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Barnil defends himself against Jess's accusations. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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This log has been made on the day of the crime. (That i didnt had anything to
do with it)

For anybody who still doesnt knows, jess have blamed me for spreading her pics
when i havent done a single shit to her.

Session Start: Tue Oct 28 19:50:13 1997
[19:50] <jess> wakeup
<Barnil> There?
[20:26] <jess> ?
<Barnil> Yea
<Barnil> you messaged me
<Barnil> [19:50] <jess> wakeup
<Barnil> is it about the pic?
[20:27] <jess> mind telling me why you put an fserve up with mine and some other
people's pictures ?
<Barnil> :)
<Barnil> well
<Barnil> sorry about your pic..
<Barnil> someone uploaded it
<Barnil> i dunno who
<Barnil> i just deleted it
<Barnil> ;)
[20:28] <jess> koyote
<Barnil> all the other people..
<Barnil> agreed
<Barnil> nope
[20:28] <jess> i sat and watched him up it to falsehood and wf10
[20:28] <jess> dont even lie to me
<Barnil> what ?
<Barnil> he did?
<Barnil> well im sorry
<Barnil> :)
[20:29] <jess> gollie already deleted the files from falsehood
<Barnil> anyway youll forgive me?
<Barnil> ;)
[20:31] <jess> give me ur site ips and passwd
[20:31] <jess> so i can reactivate ur account on dl
<Barnil> :)
<Barnil> Osof@192.114.11.*
<Barnil> barnil@
<Barnil> hmm
<Barnil> why did your deleted me?:)
<Barnil> dont really get pissed on that pic..
[20:33] <jess> what's ur pw
<Barnil> moshe
[20:33] <jess> because i dont like my personal life getting passed around online
like a toy
<Barnil> im really sorry
<Barnil> :)
<Barnil> btw you look nice =)
[20:34] <jess> ur done
[20:34] <jess> u can log back in
<Barnil> thanks
<Barnil> im sorry
[20:37] <jess> ok
<Barnil> dont be mad about koyote..
<Barnil> ;)
[20:38] <jess> haha
[20:38] <jess> i already deleted him from 3 sites
<Barnil> WHY?
<Barnil> add him..
<Barnil> ;) please?
[20:38] <jess> uh no
<Barnil> ohhh..
<Barnil> why?
<Barnil> oh please..
<Barnil> you dont look like a vicious person
<Barnil> jessy?
<Barnil> =)
<Barnil> jess..
<Barnil> pleaaasse dont kill koyote
Session Close: Tue Oct 28 20:49:03 1997

This is the log between me and hawkeye, just to prove i dont fucken scared from
no shit girl fuck nothin damnit fuck.
Session Start: Wed Nov 05 01:38:18 1997
───────────────────────────────────────                 <──────┘
[1:38] <_hawkeye> I didn't jess did
<Barnil> jess told me you did
<Barnil> can you put me back?
[1:38] <_hawkeye> well, I made the move cause jess wanted.. not too fair to
spread pictures of her..
[1:38] <_hawkeye> and uploading those to the sites..
<Barnil> MAN
<Barnil> i didnt uploaded nothin!
<Barnil> its not fair
<Barnil> she bann me and shit
<Barnil> only coz KOYOTE
<Barnil> uploaded her pics to SITES
<Barnil> and at the same time he did it
<Barnil> i had a private fserve
<Barnil> with scene pics
[1:40] <_hawkeye> I have nothing against you.. jess just got so mad and wanted
to give lesson to you...
<Barnil> with people from the scene
<Barnil> THAT AGREED<--------
<Barnil> to put their pic on
<Barnil> and
<Barnil> someone uploaded her pic
<Barnil> to my fserve
<Barnil> She blames me for nothin
<Barnil> and she really pissed me off
[1:40] <_hawkeye> lets see... not right now..
[1:40] <_hawkeye> can't telnet to the box..
<Barnil> i havent done a fucken thing
<Barnil> ok
<Barnil> do me one fav..
<Barnil> TALK TO HER
<Barnil> explain her
<Barnil> i didnt fucken do anything
<Barnil> :(
<Barnil> its not damn fair she kick me from sites
<Barnil> only coz someone uploaded her jpg to me
<Barnil> and KOYOTE was the one who uploaded it on wf10
<Barnil> and on fh too
<Barnil> so..
<Barnil> tell her
<Barnil> paste her this all log
<Barnil> if you can
<Barnil> do it now
<Barnil> please
<Barnil> its not damn fair that now i cant go on VDRLAKE
<Barnil> and jamili / red_dra
<Barnil> thinks im a fuxer
<Barnil> and banning me from vdr
<Barnil> jessblames me
<Barnil> ON STUFF i havent done
<Barnil> and i got proves..
<Barnil> logs
<Barnil> whatever she wants
<Barnil> just
<Barnil> tell her to tell take me out of the case
<Barnil> and tell jamili that i didnt do nothin
<Barnil> and to red_dra too
<Barnil> i dunno i never talked to both
<Barnil> and they both think im a sucker
<Barnil> or something
[1:45] <_hawkeye> well, I'll fix your account later to sth..
[1:45] <_hawkeye> but Jess will be mad to you 4ever.
<Barnil> WHY?
[1:45] <_hawkeye> and I think vdr is off the case
<Barnil> I REALLY didnt do anything
[1:46] <_hawkeye> well .. cause of spreading  his pic
[1:46] <_hawkeye> u talk to him.. if u want..
[1:46] <_hawkeye> her
[1:46] <_hawkeye> I meant
[1:46] <_hawkeye> she doesn't care
<Barnil> man
<Barnil> this is sooooo unfair
<Barnil> well
[1:46] <_hawkeye> well, your fileserver did
<Barnil> BUT i wasnt home
<Barnil> and the sec icame home
<Barnil> and saw the messages i deleted it
<Barnil> and also
[1:46] <_hawkeye> well, tell it to her.
<Barnil> the fileserver was with ipcheck
<Barnil> only few people could get in
<Barnil> THE REAL man who spreaded the pics
[1:47] <_hawkeye> tell it to her....
<Barnil> was koyote
[1:47] <_hawkeye> =(
<Barnil> her uploaded it to sites
<Barnil> man
<Barnil> i cant tell her
[1:47] <_hawkeye> I can't help..
<Barnil> she will ignore me
<Barnil> just send her this log
<Barnil> send her the log of the chat
<Barnil> pleae
<Barnil> please
<Barnil> i beg you
[1:47] <_hawkeye> I already pasted everyhing to her
[1:47] <_hawkeye> and she says that  she don't care
-> *jess* please you got to understand i havent done a THING i can send yo Logs
of #empire when it happend, i SWARE i havent uploaded nothin, somebody uploaded
the pic to my fserver
-> *jess* and also the fserve was ip check, only people on my friends lis were
there.. i didnt uploaded the pic to sites, the minute i came home i saw the
message i deleted the pic
<Barnil> ok
<Barnil> well
<Barnil> hawkeye
<Barnil> paste her
<Barnil> last message
<Barnil> this one:
[1:53] <_hawkeye> I alreadey did..
<Barnil> nonon
<Barnil> a new one
<Barnil> only one more
<Barnil> and thats it
[1:53] <_hawkeye> ok
<Barnil> i dont care anymore
<Barnil> hold
<Barnil> lemme write it
<Barnil> Hi Jess, thank you for fucking up my relations between people i have
never talked with Jamili and maybe some more people you told to, but anyway you
are the most selfish woman i ever met, i never done something wrong to
you,atlist not in purpose, i saw the pic and your message when i got home, and i
deleted it the sec i saw it, and i also closed the FSERVE and messaged you
sorry, the pic wasnt spreaded so deep, since the FSERVE was ip checking and
somebody uploaded the pic to it, now i never uploaded your pic to any site or
something like it, Well thank you for being self-minded, and fucking
<Barnil> up people that never even talked to you, have a nice life, i wonder why
people like gets to be like THE ELITE, blablab in the scene since you people
play HIGH, you dont even check if the story is true, so thanks again you really
helped alot.. and by the way, next time try atlist not to lie and say hawkeye
banned me, since you told him to, and same thing with vdr is that if you wouldnt
told jamili or somebody then jamili would not hate me or something, so have a
nice life..bye
<Barnil> .fin.
<Barnil> did you messaged this to her?
[2:02] <_hawkeye> yep..
<Barnil> any response from her?
[2:03] <_hawkeye> u don't wanna know..
<Barnil> yes i do
[2:03] <_hawkeye> <jess> uh
[2:03] <_hawkeye> <jess> made no sense
<Barnil> hmm
<Barnil> wow
<Barnil> hmm
<Barnil> what the hell does she mean :)?
[2:04] <_hawkeye> hehe..
<Barnil> no really
<Barnil> what does it means
[2:04] <_hawkeye> well try to talk to her.
<Barnil> i did
<Barnil> she dont answer
<Barnil> doesnt
<Barnil> well?
<Barnil> did she wrote any more stuff?
[2:07] <_hawkeye> she's notintrester I think
[2:07] <_hawkeye> nope
<Barnil> hmm
<Barnil> uhhh
<Barnil> damn
<Barnil> fuck everybody
<Barnil> fuck this hole damn scene
<Barnil> jess can go blow my dick
<Barnil> i dont care anymore
<Barnil> everybody
<Barnil> could banned me from everysite there is
<Barnil> if jess
<Barnil> could do that
<Barnil> who knows
<Barnil> maybe one time ill say her name in public
<Barnil> then
[2:10] <_hawkeye> comeon stop it...
<Barnil> she'll come over here and kick me from school ha?
<Barnil> this mofo
<Barnil> ill damn spread her pic all over the nations
<Barnil> ill open a damn R.I.P site fer her
<Barnil> im so pissed
<Barnil> i could slughter a dog
<Barnil> my dog
<Barnil> but i dont have one =)
<Barnil> but
<Barnil> still i love you
<Barnil> i hope my real friends wont abandon me
<Barnil> most of the sites she cant nuke me
<Barnil> i got friends there
<Barnil> and if friends doesnt work
<Barnil> ill fucken send them hw to shutup
<Barnil> :)
[2:13] <_hawkeye> =)

This log was taken 7 days after the case.
│──────────────────────────────────────────────────┘        │
Session Start: Tue Nov 04 02:51:23 1997            │
───────────────────────────────────────         <──┘
[2:51] <jess> ?
<Barnil> Listen
<Barnil> i wanna know if you are still mad at me at the incident..?
<Barnil> because
<Barnil> you took me off STH
<Barnil> and you banned me from VDR
<Barnil> #Vdrlake
<Barnil> and
<Barnil> you told everybody not to put me on VDRLAKE
<Barnil> and now nobody likes me =)
<Barnil> even though i did not do anything, the pic was uploaded to that fserve
while i wasnt home, and when i got then
<Barnil> there
[2:53] <jess> um
<Barnil> i saw the messages
[2:53] <jess> first off
<Barnil> and i deleted the pic
[2:53] <jess> hawkeye deleted you from sth, not me (LIE<-- she told hawkeye to
bann me)
<Barnil> hawkeye?
<Barnil> why?
[2:54] <jess> secondly it was jamili's decision to ban you and koyote both
(i donno if this is true or not about koyote, but im sure jamili decided this
decision from the lies jess told him)
[2:54] <jess> from vdr
<Barnil> i made up with koyote
<Barnil> even though
<Barnil> he uploaded that pics to sites
<Barnil> i had NEVER talked to jamili
<Barnil> before
<Barnil> purify asked jamili to add me
<Barnil> and jamili said she doesnt like me, coz of what happend with jess or
<Barnil> Do you maybe know why hawkeye took me off STH?
<Barnil> Please dont disappear
<Barnil> i wanna finish this , :) im sorry if i did anything that harmed ya but
lets not fight from the start=)
<Barnil> ehmm
<Barnil> ok
<Barnil> c'ya
<Barnil> thanks anyway
Session Close: Tue Nov 04 03:01:22 1997

Here are some more logs that connected to the case, connect the facts.
│──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘   │
Session Start: Sun Nov 02 18:03:38 1997
<Barnil-> man ask Jamili to add me on VDR please
[18:03] <Purify_> this jess shit really fucked u up
<Barnil-> Why?
[18:04] <Purify_> coz he dont wanna add u
<Barnil-> I talked to JESS
<Barnil-> i said sorry
[18:04] <Purify_> [18:11] <jamili> i don't like barnil
[18:04] <Purify_> [18:11] <jamili> well
[18:04] <Purify_> <Purify_> why not?
[18:04] <Purify_> <Purify_> give hima  second chance
[18:04] <Purify_> [18:11] <jamili> not yet atleast.. maybe next week
<Barnil-> i wasnt the one who uploaded to JESS
[18:04] <Purify_> it screwed u up its a fact jess is staff on VDRLAKE
<Barnil-> is she is on irc?
<Barnil-> i wanna talk to her
[18:04] <Purify_> anyway he's mad at u
[18:04] <Purify_> he said maybe next week
<Barnil-> Why mad?
[18:05] <Purify_> she sin't on
<Barnil-> i wasnt the one who uploaded the pic to SITES
<Barnil-> it was uploaded to the FSERVE
<Barnil-> i havent done A THING
<Barnil-> i came back home
<Barnil-> and i saw messages
<Barnil-> then the minute i saw
<Barnil-> i deleted the pic
<Barnil-> i dont even have it right now
<Barnil-> Write it to jamili
Session Close: Sun Nov 02 18:18:17 1997

I had a few more little logs that doesnt count or change any importent detail
anyway this log is really the most dummest thing i ever made, since even though
alot of people will see this, jess still wont care and she might ever be mad
even more, but...........................................................
...............................I DONT FUCKEN CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >8·D

<This text file was made by Barnil, all the details are true, and all the logs
 are true to, if you wanna a second check, go ask jess for logs, anyway, all
 this people that were invovled in the logs except Me/Jess/Koyote arent
 connected to this case.  Thanks .. later)

Greeting: Empire people! and riches/penni/hawkeye/purify/45mb/and my loving
          and caring wife, Mrs. gollie, and all the people i forgot!
Craping: all craping were sent to Jess by special overnight FED-EX delivery
         enjoy the smell, but i guess your used to it...
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