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Siege vs Corp. for The Crazed Asylum (TCA) by Siege

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Here is the SIEGE.NFO for the release MACROMEDIA DIRECTOR 7 FINAL

▓                      [x] SIEGE Proudly Presents
[x]                         ▓
        ⁿ       Director 7 ShockWave Internet Studio *FINAL*       ⁿ

   ▓  RELEASE DATE     : 12/11/98                                        ▓
   ▒  SUPPLIER(S)      : Santa Blue                                      ▒
   ░  PACKAGER         : The Krazy Nomad                                 ░
      PUBLISHER        : MacroMedia
      RIPPER           : N/A
      CRACKER          : N/A
      TESTER(S)        : TEAM SiEGE
      PROTECTION       : Serial
      PROGRAM TYPE     : Multimedia
      PLATFORM         : Win 9x/NT
      NUMBER OF DISKS  : 11

   ▓                                                                     ▓
   ▒                                                                     ▒
   ░  SiEGE is proud to bring you, straight from Macromedia Corp, the    ░
      new Director 7. Not to be confused with Corp's Director 7, which
      WAS Beta 3. We understand how they could have been confused in
      their excitement at getting something that wasn't on the web
      somewhere - and they probably just 'forgot' to put that
      information in their nfo!  With no further adieu... Merry
      Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays from your favorite
      QUALITY utility release group - SiEGE

      China Blue

      The Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio is the standard for
      creating and delivering powerful multimedia for the Internet,
      CD-ROMs, and DVD-ROMs. Rather than serving simple graphics and
      text, Director unleashes your creativity with the only tools
      powerful enough to combine graphics, sound, animation, text, and
      video into compelling content that grabs your
      audience and delivers your message.

      The Studio's intuitive visual development metaphor makes it easy
      to create, import, animate, and control media. When you need
      sophisticated interactivity, leverage Director's easy-to-use
      drag-and-drop behaviors or powerful object-oriented scripting

now, here's the mgd authored NFO response...hehe

    ▓                                                                     ▓
    ▒  If we missed you, please forgive us.  We send out greets to the    ▒
    ░                   following individuals & groups:                   ░

          Hemp Hoodlum . Lester . Sharp . The Joker . UNeZ . Wayward

           Class . Origin . Paradigm . Razor 1911 . DOD . LND . PWA

     We would like to take the time to send a SPECIAL FUCK YOU to SiEGE.
     They are nothing but a bunch of arragogant bastards who think that
     they are the shit, especially that chinabitch. Dumb bitch doesn't
     realize that if she didnt waste her daddy's money supplying hardware
     that no one would ever even want to talk to her stupid whining and
     bitching ass. Oh and one more tip, pull you head out of KFlex's ass.
     The fun doens't end there, we have plenty more retards to note about
     yet we will conclude with DAVnGOL, the biggest retard to ever come
     into the warez scene, and SiEGE let him be a leader? Good Joke.

     Before you EVER bitch about another group fuck up look at yourselves
     first, you guys cant even make a DIZ right:
     200-  981212   CANVAS.6.PROFESSIONAL.EDITION-SiEGE           27367KB
     Nice job, retards.

 ▓    NFO UPDATED BY: Freakshow & mgd                        [12/08/1998]
siege.vs.corp.txt 80x89 Font