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  • This download is an executable MS-DOS program that will not run on a modern computer. It needs a DOS emulator such as DOSBox-X, Staging; or a virtualized MS-DOS or FreeDOS system.
    Browsers may flag this download as unwanted or malicious. If unsure, scan it with VirusTotal.
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Emulating TPSVIEW.EXE in DOSee.

Use these tabs to make adjustments to the emulation

If the emulation is taking too long to load, you can turn it off.

Reload DOSee to launch the DOS prompt

Applying changes will reload the page and reboot the emulator

Changes are not applied until the browser tab is reloaded

DOS programs need a keyboard for user input
Some common keys used in DOS programs

ENTER to select or continue
ESC to navigate back or exit
are often used to navigate menus

Emulation too slow?
Set the emulator to use maximum CPU speed

Emulation too fast?
Set the emulator to use the 8086 CPU configuration

Need to turn off the audio?
Disable sound card support

Have no audio?
  1. Try SoundBlaster 1.0 hardware
  2. Try Covox Sound Master hardware
  3. The song or audio file maybe missing from the program
  4. Audio may not be supported
    Unlike other systems of the era, audio for DOS was unfortunately complicated for both programmers and end users alike. A lot of early scene software didn't bother including it. While those that did often didn't test it on all the hardware they supposedly supported.

DOSee pronounced dos/see, is our emulator used to run MS-DOS based software in your web browser.

MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was the primary operating system used by PCs during the 1980s to the early 1990s and is the precursor to Microsoft Windows.

DOSee is a slimmed down, modified port of The Emularity.

The Emularity is a multi-platform JavaScript emulator that supports the running of software for legacy computer platforms in a web browser. It is the same platform that's running emulation on the Internet Archive.

EM-DOSBox is a discontinued, high-performance JavaScript port of DOSBox that is applied by The Emularity for its emulation of the MS-DOS platform.

DOSee uses BrowserFS ZipFS and ZipFS Extras to simulate zip file archives as hard disks within EM-DOSBox.

DOSBox is the most popular MS-DOS emulator in use today and is frequently used by commercial game publishers to run games from their back-catalogues on modern computers.

DOSee, built on The Emularity, EM-DOSBox and DOSBox. Capture screenshot and save function built on canvas-toBlob.js.

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[+] Configuration Copy text
≥4 Communication Software Reviews ≥1 By: Divine Tyrant The Pirate Syndicate TPW Issue #2 ≥p Well, below are my opinions and those of some other pirates. I reviewed most of the popular communications software out. I hope this helps out on which one you should use. Program: Telix 3.12 Well, I used to use this but I switched over to Telemate. It is very good for low baud rates, meaning 2400 and under. But I've talked to people that have had problems with it, when using high speed modems. It has many features, and is just a normal comm program. Very widely used by pirates. ≥p Program: TeleMate 2.00 This is fucking awesome! I only have a 1200 for now, and Telemate kicks ass with it. I know, for a fact, that the high-speed users don't use this cause it has so much multitasking that it interferes with the high-speed. The only drawbacks that I have noticed are that it reads the comport line by line somehow, I think it is that slows because of th multitasking. And I have not figured out how to use LD codes, if someone has figured it out I'd appreciate the help. It's awesome features include while downloading, you can edit a file, edit dial dir, and even dos shell, but I think that when you shell, it pauses the download. ≥p Program: Qmodem 4.1b This is the one that most HST users use. It has the best comm routines. It has an ANSI scroll-back, and you can have dial prefixes in your dial directory phone number, unlike Tmate. Let's make it short but sweet, use this muthafucka if you have an HST... ≥p Well, that's it for my reviews. I might have an updated version of this review file, if I get that new comm program, Robo-Comm, but I don't think so, cause the name even sounds cheezy.
COMM.TXT 80x46 Font