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Premiere fakes are repacked releases. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<fusion_> hi
<hermes2> err, can i ask you quick question or two? :P
<fusion_> k
<hermes2> ie.
<hermes2> did you pack or d/l HRtrack.Professional.v5.0-PREMiERE by anychance?
<fusion_> nop
<fusion_> y?
<hermes2> 061198 HRtrack.Professional.v5.0-PREMiERE = 0226
HRtrack.Professional.v4.0-PREMiERE repacked
<fusion_> eh?
<fusion_> u sure its a repack?
<fusion_> laf it cant be a repack
<hermes2> saw v5.0 on softseek.com on day, d/l'd it to see if i should crack it,
<hermes2> when i went to help/about it was v4.0
<fusion_> since this version was cracked, the old one came on a CD aka already
<fusion_> ya i think our supplier/cracker downloaded it from softseek's link as
<fusion_> hmm
<fusion_> what are the newest file dates?
<hermes2> next day when the prm rel came out, i had somebody d/l it, and they
said it was v4.0 too..
<hermes2> doesnt matter what the file dates were, the authors would change the
version number in help/about for sure or in readme.txt
<hermes2> next question
<hermes2> did you d/l 052598 FAXMaker.for.MDaemon.v1.0-PREMiERE
<fusion_> maybe they didnt
<fusion_> did u check hrtrack?
<fusion_> i bumped in alot of cases where the authors made a mistake in either
help/about or on their site itself..
<hermes2> i checked it out, its v4.0.
<fusion_> software companies are ran by people u know, and those do make
mistakes :P
<hermes2> now, did you perchance try 052598 FAXMaker.for.MDaemon.v1.0-PREMiERE?
<fusion_> u checked our rls or the one in softseek?
<fusion_> nah, i was on vacation when it was released
<fusion_> but lets finish the discussion about our first rls
<fusion_> what was wrong with it>?
<fusion_> i mean, did u check our rls or the one in softseek?
<hermes2> as i said before,
<hermes2> i checked out the  one on the hrtrack page (its the link from
<hermes2> and had somebody confirm your release
<fusion_> and both were identical?
<hermes2> i wont say that, ill say both were v4.0
<hermes2> and v4.0 is the newest version on the page
<hermes2> ill email the authors asking if v5.0 is out,
<fusion_> oki do it
<hermes2> ill forward the mail to the prm email when i recieve a reply
<hermes2> if im wrong ill admit it :)
<fusion_> now what about the other one?
<hermes2> can i ask my second question now? :)
<hermes2> did you d/l 052598 FAXMaker.for.MDaemon.v1.0-PREMiERE
<fusion_> nop
<fusion_> i dont have mdaemon
<fusion_> do u?
<hermes2> i do v2.73
<fusion_> plus like i said, it was released when i was on a 5 days vacation :D
<fusion_> ok
<fusion_> whats wrong with it, if anything?
<hermes2> well, im not trying to rag :P
<hermes2> but your prob on a nice pentium computer.. no?
<hermes2> so loading up netscape would be what, a 2 second process.. see im on a
dx/2.. ns will take 12 or so seconds.. pain in the ass.
<hermes2> can you surf over to www.mdaemon.com and tell me is it
<hermes2> or is it FAXmaker for SMTP is now available to MDaemon owners at
special discount pricing! Learn
<fusion_> 052598 FAXMaker.for.MDaemon.v1.0-PREMiERE [xx/05]
<fusion_> i donno
<fusion_> heh
<hermes2> i believe faxmaker for smtp was also a prm rel :P
<fusion_> read the nfo ;P
<hermes2> oh i did
<fusion_> nah
<hermes2> i also d/led the one off the page
<fusion_> we released only this faxmaker for mdaemon
<hermes2> its faxmaker for smtp
<hermes2> it has nothing to do with mdaemon.
<fusion_> so how come its named faxmaker for mdaemon?
<hermes2> its a repack of faxmaker smtp.
<fusion_> repack?
<hermes2> well, if faxmaker for smtp was released
<fusion_> lemme give u the descriptiopn..
<fusion_> u tested our rls or whats on the web?
<hermes2> and there is no such thing as faxmaker for mdaemon, yes.
<hermes2> ahum, both
<fusion_> i think i know where they got it from, hold
<fusion_> u need the faxmaker for mdaemon?
<hermes2> oh i dont need it
<hermes2> usion_> lemme give u the descriptiopn..
<hermes2> well.. what is it?
<fusion_> looking for it
<fusion_> so what do u need it for then?
<hermes2> i dont need it
<hermes2> im just asking if you d/l'd it
<fusion_> i didnt, since i dont have mdaemon plus i told u i wasnt here when it
was rls'd
<hermes2> k
<hermes2> well did you find the .nfo?
<fusion_> no, i aint looking for it
<fusion_> what i'm looking for (and found) is where we got it from:
<fusion_> FAXmaker for MDaemon
<fusion_> From: Deerfield.Com
<fusion_> Version: 1.0
<fusion_> Date: May 21, 1998
<fusion_> File size: 6.3MB
<fusion_> Category: Email
<fusion_> FAXmaker is a unique fax solution that integrates with
  MDaemon mail server, allowing you to send and receive faxes from
  within your email application. Because FAXmaker integrates
  seamlessly with your own software, it becomes immediately
  familiar and saves you switching to a separate fax application
  every time you want to send a fax. With FAXmaker, you can check
  your mailbox for faxes from your own PC, as well as from your
  notebook when you are on the road.
<fusion_> Minimum requirements:
<fusion_> Windows 95/NT, MDaemon
<fusion_> see ;P
<hermes2> no
<hermes2> you see
<hermes2> im ON that url right now
<hermes2> http://www.mdaemon.com/faxmaker/index.htm
<hermes2> let me cut paste it ALL
<fusion_> no need, i can read
<hermes2> are you ON that url?
<fusion_> im there
<fusion_> yes
<hermes2>                 NEW! - FAXmaker earns  from Boot It Software Reviews
<hermes2>            How does FAXmaker for SMTP 4.1 work with MDaemon?
<hermes2> did you happen to catch that?
<fusion_> yae i see
<fusion_> but its called faxmaker for mdaemon
<hermes2> ok
<hermes2> download it and install it
<fusion_> or atleast i think it does, or else it wouldnt be packed and described
with it
<hermes2> tell me what it says
<hermes2> i download'd it
<fusion_> but i didnt get the point yet
<hermes2> its faxmaker smtp
<fusion_> if the util is fully working and does exactly what it was described to
<fusion_> so whats wrong with it?
<fusion_> FAXmaker is a unique fax solution which integrates with MDaemon mail
server, allowing you to send and receive faxes from within your e-mail
<hermes2> it can be described as one of the following
<hermes2> repack
<hermes2> dupe
<hermes2> or fake
<hermes2> take a pic
<hermes2> pick even
<fusion_> or none of the above
<fusion_> it wasnt released before, was it?
<hermes2> it came up when i dupe checked
<fusion_> fusion_> dupe fax maker smtp
<fusion_> <Doopie> Doin Some Stuff... Sendin' some SQL... Hold a bit ;)
<fusion_> <Doopie> 0 of 0E0 dupes listed (40241 total)
<fusion_> not when i did
<hermes2> i remeber catching it,
<hermes2> or else i would have rel'd it
<fusion_> plus, its a company fuckup, they posted a different name on the place
we took it from
<hermes2> When you install it
<fusion_> nop, i get no matches for faxmaker for smtp
<hermes2> it doesnt say faxmaker for mdaemon
<fusion_> maybe faxmaker for mdaemon is the commercial name or something, donno
cause i havent checked it
<fusion_> waht does it say then?
<fusion_> wait i think i know what u'r getting at now, u'r trying to say that u
got the REAL faxmaker for mdaemon and wanna release it but cant since we
released it which supposely is faxmaker for smtp?
<hermes2> id download again and get you a screen shot of what it says, but you'd
just sit there and deny it even thought the facts are obvious
<hermes2> no there IS NO SUCH THING as faxmaker for mdaemon
<fusion_> deny what? i havent denied a thing, i didnt check it yet
<hermes2> bah
<hermes2> waste of time
<fusion_> ya and lets say there isnt such thing
<fusion_> and WE made a mistake in the title name
<fusion_> so u want it nuked now?
<fusion_> isnt it a bit too late, like almost a month late?
<hermes2> bah
<fusion_> to mention it or to try getting whatever u want of it?
<fusion_> if u had came to me/us 1-2 days after it was released we could simply
put out a fix saying the real title name or something
<fusion_> but why do u bring it up now? :P
<hermes2> err
<hermes2> i just came up to you 1/2 days after the hrtrack v5.0
<hermes2> and your doing nothing
<fusion_> ya hrtrack was rls'd 2 days ago
<fusion_> but whats the point in bringing up the faxmaker rls now?
<hermes2> so put out a fix saying its v4.0
<fusion_> nah, i rather nuke it as a fake
<hermes2> i doubt you'd nuke it
<fusion_> but i cant do it ntil i check it, and verify its realy v4.0 and not
some mistake made by the author or something..
<hermes2> you seem to have too much of an ego to admit being wrong.
<fusion_> ego?
<fusion_> uh
<fusion_> i donno where u got that from
<fusion_> but i'm a nuker only on 1 site that isnt a PRM site
<fusion_> and guess what? this site is down atm
<fusion_> so what do u expect me to do?
<fusion_> ad dont throw stuff at my face like - "i got a big ego", etc
<fusion_> u dont even know me
<hermes2> ermes2> you seem to have too much of an ego to admit
<hermes2> as i said "seem to have too much"
<hermes2> if i did know you, i wouldn't be saying "seem"
<fusion_> did i ever NOT admited anything?
<hermes2> i just want to hypothisize this
<fusion_> did i ever lied to you (ever = in the last 20 mins of our
<fusion_> laf
<fusion_> i didnt get the bottm line yet though
<fusion_> what do u want me to do about it, except downloading our rls and
testing it?
<hermes2> admit its a crap repack
<fusion_> define "crap repack"
<hermes2> v4 sent out as v5
<fusion_> laffffff
<fusion_> i have?
<fusion_> no i havent
<fusion_> i just said that the comapny MAY made a mistake
<fusion_> which was the 1st option
<hermes2> 2nd option
<fusion_> and the 2nd was that we were the ones who made the mistake if they
<hermes2> hrtrack.com says v4.0 is the one available for download,
<hermes2> and your saying the company may have made a mistake and not updated
all v4.0 number to v5.0
<hermes2> if the page said v4.0 and the util said v4.0, how did softseek.com
know it was v5.0?
<fusion_> ever heard about the word "mistake" ?
<fusion_> i've been dealing with releasing utils for more than 4 years by now
<fusion_> i've bumped in companies mistakes on both homepages/download urls and
help/about/readme for more than 10 times in my whole career
<hermes2> lets not bring those down to years in the scene, because you are by
far beaten.
<fusion_> so i just said it is possible a company made a mistake
<fusion_> especially when it comes to a non-familiar one like the one who made
<hermes2> answer me that though, if the company never updated the version number
on the page (go check www.hrtrack.com) or in the util
<hermes2> how would softseek.com know its v5.0?
<fusion_> the releaser never checked in www.hrtrack.com
<fusion_> he couldnt possibly know about it
<hermes2> so you admitting its v4.0 then
<hermes2> your even
<fusion_> laf
<fusion_> most of the odds say that yes its v4.0
<fusion_> but i cant state it as a fact since again - i didnt installed and saw
it in my own eyes
<fusion_> right?
<hermes2> ok
<hermes2> when you install it
<hermes2> and run it
<hermes2> it always says v4.0
<hermes2> you never see a 5 anywhere
<hermes2> ok now look carefully at your keyboard
<fusion_> and?
<hermes2> see the "4" button and the "5" button
<fusion_> hahahahahaha
<hermes2> there really really close to each other
<hermes2> maybe the html coder at softseek put 5 instead of 4
<hermes2> i refer to those as "typos" as does much of the world
<hermes2> because nothing else except the typo on that page says its v5
<fusion_> yup
<hermes2> so can you please tell me why you can claim it as v5.0 when nothing
except the typo on softseek.com says it is
<fusion_> typo on softseek.com and the fact that it was put as a new arrivle,
<hermes2> nothing other then that though right?
<hermes2> not even the utils webpage.
<fusion_> what do u mean?
<hermes2> www.hrtrack.com doesnt mention SHIT about v5.0
<hermes2> it says v4.0 is the one available for download
<hermes2> it talks about v4.0
<fusion_> yup it doesnt
<hermes2> so as ive said a good twenty times before
<hermes2> you agree the util says its v4.0 right?
<fusion_> so as ive said twenty times before how can i agree to something i
havent saw in my own eyes/tested?
<hermes2> well,
<fusion_> what i do agree is that there's a big chance its v4.0
<hermes2> well in your group's interest
<hermes2> wont you download it and test it?
<fusion_> i will
<fusion_> and then what?
<hermes2> <fusion_> if u had came to me/us 1-2 days after it was released we
<hermes2>   could simply put out a fix saying the real title name or something
-> *doopie* dupe hr track
<hermes2> ./msg doopie dupe hr track
<fusion_> yup yup
<hermes2> <Doopie> Doin Some Stuff... Sendin' some SQL... Hold a bit ;)
<hermes2> <Doopie> 061198 HRtrack.Professional.v5.0-PREMiERE
<hermes2> its barely the 14th in my part of the world
<fusion_> <hermes2> so put out a fix saying its v4.0
<fusion_> <fusion_> nah, i rather nuke it as a fake
<hermes2> <fusion_> but i'm a nuker only on 1 site that isnt a PRM site
<hermes2> <fusion_> and guess what? this site is down atm
<hermes2> which is crap because your the pres of prm
<hermes2> if you say a rel of yours is fake
<hermes2> they'll just nuke it
<hermes2> no questions asked guaranteed
<fusion_> yes
<fusion_> thats a possibility too
<hermes2> ahuh
<fusion_> anything else u wanna add?
<hermes2> yea
<hermes2> you wont listen to reason
<hermes2> or admit your wrong
<hermes2> so i cant do anything else
<fusion_> didnt i already admit i'm wrong or atleast 99%?
<hermes2> your wrong
<hermes2> admit it
<hermes2> later
<fusion_> i already have haha]
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