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  • Text / Community drama
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<BelowZero> fuck off dude <_BiGGY_> no <_BiGGY_> u didn't even say sorry <_BiGGY_> and said fuck off bitch <BelowZero> you don't know who i am ... fucking ppl like you that are the piss ant's of the scene ... the ppl that have nothing better to do ... you remind me of bwound and flake <_BiGGY_> who da fuq are u <_BiGGY_> do u wana know who i am? <_BiGGY_> u don't, trust me <BelowZero> WOW <BelowZero> a packet WARRIOR <BelowZero> fucking lammers on the fucking scene <BelowZero> i am sorry <BelowZero> but ppl that can't TAKE A FUCKING JOKE WHEN THE FUCKING SITE-OP KNOWS ABOUT IT <_BiGGY_> no <_BiGGY_> but u will when i find out yer info <_BiGGY_> and call yer house up <_BiGGY_> sec <BelowZero> LOL * BelowZero waits <_BiGGY_> np <BelowZero> WAITING <BelowZero> WAITING <_BiGGY_> ya np <_BiGGY_> wait a couple of hours <BelowZero> yeah <BelowZero> cause you can't produce SHIT <_BiGGY_> ya i can't <_BiGGY_> i will find out yer address <_BiGGY_> and yer number <_BiGGY_> and yer full name <_BiGGY_> i promise <BelowZero> WAITING <BelowZero> WAITING <BelowZero> you ain't fucking SHIT <_BiGGY_> and u are? <BelowZero> i am the guy who pisses on you <_BiGGY_> oic <_BiGGY_> u know the more u talk <_BiGGY_> to more u piss me off <_BiGGY_> the more u are in trouble <BelowZero> dude <BelowZero> i wil knock on your door <_BiGGY_> trust me on this <_BiGGY_> u don't know me <BelowZero> and beat the living shit out of you <BelowZero> sorry <BelowZero> man <BelowZero> don't track warez kiddies <BelowZero> well <BelowZero> my address yet <BelowZero> coem on <BelowZero> give it too me <_BiGGY_> naw <_BiGGY_> I'll call u up in a couple of hours <_BiGGY_> don't have time at the moment <BelowZero> coe on <BelowZero> WAITING <BelowZero> call me up now <BelowZero> mr impressive <_BiGGY_> see here <_BiGGY_> I'm not talking here <BelowZero> come <BelowZero> mr ALL talk <BelowZero> i don't give a shit <_BiGGY_> yeap all talk thats right <BelowZero> i want you to call me <BelowZero> so i will fucking CRUSH you <_BiGGY_> u gona CRUSH me when i call u? <_BiGGY_> lol <_BiGGY_> how is that possible <_BiGGY_> =) <BelowZero> yup <BelowZero> trace <BelowZero> coem to your house <BelowZero> knock on your door <_BiGGY_> lol I'm so scared <BelowZero> and ask if MR. BIGGY can come out and play <_BiGGY_> haha you're funny <_BiGGY_> and u think i will be calling from my house idiot? <_BiGGY_> lol <_BiGGY_> you're a moron =) <_BiGGY_> trace a payphone nice job =) <BelowZero> trust me <BelowZero> i would track a bitch like you down <_BiGGY_> hahahaha <_BiGGY_> track me <_BiGGY_> LOL <_BiGGY_> btw <_BiGGY_> don't joke around about narqing thing <_BiGGY_> all u had to say was sorry <_BiGGY_> but instead <_BiGGY_> i guess u wana know the hard way <_BiGGY_> so.. <BelowZero> IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE <_BiGGY_> here is goes <_BiGGY_> =) <_BiGGY_> err it <_BiGGY_> yeah? <_BiGGY_> tell hazzy and dee to tell me that <BelowZero> waiting <_BiGGY_> they didn't think so <BelowZero> FINE <BelowZero> i was talking with dee yesterday <BelowZero> you fucking moron <_BiGGY_> tell them to tell me <_BiGGY_> not u <BelowZero> call me <BelowZero> i want to say hi <_BiGGY_> what are u gona do? <BelowZero> just call <_BiGGY_> bahaha <BelowZero> come on <BelowZero> stop talking shit <BelowZero> and back it up <_BiGGY_> i'm not talking shit <_BiGGY_> u're talking shit <BelowZero> that right <BelowZero> you got me ALL rouled up <BelowZero> i am ready to drive to your house MR.BIGGY <BelowZero> COME ON <_BiGGY_> ok <_BiGGY_> just wait a couple hours <_BiGGY_> I'll call u when I'm not busy <_BiGGY_> later <BelowZero> you aint shit <BelowZero> you are all talk <BelowZero> when ppl step up you step back <BelowZero> you probally a fucking floridian <BelowZero> well <BelowZero> TOUGH GUY <BelowZero> pussy <BelowZero> you up <BelowZero> Birmingham, AL 35242 <_BiGGY_> eh? <_BiGGY_> wtf is that <BelowZero> where you live <BelowZero> AL <_BiGGY_> HAHAHAHAHAAHAMORONHAHAHAHAHAHAMORON <_BiGGY_> u are tracing my bouncer? <_BiGGY_> LOL <BelowZero> doh <_BiGGY_> thats how dumb u are =) <_BiGGY_> I'm an eskimo in alaska now fuqing come to my house =) <_BiGGY_> bahahaha <BelowZero> pussy <BelowZero> here pussy pussy pusyy
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