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1999 January 30

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Alkivar here ... been around the scene for a while but have yet to learn wtf these crackheads are thinking? I mean what is the point to posting a site ip/port or narqing shit? sure you may be pissed at someone but i mean wtf .. dont hurt the rest of us and dont fuck w/ peoples personal lives yeah yeah i'm sure all of you are sick of reading crap like this but maybe one of these times you narq's will wake the fuck up i mean if you have a fuckin problem take it up w/ who the problem is with for example Airbrush here hates DVNiSO for whatever reason he has you dont go fuckin posting one of their site ips to the fuckin world. within 5 minutes of that shit being on bacid's page it was on yahoo and hotbot yeah thats right ON THE FUCKIN SEARCH ENGINES as: "DVNiSO" + "TViSO" + "Airbrush" fortunately bacid took that shit down... next time someone might not be as lucky so in closing: NARQ'S GET A FUCKIN LIFE AND GROW THE HELL UP !!!! ========================== AS POSTED ON BACID'S PAGE: ========================== Airbrush posted 01-30-99 07:31 AM ET (US)ááá á -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, well as you can probably guess by this post, my DVNiSO affil no longer exists. Let me explain to you what went on. I was recruited by PenisButcher to design the DVNiSO webpage. Fine. I can do that. So, i started a design, but then some real life problems "took over" my life, and I had to stop the design for a while. I guess they got upset. Once i finally had everything straightened out again, I resumed work on the design. After about 4 days of working on it, I find myself removed from the #dvniso bots, the NFO, and the *ONE* site they actually gave me an account on. Yea, *ONE* site. And I had to get added myself. Btw, TViSO ---.---.---.--- ---- have fun :) Anyway what im tryin' to say here, is that DVNiSO is a bunch of lame assholes. I mean, come on, how much skill does it take to walk to the store and buy a game, use WinRAR, and upload it with handy lil' CuteFTP? NONE. Then when they actually have a title that requires some sort of cracking talent, they still a games' group crack and realse it with their release. Homos? I believe so. Btw, Worms Armageddon - DVNiSO is a *DUPE*, CiFE had it out WAYY before DVNiSO decided to upload it to their monopoly of sites. So, if you are on a site with a DVNiSO affil, you will probably see CiFE's version being nuked. When in reality, they owned that title. Get off your high horse DVNiSO, before I fucking knock your asses off it. PS - Hi Maddevi! Airbrush RiSE / TAW / RNS / Anti-DVNiSO
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