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The Big Picture Courier Report, 3 by The Big Picture Courier Report

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THE BIG PICTURE COURIER REPORT ISSUE #3 (08/01/99 through 08/07/99) --------------------------- Introduction: Another week Another report... We've (redman & freakshow) decided to start this weekly mag becuase we want to provide the scene with a true weekly report that brings the pure stats along with, what we call, "few-line" reviews of each of the major groups. Our new report, unlike many others, will include 15 sites divided into 3 categories and each category will have its own multiplying factor (x3,x2 etc.), by doing this we`ll show THE BIG PICTURE of the courier scene. In addition, our report will include, every now and then, an article written by one of the editors or guests and also every now and then interviews with some big names in the courier scene. We are doing are best to present this report in a very respectable way and we hope each and one of our readers will treat this report with the same respect. We hope you enjoy this report and the ones to come ! Thank you very much Redman & Freakshow Quotes: <[grind]> reading good books' is actually more important than sex <bizzybone> sex cant get you in trouble' unless it makes a mistake like grind!& <ALpha-> i gotta love ur country <ALpha-> im coming there this month <CrackZ> lord help us :p The Stats: This is how it works... We have 15 sites broken down into 3 groups. A Number one position is worth 10 points, Number two 9 points, Number three 8 points etc. etc. etc. After calculating the points they are multiplied by the site group multiplyer. For example if the site REDMAN's FREAKSHOW [RF] is a x3 site and redfreak finished #1 he will be awarded 10 points wich will be multiplied by 3, 30 points overall. The sites are: X3 - Sxx xH xS Cxx x X2 - Ex xT Hxx xxL Vxx X1 - Fx xG xD Tx xxC ## name group x3 x2 x1 total 01 godbless dev 60 78 27 165 02 sins amn 51 70 20 141 03 psedo risc 45 58 03 106 04 faith aod 42 36 16 94 05 slick tfa 18 44 19 81 06 mrpumpkin vice 39 30 09 78 07 jaydee dev 60 -- -- 60 08 redman vice 36 04 15 55 09 nailz vice 24 12 04 40 10 freakshow aod 21 14 -- 35 11 flavor risc -- 28 -- 28 11 gregk vice 09 08 11 28 13 garoto dev 27 -- -- 27 13 tc dev -- 18 09 27 15 brain risc -- 16 05 21 15 mgd dev 21 -- -- 21 17 boring msn -- -- 19 19 18 yoyomania risc 15 02 -- 17 19 kruzin rts 06 -- 10 16 20 darkwolf aod 06 -- 08 14 # group ranking top trader total traders points 1 dev 5 godbless 300 2 vice 4 mrpumpkin 201 3 risc 4 psedo 172 4 aod 3 faith 143 5 amn 1 sins 141 Alltime Stats: (Since 07/17/99) ## name group total 01 mrpumpkin vice 391 02 sins amn 366 03 faith aod 352 04 redman vice 234 05 psedo risc 223 06 nailz vice 172 07 slick tfa 170 08 insanity dev 166 09 godbless dev 165 10 freakshow aod 135 11 tc dev 122 12 jaydee dev 120 13 garoto dev 118 14 bizzybone amn 76 15 citizen vice 65 16 sax dsc 61 17 yoyomania risc 41 18 brain risc 40 18 flavor risc 40 20 boring msn 39 Reviews: Digest - freakshow redman AMNESiA 4.0 4.0 AOD 4.5 5.0 DEVOTiON 9.5 9.0 RiSC 7.5 7.0 ViCE 8.5 7.5 AMNESiA: Freakshow: Well... The fact they have only 1 ranking courier in the top 20 can about sum up this week. SiNs is carrying AMN on his shoulders right now and usually in such a situation a courier either gives up and loses motivation or jumps ship. The problem is right now I really dont see who can back SiNs up especially with bizzybone quitting. Looking bad for this group... Overall: 4.0 Redman: err hello? earth to caserd? when the hell are we gonna see anyone other than sins trading for this group? a small showing from bizzybone but he jumped ship for aod(smart move) so they are left with not alot to go on Overall: 4.0 AOD: Freakshow: Such a huge list of couriers and such a bad performance. With Darkwolf and bohnz coming back this week the excuses are over. Something in AOD just isnt working lately. Even the Machine called Faith slowed up a bit this week and his partner in F & F Productions only pulls a decent result. AOD does have a few good things going for them and a few surprises for the scene... This is definitly just a temporary situation. Overall: 4.5 Redman: this group is perhaps the most intimidating group of all simply because they have so *many* traders at their disposal.. unfortunately most of those traders at on vacation right now so it's just f&f holding the group in the top 5 Overall: 5.0 DEVOTiON: Freakshow: Finally, godbless is back. This guy is as awesome as usualy and owned #1 spot. He got some impressive assistance from the pre division <G> jaydee/tc/garoto and even mgd, who has recently confessed his gayness, moved some meggage. Devotion is back in town, bigtime. Overall: 9.5 Redman: wow, godbless is back and he wanted people to know it. #1 trader for this week, and with plenty of backup from prewhores, dev is back on top. they have a lot more resources that we aren't seeing, and thats scary =( Overall: 9.0 RiSC: Freakshow: Psedo and Flavor have been weektoping for a quite a while but this week, with a contribution from brain, they managed to pull great results and top AOD and AMN. Great work by RiSC and I for one am happy to see them back in the competition. I really do hope they can keep this up. Overall: 7.5 Redman: i don't normally review them because, well because they usually suck. surprisingly they managed to pull off 3rd spot in the group ranking largely thanks to psedo's die hard 31337 trading skeelz. brain proxied and flavor did whatever it is that he does and all in all i'd say they had a pretty good week. Overall: 7.0 ViCE: Freakshow: How long could they keep such a performance up ? Well I think they really havent slowed down that much, just calmed down a bit. The fearsome threesome still owning alot of spots in the top 10 and getting Vice very good results all over the sites but only enough to come second this week. Looking good for the ViCE boys. Lets see if they could get #1 next week, like mrp would say, ENCORE UNE FOiS :) Overall: 8.0 Redman: couldn't make it 3 in a row, but they still came out at #2. no traders in the top 5 which was a big surprise, and not a pleasant one. #2 with very few pres is very good, but they're gonna have to step it up again if they want to stay there. Overall: 7.5 --- Final Comments: ----------- We hope this issue was to your liking and we will do our best to keep on improving it. Feel free to msg freakshow or redman on irc and tell us your comments and suggestions. We would also appreciate it if couriers would take the time to rank their 15 top sites and send those ranking to one of the TBP staff. We are sorry for not releasing on Sunday this week but sometimes things dont work out 100% :) Thanks for reading, Till next week ! Redman [VICE] & Freakshow [AOD]
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