixed 10.Argt0inc.ZIP Free 10k AARRG! Trainer 11.AW-ACCOD.ZIP Free 2k Another World Codes 12.Aw-crack.ZIP Free 27k Another World Crack 13.AWRLDCRK.ZIP Free 25k Another World Fix 14.AW_SOLVE.ZIP Free 7k Another World Solve 15. BC2UPG.ZIP Free 73k Battle Chess II Update 16. BCMFIX.ZIP Free 5k Battle Chess Splicer [FIX] 17.Bgroydox.ZIP Free 19k Backgammom Royal Dox 18.BISLEDOX.ZIP Free 23k Battle Island English Dox 19.Cachtinc.NFO Free 3k 20.CACHTINC.ZIP Free 3k Comic Cosmic Adventure Cheat 21.CIVIL-U1.ZIP Free 875k Civilation Update [1/2] 22.CIVIL-U2.ZIP Free 882k Civilation Update [2/2] 23.CIVIL_02.ZIP Free 148k Civilation .02 Update 24.COSM1CHT.ZIP Free 12k Cheat for Cosmo #1 25.CREV_TRN.ZIP Free 3k Color Revelation Trainer 26. Crue-pe.ZIP Free 32k Planet Edge Cheat [CRUE] 27. Dance_2.ZIP Free 171k Dance of the Planets [2/4] 28. Ddtrn0.ZIP Free 8k Dylan Dog Trainer 29.DRQHDFIX.ZIP Free 8k Secret Island of Dr. Q / Hd Install 30. EBTRN0.ZIP Free 9k Electro Body Trainer 31. F3arms.ZIP Free 69k Falcon 3.0 Armement Patch 32.F3falcnr.ZIP Free 110k Falcon v.C Gas and Pilot Cheat 33. Fac3in.ZIP Free 31k Falcon 3.0 Install Update 34. FLYDOC.ZIP Free 8k Fly The Grand Canyon Dox 35. Foxdoxs.ZIP Free 6k Foxter Doxs 36. Fronted.ZIP Free 13k Font Editor for Planets Edge 37. GALTRN0.ZIP Free 10k Galactix Trainer 38. GCDOX.ZIP Free 43k Global Conquests Dox 39. GOLDDOX.ZIP Free 4k Golden Egale Dox 40.HERO_TRN.ZIP Free 8k Hero Quest Trainer 41.Hqst-dox.ZIP Free 29k Heros Quest Dox 42.HUGO3HNT.ZIP Free 4k Hugo III Hints 43. JETSFIX.ZIP Free 36k Jetsons Fix 44.JNDESIGN.ZIP Free 110k Jack Nickalaus Design Update 1/1 45.JNGSFINC.ZIP Free 116k Jack Nickalaus Signature Golf Fix 46.JOEVTRN0.ZIP Free 8k Baby Joe VGA Trainer 47.KMIG_TRN.ZIP Free 4k 1000 Miglia Trainer 48.KUWA_TRN.ZIP Free 4k Assualt on Kuwait Trainer 49. LEGDOX.ZIP Free 43k Legend Dox 50. Legedit.ZIP Free 6k Legend Character Editor 51.LEGPATCH.ZIP Free 39k Legends Install Fix 52.LGOP2DOX.ZIP Free 25k Leather Goddess II Dox 53.LGOP2FIX.ZIP Free 81k Leather Goddesses of Phobos ][ FIX 54.LGOP2SOL.ZIP Free 7k Leather Goddess II Solve 55.LGP2DCHK.ZIP Free 4k Leather Goddess II Fix 56. Lof-nem.ZIP Free 1226k Legend of Saerghail 1/1 [NEMEIS] 57.MADTVTRN.ZIP Free 4k Mad TV Trainer 58.MANUEDOX.ZIP Free 19k Manchester United Europe Dox 59. MEGAUPD.ZIP Free 409k Mega Fortress Update 1/1 60.MID2-DOX.ZIP Free 115k Mid-Winter II Dox 61. MIGITDT.ZIP Free 54k Migilia 1000 Fix 62.MIGLTRN0.ZIP Free 10k Miglia 1000 Trainer 63.Migltrn0.ZIP Free 10k Migillia 1000 Trainer 64.MOONGATE.ZIP Free 2k Ultima VII Moon Gate List 65.Mwii_trn.ZIP Free 4k Mid Winter II Trainer 66.PACIFDOX.ZIP Free 144k Pacific Island Dox 67.PE-QUICK.DOX Free 13k Planet Edge Quick Dox 68. Pecheat.ZIP Free 29k Planets Edge Cheat 69. Pecrack.ZIP Free 111k Planet Edge Fix 70.PEDGEDIT.ZIP Free 24k Character Editor for Planet's Edge 71.Pedgedit.ZIP Free 25k Planets Edge Editor 72.PEFIXNYC.ZIP Free 10k Planets Edge Fix 73.PLAN-DOX.ZIP Free 27k Planet's Edge Dox 74.PLANMAPS.ZIP Free 379k Planets Edge Maps 75. RBVGA3.ZIP Free 154k Red Baron VGA Update 3 76. Rbvga5.ZIP Free 155k Red Baron VGA Update 5 77. ROCKDOX.ZIP Free 7k Rock a Doodle Dox 78.Runesnsn.ZIP Free 3k Utlima Under World Magic Runes Dox 79.SAV2CRUE.ZIP Free 24k Treasure's of Savage Frontier Cheat 80.SIDQ-DOX.ZIP Free 5k Dox for Dr. Quandry 81.Sidqsolv.ZIP Free 36k Doctor Q. Solve 82. SIMCT11.ZIP Free 681k Sim City for Windows v1.01 Bug Fixes 83.SRGEDINC.ZIP Free 25k Sea Rouge Editor 84. SROGUE.DOX Free 5k Sea Rouge Dox 85. Srogue.DOX Free 5k Space Rouge Dox 86. SRTIPS.ZIP Free 6k Sea Rogue Tips 87.STEMPDOX.ZIP Free 39k Steel Empire Dox 88. STFTRN0.ZIP Free 10k Street Fighter VGA Trainer [INC] 89. STLCHT.ZIP Free 39k Steel Empire Cheat 90.STMASDOX.ZIP Free 24k Storm Master Dox 91. T2000-U.ZIP Free 1378k Twilight 2000 Update 92.Titf_trn.ZIP Free 14k Foxter Trainer 93.TREASDOX.ZIP Free 29k Treasure Savage Frontier Dox 94.Trsi-srp.ZIP Free 53k Space Rouge Fix [TRSI] 95.TRSI-SRP.ZIP Free 62k Sea Rogue [FIX] From TRSI-FLT fucked it 96. Tsftrn0.ZIP Free 9k Treasure Savage Front Trainer 97. Tsftrn1.ZIP Free 10k Treasure Savage Front Fix 98. U7CODES.ZIP Free 8k Ultima VII Codes 99.U7CR2INC.ZIP Free 8k Ultima VII Fix for 2nd Doc Check 100. U7CRINC.ZIP Free 8k Ultima 7 Crack Patch [INC] 101. U7EDIT.ZIP Free 16k Ultima VII Chacter Editor 102. U7SOLVE.ZIP Free 532k Ultima 7 Solve & Save Game 103. ULT7-HD.ZIP Free 41k Ultima 7 HD Patch [THG] 104. ULT7COM.ZIP Free 6k Ultima VII NFO File in Color 105. ULT7DOX.ZIP Free 213k Ultima 7 Complete Documentation [INC] 106. ULT7DOX.ZIP Free 213k Ultima VII Complete Doxs - INC Doxs 107. ULTCIB.ZIP Free 26k Ultima Underworld Cibirus Dox 108. ULTPLYR.ZIP Free 41k Ultima Underworld Player Guides 109.ULTUNDOX.ZIP Free 147k Ultima Underworld Scanned Dox 110. Umsdox.ZIP Free 45k UMS II DOX 111. Umspldx.ZIP Free 46k UMS II Planet Editor 112. Uusatrn.ZIP Free 3k Ultima Underworld Trainer 113. UUSATRN.ZIP Free 3k Ultima Underworld Trainer 114. Uwc.ZIP Free 14k Ultima Underworld Cheat 115. Uwcheat.ZIP Free 6k Ultima Underworld Cheat 116. UWCHEAT.ZIP Free 6k Ultima Underworld Cheat 117. UWDOX.ZIP Free 33k Ultima Underworld ASCII Dox 118.Uweditor.ZIP Free 9k Ultima Underworld Character Editor 119. Uwhnts1.ZIP Free 22k Ultima Underworld Hints 120.Uwqckdox.ZIP Free 5k Ultima Underworld Quick Dox 121.UWSPELLS.ZIP Free 2k Ultima Underworld Spell Book 122.W3CHTINC.ZIP Free 4k Wolfenstien 3-D Cheat Codes Levels 123.WOLF-FIX.ZIP Free 2k Wolfenstien 3-D Fix 124.WOLFCHT2.ZIP Free 7k Castle Wolfenstien 3-D Cheat #2 125. WOLFTRN.ZIP Free 4k Wolfenstien 3-D Trainer 126. Wwrrdox.ZIP Free 6k Wild West Rail Road Dox 127.X-DIZTRN.ZIP Free 24k Fantasy World Dizzy Trainer 128.X-revtrn.ZIP Free 22k Revelation Trainer 129.X-wp-trn.ZIP Free 13k Willys Pinball Trainer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Demos ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.ACESDEMO.ZIP Free 566k Aces of the Pacific Demo 2. B17DINC.ZIP Free 219k B-17 Flying Fortress Demo -=INC=- 3.DARKLINC.ZIP Free 1364k Darlands Demo [INC] 4. DSINC.ZIP Free 539k Dark Seed Playable DEMO -=INC=- 5. FLYBY.ZIP Free 402k Fly By VGA SB DEMO 1/1 6.FSE3DINC.ZIP Free 177k F-15 Strike Eagle III Demo -=INC=- 7. GATEWAY.ZIP Free 914k Gateway DEMO 1/1 8.GREENINC.ZIP Free 275k The Green DEMO [INC] 9.HEADBANG.ZIP Free 450k Head Banger DEMO 1/1 10. INDY4_1.ZIP Free 178k Indy:Fate of Atlantis Demo 1/1 11.OVERTREK.ZIP Free 284k OV-Trek #2 DEMO 1/1 12. RBGDEMO.ZIP Free 216k Black Glass Vector DEMO 1/1 13. SF2BOB.ZIP Free 196k Street Fighter II BETA 1/1 14.TFDEMINC.ZIP Free 131k Task Force 1942 DEMO [INC] 15. TRSILAT.ZIP Free 337k TRSI Demo 16.UWDEMINC.ZIP Free 1282k Ultima Underworld Demo -=INC=- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Pirate Mags ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.0392WARE.ZIP Free 5k March '92 Ware Report 2.APT-MAG3.ZIP Free 254k APT Magazine 3 3. ILL-5.ZIP Free 233k Illumintus Mag #5 4. SCD#14.ZIP Free 160k SCD Magazine Number 14 5.WILDSID4.ZIP Free 185k Wild Sider Magazine #4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Utilities ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Dance_1.ZIP Free 205k Dance of the Planets [1/4] 2. Dance_3.ZIP Free 172k Dance of the Planets [3/4] 3. Dance_4.ZIP Free 106k Dance of the Planets [4/4] 4. KRACK2.EXE Free 13k Pkzip Password Stripper 5.Lafwinc1.ZIP Free 1075k Laffer Utilitys-Windows [1/4] [INC] 6.Lafwinc2.ZIP Free 1149k Laffer Utilitys-Windows [2/4] [INC] 7.Lafwinc3.ZIP Free 1057k Laffer Utiltiys-Windows [3/4] [INC] 8.Lafwinc4.ZIP Free 609k Laffer Utilitys-Windows [4/4] [INC] 9. SHEZ70.ZIP Free 186k Shez v7.0 Major Update 1/1 10. SHEZ71R.ZIP Free 190k Shez v7.1 Registered 1/1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:INC Private ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. BAR.ZIP Free 3k For Bar Manager 2. COOL.ZIP Free 3k For Cool Hand 3. ILL.ZIP Free 2k For Illusinist from Bar Manager 4. ILLU.ZIP Priv 4k For the Illusionist 5. INC.NFO Free 3k Newest INCFO file! Get it! 4/8/92! 6. INCNEW.NFO Free 3k Latest Inc.Nfo file [4/11/92] 7. INCNEW1.NFO Free 3k INC Info File / Corrected 4/11/92 8. MODED.ZIP Priv 109k MOD player and editor for Playboy 9. PLANNER.ZIP Free 600k A personal info/time mangement system 10. SETUP.EXE Free 36k Setup 11. XU.DOC Free 22k For Lestat 12. XU.EXE Free 7k For Lestat ------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Section:Stykx & Cool Hand ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. SHEZ.ZIP Free 467k My Shez Dir 2. TAPE.ZIP Free 198k My Tape Dir
80x559 Font