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Eagle1 Denies Eternal is a Narq for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Rise in Superior Couriering (RiSC)

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Session Start: Sun Feb 08 18:32:38 1998 [18:32] <Eagle_1> hey hey zup? [18:32] <Eagle_1> what can I do for you? <KRS-Two> Hi, I was a siteop on TRS and TCD and was kinda wondering what you were going to do about, ahem.. Eternal. [18:33] <Eagle_1> Well eternal wasn't involved. But TRS is no longer with RiSC. <KRS-Two> Oh what, did eternal tell you he wasn't involved - and you took it at that? [18:35] <Eagle_1> Well I looked at logs f gave me [18:35] <Eagle_1> The person who sent the e-mail was that other guy not Eternal <KRS-Two> f? [18:35] <Eagle_1> fusion <KRS-Two> Yes, the person who sent the email was Scytale - but someone had to have taken the screen shot for Scytale. <KRS-Two> Eternal was on-line at the time of the screen capture. [18:36] <Eagle_1> As far as I understand eternal did not know what Scytale was going to do. <KRS-Two> did a portscan and finger [18:36] <Eagle_1> From my understanding eternal was just checking security. <KRS-Two> from your understanding? let me guess, it was all a coincidence that he did a portscan - several finger requests, and was online at the time of the screen capture? [18:38] <Eagle_1> Eternal had nothing to do with it. <KRS-Two> I see, that 100gig ISO site he runs is a little more important than.. <sigh> whatever. [18:41] <Eagle_1> I talk with Eternal voice all the time, he wouldn't be involved in lameness like this. <KRS-Two> Oh please. I thought you being RISC leader for so many years would have a better judgement in character. Many people who have dealt with Eternal realize what a kiddie he is. <KRS-Two> So are you telling me that despite the evidence that points to Eternal as being Scytale's co-conspirator, you're going to do nothing about it? <KRS-Two> Not to mention Eternal telling chor to become a RISC shellbox.. Was that your idea? <KRS-Two> but I guess you're too busy or something. [18:49] <Eagle_1> Back [18:49] <Eagle_1> Absolutely noy <KRS-Two> I see, but you're not going to do anything about it, even though a good chunk of evidence points towards Eternal? [18:50] <Eagle_1> I looked at the evidence presented by fusion, nothing in there points to Eternal. <KRS-Two> what did fusion show you? [18:51] <Eagle_1> More or less everything <KRS-Two> did he show u the rftpd logs? [18:51] <Eagle_1> A whole mess of web pages [18:51] <Eagle_1> Yes <KRS-Two> the ones that show Eternal was online at the time of the screen capture? <KRS-Two> and doing the portscan and fingers? [18:52] <Eagle_1> Eternal told me he got that data to show the other siteop so they could make improvements to TRS. He did not know at all that it would be used to narc out TDC. <KRS-Two> you don't really believe that, do you.. [18:52] <Eagle_1> Otherwise, why would he have been so stupid as to do it in the first place so obviously pointing to him. [18:53] <Eagle_1> Yes I believe him, to date he has not told me any lies. [18:53] <Eagle_1> He's a 15 yr old kid, yes, but always been truthful with me. <KRS-Two> thats real funny because he told chor that he put LinFxp on his TRS shell, therefore putting his TCD password on it. THEN Scytale saw that and logged into TCD with Eternal's account to take the screen capture. <KRS-Two> a little conflict there, eh? [18:56] <Eagle_1> Apparantly he didn't want you to know that he respected TCD and was using it as a model to make TRS better. <KRS-Two> Bahahaha, good one Eagle_1. [18:57] <Eagle_1> Anyhow RiSC wasn't involved, neither was eternal. [18:57] <Eagle_1> Whoever sent out the e-mail was... and that person should be punished for disrespecting the scene. [18:57] <Eagle_1> Anyhow even if TRS came back up, it wont be risc. [18:58] <Eagle_1> And our traders are forbidden to trade there. <KRS-Two> the person who sent the email didn't do it alone, and I know its obvious to you, but you are choosing to ignore the evidence. [18:58] <Eagle_1> ANyhow I have to take off now, keep me posted. will ttyl <KRS-Two> why bother, I don't think you care. [18:58] <Eagle_1> Hey man I looked at the evidence presented to me by fusion [18:58] <Eagle_1> Whatever dude, you think I'm not looking at the evidence when I'm the most open-minded person on earth. [18:58] <Eagle_1> Thats very arrogant of you. [18:59] <Eagle_1> My e-mail is [email protected], if you can prove to me eternal was involved.. i'm willing to listen.
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