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1996 January 3

Text edition.
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----------------- INTRODUCTION ----------------- cL! WELCOME TO 'tiTle WaVe' the interactive multimedia pirate-scene magazine! uups... too much enthusiasm: INTERACTIVE means: u can comment/critizise ANYTHING u want - if u can and want to do it better -> U'R AUTHOR IN HERE. (no payment.. just a bad reputation!) MULTIMEDIA means: sometimes sound, grafix, ansis, anims, asciis, blah blah pirate-scene means, that all of the authors are quite deep into the pc-scene, and 90% of our articles will have a subject treating some scene-stuff. as this is our 1st work we'll surely improve writing and information flow as well as the number of articles will rise steadily! we ALWAYS search for talented guys who want to participate and who ain't got no prob with making some trouble! we'r gonna kick any ass we find and we'll argue in any conflict! NO GROUP, NO BOARD, NO SCENE-GURU and NO SYSOP will get another treatment in our articles jsut because he's in RiSC or HBD or D0D or controlling the fastest board around... [hmm... this is gonna kick me out of any board and group i'm affiliated with ;)] yo. so far... any questions? just ask ANY of the writers and u'll get it. we'll SOON have an internet address (hey! u got one? u want to make it the official WaVe-email address ? CONTACT US!) - so long u'll have to mail us on any board we call frequently. and now - tHe CouNCil '96 is PROUD to present issue #1 of // W a V e \\ ----------------- wHAT tHE hELL iS iN hERE ? ----------------- - INTRO - THIS nice info thingie - ALLLLLL ' cREDITs ' - JD ' WARCRAFT II REVIEW ' - JD&cL! ' GaGa pAGE ' - cL! ' WHO AM I ' - RaVe ' WHO AM I ' - cL! ' sOME pEACE oF liTRATURE ' - RaVe ' sOME pEACE oF liTRATURE ' - cL! ' tHAT'S mY bEEF ' - JD&cL! ' thE sCENE waY of doinG thingS - the BBS ADD ' - Elvin Nox ' THE Who is Who of CNC ' - Elvin Nox ' CNC history ' - Elvin Nox ' ByeBye TDU-JAM ' - Elvin Nox ' german scene analysis ' - Elvin Nox ' game-report ' - RaVe ' sYsOp I∩TERVIEW ' - RaVe ' Rave Heaven -> dIfferent TechnO GiGs ' - cL! ' ICE suxxxx ' ----------------- cREDITs ----------------- programming ■ ViLLAiN design ■ RaVe articles ■ ViLLAiN, RaVe, Elvin Nox, chug Lee, Jay Dee english ■ chug Lee music ■ the Chieftain supervising& ■ ViLLAiN, RaVe, chug Lee coordination spreading ■ Elvin Nox (and the damn rest o'the world) head coach ■ chug Lee [lazy as hell, but Elvin beats me there ;)] idea ■ - tHe CouNCil - ----------------- WARCRAFT II REVIEW ----------------- JD so...this is my first article for the WaVe.. if it's not sooo good just don't care..i hope i'll improve my writing. what i wanted to write about is WARCRAFT II, in my opinion not the best game of the year - the best game ever. i really had very much fun with warcraft I, but after completing the human campaign and after 2-3 more months of playing we (chug Lee+me) thought that this couldn't be it. we were really sure that there had to be a successor...and we were right. of course we speculated about all the new features WC2 would have and somehow BLIZZARD really seemed to have listened to our thoughts. so here are all new features of WARCRAFT II : oil has been added to the game as an additional ressource (sry..i hate french) the whole game is now in svga...and the units r really really nice hehe new units and spells have been added and the most important thing is, that water and air units are now available for the ultimate feeling of combat...huh never thought that i could write such crap ;) but now let's talk a bit about the gameplay : the control of the game is as simple as in the first part : u click - they move u thought that this is great? start testing the multiplayer-mode and u'll learn what it's like, when 8 players kill each other and curse the peasants. what i like most about this game is, that it's not just a game where u have to kill the bad, bad enemy and that's it, or one of these games where u got an icon with a small soldier on it and if u kill someone it makes >>boom<<. it really is a perfect mixture of many game-genres that makes u live in front of ur computer for weeks. i wanted to include a savegame of the last level...but in fact 99% of the guyz who read this ain't got the original full version...so, no full version -> no ending sequence...so i decided to flush this idea down the toilet. the last thing i want to write about r the utilites that came with the game : the scenario editor is really a kewl thing. u can create ur own scenarios...YEAH who had ever imagined this hehe, and it's really simple to work with it and.. i don't know..just test it..but be carefull...it's for this fuckin win95.. the sound editor is also for win95 and quite useless, but funny as hell! u can convert all the ingame-sounds including the funny answers of the annoyed units..and NOW listen to this...u can put ur own sounds in!! so u just make ur body do the kewlest sounds and put 'em in the game.. i think this is enough for now...warcraft II is the best game ever so don't miss it..that's all the next games commented by me will be rated like this : 88 wc2 this means, that the game is 88% as good as warcraft II...ok..silly idea, but i like it. they also wanted me to write a WHO I AM...but who is interessted in who I am??? cu next issue Jay Dee [as 'co-chief-editor' of this stupid magazine i'll just add some small remarks:] [SOOOOOOO.... i had to kick 2837 mistakes out of this article and still i hate ] [it, but jd is completly right: WC2 IS THE BEST FUCKING GAME OUT THERE! ] [I still miss some features, but i am confident so see WC3 soon ;) ] [and JD... ur 'WHO AM I' is sooo simple: HE IS TOTALLY NUTS AND WE LIKE THAT! ] cL! ----------------- GaGa-PAGE ----------------- JD & cL! YOOOOO! WELCOME to the most weird section of any scene-magazine ! JD called it GaGa-page (for some good reason!) if u got any problem with sexistic, racistic, unfair and stupid jokes : READ IT ANYWAY! because we are sooo proud of it and we really kicked every ass we found! (I) i don't know how the hell i could name this crap... just read it! what have TDU and zombies in common? they'r both dead! i heard that FANFAN LA TULIPE left the scene...i don't know what this means... I thought FANFAN LA TULIPE is some gay-perfume !? seems like all TDU-members r antialcoholics...drink or DIE! (II) this part is our scientistic scheme of a very important scene-matter! u also have problems with the shortcuts of groups!?.. now here is a list of the most popular ones : TDU: Toilets Down Under CNC: Cold Nigga Cocks HBD: Homo Bills Dildos UCF: Under Cover Fuckers PWA: Pygmies With Attitude SAC: Suddenly Abandoned Cocks PNT: Parents Not Transsexual or Penis Needs Touching MGE: Make Genitals Erode DOD: Dreaming Of Dildomania NRG: Nacked Robby's Genitals RiSC: sry, but the only thing we could think of was "high RiSC of syphillis" PS: don't take this too seriously..just read an maybe laugh a bit! I'm really sry for this crap, but WE R ILL and WE DON'T CARE! the lunatic authors : JD and cL! ----------------- WHO AM I ----------------- cL! HY OUT THERE! i am chug Lee and i am damn tired, so don't expect anything constructive in the following 1298091281 lines of stupidity. ok, some of u may know me... at least some sysops in the states, canada or anywhere else i trade(d).... as one of the founders of CNC i started to develop the idea of a magazine, simply because i read so many and i was never really happy with'em. we'll combine any sort of article with art and REAL NUMBERS (at least from issue 2 on)... i am sysop, trader (RiSC rules ehhe), co-founder of CNC and ppe-coder.... my job is to find and fix (well.. i do my best) mistakes in our articles, to write about boards, traders and such crap, post poems or stories of mine, coordinate the flow of info, give and collect ideas, spread the issues to some major boards, try to get interviews with VIPs of the scene and other stuff i don't know about yet.. YOUR job is to read all crap we write and comment it. we will LOVE to get ur criticism (good/bad - no matter) and reply. soooooo.... LET's GO! just read everything and have fun. ----------------- WHO AM I ----------------- RV RaVe's 'WHO AM I' : could be some of you already know me or perhaps you have heard about me or u saw something by me:) I'm in the scene for 3 to 4 years now. It all came as it should - i was, just like elvin noxe, pay userand so i grabbed my amiga-games. YEAH! what fun that was... then, i became co-sysop of the traced-line bbs by chance (sysop: avenger / co: Villain). there i found out about my talent and so i started to improve my ansi-painting. that way i complete my first full anis-bbs. :)that was cool and fun! i also worked for HiJACK magazine.... painting VGA and also ANSI. calling LD (by BlueBoxing) was the next thing i did, and so i helped groups like ACE and PWA... Then i joined BAD and did my forst ansi-collection. right now tHe CouNCil, Kryn and SAC give me loads of work, but who cares as long as it's fun. :) ----------------- some piece of ?LiTraTurE? ----------------- cL! Tell Me ------- If life was a road u'd be the car I'd never want to overtake If life was a circle U would be the center for me If life was a mountain I'd reach the top every time i see u If life was an ocean u would be the air, that keeps me breathin' If life was like the sun u would be the light, that makes me see all those beautyful things If life was a rainbow I'd walk over it just to reach u at the other end If life was only a number of feelings in my soul u would be the highest of them all ...But in fact my life is nothing else, but an everburning flame and i wonder where ur place in this picture could be... . for Tar Max... she never got the point... perhaps u can use it or something. ----------------- some piece of ?LiTraTurE? ----------------- RV Live like brothers do it right Black and white we can unite World leaders fight for peace War violence killing must cease I'm on a one way ticket to freedom All aboard we're soon leaving What you sow so shall you reap Colour of a man is only skin deep Alltogether we'll win this race Make this world a better place ----------------- THAT'S MY BEEF ----------------- cL! my FIRST damn subject will be PACKAGING! I HATE ALL FUCKING PACKAGERS OUT THERE! many, many, TOOO many groups use strange DIZ-desings WITHOUT a simple RELEASE DATE (which is the MOST important thing for traders) and DISK-NUMBER! ok.. u got a diz saying : BLAH BLIH BLUH (c) ACTIVISION xX/11 WOW! GREAT! 1. U DON'T NEED NO SILLY xX .. if u do so LET IT BE! THIS WON'T HELP ANYONE! 2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE as a stupid sysop i want to ONE-LINE 10/11 dizes and then i'd be GREAT if i wouldn't have to include the DISK number into this one line every time! everytime i trade something i got to STRIP 1083293 bbs-adds from DIZ and ZIP. THEN i have to ONE-LINE the DIZ, put the RELEASE DATE into the diz and NUMBER all fucking disks. then i PUT the oh so well known RiSC tag in and save the diz. GREAT WORK! but that's the operation if i am still lucky! normally i have to unpack the GROUP.NFO file and search for the BIG SECRET (release-date) and - in many low-brain-level group.nfo's - even there u got a 50% chance of failing to find out a REAL DATE. [btw: PFED IS A HUUUUGE HELP DOING ALL THIS SHIT!] then u upload on better boards with 0-3day without knowing if u follow the rules and tadaaaaaaaa - NUKE! GREAT JOB mr. PACKAGER! i got that far: I IMMEDIATELY KICK ALL STUPID FILES WITHOUT RELEASE-DATE. and anyone who uploads such crap is being nuked. hard for the trader, but if the release isn't spread the group will perhaps think about taking 1minute more and do it the way it should be! IF NOT - who cares!? (and FUCK YOU!) THAT'S MY BEEF and now all of u can go to hell and bread! ----------------- HOW TO DO IT THE SCENE WAY ----------------- cL!&JD CHAPTER (I) - ! tHe BBS add ! last week i chatted with some 13 year old israelian sysop (hey, nono.. one or two people from there really do a nice job, but... well.. u HAVE to know them to understand what i mean!) and i try to help him building up his bbs and stuff... so.. once again he came to me and we had a little talk about BBS ADDs. as a huge fan of those files, that day-by-day inform me about which board is kewl i was GLAd to helP him treating this subject. here's our chat-log »» q: how the hell do i add a file to every zIp that passes my bbs ? a: pkzip -a FileOf94.zip myfuckin.bbs q: can other ppl remove it afterwards or do i have to protect this very important message all poeple on this dustball should read ? a: no. there is NO need to crypt it, or change the add-name randomly, or change name, size, contents, language, file-size, date & time of ur adds. and u do NOT need to use ShadowShifters ppe/program, that does all those enourmously intelligent changes. q: but all this sounds good. i mean - no boomlab, no stripDiz, no other proggy will ever be able to kick my mega-mania important file with all those great informations, that all traders and end-users MUST read! so, why is there no need to protect it ? a: ok, u are right. boomlab (though it's just great!) can't strip it, but i will strip it, rip it, rape it, fake it and FOR SURE NOONE ON THIS DAMN PLANET WILL READ IT anyway. q: oki, now i know it all. i am sooo thankful for your great help! i will add two random files with directories and this only after i totally unpacked the zip, changed all dates and then i'll put my file into the new zip.. right between the old files like : c:\.\~FUCK^\░YOUœ\ºALL╞\⌐THISˆ\╜IS A█\╤DAMN█\$BBS-ADD\“ž⌐‘’”º•.▐♠ⁿ a: year! damn good idea. just make sure u add your voice-number, so that people can contact u if needed (<evil grin>) :) q: oh, yeah! cool. c ya next month, man... a: yo! byebye... and stay lame ! hope i could help ya guys... next issue we'll com up with even MORE great tips! CONCLUSION : this shit makes u nuts and i hate those fuckin' adds as hell! so just put ur damn blabla.nfo in and pray 4 some1 to read it. no1 complains about changing the add sometimes, but this creeping directory-bullshit really makes my balls rotate so STOP IT! tnx and bye to close it » HAPPY NEW YEAR WHEREEVER U ARE! ---------- WHO AM I and are who all the other guys in cnc ----------ε∩ I know CNC is a group of extremly lazy guys. so i ll write some words bout the others too (that doesnt mean that i'm not lazy :)). Elvin Nox: Maybe some guys know me already. I'm in the scene for about 3 or 4 years. I began as a little pay-lamer on a pirate-board which is long distance for me. Then i started to trade a bit (and pay for the calls, oh my god hehe). After some months Jabba (i guess nobody knows who THIS Jabba is :>) teached me how to bluebox and then i was in the "real" scene, joined Nexus, later Razor, Risc etc.. some other groups.. bla bla .. and then CNC. (read CNC-History for more info) Chug Lee: the founder of CNC I guess he always wanted to be part of the scene. I remember the first time when he called my bbs. He didn't even have the NUP. I let him in and after 1 or 2 weeks he had his own bbs and 1 week later his own group hehe. damn fast this guy :) Iron Helix: our best game-supplier He gets nearly everything IF HE WANTS :). but like every cnc-member he is to lazy and does too many things at the same time. I'm sure a lot of guys still know him becoz he was one of the best traders a while back and he is one of the crazy guys who want to HEAR the modem (yeah, ATM2). Kiwi: supplier - sysop - trader - friend He runs the best board in Germany or maybe Europe (Prophets Hold isnt bad :)) and he can get every program avaiable in germany. Expect much more from him! Samson: well known in the german scene I guess he was already in the scene when i didn't know what a modem is :) He has lots of connections and a dangerous cat (it destroys mainboards!). FuManChu: our apps-supplier He supplied already some really nice apps and i hope he won't stop :) He also tests the releases and i never had probs with them (Some other guys in the group are to stupid to pack a release. Hint!) Jay Dee: local trader He keeps the local scene alive here. Well, it's not really a scene hehe but it seems to be possible to trade between the 3 or 4 boards here ... The Chieftain: musician We never needed any of his modules yet, but i'm sure we will use some in the future. He is also part of the local 'scene' here ... Rave: Ansi-Artist I personally think that he makes the best ANSIs at the moment. He is getting better and better :). Rave and Roy really have really worked alot for the scene. He also manages the 02-area (Couriers etc..) The Druid: trader - trader - trader :) 4.5 Gig UL on Park Central. Thats not bad ehhe. He is also Sysop of the best bbs in australia and supplies some progs if he gets 'em. Shadowshifter: very good ppe-coder - sysop of UKHQ I think he wrote every little PPE on his bbs. Expect some PPEs in the next PPE-Pack from CNC. Also his BBS is the best in the UK at the moment. Milkman: my little milkbaby hehe sysop of the ISHQ and a very good friend. I hope your eyes are ok again soon. Pascal: trader and good friend kinda inactive right now, but maybe he will be able to call out soon Hero: trader and friend seems he retired, but who knows ... :) Crackpot/Silver V: sysop The Sysops of the best bbs in the world and our courier headquarter Don't stop ! I hope Park Central will also be the best board in the year 2000 :) Villain: coder he wrote the program for this mag. Big, big thanks ! I'm sure it will become one of the best mags out there :> Tyger: PPE-coder He is maybe the best PPE-coder out there. At the moment he is in the army and can't do anything, but he will come back ! Kawajoe: coder Also kinda inactive at the moment, but he already wrote some nice utils. Rio&Ken: trader(s) There are only some people in Israel who are 'elite' (for some reason i don't like this word). These guys are 2 of them. Fugitive, Camco, Dyamant: trader they spread our releases in germany. Julie: sysop she's the sysop of our german headquarter - maybe the best board in 02-area Cyborg: sysop of our canadian headquarter Skeleton: sysop of our us-headquarter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------- CNC - History ----------------- ε∩ Everything began with Chug Lee's enthusiasm. After he opened his bbs cyRap he open his own group - Cyrap 'n' Couriers (CNC). Dunno which couriers he meant hehe. At this time it wasn't really a group, but they released some smaller utils. Then he started to write PPEs and wrote some really nice ones. Some weeks later FuManchu gave me a few very good apps to release and i didn't know under which group i should release them, so i "supplied" them to CNC. I always thought about a own local group here but there weren't enough members yet. but now with the guys in cnc, me and samson (since cybrix died he wasn't in a group anymore) i thought it would be a great idea to create a real group. And then everything came really fast. We decided to change the name to THE COUNCIL (we didn't want to change the "CNC", coz a lot of guys knew the group already), Iron Helix joined (Thanks to Samson) and supplied a few very good games - within 1 or 2 weeks we had all headquarters, lots of traders and some ppe-coders. Most of the releases we get are german coz we get them in germany, but sometimes we have english versions too and so even the game-scene in the usa knows us. I hope we will release some more english games in the future. and btw our PPEs are also very good :) ----------------- Byebye TDU-JAM ----------------- ε∩ One the best game-groups 'died'. Here is the mail which FanFan wrote on The Wall: ---------------------- Hello there, Just wanted to drop a line to announce that TDU-JAM! officially retires from the Scene. Why? Mainly because the leadership has to face up real life and think about what the future holds for them outside this dreamworld. But also because we hoped that everybody would follow the example and mold their priorities on getting quality CD releases out there. All there is besides us is a bunch of obnoxious and frustrated characters who serve only their delusion of grandeur when ripping games. Our personnal goals (to be the best, and shut-up the pretences of our competition) were met years ago with the dominion of PENTAGRAM and GENESIS, and TDU-JAM just follows in the line of outstanding achievements. We have gone way beyond our wildest expectations. We've worked hard for your benefit, and in fact, way beyond the call of duty. We are sure that you have enjoyed our work. Good luck for the future, but we have to move on to other things now. The Digital Underground ceases to exist as such as of now. Fanfan la Tulipe & TDU-JAM! bid the Scene farewell. The handle and the Label are retired. Fanfan la Tulipe, Wayward, Werner & Tardy. ---------------------- Nothing much to say 'bout that. It's their decision. I'm sure some of the members will continue with other groups. ----------- Some words 'bout the german scene ----------- ε∩ It's sad. The german scene seems to be dead. Nobody can call out and so most of the files on the boards are released by german groups. Some of the releases have already been released by other groups in the usa, but the progs never come to the german boards if nobody calls out. Right now there are 'bout 3 or 4 people who are still trading outside germany. Since bb to israel died most of the guys have to pay for the trading (inside germany) and everything is damn lame again - in Israel and in Germany. Also it seems like there is no need for a scene here anymore. Every little lamer gets his wares on cds or tapes and they don't understand that someone has to get that shit first and that there are only a few people who really can get the wares now. The only prob is that they give it to some guys who copy the shit 1000 times and then every idiot has the files. Everyone thinks it's normal to get all wares for nothing, but believe its not and that will change soon. it's impossible to continue that way. we are not in china ... ----------- game-report ----------- ε∩ i will start to write a game-report in january. this will also be a fake-report. i don't have the time to test the apps too, but maybe someone else will do that ... ----------- BBS/trader-report ----------- ε∩ this will be a little top-10-bbs list (worldwide), list of the best traders right now, whats new on the boards (new hq etc..), what busts, etc ... ----------- monthly scene news ----------- ε∩ some other infos bout the scene in this - this also starts in the next mag ------------ Techno Home Page ----------- RV MAYDAY Live On The Internet! April 30 has been the dress rehearsal - December 16 was the premiere: Pictures from the event, sounds, videos and texts are uploaded into the NET, using the latest technology. For the first time net-sufers are able to get the full picture of the event, even though they might be watching it from Japan or Australia, using their PC, a modem and the INET. The bandwith necessary for the transmission of the data are supplied by high powered digital ISDN-lines, so all the data will be accessible without delay or interuption. By using the new technology it is possible to listen to the live sound of the event now. All the equipment needed for this is a PC, a modem and a connection to the INET. In addition, pictures, sound files and digitized videos in standard-filetypes will be transmitted continously. A special WWW-page and an IRC-channel are provide a platform for chats with ravers using public terminals. So get the newest infos about the MAYDAY event (in 1995) by using the INET: Mayday T-Online System WWW:http://www.mayday.de e-mail:[email protected] or try to get infos about raves and the techno scene by using the following: Silverpage Crew WWW:http://www.techno.de/silverpage ------------ RaVer's Charts: ------------ RV 1. Techfunkers Looking for da perfect beat 2. Glen Underground Take me back 3. Oskar G Reaching up 4. Discocaine House da Crowd 5. Phat Austrian House fans 6. X-313 Interferon 7. Ultrahigh Speed animal 8. DV 8(feat Massimo) Fullmoon 9. Vector Phantom Carl 10. Astrel Fluid ------------ SYSOP INTERVIEW ------------ RV RaVe interviewed Frank Borally : RaVe ■ sooo... about the board - sysops ? Frank » main-sysop : Frank Borally then my co-sysops (we all got the same 'rights') Sle and Talion. RaVe ■ nodes ? Frank » 8, while only 6 are installed at the moment, because the 2nd ISDN line will come in january. RaVe ■ pcb-version ? Frank » still 15.2, because it runs smoothly. RaVe ■ hardware ? Frank » Novell Netware 4.1 Server : 486dx2/66, 32mb and adaptec 2940 2x 1gb scsi 1x 9gb scsi (we want another 2gb) Modem computer : (4nodes) 486dx4/100, 8mb ISDN nodes : 4 computers - all 386/40, 2mb RaVe ■ group affiliations ? Frank » yo, Q-TIP, TUR, ASSAULT, MGE, XADI, HYPE and Dark Forces RaVe ■ how many users ? Frank » I didn't delete for some time, but active users... i'd say there are about 150 who call regulary. RaVe ■ best time to call ? Frank » well.. the BBS is 24h online of course! RaVe ■ conferences (how many / specials) ? Frank » well... i'm a bit special there. (0) Mainboard only intros and demos... here are 435mb in 1761 files. (1) Warez totally normal, but with 2 special filedirs: one 'useful old stuff', where i collect any helpful utils from pkzip through hs/link. right now 27mb in 176 files. then another filedir with 320 text-files with subjects from AIDS over BUSTS to any kind of handicrafts... (2) Request here the user is able to choose his stuff out of over 35gb! requests are free-downloads. (3) Docs, Cheats, Trainer, Cracks: here are over 3000 of those thingies stored, which one likes to use, if one takes and 'old' game once again. 121mb all together. (4) and the last jewel of the FPS FileBase: the PCBoard conference. here are also over 3000 pcboard-files stored - from a credit-card- door to 'press-ennter'-ppes in 100 variations. 213mb there. the other conferences for all the groups... RaVe ■ what's the difference to other boards ? Frank » hmmm... at first pcboard is optimally configured here (especially for traders), which not many (none at all) boards in the region can state. then several users told me, that the board has some kind of atmosphere others son't have. There also is heavy message-communication. We already reached message 25000, which seems to be a problem for Novell (the famous 'updating index file - please wait' horror), but i'd say it is great, if a BBS that exists since June '93 still keeps ALL (public) messages! MSG #1: 'Yo, now i installed it, make uploads'. so is always able to get known to all the highs and lows of the bbs, when one does some research in the msg-base. also more or less special in the region. RaVe ■ your main aim? stuff only? fun? Frank » my BBS is thought to be open to all people. i wouldn't want a BBS for supersonic elite-traders only. all kinds of people hang around here, i don't push them to upload (unless they get on my nerves), normally all get along very well, very few argues here.. all quite easy. so my 'main aim' includes all columns. the BBS should be fast, but the other things shouldn't be hindered. It should be well-balanced. RaVe ■ do u sometimes get rude to users ? Frank » sure. especially arrogance and ignorance or users, who talk too much but can't do anything (hey, SLASH) get on my balls! btw: slash still is the ONLY user i ever kicked. hehe. RaVe ■ anything against leechers/leeching ? Frank » No, i like it when there are lots of downloads. that shows interrest. RaVe ■ do you accept pay-users ? Frank » A BBS should at least pay itself, so taking some gifts from users is an important thing. I also love to get hardware and i am very thankful to some users that helped me with hardware-donations so often when i had a critical time. i am against the commercialisation of a BBS. I take out as much as i need to keep it working and to upgrade it. I strictly seperate my personal money from the BBS money. I think this is right, especially for the users, who know their money is used well, and not for buying the sysop some 500$ leather-jacket. RaVe ■ so u got ISDN and 28k8 support ? Frank » yes, badly one 2x28k8 at the moment, but we already ordered updates for the two USRs, so that I'll be able to offer 4x v.34 and 4xISDN. If the 4 ISDN lines should be quite crowded sometime i already have another sponser who'll install 2 complete ISDN nodes. RaVe ■ do you have an INET address ? Frank » too bad, no. i'd really like to give the users a NET access, because i am very active in the NET myself, but i miss a sponsor for a 2mbit (or even more) full-time connection. RaVe ■ how can someone get onto your board ? Frank » well... who wants to can call my application server, but the drop rate at about 99%... so who thinks he HAS TO will get the number. RaVe ■ any favourite ppes u use ? Frank » at best NONE. PPEs normally only slow down the BBS.... there are two kinds of boards. type A is the sysop who tries to disfigure his board with PPEs so, that one won't really know it's PCB anymore. for me this is a nice life-time- aim, but this 'all-by-pee' thing in the pirate scene is completly wrong. This stuff is only getting on peoples nerves. if i want to look for the new uploads i am not willing to wait 10 seconds until the 'scrolling- light flashing press a key'-ppe finally disappeared. this is why I only use PPEs to make things work better and not only to make them look better.... because my board-software should have a maximum of functions, but not win the price for the best/most-colored BBS. That's nice for some 1 node PD board, but not for a multinode-board. RaVe ■ hmmm... how about some freestyle from your side ? Frank » well... what to write anymore... it's best to answer questions. i hope u are not angry because i did this in german [no... RaVe 4 sure not, but i will kill u if i getya ;) - cL!], but i didn't want to write essays in english today. just reading the question and then hitting my answers. at the moment i am some kind of weird here... didn't sleep for some time and is start to drift into the active REM phase where one gets those 'hellos'... no drugs! ... just hallucinations and such stuff... worms are creeping on my screen and the picture draws shadows and so on. so... if u still have some questions, though i exessivly expressed it all (mmrmrr), just drop 'em here. if u don't want to translate this into english or to make an english text out of this i can do it for you at some calmer and waker time if u want... Frank [i did this translation in.. hmm... 28 minutes and i don't wanna get through this stuff once more, so be happy with it and don't get on my nerves coz of some mistakes! and.... FRANK!?..... PLEASE!!!!!!! do me a favour and : - answer in english - or at least leave out the german slang, oki? that would help alot and hand me some more sleep... dunno how many hours i spent correcting all the articles...hey.. i should perhaps go through RaVe's and Villains... never got 'em... errr.. no, i am too lazy ;) thanks for all the info 'bout your board, though u didn't mention it's name... 'frank's place' right?..cL!] ----------- ICE suxxxx !? ------------------ cL! After 3 years of experiance in ansi-painting and great reactions from our sysops, groups, dudes and wakos i thought i was ready or good enough to join a group like ICE, which is today one (if not the) most impressive art-group. well... full of enthusiasm i gave my top-ansis to the sysop of the ICE-EHQ (BBS:Golden Image - Sysop:Brain - offline :( ). he reacted quite ok and he wanted me to paint for his board. 'no problem', i said and did the logo... he liked it and so he was sure about my skills and kncked on the INET doors of ICE, where he put my ansis into the request. i was already happy, because i knew my work and i was sure of it, but brain brought me immediately back to the ground, saying he tried quite often to get people into ICE and nothing happened, but he also ment, that if it didn't work this time he wouldn't know anymore... ;) I stayed confident because i already was in BAD and i also made some comparisons between my ansis and some ICE ones and i couldn't tell mine weren't that good! [right, man! cL!] so, destiny hit me right in the face and ICE asnwered: 'He's good, but not good enough.'. what the hell should i say !?? in my opinion ICE became a bit too arrogant and they raised their noses way over the others... they'll just have watch out... coul start to bleed sometime. So.. finally i can just tell all talented painters who want to join ICE to think 'bout that once again and perhaps try to join ACID or SAC instead. so i'll greet those dondos of ICE with an ordinary FURZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ from RaVe ... i just hope one of you suckers reads that ! FINALLY » THE END
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