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Blunt.org Gets Threatended by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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[22:18] *** _modnar ([email protected]) has joined #dongle
[22:18] *** knoweffex sets mode: +v MrSandman
[22.18] <MrSandman> thanks =)
[22:18] <knoweffex> good currying today :P ?
[22:19] <MrSandman> no
[22:19] <MrSandman> shell still down =(
[22:19] <knoweffex> y not too much skewl ?
[22:19] <knoweffex> oh heh
[22:19] <_modnar> hey knoweffex
[22:19] <knoweffex> hello random
[22:19] <_BoNkErS_> [_modnar]: do you know your name backwards is random_ ?
[22:20] <knoweffex> I didnt at all today, damn theres no food in the house :(
[22:20] <knoweffex> I also have a caffine imbalance or something :P
[22:20] <_modnar> maybe you know that we had yesterday a takeover in #x-force
[22:20] <_modnar> and i'm nearly sure that some dongle guys are responsible for
[22:21] <knoweffex> actually it wasnt DNG people
[22:21] <knoweffex> it was a different group
[22:22] <_modnar> they are using blunt.org as most of your bots
[22:22] <knoweffex> doesnt mean its DNG
[22:22] <_modnar> yeah i know
[22:22] <_modnar> but your channel was invite only
[22:23] <knoweffex> yeah I didnt set it +i someone else did during the night I
[22:23] <knoweffex> dun remember
[22:23] *** _modnar is now known as _random
[22:24] <knoweffex> like I said I can garauntee you it wasnt DNG
[22:24] <_random> hopefully
[22:24] <_random> cause next time i will takedown blunt.org
[22:24] *** Sync- ([email protected]) has joined #dongle
[22:25] <knoweffex> [Sync-](+vf)
[22:25] *** knoweffex sets mode: +v Sync-
[22:25] <knoweffex> okay but as long as you have it straight it wasnt us
[22:28] *** DeathMate ([email protected]) has joined #dongle
[22:28] <_BoNkErS_> [knoweffex]: is cmp a bitwise compare ?
[22:29] *** DoNGDuPE has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:29] *** _random ([email protected]) has left #dongle
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