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2010 April 17

  • Amiga Text / NFO file or scene release
  • Ansichrist, design, art credits
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...... ...... ___::::::__ \ :::::: (_ ______________:\ :::::: | _)) . :::::: | _____ _______ ________ ____\ ________________:::::: | ___\ __/_______\\_ __ /________\ ___/____\__(__\\_ ___ /:::::: | _ _) \___ | /_ | _\ \\_ | | / / :::::: | \\\ \| : |/ : \| : : :/ / :::::: | \\ · ·_ · ._ · ·_ . _· / :::::: | - ---------\____//---/________//------\_____// :----/________/_ _ :::::: _| - ------------------------------|----------------/ :::::: \: : //__::::::__\ . ::::::ns. ...... ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ A.Massacre.Survivor.1979.PDVDRip.XviD-GREiD ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ PACKER........: TEAM GREiD ENCODER.......: TEAM GREiD SUPPLiER......: TEAM GREiD ARCHiVES......: 49*15MB GREiD DATE....: 17/04/2010 DVD DATE......: N/A GENRE.........: MARTiAL ARTS LANGUAGE......: MANDARiN SUBTiTLES.....: ENGLiSH, HARDCODED RUNTiME.......: 01:27:06 ALT. TiTLE....: From the Massacre, One Survivor iMDB RATiNG...: N/A iMDB LiNK.....: http://former.imdb.com/title/tt1600436/ ViDEO CODEC...: XViD RESOLUTiON....: 608x256 ASPECT RATiO..: 2.38:1 ViDEO BiTRATE.: 1026 kb/s avg. FRAMERATE.....: 23.976 AUDiO CODEC...: MP3 AUDiO BiTRATE.: 84 kb/s avg. PLOT: Jo-hsueh and her father Kao Chien-jen live a relatively quiet life at their estate. When an old friend of Chien-jen, Ling Yi-hung comes to visit, they spend the entire night engaged in a fiery discussion that is a secret to everyone. In the morning, Yi-hung leaves, but warns Chien-jen that his decision could cost him dearly. Chien-jen tells everyone to quickly leave the estate and hide in the mountains until things can be resolved, but Yi-hung and his troops attack almost immediately. Only Jo-hsueh and her father's two best men escape, but after subsequent attacks she is left to defend herself. Found desperately exhausted, she is cared for by a Prince and his right-hand man, but trusting no one, she quickly rebuffs their kindness once recovered. Heeding her father's words of advice, she travels to the Hu Hsiao Temple to learn kung fu from the masters there. Through intense training, she learns the crane style and sets out to avenge her father's death. When her paths cross again with the Prince, it becomes apparent that there is much more at stake than originally believed... RiPPERS NOTES: Until very recently, this extremely rare Yuen Clan movie was considered the holy grail among some hardcore kung fu collectors. No print was known to exist, not even in the Hong Kong Film Archive, until it was unearthed in the early 21st century by Toby Russell (the guy behind labels such as Eastern Heroes, Vengeance Video and Rarescope). After the unfortunate fall of Rarescope (there are speculations that this print was intended to be released under that label), Toby decided that if enough money was raised, he would release a telecine of the only known existing reels to be distributed among a limited crowd of diehard kung fu movie fans. Enough money was raised, and Falkor of rarekungfumovies.com put down some time to digitally shape up the print and he distributed the movie to the contributors in mid March 2010. On March 25, there was an exclusive screening in London, where some more fans could get hold of copies. A friend of a friend delivered us a copy of this... Team GREiD wants to send our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this release possible, including Toby, Falkor and the people who contributed to make it happen. A winner is you! Starring Shih Szu, Chung Wa, Wong Chung, Lung Fei, Shih Ting-Ken, Yuen Cheung-Yan, Wong Ching, Miu Tak-San, Chin Lung, Yuen Yat-Choh, Wong Gwan, Woo Kei, Sit Hon, Corey Yuen Kwai, Wang Chiang-Liang, Alan Chui Chung-San, Ching Kuo-Chung, Wong Kwok-Fai, Cheung Yee-Kwai, Jin Ao-Xun, Mau Ging-Shun, Luk Ng, Luk King-Fu etc. GREETS: REDDOG
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