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<__MARQUIS> ----------UCF MEETING 07.26.98--------------- <djHD> my real nick is J343K983 LordByte changes topic to "Grand meeting is open " LordByte sets mode: +l 2000 fOSSiL sets mode: +v BrainDead <fOSSiL> dont hurt my alter ego =) <scamp> here we go ... <ComicBoyz> dj: that's the short version? <__MARQUIS> let me start please <__MARQUIS> Most of you know it already: After 4 long years <__MARQUIS> I'll resign as president of UCF. LordByte sets mode: -ml <scamp> oh wait scamp has kicked uCF-GATE from #ucf2000 (scamp) <__MARQUIS> Why do I resign? <__MARQUIS> Well...4 years ago a few members started UCF from <__MARQUIS> nothing and bought it to a successful and highly <__MARQUIS> respected group. We all tried our best inside UCF <__MARQUIS> to make this possible. But a few weeks ago I <__MARQUIS> realised, I invested nearly all the power I had. <__MARQUIS> There is nothing left, all energie is gone, I'm empty. <scamp> webuser could have read everything :) <__MARQUIS> That's the time when I have to start something <__MARQUIS> new: a real life with lovely kids. <__MARQUIS> The only thing I'll keep is the Copyright on the <[-[v]-]> heeh how could u forget that. <__MARQUIS> name UCF and I'll stay as FOUNDER in the NFO. <__MARQUIS> read please carefully <xOANINO> sniff <xOANINO> sniff <xOANINO> :((( <netking> what do you do with these wonderful kids of yours? =) <[-[v]-]> *sob* <netking> j/k ComicBoyz pats netking ;) <__MARQUIS> netking: unsure ;) <__MARQUIS> And it's the time for someone NEW to take over, to <__MARQUIS> escort UCF through the year 2000, give UCF a new <__MARQUIS> touch and try to make it more successful than ever. <__MARQUIS> Finally I wanna thank everybody who ever IS or WAS <__MARQUIS> with me in UCF, especially Misha, Sonic, Edison, <__MARQUIS> DjPaul, Riddler, Random, Fryguy...and yes, without <__MARQUIS> the help of every single person UCF would be dead <__MARQUIS> since a long time. <__MARQUIS> Now it's time to choose a new president: I'm sure <__MARQUIS> we have enough members left being worth to walk in <__MARQUIS> my footsteps. And we still have some great crackers <__MARQUIS> too. You all: now take the chance and rise the baby <__MARQUIS> I once born alone - my (cyber-)time is over. <xOANINO> people clap your hands ComicBoyz hopes mDs continues visiting the chann now and then... <[-[v]-]> hey marq.... 20 years from now we'll have a real life meeting of all ucf members.. ( perhaps ) and u'll b invited :) <ComicBoyz> really <xOANINO> it's very sad all this :(( [-[v]-] claps <BitwareZ_> who will be prezz then?? <[-[v]-]> heh \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v |FLoPPo| <__MARQUIS> DJHD: I look especially to YOU as the nw cracker chief...the one who was born to crack, and to lordbyte my old vize <|FLoPPo|> sorry i'm late <__MARQUIS> and don't forget MRC, one of the loyalest members you will ever see <netking> djHD is born gay ;) \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v _ryder_ <__MARQUIS> netking: funny, but wrong ComicBoyz bites his lower lip and listens uCF-Forge sets mode: +o _ryder_ <netking> __MARQUIS: it was a internal joke <_ryder_> hi nice to see you all <netking> =) [-[v]-] frowns <ph0nejack> oh boy, im speechless <scamp> this sucks. <[-[v]-]> yea it does. <__MARQUIS> well..i think lordbyte, my OLD vize should have a chance to proove he can guide you all too as president <uCF-Free> Marq, you made us bots cry... <ComicBoyz> :) <__MARQUIS> ucf-free: don't worry, UCF will continue without me too <\\Mr_C\\> MDS: i wish you the best of luck and hope that many good things come to you, you simply rule, you started the greatest PC group ever and it will always remain that way!! <scamp> btw some ppl try to spy this meeting using uCF.iRCGATE - no chance heh <__MARQUIS> ;) <scamp> marq: will you still show up from time to time? <ComicBoyz> yup... will u ? <netking> no he will NEVER enter this channel again <netking> =) <__MARQUIS> scamp: well..let them spy...but NOMORE siteinfos in the channel please <BitwareZ_> i think LordByte will make a good prezz <netking> me too <scamp> think so too <__MARQUIS> thanks mrc btw <xOANINO> well... we all have a real life (i hope) ... and if marq can't find the time for ucf now, it's good he leave, and he deserve the max respect for his decision.. if he one day will have the time for ucf again, he will be welcome... right guyz? <LordByte> thanks guys ! <sniff> <[-[v]-]> me 3 [-[v]-] gives LordByte a congratulations hug <BitwareZ_> right ComicBoyz gives LB a handkerchief thing <scamp> xoanino: deffinatly <__MARQUIS> scamp: I'll show up once a month I hope at least...don't expect more <ph0nejack> no doubt <scamp> marq: oh well .. better than never meeting you again. [-[v]-] gives __MARQUIS a sad departation hug <ComicBoyz> mDs: once a month of ur time is like 24/7 of anybody else :) <netking> __MARQUIS: kiss your wife from me! =) <ph0nejack> i got mad props for marq hes helped ALL of prolly alot through alot of stuff and hard times <__MARQUIS> netking: will do ;) <[-[v]-]> we should like have a real life meeting in 20 years =) and invite all the members together <djHD> Marq,,, hope one day, one young man ask me: "How can i apply? my father is Marquis !" <__MARQUIS> hehe <scamp> hehe <ComicBoyz> v: and then get caught by the BSA and FBI together <ComicBoyz> hehehehe <fOSSiL> =) <BitwareZ_> i know FBI will love to atend <scamp> teach your children how to crack <ph0nejack> hehe <netking> [-[v]-]: In 20 years we┤re all dead of radiation <[-[v]-]> BitwareZ_: well we'll all be old by then... and we'll teach our kids heh <BitwareZ_> hehe <[-[v]-]> netking: perhaps. <ComicBoyz> scamp: better he does NOT.... or all the crackers on trial can start thinking abt a new job <xOANINO> eheheheh right marq :) we want Marquisino as the new prez in 10 years :) <BitwareZ_> right <ComicBoyz> mDs Jr.... the REVENGE <ComicBoyz> *rofl* <[-[v]-]> ComicBoyz: they wouldnt know where we have the meeting . well have it under some company name that maybe ill b heading =P <netking> hehe <__MARQUIS> you lost a president, but as I said, UCF will continue 100%, I talked to lordbyte and mrc already about this <__MARQUIS> anyone against lordbyte as new president for the next months? ComicBoyz shakes his head horizontally <scamp> pro <__MARQUIS> otherwise I think you all should give him a chance <|FLoPPo|> he has my vote :) <LordByte> Well .. Marquis has made a choise ... A choise I deeply regret ! .... But be that as it may ... I will candidate for new pres, and my goal will be to run UCF as it has been run for years ... in Marquis spirit .... Shall we hold a vote on this issue ? fOSSiL will kill everyone who is against <LordByte> months ?!?! <[-[v]-]> heh <LordByte> I will stay here for a lot longer :) <[-[v]-]> years :) <xOANINO> all ok for me <|FLoPPo|> till eternity <fOSSiL> hehe <ComicBoyz> LB: of course.... assuming we all don't die 'coz of the year 2k effect =)) <__MARQUIS> djhd: is this OK for you too? <__MARQUIS> ryder? <__MARQUIS> mrc? <djHD> sure <lazyman> it's ok for me too <ComicBoyz> ;D <\\Mr_C\\> you know its of course ok with me <djHD> absolutely <_MuFFiN_> surem i agree with lb <BitwareZ_> me 2 <_ryder_> abstention <netking> me too, if anyone wonders =) <LordByte> djHD and I had a talk ... we have found an agreement on how we want UCF to be. <BitwareZ_> i think LordByte will make a good prezz <__MARQUIS> ryder: ;(...lordbyte isn't that bad as people often talk <_ryder_> hmmm <ComicBoyz> he'll show how good he is it in the next months... I'm sure <__MARQUIS> I think he deserves to be president, and the majority is PRO...so we have a new president now...confgratulations LORDBYTE <_ryder_> i hope the best <netking> BitwareZ_: I think you will build a good danish stomach soon <netking> Hurray <LordByte> I cant be what marquis was/is ... but it seems to me that the things I have done while Marquis was away is what Marquis would have done himself, and he has verified that many times. <fOSSiL> all hail LordByte, the Mastah of the Universe ! ComicBoyz hands LB a small ucf-crown <LordByte> Thanks :)) <ComicBoyz> it's the only thing I can afford right now ;) <_MuFFiN_> congrats LB <netking> Hurray <BitwareZ_> congrats LB <BitwareZ_> <netking> Hurray <|FLoPPo|> ryder : why dont ya agree ? <ph0nejack> w00t <BitwareZ_> heh <RegoR_> felication LB netking hands over cold beer and pizza <djHD> 7CONGRATS LB <LordByte> Thanks all ... <double sniff> \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v TwinHead fOSSiL takes beer and sends pizza to the poor <_ryder_> where is the color kick ;) <djHD> my best color... BitwareZ_ Gets up and gets a beer for LordByte and everyone in #ucf2000 ComicBoyz thinks all this is worth 30 seconds of irc-silence <__MARQUIS> LB: yes...the last few months without me UCF did all in all good...but well, try even better ;) <netking> djHD: thought that was brown =) <ComicBoyz> . . . . <__MARQUIS> ok..lordbyte president <__MARQUIS> who will be vize? <xOANINO> what about a poster like uncle sam.... with lb saying "I want you ... for UCF" :) ahahhahahaha <netking> heh <LordByte> Xoa, I use that line a lot, actually :))) <fOSSiL> =) <LordByte> Ask fossil ... ask owl :) <xOANINO> hahahha :) <scamp> hm <scamp> dudes ... what about "back to topic"? <LordByte> So let it be written, so let it be done. <Mave> marq: may i offer dj as vize? <netking> LB: how high will the taxes be? ComicBoyz thinks somebody's gotta have a lot of work with the new .nfo's tonite <LordByte> I point to djHD as visepress .... great cracker ... and UCF is about cracking ! <_ryder_> yes!!! djhd as vize <Mave> yeah!!! <scamp> I agree <netking> djHD for vize <scamp> I FULLY agree <scamp> djHD vize! <_MuFFiN_> yeah go DJ go <netking> i agree <LordByte> I point to mr_c as chairman of the counsil. <fOSSiL> i concurr <BitwareZ_> so do I <djHD> oh <RegoR_> agree too <ComicBoyz> and what will be mr_c? <LordByte> counsil will have 3 members. <_ryder_> hehe djHD shy <__MARQUIS> yes, DJHD is a great choice for me too <xOANINO> go dj go gooooooooo <ph0nejack> dj is awesome choice for vicey <TwinHead> Hi <ComicBoyz> he also deserves a place on the top of the pyramid <ComicBoyz> :) <Mave> yeah :) <netking> i deserves a glass oc cold milk <ComicBoyz> djPlastik vice... my gawd hehehehe <LordByte> I point to Netking and Xoanino as members of counsil. <netking> of =) <__MARQUIS> DJHD is by far the best cracker I've seen since years joining the scene <djHD> i trust i'll prove myself on this place <xOANINO> wow :) <LordByte> djHD, no doubt about it ! <ComicBoyz> that's true... if ha can crack VTT he can crack everything ;) <ph0nejack> blah \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v FLoPPo <netking> hehe <djHD> <CyberJaK> hiho <djHD> <CyberJaK> invite me please <djHD> [djHD] use bots <djHD> <CyberJaK> i am not on the bots <[-[v]-]> heh ... who programs VTT? we should get him to jin ucf :P~ <__MARQUIS> PJ? <djHD> should we invite him ? xOANINO never tried to crack vtt :) ComicBoyz grabs a bottle of champagne and points it towards the new council <netking> djHD: ask him a personal q <__MARQUIS> try VTT..it's extrem strange <fOSSiL> bahaha <ComicBoyz> get ready for a shhhoowwwweeeerrrrrrrrr <\\Mr_C\\> ive decided to resign from UCF as well <__MARQUIS> mrc: don't do that <ph0nejack> what ? <xOANINO> aagh <LordByte> mr_C, you dont wish to be chairman of counsil ? <ph0nejack> dont .. <xOANINO> my poor heart and coronaries..... <__MARQUIS> UCF needs you and all the help you can give the next 2 years at least <ComicBoyz> mrC: please do not <\\Mr_C\\> sorry, my mind is already made up, my services are no longer needed here <netking> maybe you prefer to be weelchair of counsil then? =) <_MuFFiN_> mrc??? <LordByte> oh, but they ARE ! :) <netking> joke! <_MuFFiN_> u r needed <ph0nejack> WHAT <BitwareZ_> what <ph0nejack> are u insane <fOSSiL> ? <[-[v]-]> what? <__MARQUIS> mrc: is it because you wanted toi be VIZE? your time will come too, be sure <ph0nejack> dood we wouldn't be where we are today if we hadn't sat around for hrs figuring out whos not doing there job , etc <xOANINO> nono.... before mr.c there's me :) ahahahhah :) j/k <netking> djHD will be murdered soon by russian police. oops did i say that? <\\Mr_C\\> MDS: i was your right hand man, since your not here, your right hand goes too <ph0nejack> getting everyone back on there feet <ph0nejack> naw , joo cant leave bro <netking> you right hand? hope it did not involve any sexual activities uCF-Forge sets mode: +o djHD <ph0nejack> our ppls wouldn't like that they couldn't type .ucfvttkm.zip ComicBoyz looks deadfully at netking \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v CyberJaK <_ryder_> netking: hehe <ph0nejack> and get the VTT km <__MARQUIS> mrc: you was really my right hand, always..and I don't wanna miss a day with you...but think twice...one day your time as VIZE is coming! <xOANINO> lb change your nick to "marquis" so mr.c can be marq's right hand again :) <CyberJaK> hiho <ph0nejack> netking try to be serious for like 1 da <ph0nejack> y <__MARQUIS> maybe ven president..who knows <LordByte> xoa, no .. mr_c knows me well, and I dont think that is the reason he is leaving. <netking> pj: okay <xOANINO> lb: i was joking as always :) <LordByte> He says he has observed UCF for a long time, and the reason is .... mr_c ... U wanna take over here ?! <__MARQUIS> besides MRC, I come to irc sometimes and I wanna SEE YOU HERE <netking> xOANINO: u better stop, pj gets mad else <scamp> hm this is getting a major crisis now. cl0nefl00d beginning from =*!*@ppp-bcn-124.inf.servicom.es = detected. last cl0ne is Lazyma \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v Lazyma <LordByte> no, it isent. <xOANINO> okok... i stop :) <LordByte> mr_c will of coz explain the problem, and togeather we will solve it ! <__MARQUIS> well...what about MRC as the council-chief...alone even <__MARQUIS> ? \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v ComicBoy^ <scamp> so what's the REAL problem? ego-stuff or what? <LordByte> marquis ... that was what I proposed a LONG time ago ... scroll back 100-200 lines ! <__MARQUIS> president, vize and one council? <netking> you could atleast talk <__MARQUIS> mrc is thinking <xOANINO> well... i dont care much to be in council or division or senior... for me is ok <__MARQUIS> I think at least <LordByte> I offered him position as CHARIMAN of counsil. <xOANINO> what i care is to be in ucf :) <xOANINO> if mrc wanna be alone in council.... ok for me <__MARQUIS> xoa: yeah...and from djhd you can learn a lot here <LordByte> he would be the THIRD highest ranking officer in UCF ... thats DAMD good for a non-cracker ! <scamp> damn what the hell are you talking about those counsil stuff? this isnt usa, this is ucf! does anyone remember? you act like stoopid politicians! <netking> if you ask me, i think a counsil of one is no counsil <ph0nejack> id like to stay at my position but id gladly hand it over to mrc=b <LordByte> scamp, counsil was a thing UCF created 1-2 years ago. ComicBoy^ thinks MrC should be offered a place like Senior Coordinator ... or whatever <LordByte> when pres and vise-pres is not present counsil has full control. <FLoPPo> i don't think threatening to leave to get a better position in ucf is very mature <ComicBoy^> ah <scamp> lb: not, you misunderstood me. point is: if mrc wants to quit because of some "position" he wants in ucf, it's a quite lame reason to leave. <scamp> my opinion. Lazyma is now known as Lazyman ComicBoy^ didn't know that council was such a powerful position <_ryder_> my too <xOANINO> marq: we can learn from everybody here... everybody have his role and his particular skills <__MARQUIS> CJ! <netking> this goes no place if we talk one way.. <djHD> right, xoa <CyberJaK> hi marquis <__MARQUIS> xoa: thats right..and everybody is needed! __MARQUIS sets mode: +v CyberJaK <scamp> is it only politics that counts here? ucf needs skilled and helpfull ppl like mrc. <netking> so? <xOANINO> yeah... it's not a good decision to leave coz of position <Mave> mr_c: say someting.. <FLoPPo> it would be nice if mr_c would tell his real reason <scamp> right <__MARQUIS> but I understand MRC a little...he is a long time in the scene...one day he needs a real position or his time is gone <\\Mr_C\\> ive said all i want to say <netking> try the doggy position <__MARQUIS> and if it would be me, he could be president even...just this is unfair to LB <Mave> mr_c: this is your final decision? <scamp> netking: hehe <xOANINO> marq:well.... i think it's better for ucf (united cracking force) to have a cracker as president <LordByte> calm down ... lets do this the grown-up way ! <xOANINO> mrc is one of the best couriers...... but he's not cracker <BitwareZ_> LB is prezz , thats final , the rest tja <LordByte> mr_c, I want you here .... what do I do to make U stay ? <scamp> this starts remembering me of "kindergarden". <__MARQUIS> mrc: what you wanna do without UCF? <LordByte> scamp, unconstructive remark. <__MARQUIS> tell me <netking> reminds me of me 1 month ago =) <LordByte> mr_c ... U said U would stay until U dies, or got kicked ... NEITHER has happened :) <netking> sorry =) <scamp> lb: sorry <LordByte> U are still the THIRD higest rnaking officer ... what more can U want ? <__MARQUIS> mrc: are you still sure, a life without UCF is better? It's NOT <BitwareZ_> Third aint a bad thing <__MARQUIS> think I week mrc..please <netking> there is just three to go ! =) ComicBoy^ hands netking a bag of smarties..... ComicBoy^ is now known as ComicBoyz <netking> heh \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v t00nie <uCF-Free> [t00nie] life's a bummer, when your a hummer scamp wants to get some kind of prez/vize, too. looks like it makes your life much better!? Or even improves your sexlife?! oh well ... uncostructive remark again I guess <netking> for heavens sake <__MARQUIS> ok..continue the meeting LORDBYTE, our new preZ, I wanna talk a little private with mrc ;) <t00nie> ahh sorry i'm late uCF-Free sets mode: +o FLoPPo ComicBoyz just wants uCF to continue towards the cracking heaven... <scamp> t00nie: you are very late. <netking> t00nie: Lordbyte new prez <ComicBoyz> as simple as that <t00nie> thought the meeting would start at 4:00pm <CyberJaK> can someplease fix me on the dam bot <FLoPPo> toonie : you missed nothing ;) <t00nie> est <netking> hehe <t00nie> heh <t00nie> hi all btw <__MARQUIS> toonie: get the LOG later on and rewad carefully <t00nie> ok Marquis <LordByte> OK, ppl .... apart from this little dispute, whats left ? <scamp> well. what about some progressive topic now? <LordByte> Anyone have some topic they want debated ? <scamp> yes <Mave> shaman, you're very late :) <scamp> I have. <_Shaman> greetz to all UCF dudes <LordByte> scamp ... <netking> t00nie: I have always told people that GMT is +-0 and CET +1, am i wrong? <scamp> I have two topics <scamp> 1.) [v] <_Shaman> i know, i so busy now :-/ ComicBoyz thought cet was +2 <scamp> 2.) The future of ucf / style / design and my role in ucf at this topic. <t00nie> netking, dunno :) <ComicBoyz> have i been wrong all my life? LordByte thought CET = GMT <scamp> oh <scamp> 3 topics <G-RoM> LB : CET = GMT+1 or +2 <Mave> who is botmaster? <_Shaman> i want to say - all my releases will be in first days of month, when i not so busy <scamp> 3.) Explaining how to use ucf-gate to #ucf2000 ops <scamp> those are the 3 things I would like to talk about <ComicBoyz> uhm why don't we just invent some kind of ucf world time <_Shaman> 12-30 days i'm dead <ComicBoyz> and then get the rest of the people to use it? <Mave> JJ site doesn't resume broken downloads, that's very bad <netking> GMT is 0, its the 0 meridian for heavens sake <__MARQUIS> shaman: great to see you activ <scamp> it's netware <scamp> what can you expect <scamp> use ucf-httpd instead <scamp> it can resume <scamp> :) <netking> scamp: it cant read xxx3 pictures =) <[-[v]-]> daaaaaaamn <t00nie> ackk <__MARQUIS> bah <__MARQUIS> hmm <ComicBoyz> oh oh.... <__MARQUIS> split <ComicBoyz> not a splitttttt <ComicBoyz> not now <t00nie> not a good time for a split <FLoPPo> fucking split <__MARQUIS> let us wait 3 min <netking> bananasplit? =) <netking> now you got me hungry <FLoPPo> lets debate the gmt and cet times <scamp> next time we should hold meeting using ucf-gate <__MARQUIS> I need MRC back <scamp> it can't split :) <__MARQUIS> ------waiting---- ;)))))) ComicBoyz agrees <CyberJaK> hi marquis <ComicBoyz> scamp: but it can crash heheheh <xOANINO> brb.. getting panino con rucola pomodoro e mozzarella :) <__MARQUIS> CJ ;) <CyberJaK> how are u... <scamp> I'll connect to irc.blackenend.com and tell them to change server <CyberJaK> i sent u a couple of pirvate messages but u never answer me back <fOSSiL> i can tell them <fOSSiL> my braindead connection is on the other side <[-[v]-]> hmm <netking> i dont think i will support anyone thats more intrested in positions than the group itselfs <fOSSiL> =) <netking> but thats my oppinion <scamp> I just did msg splitted ppl <FLoPPo> netking : you are right <scamp> <Scamp___> Split - plz change to some euro server - use: irc2.homelien.no for example <scamp> <Scamp___> tell other splitted dudes to do so, too <__MARQUIS> re-split please, verfickter server ;) <ComicBoyz> and xoa is eating a sandwich.... *stomach grumbles* <netking> though im intrested and becoming rich and dedicate all my time to children and wife ;) <Mave> hehe :) <scamp> marq: I told them to switch to some euro server. guess they will join in a few mins/secs <xOANINO> back :) ComicBoyz thinks the difficult part is becoming rich <ComicBoyz> heh <netking> ComicBoyz: i get 2000$ a week now =) <netking> from selling my body <ComicBoyz> me does... NOT <ComicBoyz> ;( <LordByte> OK ... Scamp wants to hold a seminar for operating users of the GATE ... I suggest you call a special meeting Scamp, in channel #UCF-Gatekeeper .... do it in a week or two ... start announcing it right away ! <Lazyman> reback from de split! <__MARQUIS> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <netking> now the chan will be desynched <ComicBoyz> oh those +v feel so gooood <ComicBoyz> :) <netking> =) <ComicBoyz> nobody does +v like MrC does =) <__MARQUIS> MRC: read private please <netking> hehe cl0nefl00d beginning from =*!*@falsehope.com = detected. last cl0ne is uCF-Forge <__MARQUIS> and LORDBYTE, continue the meeting please ;) <LordByte> marq, I am :)) <LordByte> OK ... Scamp wants to hold a seminar for operating users of the GATE ... I suggest you call a special meeting Scamp, in channel #UCF-Gatekeeper .... do it in a week or two ... start announcing it right away ! <scamp> lb: what about the topics I wanted to talk about? <LordByte> scamp ... that was ONE topic ... next ? ComicBoyz wants to learn all those : commands that scamp has got hidden in his sleeve ;) <scamp> 2.) [v] <scamp> we can hold a seminar later if we are finished here if you ppl agree <scamp> it's only interessting for #ucf2000 ops <scamp> (but for those, it's IMPORTANT FLoPPo changes topic to "| Grand meeting is open | http://w3c.org/Protocols/Time/ for world times |" <ComicBoyz> : kickban allTheWebUsers <ComicBoyz> or something like that <ComicBoyz> :D <djHD> Comic <djHD> please stop <scamp> 3.) UCF-HTTPD/UCF-GATE, design, future, ideas me and others have <LordByte> no ... we need a :CLOSEGATE and a :OPENGATE :) <scamp> ops are even able to control complete ucf2000.com webserver from irc <netking> we need a :UCFGATE ;) <scamp> including uploading new releases to webserver via dcc from irc. uCF-Forge sets mode: +o _Shaman <netking> scamp: Not on my ┤puter, j/k <scamp> heh <netking> hope it will work under NT <scamp> controlling like: get statistics, ban users from using ucf2000.com, set anti-mirroring and stuff <scamp> netking: yes it will. did some first test on an nt machine. <scamp> so what about my topics? <scamp> lordbyte? <scamp> prez? <scamp> you alive? :) <netking> i will be having 3 servers, one 95 ;), one nt and one unix/linux <scamp> well we will be able to do lots of cool things for ucf and ucf2000.com then .. if you all agree (and netking allows me to use his server for that) <netking> all connected via a 100mbit man <LordByte> sure .. I am alive. <scamp> netking: we will rock the shit :) yeah <LordByte> but I am also doing like 4 private chats .... and I have only 2 hands :) <scamp> hehe \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v fOSSiL <scamp> use your 3d hand, too <netking> LordByte: and one hand is always busy, hehe <netking> joke! <scamp> hehe <_ryder_> back to the meeting themes now <__MARQUIS> right <djHD> guys <scamp> yes <BitwareZ_> yes <scamp> yo <djHD> we have one member , that we dont need <LordByte> scamp, U call gate-meeting. <_ryder_> the first one was [v] <__MARQUIS> djhd: whom? <djHD> i dont know why he is ucf <djHD> [v] <BitwareZ_> who <LordByte> scamp, the UCF-members will suggest facilities whenever they get an idea for U. <scamp> and I don't know who made him non-trial <_ryder_> we dont need more traders!!!!!!!! <djHD> yes <ph0nejack> v wasn't a trader <djHD> i agree <ph0nejack> i dunno wtf he did <scamp> and I'm asking myself why [v] is non-trial now and I'M NOT EVEN LISTED AS A STUPID TRIAL. <ph0nejack> or was supposed to do <LordByte> V was hunted down by netking. <scamp> as a gfx-artist <LordByte> mr_c used him for site-work. <djHD> site work <scamp> but he turned out to be a real bad/lame one gfxman <ph0nejack> hmm <djHD> hmm <ph0nejack> site work ? <LordByte> netking and scamp agreed that his GFX was no good. <__MARQUIS> 1. correct the NFO and list scamp [-[v]-] watches <LordByte> site-work = courieng and shit. <ph0nejack> oh <ph0nejack> we dont need that <LordByte> but if mr_c wants him, I see no harm in it. <djHD> LB,,,do we have that much ??? <scamp> marq: I did asking for correcting several times. only thing that happened: [v] was listed as member. <ph0nejack> avatar,me,floppo,mrc, <ph0nejack> worx EXCELENT <__MARQUIS> 2. V is out, unless netking prooves UCF need him or LB has a big heart ;) <ph0nejack> and im afraid if mrc goes something else leaves <LordByte> djHD, I am not confident, but mr_c likes the dudes work ! <FLoPPo> pj : and muffin <_ryder_> pj: muffin too <_ryder_> hehe <ph0nejack> oh yeah =b <ph0nejack> sorry muffie <ph0nejack> if cJ would come back and help out it would rock <FLoPPo> hehe <FLoPPo> is it final that mr_c will leave ? <ph0nejack> i hope not <FLoPPo> and if so, dont we need an new private hq ? <scamp> [v] has caused a takeover. [v] has done shitty gfx. No siteop in this world does know "[v]" the trader. <__MARQUIS> let MRC think 1 week, if he still feels like leaving, than it's final \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v _MuFFiN_ <_ryder_> yes <ph0nejack> heh <scamp> floppo: we could use ucf2000.com for that if netking agrees <ComicBoyz> muFF!! <ComicBoyz> :) <_MuFFiN_> god damn <xOANINO> uh... an infiltrate??? :) <ph0nejack> sorry muffie =b <__MARQUIS> continue meeting now LB <[-[v]-]> scamp: vortexer is my nick on sites <_Shaman> .ucfi <FLoPPo> scamp : ok <ph0nejack> v , msg me some sites ur on <LordByte> netking, I will need an emulation of mr_c┤s scripts, if he indeed DOES deside to leave. <scamp> [v] I've seen you begging on some siteops that did join #ucf2000 several times. <scamp> like "[v] please give me login" <scamp> answer "who the hell are you" <scamp> "[v] I'm known as vortexer" <[-[v]-]> scamp: what? <scamp> NO answer <scamp> oh well <FanTomE> hi all <scamp> I don't care. <[-[v]-]> what are you tlakin about scamp? <ph0nejack> msg me some sites ur on V <scamp> I just think ucf should not host lamers ... just my opinion. uCF-Forge sets mode: +o FanTomE <_ryder_> let us vote about [v] <netking> Where is that search engine V? <_MuFFiN_> hehe <scamp> anyone wanna see that design [v] made for ucf-gate? <scamp> I did wait DAYS for it. <scamp> here's the result: <scamp> <_ryder_> moment <scamp> maybe it's not even THAT bad. \\Mr_C\\ sets mode: +v t00nie <xOANINO> lemme see <scamp> but it's really nothing special. ucf wants to stay on top. <scamp> this is NOT top. <FLoPPo> i'll look :) <LordByte> netking, I will need an emulation of mr_c┤s scripts, if he indeed DOES deside to leave. <scamp> not at all. <t00nie> ackk got disconnected <netking> LordByte: No probb at all <Mave> Lb: errr, can we do a resume support on JJ's site? <t00nie> mr_c is leaving too? <scamp> yes <scamp> at least it seems so. <\\Mr_C\\> im sure djHD and scamp are happy <fOSSiL> scamp: that design is weird <scamp> mrc: don't get unfair. <t00nie> ahhh <FLoPPo> one nice black page <_Shaman> :) <t00nie> \\Mr_C\\, why? <ph0nejack> ist just black <LordByte> t00nie ... looks like it ... damn it .... that means that YOU will be new coordinator, should he go through with it. <fOSSiL> floppo: turn the brightness up =) <ph0nejack> wit some blue lines on the sides <ph0nejack> *sigh* <FLoPPo> but a very nice color of black indeed <netking> I have a topic! We need 1 full time graphics maker =) <ph0nejack> i guess my work goes unnoticed still <t00nie> \\Mr_C\\, you're doing a great work <t00nie> as a council <_Shaman> .ucfi <scamp> k <scamp> now you know [v]s design <scamp> if you like, have a look at www.ucf2000.com <_ryder_> it suxx <scamp> I'm *NO* gfx artist <scamp> not at all <__MARQUIS> mrc: toonie needs you too..don't leave him alone <scamp> but I think even if you aint a gfx artist at all, you can do it better than [v] <[-[v]-]> ucf2000.com the one i made never made it up there. <[-[v]-]> scamp: i'll put somethin up on the web ... tell me if u can do that ok? <scamp> you mean that photoshop-rendered one? <scamp> I saw it. <scamp> someone did send it to me. <scamp> sorry. <scamp> but that's no ART. <_Shaman> brr <[-[v]-]> no <[-[v]-]> its not photoshop <_Shaman> .ucfi <[-[v]-]> hold on <scamp> that's using a photoshop-filter. <[-[v]-]> im uploadin it now <scamp> k <t00nie> __MARQUIS, i know.. i'm not leaving him alone <xOANINO> well.. in my opinion... that [v] page with some other work like a ucf logo isn't too bad <ph0nejack> V if u were told to do site work <ph0nejack> then u musta forgot <ph0nejack> uploaded 0 to ucf sites <ph0nejack> downloaded 0 to ucf sites <ph0nejack> in fact i dont think u even bothered to logon to check them out <ph0nejack> wait <[-[v]-]> ph0nejack: ask mrc i just got added to sites on thursday <ph0nejack> u logged on xqz 1 day 12 hrs ago <ph0nejack> SO WHAT <ph0nejack> you shoulda have uploaded something <scamp> ucf needs the best <scamp> only the best <ph0nejack> i uploded 900 megs to XQZ the first week i was on it <netking> when i talked to mr_c about you, figured you where already on sites <netking> sumthing is fishy here <scamp> if we want to stay top-ranked. <ph0nejack> and im always racing on MF / BB3 / FOS <[-[v]-]> netking: ask him now.. <ph0nejack> TH/ CH / PG / XQZ / SOH <djHD> ok ok dudes <[-[v]-]> im not even on BB3 yet. which is supposedly the hq of ucf <ph0nejack> always see me racing <djHD> we dont need another curry <ph0nejack> and i see why <LordByte> Toonie ... get all present lists from mr_c (should he deside to leave), and get aquinted with them ... all site-lists, all NFO┤s ... everything ..... and you then contact netking for emulation of mr_c┤s scripts. <scamp> looks like finally some dudes noticed how to notice a lamer. <djHD> right? <_MuFFiN_> jup <ph0nejack> dj we dont need another <[-[v]-]> scamp: http://members.xoom.com/VTeX/gfx/vivx1.jpg <djHD> thats what i said <ph0nejack> with muffie,me,mrc,avatar,floppo <FanTomE> muffin : hello men <ph0nejack> us 5 work great together <\\Mr_C\\> i knew i can be replaced <ph0nejack> we keep out in check <_MuFFiN_> he fanta <__MARQUIS> PJ: yes..sounds like enough currys <t00nie> LordByte, okay <_MuFFiN_> \\Mr_C\\: thats not true <ph0nejack> er we keep each others in check <scamp> [v] nice ucf-logo LOL <ph0nejack> now ur gonna give a coord job to a person that joined for a few months <ph0nejack> quit <ph0nejack> and is now back ? <ph0nejack> i dontlike it <scamp> [v] look at http://www.disney.com <ph0nejack> what gives that he wont leave again <scamp> I made those gfx <LordByte> mr_c ... thats NOT true ... but U dont expect me just to let the "boat" sink, do U ? <scamp> rotfl <_ryder_> [v]: rendered with 3d studio... i have some friends they can create a better pic into 5 minutes <[-[v]-]> scamp: thats not ucf. <netking> [-[v]-]: you never do anything in time, thats the big probb, maybe you are a good courier then okay. Stay as 100% courier. But I dont want to work with sumone that only say that they will do sumthing and then dont do it <ph0nejack> and u cant say ur busy couriering <ph0nejack> cuz even if u did get added thursday to those sites <_MuFFiN_> he isnt a good curry at all <ph0nejack> you woulda uplodaed at LEAST a meg <_MuFFiN_> even no good packager <[-[v]-]> u know what <t00nie> .ucfi <[-[v]-]> if u guys want me to leave <[-[v]-]> then okay im leaving. <_MuFFiN_> and he doesnt talk to other traders if he starts and cant support all sites <netking> i dont like to hurt people <ph0nejack> <sounds like something i said to all couriers> <ph0nejack> i just wish more traders were on more <fOSSiL> hehe, i can do better graphics =)) http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~anvolkov/ <ph0nejack> i know avatar is in a bad predictment wit his work now [-[v]-] [[email protected]] has left #ucf2000 <djHD> ok <djHD> he left LordByte asks if there is more topics that members want debated ? <Mave> Lb: errr, can we do a resume support on JJ's site? <FLoPPo> pj : busy with work and getting a new pc with isdn <scamp> so what about mrc? <Mave> answer me, pls :) <djHD> Mave.,, i think no already <scamp> we will have to decide what to do now <djHD> :) <LordByte> Mave, I truly dont know ... I use FTP so very little. <_ryder_> can we remove [v] from the bots and the sites too???????? <t00nie> btw, Devil quit <ph0nejack> Mave, what do u mean resume support / <ph0nejack> ? <djHD> we know, toon <Mave> dj: no? <netking> <ucf-free> *** (UCF-God) BOT SHUTDOWN (\\mr_c\\: bye UCF) <scamp> I offer ucf my worktime. I can make ucf2000.com/ucf-gate/ucf-httpd do all servings for www, ftp AND irc if you ppl want that. <djHD> Mvae: potom eto obsudim <Mave> pj: resume broken downloads <t00nie> what about vantmas? <LordByte> scamp, your offer is accepted ! :)) <Mave> dj: ok <ph0nejack> ahh LordByte asks if there is more topics that members want debated ? <ph0nejack> hrm u should be able to <ph0nejack> most ftps allow it <djHD> Vantmas ? <djHD> pj,,lets discuss it later <ph0nejack> vantmas never got outta trial <ph0nejack> i think he mighta quit <scamp> I need to know with what ppl I should work together now <scamp> we need to make everything running again FAST. <t00nie> yea.. he's listed in the nfo as packager/trader <_ryder_> i want a new rule for crackers in ucf... all crackers have to crack a min. (1 proggy) per month <LordByte> scamp, basically ALL of us :) <BitwareZ_> hehe <ph0nejack> he cant pack worth jack =b UCF-Brute sets mode: -i LordByte sets mode: +i <_ryder_> UNDERTAKER cracks only 1 proggy in months <djHD> 1 per week <djHD> this is not much <_MuFFiN_> well if mrc is really leaving i think there some things to debate <scamp> yes <djHD> but we need suppliers <scamp> think so too. <_MuFFiN_> allthough i hope he wont <fOSSiL> djhd: every crack is a work of art =) <fOSSiL> u can't expect art to have a dead line <ph0nejack> djHD, define a supplier to u <t00nie> no mr_c won't leave <LordByte> I crack when I see something I think is WORTHY for UCF ... and may I remind you guys that I have a 12-hour/day job :)) <xOANINO> dudes you know i cant be online without tollfrees.... so expect me like 5 cracks a week when i've tollfrees/cc's ... 0 when i havent <djHD> fossil: sure,,you should see my new keymaker :) <_ryder_> 1 per month is enough for the beginning <djHD> ok <djHD> 1 per month <scamp> and: keep QUALITY up. <djHD> let me say please <djHD> WE NEED SOFTWARE SUPPLIERS <scamp> maybe there should be even someone watching new trials that are brought in? <LordByte> QUALITY is MORE important than deadlines and ratios !!!!!! <djHD> and we always must have smth to crack on drop site <Mave> dj: yeah, right <_MuFFiN_> whats about JJ or dcc file offers in future? <xOANINO> right dj <LordByte> I would RATHER see ONE GOOD crack in 6 months than 6 lousy cracks in 1 month. <djHD> JJ has gone with MRC i think <xOANINO> good quality progs to crack needed :) <FLoPPo> and a release\package hq ? <_MuFFiN_> thats why i want to talk about it:-) <Mave> xoa: yeah <Mave> :) <djHD> so <ph0nejack> we need JJ <scamp> we could do a auto-supply thinggy.. if someone wants something to be cracked, he can dcc it right to the oh well ucf-gate ... would that be a good idea? <ph0nejack> we need MRC <FLoPPo> could we use netking's site ? <xOANINO> i wish like for example... next big release of 3dmax cracked by ucf <_Shaman> JJ i ded - or not? <djHD> yes <djHD> or from web form <BitwareZ_> if release sites is changed i need to know <ph0nejack> jj is up now <djHD> is JJs belongs to MRC ? <FLoPPo> pj : yes but for howlong ? <BitwareZ_> i need to what to do if i have to change my ucf site <_Shaman> hmm i heart what "JJ is busted' <scamp> djHD: yes <ph0nejack> no idea <djHD> well <ph0nejack> nope shaman its up <djHD> we need new drop site then <netking> i can provide one <djHD> really ? <_MuFFiN_> lets take donut site from lazy <t00nie> djHD, mr_c isn't leaving :) he'll stay <_ryder_> faster than jj?? ;) <Mave> toon: you sure? <_MuFFiN_> Lazyman <netking> like 100times <_MuFFiN_> ya aliave? <LordByte> netking, I want a "mr_c" bot here with all scripts emulated, if we cant persuade mr_c to stay. <_ryder_> hehe <FLoPPo> faster, thats not so difficult :) <\\Mr_C\\> sorry t00nie, im resigning too <t00nie> ahh <_ryder_> floppy: right ;) <__MARQUIS> hmm <ph0nejack> mrc no <Lazyman> muffin: yep <\\Mr_C\\> i can be replaced, djHD cant <t00nie> \\Mr_C\\, you know that noone would be better than you to do the good work <FLoPPo> mr_c : dont talk nonsense <_MuFFiN_> Lazyman: goodie.... if jj is gone i think donut should be new release ftp <t00nie> don't think anyone can replace you <xOANINO> c what have you against dj.... <_MuFFiN_> yeah... no one can do this <Lazyman> could be but i prefer mrc continues being in UCF...in last months i think he did THE BEST work here <ph0nejack> ur more dedicated to ucf then anyone here <\\Mr_C\\> sorry im letting you all down, but i have no choice, im being forced out <t00nie> \\Mr_C\\, the bottom line is we NEED you! :) <Lazyman> even ucf2000 is working nowadays thanks to him <FLoPPo> forced out ? <_ryder_> ?? <ph0nejack> how are u getting forcedout ? <_MuFFiN_> mrc plsssss <_MuFFiN_> no chance at all? <LordByte> nobody is forcing U !! <ph0nejack> we kinda forced V out <FLoPPo> mrc : it would be best if you explained why you will leave <__MARQUIS> mrc: I know you could be as good as VIZE as djhd, but there is only ONE position <ph0nejack> were not forcing u out <LordByte> U R STILL THIRD HIGHEST RANKING OFFICER ! <ph0nejack> so switch it <LordByte> I cant believe my own ears (eyes). <ph0nejack> dj council <ph0nejack> mrc vice <_MuFFiN_> we wont let u go <ph0nejack> i think mrc would be better <t00nie> ph0nejack, i agree <\\Mr_C\\> this is what i feel move LB's rank to president and everyone elses stays right where they were <ph0nejack> hes been here longer <ph0nejack> even though he dont crack who cares <ph0nejack> he does everytthing else =b <\\Mr_C\\> NO vice needed <t00nie> let's vote! <Lazyman> btw, before i read to be pres or vice u should be a cracker.... i don't think that's a good idea...ucf needs good coordinators and it doesn't mean cracker=good coordinator. Mrc has done a great job and he should be rewarded as vice...my opinion of coz.. <BitwareZ_> \\Mr_C\\ we need a second in command <FLoPPo> hmm, we already voted i think ? <xOANINO> well... decisions must not be forced i think. if everybody agree djhd as vice or mrc as vice, say it now... for me, i dont care... i just want both in ucf <netking> im sick of this ranking stuff. It was created a long time ago. No change is needed <scamp> stop it. <scamp> we did decide. <t00nie> one will be vice prez and the other will be council <scamp> stop that damn ranking shit. <scamp> it does not matter. <ph0nejack> look <scamp> it's fun that does matter. <ph0nejack> i figure lb prez <FLoPPo> seems it does to some :( <scamp> if mrc really wants to leave, he should leave. <netking> we have had this system as we have now for ages <djHD> guys i have to go to work,,brb after 30 mins <LordByte> ENOUGH of this .... the positions has been laid out .... no changes for some time now. <netking> cya dj <__MARQUIS> well..why not decide about VIZE <ph0nejack> then we should leave everyone at there spots <ph0nejack> lb, then MRC will leave <LordByte> this in not a market in some turkish village ! <netking> =) <ph0nejack> =b <BitwareZ_> :=) <netking> dont get racial now =) <scamp> damn this is CHILDISH. <scamp> much too childish for me. <__MARQUIS> darn..not easy today ;) <t00nie> why don't we make mr_c as vice prez and djhd as council? <LordByte> ph0nejack, if he does leave, it will be because of an ego-problem .... he is THIRD HIGHEST officer, and he wants MORE .... I dont see YOU leaving coz U want more, do I ?! <FLoPPo> i agree with lb, we made a desision <ph0nejack> no but u might see me leaving cuz mrc is gone <ph0nejack> its not an ego thing <BitwareZ_> better to be third then nothing at all! <scamp> its an ego thing. <LordByte> ph0nejack, so what do you propose I do about it ... kick djHD, coz mr_c MUST be vise ??? <scamp> ONLY an ego thing. nothing else. <ph0nejack> NO <ph0nejack> not at all <__MARQUIS> nope <ph0nejack> look <netking> i dont think he┤s worth 3rd now..after all this shitty talk <xOANINO> let's do a funny thing.... we leave all and UCF is dead :) ahahahahahhaha <ph0nejack> mrc's thing isn't an ego prob <scamp> it is <scamp> we all know it. <LordByte> no, it wont ... I will be here ... all alone :)) <__MARQUIS> the problem just is: if DJHD isn't vize he will leave maybe...same with MRC..funny <ph0nejack> how ? <netking> its a huge ego problem <\\Mr_C\\> i dont need to be vice, i just dont want him to outrank me, put someone else as vice, put xoanon for gods sake <\\Mr_C\\> hes been around longer than both of us <BitwareZ_> well some1 have to give in <scamp> MRC: GROW UP. <t00nie> man <FLoPPo> marq : we agreed on djhd some time ago <scamp> he's not your mother. <netking> \\Mr_C\\ and djHD hates eatchoter <ph0nejack> look <netking> thats it, bye <ph0nejack> dj came after mrc <scamp> this is just a GROUP. <t00nie> how about no vice prez.. just council? <xOANINO> marq:but why the hell one should leave for positions???? it's childish!!!! _ryder_ [[email protected]] has quit IRC (-eXtreme- i hate stupid discussions.) <FLoPPo> dont think its fair to undu that scamp will leave ucf now, too <scamp> this is much too stupid. <t00nie> scamp, this is not stupid <scamp> mrc: be happy to destroy something that you do not want to exist without you. <FLoPPo> quiting isn't very mature <__MARQUIS> xoa: I know ;( <FLoPPo> so plz stay <LordByte> STOP THIS ! <t00nie> this is what meeting is all about.. to discuss and solve stupid problems <scamp> t00nie: that STOP this damn vice shit at once. <FLoPPo> t00nie ; and stupid it can get ;) <netking> indeed they are stoopid <t00nie> after all, i think this is all about positions! <LordByte> NOBODY leaves for such bad reasons. <xOANINO> if somebody say "i will quit if i'm not be prez/viceprez/etc..." i think it's not worth to be in a serious group.... <netking> if you want a position use the doggy one <t00nie> heh <xOANINO> lb:marq said dj will leave if not viceprez <scamp> RUMORS. <scamp> did djHD say that by himself? <scamp> NO <scamp> he didn't <__MARQUIS> I just have the feeling he will <FLoPPo> didn't we agree on djhd as VIZE some time ago ??????? <__MARQUIS> djhd said nothing, right <LordByte> scamp, he did demand more control, and his skills and senority does give him an edge <FLoPPo> so lets stick to it <netking> Floppo: we did <scamp> it should not be discussed if he's not here. <xOANINO> scamp: i repeat... i dont care about positions for me... if someothers care... well, it's childish <__MARQUIS> well...you all together shoulkd VOTE for a vize <scamp> marq: we did. <LordByte> OK .... VOTE for VISE : <LordByte> WHO WOTES FOR djHD ? <Mave> lb: dj deserves it <LordByte> damd splits. <scamp> this is a bad joke. <FLoPPo> and not change becaus someone threatenens to leave <netking> damn splits <FLoPPo> aaargh <FLoPPo> split STOP <t00nie> ack <t00nie> not again <netking> i vote for djHD <scamp> I will not vote. <xOANINO> and if we talk about skills, there're other skilled people here <FLoPPo> djhd has my vote <xOANINO> i vote for djhd too <netking> atleast djHD didint brag =) <scamp> do you know ANY country where ppl vote again because the loser of an election starts to cry?? <scamp> 4,11do you know ANY country where ppl vote again because the loser of an election starts to cry?? <t00nie> ahhh <Mave> i vote for dj coz he's cracker and he's one of best.. of coz i have a right to vote :) <LordByte> scamp, good point. <t00nie> scamp, stop that damn colour please :) <scamp> hehe <FLoPPo> we shouldn't be forced into making decisions like this <netking> hehe <scamp> k <t00nie> my eyes <_MuFFiN_> i dont care who will be vise... all i care is mrc to stay in ucf <FLoPPo> scamp : i agree <Mave> scamp: right <LordByte> it seems the problem is communication mr_c <---> djHD <scamp> no, that's not true. <LordByte> I propose they do NOT need to communicate .... I can be their "gate". <LordByte> scamp, but it IS true ... This fact has been verified plentifull by many members. <scamp> did you get in touch with that thing that happend like a week ago? <scamp> mrc behaved like he owns ucf <scamp> he told me to leave <scamp> he told djHD to leave <LordByte> Yes ... and YOU and mr_c worked it out ... I am affraid djHD and mr_c dident. <scamp> ucf is the only thing mrc has in his life. <scamp> he needs ucf. <scamp> and he needs it for ego. <scamp> that's the point. __MARQUIS votes for MRC...DJHD is young, his time will come sooner or later anyway <scamp> that's the only truth. <xOANINO> i vote for dj... but i'd like mrc remain <xOANINO> well... marq is right anyway.... <LordByte> mr_c knows he made a few bad moves back then ... but its really not THAT big a deal. <xOANINO> djhd joined less than 1 year ago, mrc is a life he's in ucf <netking> i think it is useless to have members voting if its gonna be like this all the time <FLoPPo> we have 4-1 : djhd-mrc ;) <xOANINO> i joined 1 year and a half ago.... but i dont demand to be vize for this <__MARQUIS> xoa: thats what I mean t00nie vots for mr_c as well <t00nie> err votes <FLoPPo> we have 4-2 : djhd-mrc <Mave> xoa: he doesn't demand it <_Shaman> i newbies, i can't vote for any ppl (in my opinion) but i'm with djHDD :) <netking> MR_C and djHD doesent like eachother, there┤s the problem <Mave> shaman: right :) <FLoPPo> we have 4.5-2 : djhd-mrc <FLoPPo> :) <scamp> everything else are lies. <__MARQUIS> what kind of position could DJHD have instead? CRACKERHEAD? <xOANINO> shaman: as far as i know of your skills, you should be viceprez better than dj.... if the election is based on skills :) <_Shaman> :))) <_Shaman> no-no i haven't time to do it , sorry :*( <netking> he was drunk he told me <scamp> brb <xOANINO> dudes ... listen to me... i think i've a good idea Lazyman vots mrc <xOANINO> stop talk and let me explain <FLoPPo> netking : you know thats no excuse :) <netking> hehe <t00nie> don't think me wrong.. i have nothing against djhd.. as a matter of fact djhd and i are close.. but i vote for mr_c cuz he's been doing a good job of what he does and also he's been in UCF forever.. he deserves the vice position <_Shaman> skill isn't importaint, PEOPLE is importaint <__MARQUIS> scamp: you are really NEW in ucf..first you need to learn a little respect for the OLD members...be sure, MRC did more for UCF than you can imagine ComicBoyz votes MrC <xOANINO> 1) put mrc as vize <netking> i got so mad when i talked seriously to him and he had to go take a cold shower <netking> =) <xOANINO> 2) put djhd,me,shamen as chief crackers <xOANINO> 3) all the rest like before <netking> i didint notice mr_c when i joined, was he on vacation? i have no clue =) <xOANINO> in 2) also mave :) <__MARQUIS> xoa: djhd and you...but shaman has to proove with releases what he can do first ;) <__MARQUIS> RELEAAESES <LordByte> xoa┤s plan dosent conflict with my overall plan, but .... will all members accept that ? <xOANINO> marq: sham cracked casmate ... isn't enough ? :)))) <_Shaman> :))) <LordByte> xoa, does it SAVE ? :) <_Shaman> i crack more, but i don't release it. <netking> still waiting for castmate, dos version =) <__MARQUIS> i know shaman is good..but I want to see him active first ;) <_Shaman> ~20 donglecracks for last year <xOANINO> i think my plan is ok... mrc have he's (deserved) place, djhd have it's deserved place for his skills <BitwareZ_> well the good part is that i get a t1 or t3 <__MARQUIS> 20? and how much dio I saw? <BitwareZ_> when i start :) <__MARQUIS> too less..hehe <xOANINO> well marq.... shaman or not shaman, i think my solution is good <scamp> marq: you know that dJHD is a very good cracker. <_Shaman> yes, forget about me, i NEWBIE, i must show myself, then...may be may be <Lazyman> xoa: i think that's a good idea... <FLoPPo> welcome back :) <__MARQUIS> xoa: true <scamp> even if mrc has done lots for ucf. in the meaning of the scene he is just a LAMER. <netking> xOANINO: i think not ComicBoyz agrees with xoa <scamp> just my opinion as always. <xOANINO> net:why not? <__MARQUIS> well..what about MRC as vize and DJHD/XOA as crackerheads? <FLoPPo> scamp : watch your mouth <__MARQUIS> sounds great to me <xOANINO> mrc lame...... agh <scamp> mrc is often very unfriendly to ppl. esp. if he's drunk. <scamp> and you all know this happens quite often. I'd prefer djHD as a vize <FLoPPo> so what? netking cuz apparently he haved lied and he have problems that would hurt us more than we gain <scamp> he's always nice to ppl. <Lazyman> scamp: do one think...SHUT UP!! <xOANINO> mrc always have been friendly to me... always helped.... maybe you dont know him well :) <scamp> netking: I fully agree with you. __MARQUIS want a easy solution now ;) <netking> lets all commit suicide =) <FLoPPo> so if mrc is vize he will stay ? <xOANINO> so people.... vote for my solution or original solution <FLoPPo> mr_c : ? <_Shaman> take it easy brothers please. <netking> i vote for original <__MARQUIS> 2 vize's? <scamp> if mrc will only stay if he's vice then it proves he's just on a big ego-trip and of no use. <__MARQUIS> oeh <_Shaman> "to djHD or not to mr_c" (c) Shekspeear <LordByte> 2 vises is NOT planned. <xOANINO> mrc DESERVES viceprez more of all we others <_MuFFiN_> hmmm scamp <netking> i think the ego have a great part of this too <_MuFFiN_> slow down <FLoPPo> thats the BIG question :) <LordByte> lotta ego┤s out tonight :) <scamp> egos sucks. <scamp> this is for fun. <fOSSiL> proposal: djHD - cracking vice, MRC - organizational vice ! <scamp> and right now this is no fun at all anymore. <netking> no no no <fOSSiL> problem solved <ph0nejack> hrm <FLoPPo> scamp : dont say mrc did nothing <netking> problem will not be solved <FLoPPo> or is a lamer <xOANINO> djhd is a very skilled cracker, one of the best among the scene.... but i think it's too few he's in ucf... mrc have a long tradition in ucf <scamp> floppo: I *NEVER* said that. <netking> he will only demand more and more <scamp> but check his skills. <_Shaman> fossil - nice suggest <\\Mr_C\\> scamp <_MuFFiN_> scamp <\\Mr_C\\> your starting to make me angry again <\\Mr_C\\> youve been here 3 weeks <scamp> oh <_MuFFiN_> me too <scamp> you want to kick me again? <\\Mr_C\\> you have no right to call me a lamer <scamp> do it. <ComicBoyz> scamp: for damn god... stop criticizing everybody <LordByte> mr_c, anger dosent suit your cause. <_MuFFiN_> ya just 2 weeks in ucf <scamp> you did it one time <scamp> you can do it again mrc <LordByte> remember what happened last time U got angry. <xOANINO> right scamp... it's only 3 weeks you're here .... <scamp> but I guess that's the only thing you can do. <\\Mr_C\\> scamp im not gonna kick you <\\Mr_C\\> i promised you i wouldnt remember <netking> okay, shall i call him things instead? =) <netking> joking <scamp> mrc: then STOP bringing us in such a trouble! <FLoPPo> so what if he's not the most nice person, he does his job very well <scamp> just STAY and continue! <scamp> like everybody else does! <scamp> stop this damn revolution shit just because of your ego. <FLoPPo> mr_c : you will only stay as vize, nothing else ? <\\Mr_C\\> my ego? <scamp> we all know u are doing important work. <__MARQUIS> scamp: learn to respect MRC...besides I never saw MRC drunk...you maybe just dislike himself <t00nie> so have we got the result yet? <\\Mr_C\\> ive an ego? <LordByte> everybody does tonight, it seems :) <_MuFFiN_> ive got an ego... so what <netking> this sux <xOANINO> i still think my solution is the better..... right c ? <_MuFFiN_> everyone got this <\\Mr_C\\> xoanon i didnt see it <\\Mr_C\\> net split <netking> no solutions is required. We have allready decided <FLoPPo> mr_c : you have, so what, thats not important <ComicBoyz> xoa: cut&paste it again, please <__MARQUIS> having an EGO is even needed in IRC..if you have no ego, you would be not here..noone <netking> everyone that is not happy leave <xOANINO> w8 <ph0nejack> i didn't see xoa's idea <ph0nejack> everyone left <scamp> ppl u know .. if you continue to sabotage decisions ucf will die. you KNOW that. uCF-Free sets mode: +o t00nie <netking> i have never had an ego on irc marq (just on www) =) <LordByte> ph0ne, nobody left ... YOU got on the wrong side of a split :) t00nie sets mode: +v _MuFFiN_ <ph0nejack> scamp in ur head maybe <xOANINO> <xOANINO> 1) put mrc as vize <__MARQUIS> yes..lets make a decision NOW <xOANINO> * ComicBoyz votes MrC <xOANINO> <netking> i got so mad when i talked seriously to him and he had to go take a cold shower <xOANINO> <netking> =) <xOANINO> <xOANINO> 2) put djhd,me,shamen as chief crackers <xOANINO> <xOANINO> 3) all the rest like before <xOANINO> <xOANINO> in 2) also mave :) <xOANINO> c: read <fOSSiL> scamp: there *actually* was no vote on vice <xOANINO> in this way all have their deserved position <__MARQUIS> ok..XOA's idea is fine for me...lordbyte? <scamp> fossil: no? oh I must be blind then. <t00nie> yep Marquis.. this may go on forever <__MARQUIS> LB <scamp> everybody agreed about djHD till mrc said he would leave. <LordByte> Marquis, I have no problem with that ... I just want democrasy to play its full role here. <__MARQUIS> ok? <netking> i really cant take this group seriously again it seems <xOANINO> with/without mave and shamen at point 2) ... decision to lb or marq netking [[email protected]] has quit IRC (only loosers cant descide) <\\Mr_C\\> i have no ego, i dont know where this came from <\\Mr_C\\> i was asking a question, where it came from <scamp> mrc: you are killing this group. <xOANINO> i can remain in Division too if you like.... or senior ... no probz for me <LordByte> it came from the fact that U have a problem with djHD as vise .. thats where :)) <__MARQUIS> LB: that lets try the things like XOA siad..give it a chance <xOANINO> scamp:shut up please <__MARQUIS> for 2 months at least <__MARQUIS> than you can vote NEW <__MARQUIS> mRC vize, djhd,me,shamen as chief crackers <__MARQUIS> ok? <scamp> xoanino: if you want to censor me, kick me out. <LordByte> Marquis, when the dust settles, I am sure we are gonna work it out. <__MARQUIS> me=xoa <ComicBoyz> mDs: u'll continue cracking for the group? :)) <__MARQUIS> comic: seldom, but yes <FLoPPo> um, where did djhd go anyway ? :) ComicBoyz grins.. kewl <scamp> u all know djHD will not take this. <xOANINO> i dont kick anybody.... i say it's 3 weeks you're in ucf and you pretend to know anything about us/mrc <scamp> no. __MARQUIS will not join another group..never <t00nie> what will djhd do if he's vice? <\\Mr_C\\> <\\Mr_C\\> is it gonna remain? or are we gonna be friends? <\\Mr_C\\> [17:31] <djHD> if you accept my changes <\\Mr_C\\> [17:32] <djHD> but if you accept my changes i reduce your rights <\\Mr_C\\> <\\Mr_C\\> o i c <\\Mr_C\\> [17:33] <djHD> and you will have rights to decide about membership <\\Mr_C\\> [17:33] <djHD> NOT <\\Mr_C\\> [17:33] <djHD> and you will NOT have rights to decide about membership <\\Mr_C\\> [17:34] <djHD> you will bot and ftp master <\\Mr_C\\> [17:34] <djHD> nothing more <\\Mr_C\\> [17:34] <djHD> now,,choose,,, <\\Mr_C\\> tell me who has the ego <xOANINO> christ <__MARQUIS> both <__MARQUIS> haha <ComicBoyz> =) <_MuFFiN_> hehe <fOSSiL> blah <FLoPPo> we have a new #1 ego :) <__MARQUIS> funny <xOANINO> we should be all friends.... i hate to see things like it <LordByte> E N O U G H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <ph0nejack> dj more <LordByte> Now I am gonna cut through ! <FLoPPo> hit it LB <__MARQUIS> tell us <LordByte> I have been rading this shit for 45 minutes ... NO MORE ! <t00nie> let's the prez decides :) <scamp> mrc: nice to paste stuff without context without djHD being here. very unfair. <t00nie> the new prez that is.. <xOANINO> 50 minutes :) <t00nie> heh <_Shaman> ok, enough... right word, let the prez decide the prob <\\Mr_C\\> where is he then? <scamp> went to work <scamp> will be back. <scamp> at least he said so. <__MARQUIS> djhd is back in 20 min <_Shaman> Marquis - please say you opinion. <balu\> hiya <LordByte> Mr_C .... You will stay as coordinator, or not at all. UCF is a CRACKING-group ... I do NOT want a non-cracker over djHD ... I will not accept this kind of blackmail ! <FLoPPo> LB : tell us what you want <LordByte> Netking just left. <LordByte> enough bullshit. <__MARQUIS> netking left UCF? <scamp> mrc: please stay. but without blackmail. <LordByte> mr_c is the BEST coord I have EVER had ! <Mave> lb: right! <scamp> *** netking has quit IRC (only loosers cant descide) <LordByte> but i WILL NOT accept blackmail. <\\Mr_C\\> i repect your desision LB, i will resign along with MDS <LordByte> so be it. <scamp> -dang- <scamp> :) <xOANINO> sniff <FLoPPo> :( <t00nie> oh man this really sucks <BitwareZ_> the way is must be then <scamp> yes <\\Mr_C\\> i am not blackmailing, im simpling pointing out something from a chat that shows who is willing to work with people and who isnt <LordByte> I am sorry for your desission, mr_c .. but U R taring UCF apart here ! <xOANINO> i thought my solution would have helped..... uCF-Free sets mode: +o balu\ <__MARQUIS> mrc: we meet anyway here in #ucf2000. I simply wanna see you in the future too <t00nie> cuz of the damn position that causes us like this <LordByte> xoa, it was a good sugestion, but I have had it up to here with these petty fights. <xOANINO> right toon <t00nie> tearing the group apart! <scamp> let's all settle down now. me too ... <\\Mr_C\\> i will not say anything more unless asked <FLoPPo> i think the prez has spoken <__MARQUIS> ok..decision made by LB...finally <FLoPPo> so let it be <LordByte> if third higest position is not good enough, then I cant and WONT do any more. <xOANINO> it is unfair for mrc i think... but ... if it's your wish.... <LordByte> xoa, not unfair ... he made his OWN choice. <LordByte> I have protected mr_c through time, but this thing has gone far enough ! <Mave> yeah.. so lets stop it.. pls <xOANINO> lb:well... if you read above, dj said him his powers here will be limited <LordByte> mr_c ... I beg you ONE last time ... STAY as my master-coordinator ! <LordByte> thats it, and thats that ! <__MARQUIS> lordbyte: well..now you know at least, it's often really hard to make wise decisions about ucf ;) <Mave> xoa: mr_c said that he don't want to.. it's his desicion <t00nie> yea.. stay mr_c <LordByte> Marquis, I waited 45 minutes, before I pulled out the cannon ... democrasy can be detrimental. <FLoPPo> LB : is it possible for mr_c to change his mind later ? <__MARQUIS> ok <LordByte> Floppo, no, I would feel a breach in LOYALITY .... The thing in ppl I value the most. <LordByte> he is welcome back in UCF, if he leaves, but then it will be as ordinary member. <FLoPPo> ok, so now its final then <LordByte> if he stays, he will be THIRD higest officer. <netking> okay, enough about that <xOANINO> just one thing i must say: lot of years dedicated to ucf my mrc are now vanished, only half a year of (very good indeed) work by dj is prized <FLoPPo> LB : thats fair <ph0nejack> xOANINO, thats what i waas saying earlier <\\Mr_C\\> ive a question, why wasnt xoanon or ryder, or any of the other crackers even thought of in the vote? <FLoPPo> hmm <scamp> stop trying to start more conflicts here. <__MARQUIS> good question <netking> they could have choosen to, if they wanted <Mave> please stop it..!!!! <scamp> mrc is just doing what he did announce earlier: no ucf without him. <LordByte> mr_c, ppl was casting their votes for my candidate .... they were FREE to subject their own candidate. <netking> members could have chosen them <ph0nejack> hes not trying to cause a conflict <scamp> not a good question. <ph0nejack> he asked a fucking question <FLoPPo> mr_c : if it wouldn't be djhd you will stay ? <netking> they didint! Is that a clever answer? <ph0nejack> asking a question is trying to start a conflict ? <ph0nejack> since when <scamp> it depends of when you ask the question <scamp> all decisions are done <scamp> and he said he's gone <scamp> now he asks that question <xOANINO> c: maybe coz i dont care about position... and ryder is very few he's in ucf ... in my opinion, i would stay in ucf also listed among the trials :) <ph0nejack> but hes not gone <__MARQUIS> but one thing I learned in the past, a president or vize has to entertain UCF members, talk to anyone, talk a lot even..not everyone is the kind of person for this..yes, it's work too <ph0nejack> hes still here <scamp> oh well doesn't that look like an attemp to cause riots? <FLoPPo> mr_c : plz answer me <xOANINO> i only want you both, you and dj part of the team... to continue our work as always <\\Mr_C\\> floppo yes i would <LordByte> god damn it ... do you have ANY idea what a HONOR it is to be THIRD higest officer in UCF, and not even be recognised as a cracker ?? ... MR_C has gone as high as possible for now .... he is studying how to crack, and SOON he will be a cracker ..... at that time we can re-evaluate all this debate again ! <FLoPPo> ok, so its not a position problem but a personality problem <netking> scamp: u r funny,a nd remind me of a great german leader in the past uCF-Forge sets mode: +o egis <t00nie> heheh <FLoPPo> netking : ;) <ph0nejack> hahah <ComicBoyz> netking: 8) <t00nie> adolph hitler? :) <scamp> not funny. <FLoPPo> who's he????? <scamp> not at all funny. <FLoPPo> ;) scamp [[email protected]] has left #ucf2000 <egis> hi, all! <FLoPPo> pfft <ph0nejack> cant take a joke ? <FLoPPo> no sense of humor <\\Mr_C\\> floppo, i guess it is a personal issue, i tried to talk with him to solve it, but he didnt want to <ph0nejack> i told u to STOP netking <ph0nejack> but did u listen <ph0nejack> NO!% <ph0nejack> =b, bah <__MARQUIS> hi egis <LordByte> OK, now scamp left .... <ph0nejack> hey e <netking> there, no everyone is mad <FLoPPo> mr_c : yes i know <t00nie> damn <__MARQUIS> and NO POLITICS here please..we are a CRACKING group <egis> what happened to scamp? <LordByte> anyone else feel like leaving ? <_MuFFiN_> not me <LordByte> scamp got pissed .... <BitwareZ_> no!' <FLoPPo> LB : yes, to my bed ;) <_Shaman> stop this shit. please every pll - vote for abyone from [Mr_c...djHD], then... fortune is point to <ph0nejack> i think we are all a little pissed <Mave> hey egis <netking> now, everyone is pissed due ranking <xOANINO> please all.. think again to my solution <netking> even me <xOANINO> i feel it's the better for us to keep stayn in peace <t00nie> ok netking apologizes scamp :) uCF-Forge sets mode: +o Sun-Tzu` <t00nie> now so he comes back <FLoPPo> if ya cant take a joke.......... <_Shaman> nice peace... meeting is natural war... <ph0nejack> this wouldn't have happened if marq had to leave <ph0nejack> hehe <netking> i wont apologize before you settle this <Sun-Tzu`> Greetingz netking [[email protected]] has left #ucf2000 <__MARQUIS> xoa: yes..peace is needed...and therefore in the next meeting you should vote again maybe...but for today the dcision is MADE. <Mave> hey Sun <FLoPPo> mr_c : i'm sad to see you leave for this reason <__MARQUIS> nothing is final <Mave> macq: pls, i know you can stop all this.. <__MARQUIS> next meeting comes <Sun-Tzu`> Egis, LB, Mave, Mrc, fossil, Muffin, and all UCF members <xOANINO> well... if it will be accepted in the next meeting ... will not be good to change vize after a month <__MARQUIS> LB: we have anything else to discuss left than positions? <\\Mr_C\\> hi sun-tzu <xOANINO> if it must be accepted, it must be done now <t00nie> ok i guess the meeting is over now? <__MARQUIS> yes <LordByte> Xoa, nope .... I am wondering if the solution is to have NO visepresident for now .... <__MARQUIS> more or less <ComicBoyz> lb: and what positions would mrc and dj have? <__MARQUIS> you all should have a new meeting in a few weeks uCF-Free sets mode: +o netking <BitwareZ_> LB you need a second in command , incase you not here <xOANINO> well... a vize must be <_Shaman> where is djHD? <__MARQUIS> today we are done I think...my nevers...;(( <__MARQUIS> nerves even <__MARQUIS> hehe <FLoPPo> LB : lets discuss it during the week, and have a meeting next weekend <FLoPPo> because i think djhd should be present <__MARQUIS> ---------------MEETING OVER-----------------------
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