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Hard Drivin' Notes. by New York Crackers (NYC)

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[Hard Drivin' Notes]            <2/12/90>

 _   /|       -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-   _   /|
 \`o.O'       -=-   NNN     NN   NN      NN    NNNNNNN    -=-   \`o.O'
 ≈(___)≈      -=-   NNNN    NN    NN    NN    NN     NN   -=-   ≈(___)≈
    U         -=-   NN  NN  NN     NN  NN     NN          -=-      U
 Ack! Thpfft! -=-   NN    NNNN       NN       NN          -=-  Ack! Thpfft!
              -=-   NN     NNN       NN       NN     NN   -=-
              -=-   NN      NN       NN        NNNNNNN    -=-

  Well.. here it is, Hard Drivin' by Tengen.  This thing was a bitch to crack.
It had encryption, multiple random disk checks, and debugger protection.
  The game is pretty good.  The vector graphics are nice, although they fuck up
sometimes.  The instant replays of your death scenes are cute.  It supports
Joystick, Mouse, and Keyboard.  I found the joystick to play the best,
although the Mouse isn't too bad.

  The game takes quite a bit of memory (about 540k) to run. If there aint
enough the game will just dump you out.

  The game does not want to run off of any drive except A:. There was no
install program or batch file and the docs didn't mention running on an
HD. Plus- When run off floppy, some of the graphic text gets a little fucked
up. To run it on the hard drive you have to do the slight pain in the ass
drive assignment below:

  First use subst.exe (from DOS) do substitute your hard drivin' directory
to the logical drive right after your normal highest (eg if your highest drive
is C:, assign it to D:) like so:

     SUBST D: C:\HARD <- Directory where Hard Drivin' is
           ^- Drive to subst to

  Next you have to assign that drive you substituted to drive A: this is done
like this:


This it, now go to drive A: and play away.

Note- to get your original drive A: back, do ASSIGN A=D

Sorry about this rough readme, it's late at night and I want to get this
file out.

Hi's and Ho's to:
                 Jenetic Bytemare: PcBoard?!?
                 Lord Blix: How's Prison, hehe.
                 The Overlord: Welcome back guy.
                 The Humble Guys: HUMBLE?!?!?!
                 Line Noise: SPACE ACE! SPACE ACE! SPACE ACE! SPACE ACE!

                                           North Wind
					    The Fang
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