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[22:12] *** utopian ([email protected]) has joined #pm [22:13] <utopian> what sort of link is PM on and how many gigs? [22:13] <Cybrdeath> why [22:13] <Cybrdeath> who are you [22:13] <ANARKY> yea [22:13] <ANARKY> who r you [22:13] <ANARKY> hehe [22:13] <ANARKY> :) [22:14] <Cybrdeath> oc-12 100gig [22:14] <Cybrdeath> gonna upgrade that though [22:14] <gregk> i smell narc [22:14] <ANARKY> hahaha [22:14] <utopian> oc12 [22:14] <Cybrdeath> running out of space [22:14] <utopian> haha [22:14] <gregk> heheehe [22:14] <utopian> sure mate [22:14] <ANARKY> mate [22:14] <ANARKY> an aussie [22:14] <ANARKY> hi there [22:14] <gregk> top of the morning [22:14] <ANARKY> pm australian fer beer [22:14] <gregk> or somthing [22:14] <ANARKY> hehe [22:14] <ANARKY> fosters [22:14] <ANARKY> :) <redman-> [email protected] um ya aussie :P [22:14] <utopian> yeah [22:14] <utopian> so ? [22:15] <gregk> aussies are cool [22:15] <cablegod> i wouldn't mind narcing PM :) [22:15] <cablegod> j/ks [22:15] <Cybrdeath> hahhahhah [22:15] <gregk> hhehe [22:15] <cablegod> dun worry [22:15] <cablegod> i wouldn't do that [22:15] <gregk> is that a threat cable? [22:15] <cablegod> to prevent a narcing of a top site, change from linux to war-ftpd [22:16] <cablegod> greg: i'm a fed :) i'm gonna track u down! [22:16] <utopian> warFtpd is lame [22:16] <Thraxis> cablegod: if you did i would personaly hunt you down =P [22:16] <cablegod> bob226 and i are feds and we are gonna bust everyone in here! [22:16] <cablegod> DIE DIE DIE [22:16] <gregk> thanx thrax [22:16] <ANARKY> hehe [22:16] <cablegod> heheheh [22:16] <cablegod> bah [22:16] <cablegod> i swear i'm gonna narc u gregk and thraxis! :) [22:16] <gregk> hey i said that to a buddy of mine [22:16] <gregk> and he took it literallly [22:17] <cablegod> heh [22:17] <utopian> Narc [22:17] <utopian> ? [22:17] <cablegod> BAHHHHHHH ninjaskank! [22:17] <gregk> and it almost prevented me from joining a group [22:17] <ANARKY> hey can neone invite me to courier98 [22:17] <cablegod> gimme ops! [22:17] <ANARKY> the bot aint werkin fer me [22:17] <cablegod> come on cybrdeath :( u know me [22:17] <utopian> what is 'Narc' ? [22:17] <gregk> umm [22:17] <ANARKY> hhaha [22:17] <ANARKY> if ya dunt know [22:17] <ANARKY> thyen ya dunt need to [22:17] <gregk> a person involved wit narcotics [22:17] <ANARKY> hahaah [22:18] <cablegod> means going to a fed and whining like a pussy to them about the site u fathead! [22:18] <gregk> hehe [22:18] <ANARKY> i shoot heroin up my ass [22:18] <utopian> what, so you don't know aswell ? [22:18] <ANARKY> :P [22:18] <utopian> so you use a word you do not know the meaning of? [22:18] <cablegod> :P~ [22:18] <cablegod> THATS IT! [22:18] <cablegod> i'm gonna go for a poop [22:18] <cablegod> bbiab... [22:19] <utopian> why is PM so slow if its oc-12? [22:19] <utopian> oc12 is 644mbits [22:19] <gregk> that is what pm is [22:19] <Cybrdeath> lots of load [22:19] <utopian> yet my friend tells me he pulls better speeds from my site [22:19] <gregk> u can't tell unless u have a fast link also [22:19] <Cybrdeath> we have the whole inet backbone on our link [22:19] <Cybrdeath> heh [22:19] <utopian> so [22:19] <Cybrdeath> i have gotte a meg a sec [22:19] <utopian> in actual fact [22:19] <Cybrdeath> so not bad [22:19] <Cybrdeath> depends on the time [22:19] <gregk> utopian i don't think it will make a diff on ur 56k [22:20] <utopian> u guys might have maybe the equivalent of a cable modem site [22:20] <utopian> gregk: im on a cable modem dickhead <redman-> lol [22:20] <gregk> still [22:20] <Cybrdeath> the only site that can compare to us in US speed wise is UC [22:20] <Cybrdeath> cable modem [22:20] <Cybrdeath> hahahahahahahahahahaha [22:20] <Cybrdeath> ROFL [22:20] <gregk> u would not be able to tell if the site was oc-12 with a cable [22:20] <Cybrdeath> were cable <redman-> cable... [22:20] *** Cybrdeath changes topic to '[21:27] <utopian> u guys might have maybe the equivalent of a cable modem site' [22:20] <utopian> gregk : i run a site remotely from the US [22:20] <factory_> yep. remember home.com owns us too [22:20] <Cybrdeath> were cable now [22:20] <gregk> lol [22:20] <Cybrdeath> yeah b2b [22:20] * Thraxis laughs hard at utopian [22:20] <Cybrdeath> all the way baby [22:20] <gregk> u run a cable site? [22:21] <utopian> no [22:21] <Cybrdeath> were the only siege cable site [22:21] <Cybrdeath> phear us [22:21] <Snapz> :) [22:21] <Cybrdeath> Snapz: good job on picking us [22:21] <utopian> i run a dedicated T1, that is the site has its own T1 link, w/o 500 odd internet users running off its same backbone [22:21] <Cybrdeath> were really a cable site [22:21] <Cybrdeath> and yer faster than us cuz were cable [22:21] <Cybrdeath> damn i wish we were t1 [22:21] <factory_> so? [22:21] <Cybrdeath> thats fast [22:21] <gregk> utopian ur so elite man [22:21] <gregk> i wish i was elite as you [22:22] <utopian> ever heard of roc.dk Cybrdeath [22:22] <utopian> gregk: ok. [22:22] <gregk> what about .dk [22:22] <Thraxis> utopian: what you have to rember is when the workload is down speeds increase... :) [22:22] <utopian> no, not .dk, roc.dk [22:22] <gregk> ok utopian... what about roc.dk [22:22] <utopian> its the old falsehood link [22:22] <Thraxis> like to see a T1 get 400k/sec [22:22] <factory_> i run a dedicated 56k modem, that is my computer has its own 56k link, w/o 1 odd internet user running off its same backbone [22:23] <Cybrdeath> yeah no kidding thraxis [22:23] <Cybrdeath> siege got kill speeds [22:23] <Cybrdeath> when they speed tested the site [22:23] <loiter> pm is down? [22:23] <Cybrdeath> but i lied to em [22:23] <utopian> Thraxis : it can't get 400l/sec stoopid, it maxxes out at 1.2mbits, ie. 180k/sec [22:23] <Cybrdeath> were really a cable modem [22:23] <Cybrdeath> 1.2? [22:23] <Cybrdeath> cool [22:23] <loiter> i cant reach it [22:23] <Thraxis> 1.54 [22:23] <Cybrdeath> hehehehe [22:23] <Cybrdeath> i know thrax [22:24] <Thraxis> if you know what your talking about [22:24] <plush> Utopian cable is 10mbit at least the ones here in FL [22:24] <Cybrdeath> thats awesome [22:24] <Cybrdeath> plush: were only a frame relay 56k to be honest [22:24] <Cybrdeath> sharing with a huge office [22:24] <Cybrdeath> its why were so slow [22:24] <utopian> the max upstream of a cable modem is 76.8k/sec [22:24] <plush> heh yea ;) [22:24] <gregk> hehe [22:24] <plush> I'm starting up a site next week on my dual 288 [22:24] <factory_> damn bud, you got your facts down [22:25] <Cybrdeath> i dunno how the fuck i got that 300-400 k once.. pure luck i guess [22:25] <Cybrdeath> my dual 56k's own you plush [22:25] <KerTo> is PM up? (new port?) [22:25] <Thraxis> actually i am starting a site on funet =P [22:25] <utopian> Cybrdeath : heard of Cached traffic? [22:25] <Cybrdeath> don't even try to compete <redman-> dual 28.8? <redman-> add me! [22:25] <Cybrdeath> hahahahahahaha [22:25] <utopian> you people have really no idea about how the internet works [22:25] <Cybrdeath> 300-400k cached from my 56k frame relay [22:25] <Cybrdeath> phear me [22:25] <Cybrdeath> hahahahhahahahahahaa [22:25] <Cybrdeath> ROFL [22:25] <Cybrdeath> your awesome [22:25] <Cybrdeath> this is great [22:26] <Thraxis> and through my atm backbone cyber =P [22:26] <Cybrdeath> someone loggin this for blackacid? [22:26] <gregk> utopian is prolly an e-mail iso courier hehe j/k [22:26] <Cybrdeath> hahahahahahahah <redman-> yeah im logging? hehehehe <redman-> err <redman-> ? = ! <redman-> heh [22:26] <gregk> * Logging #pm to 'dumbass.log' [22:26] <Cybrdeath> hahahahah [22:26] <Cybrdeath> ROFL [22:26] <Stigma> keep sayin stupid stuff [22:26] <Cybrdeath> phear our siege cable site [22:26] <Cybrdeath> we own [22:26] <Stigma> i wanna see [22:27] <plush> too bad cached traffic only works for WWW [22:27] <Thraxis> Cybrdeath: you don't know how the internet works [22:27] <utopian> plush: good one dumb ass, u can use a proxy for FTP [22:27] <Cybrdeath> Thraxis: don't hurt my feelings [22:27] <Cybrdeath> utopian: so tell me more how my site runs [22:27] <plush> Cybrdeath you have links on that one WWW ware site to PM right!! :) [22:27] <Cybrdeath> plush: oh my god, you found out [22:27] <utopian> Cybrdeath : your site ? [22:27] <utopian> Cybrdeath : u own the link ? [22:27] <Cybrdeath> no its my neigbors [22:28] <Stigma> hahahaha [22:28] <plush> Utopian yea but thats when 2 sites connect to each other that are already big lines [22:28] <utopian> so its not your site [22:28] <Stigma> this is great] [22:28] <Cybrdeath> i run the fuckin site, is that hard to believe? [22:28] <ANARKY> haha [22:28] <plush> not like you can proxy from a T1 to your 28.8 at T1 speeds or ne thing [22:28] <gregk> utopian what site do u run? [22:28] <utopian> but its not yours u fucking f0 [22:28] <Stigma> utopian u know how much of a ass u look like right now? [22:28] <Cybrdeath> plush: i did though [22:28] <gregk> utopian what site do u run? [22:28] <plush> heh :) [22:28] <Cybrdeath> plush: from my 56k frame relay to pm i got like 300k cached [22:28] <Cybrdeath> its a trick i can do [22:28] <plush> gregk, leave him alone he runs that dual 0c12 in his head [22:28] <Cybrdeath> write t3 on the modem [22:29] <Cybrdeath> that works to [22:29] <plush> ahh [22:29] <factory_> i'm still waiting to read about how the internet works [22:29] <plush> thats what I am sayin [22:29] <gregk> sorry plush [22:29] <plush> we all spend 90% of our free time on the inet can you please tell us how it works [22:29] <gregk> i never mean to hurt poor ol' utopians feelings [22:29] <Stigma> i only spen 87% [22:29] <Stigma> i did the math in my head [22:30] <plush> ohh well then you don't know shit [22:30] <Stigma> :) [22:30] <Cybrdeath> utopian [22:30] <utopian> people like u learn about the internet through reading those 'Internet for Dummies' books, eh ? [22:30] <Cybrdeath> tell us more [22:30] <Cybrdeath> were stupid aol ppl [22:30] <plush> talk to utopian he will explain it [22:30] <Cybrdeath> on cable modems [22:30] <plush> haha [22:30] <factory_> damn, is that where I can find out??? [22:30] <Cybrdeath> [21:37] <utopian> people like u learn about the internet through reading those 'Internet for Dummies' books, eh ? [22:30] <Cybrdeath> muhahhahahahahahahaha [22:30] <plush> I almost guarantee you most ppl in here haven't ever read a manual [22:30] <plush> I know I haven't [22:30] <factory_> new topic [22:30] <Cybrdeath> this has really made my day [22:30] <gregk> god dammit utopian go back to aol and play little massmail with ur buddies ok? [22:30] <Cybrdeath> i was major pissed [22:30] <Cybrdeath> i need more than one topic [22:30] <Cybrdeath> these are great [22:30] <Cybrdeath> heheheheh [22:31] <Stigma> utopian...cyberdeath runs a top warez site....what do u do? play quake over the modem [22:31] <Stigma> ? [22:31] <factory_> we need a rotating topic bot [22:31] <utopian> Stigma : i phear him [22:31] <utopian> truly [22:31] <utopian> i do [22:31] <gregk> no utopian is an e-mail courier [22:31] <Cybrdeath> Stigma: he owns me and my lame cable site [22:31] <plush> hes been watchin too much of those training videos [22:31] <Cybrdeath> i need to go back to aol [22:31] <Cybrdeath> hey grave [22:31] <gregk> grave buddy [22:31] <Cybrdeath> read the topic [22:31] <utopian> gregk: no im not u fuck knuckle, how the fuck would u know what i am [22:31] <Cybrdeath> were a lame cable site [22:31] <Cybrdeath> home.com owns us [22:31] <Stigma> i never said phear him...im just sayin that u shouldnt talk shit abouth things u know nothing about [22:31] <gregk> u missing A real show [22:32] <Cybrdeath> Stigma: amen [22:32] <Stigma> obviously he knows what he is doing [22:32] <SirDawG> is pM down? [22:32] <Cybrdeath> yeah utopia took us down [22:32] <factory_> yeah, but who gives a fuck. we are learning about how the net works [22:32] <Cybrdeath> he flooded us with his t1 [22:32] <plush> only thing that sux about the site is when the neighbor gets on too download porn videos it sux up all the bandwidth damn shared cable sites :( [22:32] <Stigma> sirdawg....ask utopian...he seams to know everything else [22:32] <gregk> utopian umm come back and bitch when ur like running a top site ok? [22:32] <utopian> Cybrdeath: i said u probably have the equivalent output stream of a cable modem since you have internet users sitting on its backbone [22:32] <Cybrdeath> our cable link died [22:33] <utopian> gregk : haha mate, you really are clueless, u have no idea who i am [22:33] <Cybrdeath> hhahahahah [22:33] <Cybrdeath> internet ppl sitting on the backbone [22:33] <Cybrdeath> thats new [22:33] <Frock\> !pmuser sirdawg [22:33] <Cybrdeath> don't they do that all over the world [22:33] <gregk> who are u utopian? [22:33] <Cybrdeath> ? [22:33] <Cybrdeath> hahaha [22:33] <plush> cybrdeath hell no that would almost be like a BOX!! [22:33] <SirDawG> !pmuser frock [22:33] <plush> WTF are you thinkin about [22:34] <Frock\> !pmweektop [22:34] <gregk> hmm u guys think this is worthy of blackacid? [22:34] <Cybrdeath> utopian, you sound like you know what yer talking about [22:34] <Cybrdeath> wanna take over? [22:34] <Cybrdeath> hahaha [22:34] <plush> I VOTE Utopian new Head site op [22:34] <utopian> Cybrdeath: is PM running on Linux ? [22:34] <factory_> yeah, hell yeah, we got us a new siteop [22:34] <Cybrdeath> no [22:34] <Cybrdeath> i wish [22:35] <Cybrdeath> its warftpd [22:35] <Cybrdeath> 1.7 though [22:35] <gregk> lol [22:35] <Cybrdeath> phear that <redman-> ahaha [22:35] <doors_> hey utopian [22:35] <plush> Cybrdeath your now a nuker [22:35] <doors_> I have a question [22:35] <Cybrdeath> linux is for real siteops [22:35] <doors_> you a jew? erm [22:35] <Cybrdeath> i am just a lamer [22:35] <doors_> I mean [22:35] <ANARKY> hahaaha [22:35] <ANARKY> jew [22:35] <doors_> pardon my mannors [22:35] <ANARKY> i love it [22:35] <doors_> calibrex eh? [22:35] <doors_> they still alive? [22:35] <utopian> so what... u're running rFtpd [22:35] <utopian> or ftp4all [22:36] <gregk> wu-ftp [22:36] <gregk> hehe [22:36] <doors_> w4Rf7P [22:36] <SirDawG> warftp [22:36] <SirDawG> ehehe [22:36] <Stigma> serve u [22:36] <SirDawG> Serv-u [22:36] <SirDawG> ehehe [22:36] <gregk> hahah [22:36] <Cybrdeath> i told you were warftp [22:36] <utopian> who looks after the bpx's security [22:36] <Cybrdeath> i don't have that cool linux shit [22:36] <Cybrdeath> i wish [22:36] <utopian> boxs [22:37] <Stigma> so cyber...tell me how u got such good affils on your windows cable box... [22:37] <Stigma> haha [22:37] <Cybrdeath> i am just a good PR person [22:37] <Cybrdeath> must be my good looks [22:37] <SirDawG> rofl [22:37] <plush> its because of the cable man!! [22:37] <SirDawG> hehe [22:37] <Stigma> nah [22:37] <plush> WTF you thinkin [22:37] <Stigma> its your wit [22:37] <Stigma> :) [22:37] <Cybrdeath> oh yeah [22:37] <gregk> utopian is from certiso [22:37] <Cybrdeath> i forgot [22:37] <Cybrdeath> home.com owns me [22:38] <Cybrdeath> he is?!?!?!?!?! [22:38] <HiGhLaNdR> pm is cable modem and i can prove it, i'll get my lawyer and sue you guys for making us think that's a t3!!!! [22:38] <plush> anyone wit a cable modem that gets 300 kb/s without knowing anything about the inet but what he read in "the inet for dummies" can get awesome affliates [22:38] <Cybrdeath> yer fuckin kidding [22:38] <gregk> yes [22:38] <HiGhLaNdR> :P [22:38] <Cybrdeath> oh gawd [22:38] <ANARKY> wow [22:38] <Cybrdeath> utopian, you marauders friend? [22:38] <doors_> utopian is probably one of those aol lamers [22:38] <doors_> who likes to get off to kiddie porn pix [22:38] <doors_> it's fun I know [22:39] <doors_> but.. [22:39] <gregk> hes a mass mailer [22:39] <utopian> doors_: didn't know they had aol in australia [22:39] <doors_> can't do it all the time [22:39] <doors_> bUt 7H3Y d0 [22:39] <SirDawG> he must be one of em leeto progers [22:39] <doors_> DO YOU HAVE FATE X?!?!?! [22:39] <SirDawG> AoShiZniT [22:39] <gregk> hehe [22:39] <SirDawG> AoHaX0r [22:39] <plush> AOHELL for life man [22:39] <Cybrdeath> utopian: you friends with marauder? [22:39] <SirDawG> Dude..hell no [22:39] <SirDawG> it's all about FaTeX [22:39] <[dee]> haha [22:39] <[dee]> ^dawg^ [22:40] <doors_> it's the shiznit [22:40] <SirDawG> ToSeRFX [22:40] <[dee]> sup bro [22:40] <SirDawG> I'm not ^dawg^ dammit [22:40] <Cybrdeath> i know [22:40] <SirDawG> that's a different guy!! [22:40] <[dee]> oh [22:40] <Cybrdeath> did tsa call in backup? [22:40] <Cybrdeath> hehehe [22:40] <[dee]> BAH [22:40] <SirDawG> :) [22:40] <[dee]> u ho [22:40] <utopian> Cybrdeath: u mean the owner of PM, noo, not me, of cauz not [22:40] <SirDawG> me ho? [22:40] <SirDawG> u ho [22:40] <[dee]> gimme aol phishy [22:40] <Cybrdeath> he's prolly marauders friend [22:40] <SirDawG> i'm a ho, you're a ho, everyones a ho!! [22:40] <Cybrdeath> that would top my night off [22:40] <Cybrdeath> hahahahahhaa [22:40] * Cybrdeath dies [22:40] <SirDawG> i dun get it [22:40] <SirDawG> if he's marauders friend.. [22:40] <SirDawG> then.. [22:41] <SirDawG> uhm. [22:41] <SirDawG> i'm confused.. [22:41] <Cybrdeath> yeah now you know how staff feels [22:41] <SirDawG> ah [22:41] <SirDawG> but like [22:41] <SirDawG> why would marauders friend [22:41] <SirDawG> bring his site down [22:41] <Cybrdeath> he and the certiso guyz are buddies [22:41] <gregk> cuz [22:41] <gregk> CERTiSO is pissed about a deleted rls [22:42] <SirDawG> hehe.. :\ [22:42] * SirDawG is Certiso ..:P [22:42] <Cybrdeath> yeah cuz marauder didn't tell me about it and we said no more iso shit [22:42] <SirDawG> what rls? [22:42] <Cybrdeath> so we deleted it [22:42] <SirDawG> The Fox Sports one? [22:42] <KerTo> cybr : is PM down? [22:42] <gregk> yes [22:42] <gregk> i think [22:42] <SirDawG> but they know your site isn't ISO [22:42] <gregk> the fox one [22:42] <Cybrdeath> maybe certiso will get real pissed and not fill my site with shit [22:42] <Cybrdeath> hahahah [22:42] <SirDawG> why would they be pissed? [22:42] <Cybrdeath> cuz marauder said they could up it [22:42] <doors_> certiso is elite [22:42] <Cybrdeath> and staff said no iso [22:42] <doors_> with their iso's [22:42] <factory_> uh oh [22:42] <SirDawG> wait wait.. [22:42] <doors_> wanna be warez uploaders [22:43] <Cybrdeath> then we get this big ass conflict [22:43] <doors_> uploading blizzard stuff [22:43] <doors_> heh [22:43] <SirDawG> it's marauders system? [22:43] <Cybrdeath> he owns it yep [22:43] <Cybrdeath> i siteop it [22:43] <SirDawG> ok [22:43] <SirDawG> ok [22:43] <SirDawG> now.. [22:43] <Cybrdeath> meaing i run everything [22:43] <utopian> whoever handles the PM box security really fucking sux [22:43] <SirDawG> you're the one that brought pM to it's fame [22:43] <doors_> I own my dick.. but my girl site ops it [22:43] <Cybrdeath> but who knows [22:43] <doors_> she brings it down every so often [22:43] <doors_> =/ [22:43] <Cybrdeath> utopian: that would be marauder [22:43] <SirDawG> doors_: ah..that's for the analogy [22:43] <gregk> mararuder is jus the owner cybr does all the damn work [22:43] <SirDawG> that's = thanks [22:43] <utopian> i hope they fix it within an hour or two [22:43] *** utopian ([email protected]) has left #pm [22:43] <Cybrdeath> he won't do anything ask security wise [22:43] <SirDawG> i see [22:43] <doors_> laugh [22:43] <doors_> he left
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