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2006 April

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meet the family by fairlight performing for one time only, live at bp06 the band: smash - lead guitar, code, tools, synth, design, gfx reed - drums, music kustaa - bass, character modelling oyiseer - keyboards, 2d gfx aln - making the garden grow, 3d gfx the backstage boys: pantaloon - help, support and beta testing kenet - help on design and gfx ideas ryg/fr - kkrunchy, saving us many many bytes right of admission reserved. boring tech info follows. three performances on the bill: (setup dialogs are for lamers who dont fill their free space with nice 2d graphics) flt_meetthefamily_128.exe - 800x600, 4xmultisample, 512x512 shadowmaps. use this version for all the shit cards out there, although i really hope nobody with a geforce 5xxx series card tries to run it, it'll be a slideshow. also use it for nvidia 6xxx series - they support filtering fp16 textures, so the shadowmaps work fine at this res here. flt_meetthefamily_256.exe - same as above but 1024x1024 shadowmaps. use this for ATI cards, as they dont support fp16 texture filtering. (apparently ati dont consider it useful. maybe they want to try looking into variance shadowmaps :) ) flt_meetthefamily_512.exe - 1024x768, double size rendertargets everywhere. god knows if there's a card that can run it like this, my 6600gt sure cant :) requires DirectX 9.0c, pixelshader+vertexshader 2.0, floating point rendertarget support tested on: - geforce 6600gt 128, p4 3.0, 1024mb, runs perfectly fine - geforce 5700 p4 3.2 2gb, it was a slideshow, dont bother - radeon x800, athlon 2500, runs perfectly fine - geforce 7900, p4 something stupid, 2gb, runs fine (no kidding) - radeon 9800 etc etc, works fine - ati firegl 3100 blah, fine but slow im sure ati tried to screw us at every turn here. first we find our cool shadow technique doesnt work properly, then we get driver bugs on dynamic vertexbuffers. it was quite a challenge getting it to look the same on the different hw, and we're actually quite used to this by now and werent doing anything strange or stupid.
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