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1996 May 18

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UNBELIEVEABLE PRODUCTS BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR FRIENDS AT RAZOR 1911! POINT OF SALE CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION TERMINAL'S FOR SALE! ============================================================ These are the machines you see in gas stations and retail stores that accept CreditCards! -These machines allow the card to slide through, or keypad entry of CC #'s for authorization purposes. -Can be used in retail stores, no rental of bank equipment! However, the programming has been CRACKED so they are totally untraceable...the bank will not know you have them and/or by-passed any rental fees! -Will work with AMEX/VISA/MC (possibly others). -Try #'s with any amounts you want to use. A verification # will come back, or "SYSTEM DOWN" will display if card is reported lost/stolen. -You do not need the actual card, just the number. Simply enter the numbers on the keypad. -You can verify a card # for any amount and after 3 days the credit hold is dropped from the cc account. Use your own credit card, and find out how much money you have left till your credit limit is exceeded. -Can be programmed for use in your area (either USA/CANADA -Minimum order of 50 units for free programming) if information is provided. WE can program in your local authorization dialup numbers! If no local dialup information is provided, a 10-20 second long distance phone call must take place. -Works from any 9volt power supply! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are NOT stolen machines. This is a legitimate purchase! A good estimated, single unit sale price, would be about $175-$275. You can charge whatever you wish, that is just an estimate. These are a rare item, especially in such quantity. A great profit can be made on these machines! For a single unit order: $85ea. For a 2-9 unit order: $75ea. For a 10-49 unit order: $60ea. For a 50-100 unit order: $50ea. Programming charge for orders less than 50 units: $10ea. SHIPPING: $10 + 2% of order total. EXAMPLE: $10 + ($85 x 2% = $1.70) = $11.70 If using a credit card for ordering, a street address and phone number will be required to ensure prompt service. If a P.O. box is given, the credit card authorization must be put through twice, which will take up to 3 days, however will eliminate fraud. It is our policy that your information will be kept confidential. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL: 1-800-908-9292 Tell the operator you want CREDIT CARD MACHINE CONSOLES. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you order: -State that you want to purchase _xxxx_ pieces of Credit Card Authorization Consoles. -If not using a Credit Card or COD, find out the address where to send your bank draft. -If using C.O.D. Provide a shipping address (Physical address if using COD service) -If your wish to have the units programmed, provide a local dialup or 1-800 dialup that you wish to have programmed, otherwise they will be programmed for a long distance dialup access number (A $10ea charge applies for programming on orders under 50 units). No COD orders over 50pcs. (You must provide a physical address if choosing COD, as no shipping company will deliver to a P.O. Box. and collect a COD) Order takers DO NOT have sufficient information to answer your questions. Please direct any questions to the following Email account (account effective after June 20th). Email: [email protected] WEB SITE: www.centuria.com/~hunter AS PAYMENT: We take Visa/Mastercard/American Express/C.O.D./Money Order/Bank Draft PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 week delivery on Credit Card orders PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 week delivery on C.O.D.'s These products are not intended to be used for fraud. We accept no responsiblity for use of these products. These products are intended to defer monthly rental charges for credit card authorization equipment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION PACK IS AVAILABLE IN ALL RAZOR 1911 RELEASES! "RZRCABLE.ZIP" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without a doubt... RAZOR 1911 RULES!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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