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←[40m←[2J←[0;1;40m-The Prophe t←[0;31;40mh←[2CPoht-←[1;34mTe ←[2Crpe←[33mJ y a t r←[0;32;40ma←[2CBxe←[31mJ←[34ma ←[1ma←[2CBxe←[0;31;40my←[2Catr ←[1;37m The P rophet (aka Jay Baxter) preent:T he VERY lon g Awaited: ←[5m ←[0;30;40m Pape rboy←[1;34mybea←[4Cor pP←[5;37mPaperboy! !!←[0;1;40mThe foll owing board are now ac cepting, NE W er:The Aritocrat ' Dagger: (312) 586-97 90Cellblock BB: (312) 455-0086Ca ll for the LATET..... .(←[4Cover 120 meg)←[34mh←[2CPoht Jy←[2Catr←[37mnow tff....←[0m =============================================================================== Bentley Sidwell Productions in association with The Prophet (Jay Baxter) presents: =============================================================================== PAPERBOY!!! by Mindscape =============================================================================== Here are the docs taken exactly for the book: Playing the Game: It's early morning and the birds are singing. That familiar "TWAP" could only mean one thing-the Paperboy is in town. Through sleepy eyes you deliver newspapers to your loyal customers. While this may sound lie an easy job, you'll need all your riding skills just to survive your route through the jungles of suburbia. Score points by delivering papers to your customers (the yellow houses with paperboxes in front). Note: In the IBM version all houses are yellow. To distinguish a sub's house from a non, the word "SUBSCRIBER" appears on the screen as you approach a sub's house. Make sure you deliver them on time or they might cancel their sub. (oh, NO!) Avoid all obstacles that come about. Pick up extra bundles on the road. If you successfully delivered your papers, weave your way through the practice track. Score points by hitting targets that line the course. At the end of each day, your hard-nosed boss reviews your performance. If you did good, you get to wake up bright and early the next day and make your rounds. If you didn't make the grade, maybe there's a joyb for you down at the local fast-food joint (boy, how funny). SCORING POINTS Lots of ways. As you ride past a sub's house, deliver a paper by tossing it in the box for 250 pts. Break non-sub's windows by throwing papers at the windows for 100 pts. Collect stacks of papers on the sidewalks for 50 pts each. Throw papers at gravestones, garbage cans and birdbaths to score bonus points. THE PRACTICE TRACK After you've gone through your route, you get a chance to really show your stuff at the Practice Track and earn lots of extra points. Hurry up though, there is a countdown clock at the top of the screen which shows you how much time you have to get through the course. Toss papers at the targets. Weave in and out of obstacles. Jump up ramps to replenish your supply of papers. You don't need to complete the Practice Track in order to go on to the next day. DAILY REPORTS After you've gone through the Practice Track, the Daily Report screen will appear. If you've made a perfect delivery, you keep the subscribers you started off with and gain additional subscribers. If you didn't get a perfect delivery, you are either permitted to continue on to the next day (if you got a good number of deliveries) or you're fired. The Daily Report will show you which houses are you subscribers (yellow) and which houses are non-sub's (grey). GAME CONTROL Commodore and Atari owners must use a joystick to control the game. Apple and IBM users may use either a joystick or the keyboard to control the game. Right: 6 or ===> Left: 4 or <=== Accelerate: 8 or UP Decelerate: 2 or DOWN Toss Paper: 5 or Spacebar Well, all together, i think this game is LAME!!! Not good, graphics suck shit but, they'll improve on others to come? I expected more from Mindscape, but that's alright. I know they're many errors in my typing, but i rushed them to get this out. The Prophet (Jay Baxter)
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