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Internet access. by Assassins Guild BBS

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Subj: Internet Access
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For those who care.... This board has started some internet access.....
Currently, every user has the capability of receiving internet mail and
news.  I've added about 750 conferences of some interesting
newsgroups....  Didn't feel like adding tons of worthless ones, so I
stayed with basic tech ones, all the forsale, and some amusing ones.
Anyone is addressable here as "name@emanon.com"  if you have a multiple
word name, it's "first.last@emanon.com" so that will make life easier.
If you have more than two words in your name, just think that every
space gets converted to a "." and life is good. :)
  Outgoing is still having some bugs, so I'll let everyone know when you
can send mail as well, but in the meantime you can read to your hearts
content.  Conference 11 is where the private mail will be kept, and
above that you'll have to do "J" and sit through a billion screens and
read the newsgroups that are available.
 And so noone bothers asking, there is NOT any incoming or outgoing
[■] Continue [Y]es, [N]o, [NS]Non-Stop: telnet/ftp/irc/etc. going on......

Blackhawk@emanon.com  *grin*