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This log was donated to us by Jess, the ever faithful squirt girl. You might wonder why we are including such a long log in the mag, and the answer is simple. Sitez is a moron. We at NWR enjoy exploiting the idiocy of our fellow scene members, and this was simply too good to pass up. The comments without names belong to Jess, the joins/quits and private messages have been cut, and the lulls in conversation have been removed. The rest of the log remains the same, so as Sitez put it, he will not be misinterpreted. I offer this log as a lesson on how to make yourself extremely unattractive to the human population, especially women, note the number of women who come out against him. Enjoy! [21:24] <[sitez]> why is usa gay [21:24] <[sitez]> we got low taxes tons of land [21:24] <[sitez]> we own u all [21:24] <lawia> but it's more "socialy secure" [21:24] <lawia> laugh :) [21:24] <[sitez]> HAHAH [21:24] <Lethal_> i wanna work in norway, and live and shop in sweden :) [21:24] <[sitez]> u all pay for ppl to show condom adds [21:24] <[sitez]> thats where ur money goes [21:24] <Wintrhwk> <[sitez]> in USA taxes=like 20% [21:24] <Wintrhwk> umm [21:24] <[sitez]> to condom adds and dances in buildings that catch fire [21:24] <Wintrhwk> I pay like 30% [21:24] <[sitez]> u must be in upper bracket wint :P [21:24] <Wintrhwk> where can I pay 20%..:) [21:25] <[sitez]> us low life pay less =) [21:25] <Lethal_> sitez: and u have a president that cant keep his hands of women, i bet he even gave his daughter sex too, that perv [21:25] <[sitez]> hey [21:25] <[sitez]> i hate clinton too..im a republican [21:25] <[sitez]> conservative at that [21:25] <Lethal_> trash like sitez pay less tax [21:25] <Lethal_> :) [21:25] <[sitez]> i live in a ghetto [21:25] <mik-> I pay 43 % here and happy that it is not 50% [21:25] <Wintrhwk> you are conservative? [21:25] <mik-> :-) [21:25] <[sitez]> yah [21:26] <[sitez]> i am conservative repub why? [21:26] <[sitez]> what are u [21:26] <Wintrhwk> I am a republican [21:26] <[sitez]> cool [21:26] <inphi> whats the difference? [21:26] <inphi> NONE! [21:26] <[sitez]> u against abortions too? [21:26] <Grinder_> Im a republican [21:26] <inphi> ok! [21:26] <Grinder_> :) [21:26] <inphi> yay! [21:26] <Lethal_> i voted for no-one [21:26] <[sitez]> I hate abortions [21:26] <[sitez]> its murder [21:26] <Grinder_> dude [21:26] <Lethal_> vote for no-one [21:26] <inphi> sitez ? ? ? [21:26] <Wintrhwk> I am a moderate republican [21:26] <[sitez]> i swear....if the supreme court can get some repubs on it some more anyway [21:26] <inphi> are you gay? [21:26] <Wintrhwk> and wait [21:26] <[sitez]> we can overturn roe v wade [21:26] <[sitez]> :P [21:26] <Grinder_> Im republican til' I die :) [21:26] <Wintrhwk> what gives you the right to decide what I should do with my body? [21:27] <Wintrhwk> I am not saying i am for it [21:27] <Grinder_> wintr uh oh :) [21:27] <Grinder_> Im all for abortion [21:27] <[sitez]> Wintrhwk> what gives you the right to decide what I should do with my body? [21:27] <[sitez]> heh [21:27] <Wintrhwk> I am saying I prefer the choice [21:27] <[sitez]> thats a great infoline :P [21:27] <[sitez]> well [21:27] *** Joins: Lester ([email protected]) [21:27] <[sitez]> its murder [21:27] <[sitez]> u can do whatever uwant to ur body as long as u aint carrying life in it [21:27] <[sitez]> the way i see it [21:27] <Lethal_> erhm [21:27] <glen> lester: u should be afk making nwr :) [21:27] <mik-> sitez: meaning until she's dead [21:27] <Lethal_> if it is murder [21:27] <mik-> :-) [21:27] <Lethal_> what shall it say on the gravestone? [21:28] <Lethal_> Mike Pelez born 1.9.98 dead 7.3.98 [21:28] <Lethal_> ? [21:28] <Lethal_> Mike Pelez born 1.9.98 dead 24.3.98 [21:28] <Wintrhwk> wow, that is late term abortion [21:28] <Lethal_> that would look dumb [21:29] <mik-> Say it better: born 01.01.98, dead 02.01.98 [21:29] <Lethal_> winterhawk: erhm, i dont write it like u do, thats why i changed the date [21:29] <mik-> painless [21:29] <Lester> abortion activists are stupid [21:29] <Lester> why would you rather have an unborn child who will live only through suffering and ruin the lives of some young kids [21:29] <[sitez]> right on lester :P [21:29] <Lester> come into the world [21:29] <[sitez]> er [21:29] <Wintrhwk> it is just my body and I want the choice to do with it what i want, not the government [21:29] <[sitez]> nevermind [21:29] <[sitez]> i thought u meant those who [21:29] <[sitez]> winthw [21:30] <Lester> what is the justification behind it? [21:30] <Lethal_> winterhawk: actually u decide what to do with another persons body, but i agree with you [21:30] <Wintrhwk> at this point I would probably never have an abortion [21:30] <mik-> women as rule choose for themselves, I would never think that I would be once in a position to try to convince a girl not to make an abortion. And I am happy that I did, I have great son now:-) [21:30] <Lester> if you CANNOT care for a child [21:30] <Wintrhwk> but I prefer to have the choice [21:30] <Lester> why bring it into the world [21:30] <[sitez]> did u all think [21:31] <[sitez]> maybe the guy wanted the child? [21:31] <[sitez]> its half his [21:31] <[sitez]> afterall [21:31] <mik-> I did at least:-) > are we discussing abortion? :P [21:31] <Lethal_> so let him carrie it for 9 months sitez =P [21:31] <[sitez]> bah [21:31] <[sitez]> i mean [21:31] <[sitez]> its his kid [21:31] <Lester> i'm just talking general [21:31] <[sitez]> maybe he dont want it murdered with a knif [21:31] <Lester> i dont even know what you guys are talking about [21:31] <Lester> :) [21:31] <Wintrhwk> Lester: haha [21:32] <Wintrhwk> sitez, no knife, just a vaccum..:) [21:32] <Lethal_> lester is just out and looking for arguments where he can join in =P [21:32] <Lester> no knife [21:32] <mik-> Lester: You know...kid stuff:-() [21:32] <Lester> just a dirty coathanger [21:32] <[sitez]> eww [21:32] <[sitez]> MURDER [21:32] <[sitez]> abortion=murder [21:32] <Wintrhwk> a dirty coathanger is what happens when government regulates abortions [21:32] <[sitez]> well [21:32] <[sitez]> ppl use abortion as a form of birth control [21:32] <[sitez]> which is wrong [21:32] <Lester> not getting an abortion and bringing a child into a world of suffering and hate, is CRUEL [21:32] <Lethal_> not that i know [21:32] <Lethal_> what it means [21:32] <[sitez]> most ppl use it like that [21:32] <Lethal_> but anyway [21:33] <Wintrhwk> <Lester> not getting an abortion and bringing a child into a world of suffering and hate, is CRUEL [21:33] <Wintrhwk> Lester is so right [21:33] <Wintrhwk> or using it for more welfare [21:33] <mik-> wow...we're getting real issues here finally:-) [21:33] <Lester> you wanna know why welfare is fucked or why they are so many crimes and fucked up teens? [21:33] <Lester> parents had kids too young [21:33] <[sitez]> mmhmm [21:33] <Lester> they dont know wtf they are doing [21:33] <Lester> so if a kid is pregnant and can't handle having a child [21:33] <[sitez]> u should wait till ur lesters age to molest/hae kids [21:33] <[sitez]> what are u 40? [21:33] <Lester> get a fucking abortion [21:33] <[sitez]> =) [21:33] <[sitez]> no [21:33] <Lester> i'm 19 idiot [21:33] <[sitez]> ABORTION=MURDER [21:33] <Lester> :) [21:33] <mik-> Lester: It all depends what kind of parents it is. > sitez, say ur sister (if you have one) gets raped & finds out she's pregnant... [21:34] <[sitez]> give baby up for adoption is best [21:34] <[sitez]> if they cant cafre for it [21:34] <Wintrhwk> you have to have a license to have a dog, but not a chld...go figure. [21:34] <Wintrhwk> child > you can't expect her to keep a baby like that? [21:34] <[sitez]> i got 2 sisters jess [21:34] <[sitez]> give baby up for adoption is best > why? [21:34] <[sitez]> why cant they give for adoption [21:34] <[sitez]> instead of murdering [21:34] <Wintrhwk> oh yeah [21:34] <Wintrhwk> that's what I wanan do [21:34] <Lester> putting a child up for adoption is almost as bad [21:34] <Lethal_> erhm [21:34] <[sitez]> why is that bad? [21:34] <Wintrhwk> bring a child into the worls thatis a result of a rape [21:34] <Lester> most of those kids are fucked for life [21:34] <Lester> they have SERIOUS abandonment issues [21:34] <[sitez]> adoption gives infertile caring couples a chance to raise kids [21:34] <Wintrhwk> who is your mom? Dunno, some lady that was raped [21:35] <Wintrhwk> father is some perv [21:35] <Wintrhwk> that person is fucked for life [21:35] <mik-> I was 19 when I got married, and when I was 21, I had to insist with my wife not to make abortion.As result he was born, and I can say guys, that maybe it is the best thing which happened to me in my entire life.Kids are the future. [21:35] <Lester> and half of them spend their ENTIRE childhood in some home, waiting to be picked up [21:35] <Lester> like a pet store and shit [21:35] <Wintrhwk> Mik, but it nice to have the choice [21:35] <mik-> My son is happy so am I [21:35] <Lester> mik: yes, you were able to handle the responsibility of being a father, not everyone can [21:35] <mik-> Wionthwk: yep,except that I had to divorce when i was 25 [21:36] <[sitez]> oh [21:36] <Lester> some crackwhore and her pimp husband [21:36] <[sitez]> hehe mik :P [21:36] <Lester> aren't qualified to be a family [21:36] <mik-> sitez. Too early dude:-) [21:36] <Lethal_> lester: dont dizz my mom and dad! [21:36] <mik-> How old are you people? [21:36] <mik-> Am I oldest here? [21:37] <Lester> sitez, your one of those ppl who are simply blinded by the issue that it's a human life and it is being taken. you dont care for the reasons someone may have for it [21:37] <[sitez]> im 17 [21:37] <Lethal_> mik:18 [21:37] <Wintrhwk> well, I commend you for your stance, Sitez. You are not the heartless bastard I had you pegge dofr..:) [21:37] <Lester> you get behind an issue because it is something to stand on [21:37] <mik-> lester: And you? [21:37] <Lester> i'm 19 [21:37] <Wintrhwk> well, I commend you for your stance, Sitez. You are not the heartless bastard I had you pegged for..:) [21:37] <mik-> ok [21:37] <[sitez]> thanks whawk [21:37] <[sitez]> thanks whawk :P [21:37] <[sitez]> heh [21:37] <mik-> Wintrhwk: I think you are somwhere around 30,right? [21:37] <Wintrhwk> mik, 35 [21:37] <mik-> Yup [21:37] <Lester> i still think your a heartless bastard sitez..:P [21:37] <Lester> j/k [21:37] <mik-> I am 28 [21:38] <[sitez]> I still think ur a child moLester lester [21:38] <Lester> and you wanna know what? [21:38] <Lester> the children you fight so hard not to have aborted [21:38] <Lester> are the ones i molest [21:38] <Wintrhwk> as I sit here, I do not think I would ever have an abortion [21:38] <Wintrhwk> I just want th echoice [21:38] <Wintrhwk> that's all [21:38] <mik-> sitez is just still young, and didn't see all nightmares of this life yet.We can't blame him for that [21:38] <Lester> because they are vulnerable [21:38] <mik-> hahahah [21:38] <riches> haha [21:38] <Wintrhwk> haha, nice Lethal [21:38] <Grinder_> hahah lester! :) [21:38] <riches> lethal:[ > i just think there's way too many circumstances to ban abortion [21:39] <Wintrhwk> jesus, Lester..:) [21:39] <riches> ya like uhm someone gets raped and there lek 15 [21:39] <Lester> never heard that argument eh?:) [21:39] <riches> and they get pregnant [21:39] <Pixel-> yea like if mgd raped you..... that is a justifiable abortion [21:39] <Grinder_> hahah! :) [21:39] <[sitez]> <Lester> the children you fight so hard not to have aborted [21:39] <[sitez]> <Lester> are the ones i molest [21:39] <[sitez]> damn > exactly :P [21:41] <[sitez]> ok....that was a nice discussion.....now next topic=Affirmitive action...my view: IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL....giving blacks advantages just cuz they are black is like punishing whites...its like enslaving white ppl [21:41] <Lester> wow..#mpower is all growned up [21:41] <Wintrhwk> that is his special this week [21:41] <Lester> i'm so proud [21:41] <Lester> abortion, hw, partitions [21:41] <Pixel-> Um [21:41] <Lester> molestation [21:41] <Grinder_> haha > oh no [21:41] <Pixel-> u lamer, affirmative action is not juts for blacks > we're not gonna get into this [21:41] <Pixel-> heh [21:42] <riches> I AGREE SITEZ [21:42] <mik-> pixel: You bet.I have tried to save it, but my burner broke down, so I couldn't back it up [21:42] <Lester> Sitez is a racist and a heartless bastard [21:42] <[sitez]> i cant get into a good school [21:42] <Lester> :) [21:42] <Wintrhwk> hahhaa [21:42] <Lester> you can't get into a good school cuz your not smart enough [21:42] <Lester> :) [21:42] <Pixel-> we can tell [21:42] <Wintrhwk> he is the KKK [21:42] <Grinder_> umm [21:42] <[sitez]> cuz some nigga is gonna get in cuz he had wrose grades but was black [21:42] <[sitez]> that si fucked up [21:42] <Grinder_> I got accepted to CMU/Umich [21:42] <Wintrhwk> wants niggers mowing his grass and the wife pregnant with 10 kids [21:42] <riches> hhaa [21:42] <Grinder_> univ of miami :) [21:42] <Grinder_> ucla [21:42] <Grinder_> :) [21:42] <Grinder_> and fsu [21:42] <Lester> <[sitez]> cuz some nigga is gonna get in cuz he had wrose grades but was black [21:42] <^plush^> Grinder_, go to fsu :) [21:42] <Grinder_> I only applied to those [21:43] <Lester> that was highly pathetic [21:43] <^plush^> its a few hours from my house ;) [21:43] <Pixel-> UMMMM [21:43] <Grinder_> plush fsu has a nice network :) [21:43] <Lester> and ignorant [21:43] <Pixel-> GET SOME MORALS [21:43] <Lester> true racism at it's best [21:43] <^plush^> Grinder_, i know I have a box there :) [21:43] <[sitez]> i got morals [21:43] <Grinder_> hahah sucker! [21:43] <[sitez]> noone else does [21:43] <[sitez]> thats the problme [21:43] <Grinder_> I got a buncha friends there :) [21:43] <Lester> sitez needs a hard reality fuck in the ass [21:43] <Lethal_> eiik [21:43] <^plush^> hehe ;) [21:43] <Lester> pixel.. go to it [21:43] <Lethal_> shhot the rasist and the area turns red [21:43] <^plush^> Grinder_, its one partyin college :) [21:43] <^plush^> its wehre I would like to go [21:43] <Lethal_> shoot the rasist and the area turns red [21:43] <[sitez]> well [21:43] <Lester> all racists should be shot [21:43] <Lester> :) > <Lester> sitez needs a hard reality fuck in the ass > that was classidc [21:43] <Grinder_> how old are u plush? > -d [21:44] <^plush^> 17 [21:44] <[sitez]> Next Topic: Sexuality..... [21:44] <Pixel-> :) [21:44] <^plush^> applyin to colleges this year [21:44] <Lester> ahah sitez is a homophobe too > oh boy [21:44] <Lester> christ [21:44] <Grinder_> u a junior? > this is gonna earn him a kb in a second [21:44] <^plush^> yup [21:44] <Lester> dont we have a winner here [21:44] <Grinder_> straight [21:44] <Wintrhwk> oh no he is a homophobic too..:) [21:44] <riches> HI!! [21:44] <digger-> hmmmmmmmm [21:44] <digger-> riiiiches [21:44] <riches> hey digger:] [21:44] <Lester> racist homophobic abortion activist.. [21:44] <[sitez]> Next Topic: Sexuality.....Gay ppl who try to push their views on others by marching in public, doing gross stuff and teaching kids that fags are normal..... [21:44] <digger-> come to ottawa [21:44] <digger-> :) [21:44] <^plush^> I dunno if I wanna apply this year or wait till next give my self somet ime to get my GPA up a lil its a 2.3 right now :( [21:44] <mik-> ottawa is too cold [21:44] <riches> HAHA SITEZ [21:44] <Lester> sitez..you grow up in a barn? fucking farm animals? [21:45] <Wintrhwk> they teach?? > see now i actually wanna talk about this [21:45] <Wintrhwk> bah, Sitez! [21:45] <riches> sitez > doing gross stuff in public? > kissing is gross to you sitez? [21:45] <Lester> <[sitez]> Next Topic: Sexuality.....Gay ppl who try to push their views on others by marching in public, doing gross stuff and teaching kids that fags are normal..... [21:45] <Lethal_> lester: well, u got a big problem with racism in usa much bigger then most other countries, another thing ur best at! =) [21:45] <Lester> oh for gods sake [21:45] <digger-> kissing? :) [21:45] <riches> when its two guys kissing [21:45] <riches> ya it is gross > i wanna know what he considers gross [21:45] <Lester> teaching kids that fags are normal? > riches that's fucked up [21:45] <Grinder_> heh [21:45] <Lester> jeezus christ [21:45] <Grinder_> hes never been to parties!!!!! > it's ok for a guy and a girl to kiss in public [21:45] <Lester> sitez you are highly fucked up [21:45] <Grinder_> queers butt fucking afterwards > but not ok for two guys to do it? [21:45] <Pixel-> Lester: he grew up in #mnm :> [21:45] <Grinder_> !!!#^&$# [21:45] <[sitez]> riught [21:45] <Lethal_> erhm [21:45] <riches> well [21:45] <Lester> you are truely a part of the problem in the US [21:45] <Lethal_> are u all homophibiacs? [21:45] <riches> i dont care if its ok for them [21:45] <riches> im saying > that's so fuckin idiotic [21:46] <riches> when i see two guys kissing [21:46] <riches> i think EWW GROSS [21:46] <[sitez]> Next topic: how gay fags started aids and spread it all around america by fucking women too.... [21:46] <riches> when i see a guy and a girl [21:46] <Lester> riches: that's cuz your a closet homo [21:46] <Pixel-> LOL [21:46] <riches> i think nothig about it > omg [21:46] *** jess0r sets mode: +m > i cant take this anymore [21:46] <Wintrhwk> sietz, please tell me you do not believe that@ > the kid's a fuckin looney [21:46] *** jess0r sets mode: +v Lester [21:46] <Lester> for gods sakes [21:46] *** jess0r sets mode: +v Grinder_ [21:46] <Grinder_> alright, sitez chill [21:46] <Grinder_> ur views are sensless > he's a sadist [21:47] <Grinder_> you must be growing up in some small hick town.. [21:47] <Grinder_> seriously. [21:47] <Lester> I didn't think 1 person was full of all the stupid ideas that are spread around [21:47] <Lester> he doesn't have one solid thing going for him [21:47] <Lester> ya..it's a gay conspiracy [21:47] <Lester> they want to kill all straight ppl with aids [21:47] <Wintrhwk> hehe > whether or not gay people started aids, which hasnt been proven, heterosexuals are spreading the disease a hell of alot faster then homosexuals [21:47] *** Wintrhwk sets mode: -m [21:47] <[sitez]> ok [21:47] <[sitez]> loemme respond to all this [21:48] <riches> ok [21:48] <Lester> the disease is spread highly by crack addicts [21:48] <riches> now [21:48] <Lester> more so than gays > everyone should just move into a fuckin convent and practice celibacy [21:48] <riches> i bet u [21:48] <Grinder_> wear a rubber dude :) and u got almost no problems to worry about [21:48] <Lethal_> <lawia> Wintrhwk herself was given away as a child, her parents traded her for a brand new 2600 baud modem [21:48] <Lester> jess: but then i couldn't sex0r you [21:48] <digger-> hmm [21:48] <Lethal_> erhm [21:48] <Lester> but yes [21:48] <[sitez]> if fags werent busy sticking cocks in male asses with like 10+ partners a year, aids would be so small in usa that it wouldnt need to be treated [21:48] <Lester> let's hear sitez response [21:48] <Lethal_> the ones who are most homophobic [21:48] <riches> 90% of the worlds population thinks watching two guys make out is GROSS cuz it IS just watch springer when yuo see two fags kis on stage the crowd goes 'EWWW' [21:48] <Lethal_> in youth ages [21:48] <Lester> i'm sure it will be quite a wise one indeed > see and the sad part is, the 90% that ur talking about are men [21:48] <Lethal_> are often the ones who end up being gay [21:48] <Lester> hahahah > it's ok for lesbians to do it [21:49] <digger-> hmm > and that's so biased it makes me sick to my stomach [21:49] <digger-> well [21:49] <riches> no [21:49] <riches> EVEN [21:49] <[sitez]> if fags werent busy sticking cocks in male asses with like 10+ partners a year, aids would be so small in usa that it wouldnt need to be treated [21:49] <riches> when you see two lesbians on springer [21:49] <riches> wahts ths crowds reaction? [21:49] <riches> EWWW [21:49] <Pixel-> um [21:49] <Lester> aids is not being spread by gay whores anymore so than straight people and crack addicts who share needles > sitez that is a horrible stereotype [21:49] <Lethal_> riches: all girls i know (witch are extremly few :( ) say that guy-guy kissing looks cute and girl-girl looks gross [21:49] <Wintrhwk> sitez, jesus that is so freaking narrow minded [21:49] <Grinder_> ahahah > i know men who have 10 different girls in 10 different nites [21:50] <Lester> sitez you literally make me sick [21:50] <Grinder_> lethal doesnt know many girls [21:50] <Grinder_> lethal stop trading [21:50] <riches> lethal you just proved my point thanx0r [21:50] <Grinder_> and meet people! > that's considered macho, and that's sick [21:50] <Lester> I'd be willing to bet more straight men have sex with more women than gay men with other men [21:50] <Grinder_> even i cant do that [21:50] <Wintrhwk> Lethal: I think boy-boy kisssing is creepy as well as girl-girl [21:50] <Grinder_> 10 different girls in 10 different nite [21:50] <Grinder_> thats wrong [21:50] <Lethal_> ergh [21:50] <[sitez]> girl girl is cool..specialy if its guy-girl-girl :) [21:50] <Lethal_> 10 girls in 10 nites? [21:50] <Wintrhwk> but hey, not my cup of tea, so they can do as they like > i dont think kissing is creepy no matter who's doing it [21:50] <digger-> i dont see why girls should go with girls [21:50] <digger-> its just weird > kissing is a sign of affection [21:50] <Lethal_> i cant even masturbate that often :) [21:50] <digger-> i mean arent guys good nuff? [21:50] <riches> SEE wintrhwk thinks its creepy also [21:50] <riches> :) [21:50] <Lester> guys dig the whole girl-girl thing, but most guys aren't comfortable with their own sexuality, so guy-guy = bad and gross [21:51] <[sitez]> lester > and the fact that someone can show affection to another is a wonderful thing, reguardless if it's a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or etc [21:51] <Lester> my view is simple, long as you aren't trying to fuck me, i dont give a shit [21:51] <[sitez]> are u gay or something lester? [21:51] <Lester> nope [21:51] <Lester> I'm just open-minded [21:51] <[sitez]> u talkign like u are [21:51] <Lethal_> digger: its because they are fed up with all these guys who are just crap or something like that [21:51] <Lester> i'm sophisticated [21:51] <[sitez]> mmmhmm > lester i think i love u :P [21:51] <Lester> not a bigot/racist/fucking dick [21:51] <[sitez]> if u were than u woudlnt be endorsing such perverse behavior lester [21:51] <Lester> perverse behavior? [21:51] <Wintrhwk> hahah [21:51] <Wintrhwk> wait, perverse? [21:52] <Lester> jess: maybe now you'll cybersex me:P [21:52] <[sitez]> mmhmm [21:52] <digger-> lester is my daddie:) [21:52] <riches> sitez has points > no :P [21:52] <Lester> riches shutup before you make yourself a fool [21:52] <Lester> :) [21:52] <Grinder_> sitez > no, sitez has opinions [21:52] <Grinder_> what town are u in right now? [21:52] <Wintrhwk> on hte top of his head, yes [21:52] <Lester> jess: worth a shot:) [21:52] <[sitez]> well > i wanna know where sitez lives [21:52] <Grinder_> what town! [21:52] <Grinder_> WHAT TOWN [21:52] <Lester> Sitez.. [21:52] <Lester> lemme ask you a question [21:52] <[sitez]> sure [21:52] <Lester> what do you consider worse [21:52] <Lester> 2 gay men having sex [21:53] <Grinder_> I guess he doesnt wanna tell us.. hes ashamed [21:53] <mik-> jess0r: That was NOT nice thing to do [21:53] <Lester> or a straight man raping a little girl [21:53] <Lethal_> now i go to bed, i am not experienced in theese subjects now, so i can go to sleep, GOOD NITE EVERYONE! [21:53] <Wintrhwk> Night Lethal [21:53] <[sitez]> a straigh man raping a girl, of course [21:53] <Grinder_> good nite lethal [21:53] <Pixel-> how about two gay rabbits going at it? [21:53] <digger-> pixel ahahha [21:53] <Lester> so..what is wrong with 2 men having consentual sex in the confines of their own lives [21:53] <Wintrhwk> animals are not homosecual [21:53] <Lester> how does it concern you? [21:53] <Wintrhwk> only humans [21:53] <Pixel-> HEHE [21:53] <[sitez]> cuz its perverse [21:53] <Lester> what exactly are they doing to YOU [21:53] <Pixel-> how do you know > to you [21:53] <Lester> fucking animals is perverse [21:53] <Pixel-> you arent a rabbit :) [21:54] <Weeze> it doesn't concern us its just gross [21:54] <riches> lester; its gross [21:54] <riches> and sick [21:54] <Wintrhwk> Pixel, it is widely knownn arguement [21:54] <[sitez]> <Wintrhwk> animals are not homosecual, only humans.....RIGHT ON WINTHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21:54] <riches> and not right [21:54] <Wintrhwk> Animals know it is unnatural..:) [21:54] <mik-> bye lkester [21:54] <mik-> bye lethal I mean [21:54] <Lethal_> ergh [21:54] <Lethal_> raping a girl [21:54] <Lethal_> ofcorz [21:54] <Lethal_> thats discusting [21:54] <Lethal_> and the dude who did it deserves electric chair [21:54] <[sitez]> right [21:54] <Lester> riches: grow up and accept the fact that you probably are a closet homosexual [21:54] <[sitez]> nah > why is it unnatural for two men to have sex? > i dont get it [21:54] <[sitez]> i dun belive in death penalty...just like im pro-life [21:54] <riches> haha uhm ok lester [21:54] <[sitez]> CUZ [21:54] <[sitez]> ITS GROSS [21:54] <Weeze> it wasn't meant to be [21:54] <Lester> haha it's "gross" [21:54] <[sitez]> cocks in MALE asses=GROSS/ABOMINATION/PERVERSE [21:54] <Lester> i've never heard such a qualified argument! > who says it wasnt meant to be? > sitez [21:54] <[sitez]> cuz [21:54] <Pixel-> jess0r: if it was natural wouldnt men be able to give birth > it's ok for a man and a woman to engage in anal sex? [21:55] <[sitez]> if it was meant to be, then gay ppl could produce children :P [21:55] <[sitez]> there > answer my question [21:55] <Lester> who's to say what the fact is natural [21:55] <Pixel-> the reason for sex = reproduction [21:55] <Weeze> exactly sitez [21:55] <Lester> if it makes them happy to fuck each other in the ass [21:55] <[sitez]> jess0r: yes its ok [21:55] <Lester> WHO CARES [21:55] <Pixel-> for life to go on [21:55] <Pixel-> you know [21:55] <Wintrhwk> well, not really, it is why we have so many sodomy laws > Pixel-, in ur mind [21:55] <Lester> you go be happy doing what you do > many people think the reason for sex is pleasure [21:55] <Wintrhwk> I mean in a leagal sense [21:55] <digger-> hahah [21:55] <Pixel-> no... thats natures reason [21:55] <digger-> this is amazing [21:55] <digger-> :) > when u have sex with a girl, u dont do it for reproduction, u have it for pleasure [21:55] <riches> anyone who disagrees with you jus because i think HOMOSEXUALITY isnt right, must be a homo ya uh huh [21:55] <riches> imagine if everyone turned gay, world would be no more:) [21:55] <Pixel-> i didnt say ME [21:55] <inphi> i do? [21:55] <Pixel-> heh [21:55] <Weeze> well both > see? [21:56] <inphi> thanks jess :) [21:56] <Pixel-> i said NATURE [21:56] <Pixel-> you asked if it was natural > u dont wanna get every person u sleep with pregnant [21:56] <Pixel-> its not > u do it for pleasure [21:56] <Pixel-> ergh [21:56] <Lester> riches: no, the way you respond to gay's, suggest that you are uncomfortable with your sexuality [21:56] <digger-> its true > men have sex with each other because they get pleasure out of it [21:56] <digger-> pleasure comes first [21:56] <mik-> pleasure of girl:-) [21:56] <[sitez]> "Harder!" choked the lust-crazed computer science teacher as the insatiable hunchback bit her oozing paps and drove his warty testicles into her festering slot machine. [21:56] <[sitez]> heheh > there's nothing unnatural if u like it [21:56] <[sitez]> jess [21:56] <[sitez]> but its perverse [21:56] <inphi> so why do gays do it? [21:56] <Weeze> ya but who would have thought when we were all made that we would be having sex for pleasure.. > to you [21:56] <Pixel-> jess0r: bla, i think they do it to be different [21:56] <Pixel-> jess0r: or they can't get a women [21:56] <Lethal_> sitez: what if u were to feel like u had been brought to the world with the wrong kind of sex? what if it was you that got turned on by guys, think a little bet about it.. and i am sure u will change your mind [21:56] <inphi> lemme guess > i think they do it because they're comfortable with it [21:57] <inphi> republicans vs the other gays? [21:57] <Lester> inphi: because they simply enjoy the company of men rather than women.. > many people just arent comfortable with the opposite sex [21:57] <Lester> why is that a big deal? (server) thrag has requested a channel PING on #ups. [21:57] <Rockz> jess, don't bother....they aren't 'hearing' ya anyways [21:57] <Lester> I am not comfortable having a dick in my ass [21:57] <Lester> but that's just me [21:57] <inphi> Lester: are you gay? [21:57] <[sitez]> Rockz: [21:57] <[sitez]> yhah [21:57] <[sitez]> i think lester is gay [21:57] <Lester> no I am not [21:57] <[sitez]> the way he is talking [21:57] <mik-> inphi: nah...it's just their own way of having sort of fun inhere:) > lester just realizes that people have choices in this world [21:57] <Lester> hehe it amazes me the density of you idiots [21:57] <Pixel-> jess0r: actually scientists think its a gland in your brain, i think pituitary or one of those that is different when your born [21:57] <Rockz> Lester is NOT gay...he's just not a homophobe [21:57] <Wintrhwk> he is not gay he is just open minded > and if a man wants to have sex with another man it's his choice [21:57] <Lethal_> i think sitez is the one who is gay [21:57] <Pixel-> at least i think thats what we learned in school > and who are you to judge that person? [21:57] <Lester> thank you women..:) [21:58] <glen> grrr... u should be working on nwr :) [21:58] <Lester> glen: shush up :) [21:58] <Wintrhwk> and not vutting of a section of the population due to his beliefs or non-beliefs [21:58] <Rockz> people who bitch about gays have issues of their own, obviously [21:58] <Rockz> or they wouldn't care! [21:58] <Lester> exactly [21:58] <glen> i am anxious ndt did an article on my group [21:58] <inphi> Rockz rockz rockz [21:58] <glen> hehe [21:58] <inphi> calm down rockz :) [21:58] <mik-> I have few friends who are gays and lesbians...normal people, no different from any of us.If normal sex for them is boring, they try something different, so some of them liked it a lot and became gays:-) [21:58] <glen> i wnat to read what he wrote [21:58] <glen> hehe [21:58] <Lester> if you are happy in your own existance, and enjoy your lifestyle [21:58] <digger-> oh no [21:58] <digger-> more women:P [21:58] <[sitez]> Next Topic: Gun-Control...my view: I dont liek gun control...it makes no sense....who comit murders/crimes? criminals do....and do crimnals follow the law? No, of course... so making new laws wont help, because criminals wont follow them...it makes no sense [21:58] <Lester> why does the outside world's actions mean ANYTHING to you > no im not done with this topic [21:58] <inphi> shitload of females in here... [21:58] <glen> sitez > :P [21:58] <glen> guns dont kill people [21:59] <inphi> scary as hell [21:59] <glen> stupid people with guns kill people [21:59] <Pixel-> people kill guns? [21:59] <Pixel-> HEHE [21:59] <Wintrhwk> hehhee [21:59] <inphi> no glen [21:59] <mik-> :-)) [21:59] <inphi> bored people with guns gets happy killing people [21:59] <glen> eeeeek here comes a stupid person right now [21:59] <mik-> People can kill other people with gun also accidently. > im starting to see how many shallow people come on the internet :P [21:59] <inphi> mik-: useless people.. [22:00] <mik-> inphi: you mean I am useless? [22:00] <Wintrhwk> I am not sure I an opinion about gun control [22:00] <Rockz> go, jess, go! [22:00] <inphi> mik-: if you cant the gun, sell it and buy Lego... [22:00] <Lester> jess: it's because on irc they can say what they want and no one will beat them senseless [22:00] <inphi> hey hey hey hey [22:00] <Wintrhwk> haha [22:00] <inphi> the females are ganging up on us! [22:00] <Lester> Sitez, why dont you go visit a gay club or a black neighborhood [22:00] <mik-> inphi: I am instructor in a shooting club:-) [22:00] <Lester> and preach your views [22:00] <Rockz> I do, Maggie...I have an opinion about everything :P [22:00] <inphi> mik-: in norway? > blah blah, you cant climb a tree cos ur a girl.. blah blah you can't cry cos you're a boy [22:00] <Wintrhwk> Rockz, i thought I did..:) > shallow shallow shallow [22:00] <mik-> inphi: yup [22:00] <Lester> you wont do that because your a fucking pussy [22:01] <[sitez]> Lester, if i visit a black neighboorhood I will be robbed/jumped/murdered......if i visit a gay community I will be hit upon by fags..so no i wont do that [22:01] <inphi> mik-: cant be anything but hunting rifles no? [22:01] <Lester> haha my god [22:01] <Pixel-> eheh [22:01] <milcrat> ? [22:01] <Pixel-> XTR [22:01] <Pixel-> LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN [22:01] <Xtremist> hi [22:01] <Xtremist> ? [22:01] <milcrat> mpower back up? [22:01] <mik-> inphi: I won second prize on championship of Norway 4 years ago on distance of 50 meters on .22 caliber sport guns > no i told him to come here [22:01] <Rockz> Xtr$##(@*#@!)!*@#(!@#&!@#&@! [22:01] <Xtremist> haha, milcrat..thought you died.. [22:01] *** Joins: Bones- ([email protected]) [22:01] <Xtremist> Rox%#%$#%#$%#$#$ [22:01] <Lester> Sitez you may possibly be the most ignorant person I have had the displeasure of meeting [22:01] <Xtremist> heya sexy..=) [22:01] <milcrat> ? [22:01] <milcrat> I came back to life just for you xtremist [22:01] <Lester> Sitez, how about Jewish people..do you have something against them? > sitez you cant really be this shallow can you? [22:01] <Wintrhwk> mik, do not give out such info, peopel can look in internet datbases and find you..:) [22:01] <Lester> how about midgets? [22:01] <Rockz> sitez is the most ignorant person on irc bar none, Lester [22:01] <mik-> milcrat: Dunno, I gave up on it, ask someone else:-) [22:01] <Xtremist> hehe, I am so unlucky.. [22:01] <[sitez]> no, i got nothing against jews...Im jewish :P [22:02] <Rockz> well, milcrat may be a close second > HA! [22:02] <Pixel-> HEHE > JEWS ARE FUCKIN CHEAP > see > there's a stereotype [22:02] <Lester> hahahaha [22:02] <mik-> Wintr: Nope, my address and phones are secret:-) [22:02] <Lester> yep [22:02] <digger-> hoho [22:02] <milcrat> ? [22:02] <[sitez]> its true though, we are cheap [22:02] <[sitez]> =0 [22:02] <milcrat> close second? [22:02] <[sitez]> heh [22:02] <Pixel-> jess0r: that isnt true? hm. > oh god > now he's stereotyping himself [22:02] <milcrat> second to what? [22:02] <Wintrhwk> ahh good..:) [22:02] <Lester> sitez: i find it remarkable you can be a white supremist when you are jewish [22:02] <[sitez]> heh [22:02] <Bones-> i aint cheap :) [22:02] <[sitez]> =) [22:02] <mik-> jess0r: Anything against jews? [22:02] <milcrat> sitez what they talking about > no > i have nothing against anybody [22:02] <Wintrhwk> Wait you are Jewish? [22:02] <inphi> mik-: 50 m is for kids...Anti-tank missile 200 m hit 3m big target and then 3 5.56 bullets on the head of a 1/3 figure..2 must hit..all this from 200m under 12 secs.. :) [22:02] <mik-> good [22:02] <[sitez]> cuz...hell im careful when dealing with jews..they rip u off and are cheap, well most of them :P [22:02] <Pixel-> sitez is against violence [22:02] <Lester> we are talking about Sitez being the biggest fucking idiot on the planet > i dont judge people by their lifestyle, i judge people by their actions [22:02] <[sitez]> yes [22:02] <[sitez]> I am jewish [22:03] <Wintrhwk> you go against everythingi n your faith..:) [22:03] <Pixel-> but your people killed jesus :) [22:03] <[sitez]> HAHAH [22:03] <[sitez]> no i dont [22:03] <milcrat> ? [22:03] <[sitez]> what in my faith do i go aganist? [22:03] <mik-> inphi: Can you carry missile launcher in your pocket risc-free?Doubt it:-) [22:03] <[sitez]> next topic: sitez's spirtuality [22:03] <riches> just cuz they dont share your view [22:03] <riches> lester; i would say it to anyones face..see its people like you who 'beat people up' cuz they dont share the same view as you [22:03] <riches> would are pathetic [22:03] <riches> er [22:03] <riches> who [22:03] <Wintrhwk> the bigotry for one..:) [22:03] <inphi> i judge people on how serius they take this fakeass world... [22:03] <Xtremist> I see this channel never changes..hehe [22:03] <[sitez]> im not a bigot [22:03] <Rockz> ignore [sitez], Lester...he's a total idiot...you can't get through to him...don't bother [22:03] <Lester> riches: i dont beat anyone up [22:03] <Lester> i haven't been in a fight in ..hrm..7 years [22:03] <Lester> I talk [22:03] <inphi> mik-: Swedish anti-tank missile has 3 safetys...you can rape it :) [22:03] <Lester> and I'm very good at it [22:03] <Lester> :) > lester will you marry me? [22:04] <Xtremist> haha, talk shit..=) [22:04] <Lester> sure jess [22:04] <mik-> I don't take seriously guys who talk how pathetic and bad this world.World is what we make it to be, and I am happy every day of my life that I am able to breathe in the morning and enjoy it. [22:04] <[sitez]> winterhawk, my faith says homosexuality is an abomination..... > ok can we bring a second man into the marriage and i can watch u have gay sex? =P [22:04] <[sitez]> winterhawk, my faith says homosexuality is an abomination..... [22:04] <Lester> jess: babahahah [22:04] <Rockz> mik, now I'm all fuzzy and warm and stuff :) > sitez [22:04] <mik-> inphi: yeah, but it is highly inaccurate too:-) > that's bullshit [22:04] <[sitez]> it does [22:04] <Pixel-> mik-: yeah i wish i lived in europe too [22:04] <Pixel-> so i could breathe [22:04] <mik-> rockz: Good for you.Makes two of us:-) [22:05] <Wintrhwk> Pixel, hehehe [22:05] <Lester> uh i aint down for that action, but you can watch gay pornos and pretend i'm one of the guys [22:05] <Lester> ok?:) > ur spirtuality is fucked [22:05] <mik-> Hahahah [22:05] <[sitez]> "thou shalt not lay with a man, like thou lay with a woman, it is an abomination" [22:05] <[sitez]> right from old teste [22:05] <Rockz> so fuckin' ignore it, sitez [22:05] <Rockz> it's not hurting YOU, is it? [22:05] <inphi> mik-: nah...we used it to shoot 1/1 figures 100m :) > why dont u make ur own spirtuality [22:05] <Xtremist> oh..quoting scripture..I'm scared.. [22:05] <Rockz> fer crissakes > have ur own opinions? [22:05] <mik-> pixel: You can make it if you work hard with your head.I mean ..the right head:-) > stop following what some fuckin book says [22:05] <Lester> people highly discourage me [22:05] <Lester> can't think for themselves [22:05] <inphi> mik-: we shoot 9mm glow bullets with them so no, they went here and there :) [22:05] <Lester> so they latch onto ideas [22:05] <milcrat> ? [22:05] <milcrat> hello [22:06] <milcrat> how is everyone doing? [22:06] <glen> r we still talking about guns? [22:06] <[sitez]> no [22:06] <Pixel-> mik-: i'm trying. :) it gets a little harder everyday to get up. <-that could be taken in a perverted way > i think it's amazing that sitez is against so many things, but he's not against things like premarital sex [22:06] <Rockz> talking about what an idiot sitez is...feel free to join in, glen [22:06] <Lester> sitez is a collage of hate and bigotry, since he has nothing of his own to say [22:06] <milcrat> can't we all just get along [22:06] <inphi> milcrat! [22:06] <Wintrhwk> god we cannot discuss econmics [22:06] <glen> rockz dope [22:06] <inphi> AMEN! [22:06] <glen> im in [22:08] <Lester> hey sitez [22:08] <Lester> do you admire hitler for his ideas? [22:08] <Rockz> go to #sitezisamoron for further discussion :P [22:08] <Pixel-> Wintrhwk: yea lets figure out why i can't proxy w/ nat32 :> [22:08] <Lester> despite being jewish? [22:08] <Lester> :) [22:08] <[sitez]> yes i do lester [22:08] <[sitez]> despite being jewish > oh jesus [22:08] <[sitez]> but as a jew i hate him [22:08] <Lester> haha jeez [22:08] <inphi> can we have a TIME OUT here? [22:08] <[sitez]> but his ideas in terms of improving his own country [22:08] <[sitez]> minus the holocaust hatered [22:08] <glen> im jewish... hitler sucks [22:08] <[sitez]> were good [22:08] <mik-> inphi: I love AK-47 actually:-) [22:08] <Wintrhwk> improvement? [22:08] <[sitez]> hitler sucks [22:08] <Lester> you actually admire the man who tortured your people beyond comprehension [22:08] <milcrat> come on [22:08] <[sitez]> yes he does [22:08] <glen> he had 0 good ideas [22:08] <[sitez]> no [22:08] <[sitez]> i hate him [22:09] <milcrat> we are all friends [22:09] <[sitez]> lester [22:09] <milcrat> let's be nice [22:09] <Lester> the closest thing to a monster the world has known [22:09] <glen> the only thing he could do was manipulate [22:09] <[sitez]> ]u asked a trick question [22:09] <[sitez]> here [22:09] <Lester> i asked a trick question? [22:09] <Lester> i dont think so [22:09] <[sitez]> mmhmm [22:09] <Lester> i asked if you admire hitler [22:09] <[sitez]> i dont admire hitler [22:09] <[sitez]> at all [22:09] <Rockz> consider the source, Lester :) [22:09] <Lester> you just said you did [22:09] <[sitez]> no > but you admire him for his ideas? [22:09] <[sitez]> i said I admired some of his ideas [22:09] <Wintrhwk> <Lester> do you admire hitler for his ideas? <Lester> do you admire hitler for his ideas? <[sitez]> yes i do lester > no [22:09] <glen> <Lester> do you admire hitler for his ideas? <[sitez]> yes i do lester > u said you admire HIM for his ideas [22:09] <[sitez]> sorry [22:09] <[sitez]> i read the quesiton wrong [22:09] <glen> winterhawk u beat me [22:09] <[sitez]> no [22:09] <glen> hehe [22:09] <Lester> I really love ppl like you.. [22:10] <Lester> Hitler had some good ideas [22:10] <[sitez]> I dont admire HIM [22:10] <Pixel-> wewp another antiping for #yield heh > so you agree people should be killed for their beliefs [22:10] <Lester> he just got a little carried away right? [22:10] <glen> <Lester> do you admire hitler for his ideas? <[sitez]> yes i do lester [22:10] <glen> err [22:10] <glen> whoops [22:10] <glen> jess no people should be killed cause they suck [22:10] <Lester> and wait a minute damnit [22:10] <[sitez]> he got VARY carried away lester > people shouldnt be killed > plain and simple [22:10] <Lester> your stance on affirmative action is bullshit [22:10] <[sitez]> is it? [22:10] <Lester> your a minority ethnic group [22:10] <Lester> being jewish [22:10] <sacX> so if you could have killed hitler you would not have? [22:11] <Lester> so affirmative action favors you [22:11] <sacX> even though your actions would have save millions? [22:11] <Rockz> sitez....unless you can say something half ways intelligent, perhaps you should keep your moronic mouth shut [22:11] <[sitez]> how would u liked to be denied to a colloge and someone else less qualified got in cuz of color of their skin....that is RACISIM [22:11] <Lester> so if you can't get in a school, maybe it's because your a moron > sitez [22:11] <Pixel-> what the hell ? > which ideas do u admire hitler for? [22:11] <Lester> sitez..if you got denied from a college > nationalistic or racist? [22:11] <glen> dude [22:11] <Lester> it was because you were smart enough [22:11] <roll|264> Im racist [22:11] <Lester> weren't [22:11] <glen> the holocaust was not hitler getting carried away [22:11] <hazlame> hi les [22:11] <glen> it was his plan from the start [22:11] <Lester> hazzy [22:11] <glen> moron [22:11] <milcrat> hehehe [22:11] <Wintrhwk> glen: exactly [22:12] <[sitez]> <roll|264> Im racist [22:12] <roll|264> rich my bitch [22:12] <[sitez]> hehe [22:12] <[sitez]> roller :P [22:12] <Wintrhwk> it was his his plan for a master race > sitez again, which ideas do you admire hitler for? > nationalistic or racist? [22:12] <[sitez]> i dont admire hitler [22:12] <Wintrhwk> read Mien Kampf [22:12] <glen> winterhawk yes [22:12] <Lester> MNM is worse than i thougth > bullshit [22:12] <[sitez]> now shutup [22:12] <[sitez]> Bah [22:12] <Pixel-> hehe [22:12] <Lester> they are bigots and racists too [22:12] <[sitez]> no [22:12] <[sitez]> we aint bigots [22:12] <glen> he TOLD the WORLD what he was going to do in mien kampf [22:12] <[sitez]> or racists [22:12] <glen> and they dismissed him as nothing [22:12] <roll|264> lester shut fuck up [22:12] <[sitez]> dont u diss MnM [22:12] <glen> and then he went ahead and did it anyway [22:12] <[sitez]> u moLester [22:12] <inphi> mik-: i heard its old and dull :) [22:12] <inphi> mik-: m16 is nice but there is no spare parts...use and throw weapon.. [22:12] <roll|264> car15 owns [22:12] <sacX> sitez doesn't represent MNM thanks u [22:12] <Lester> nice come back [22:12] <roll|264> mp5 too > lester that was dumb :P [22:12] <inphi> here is my muture saying in all this...SITEZ IS SURCOMZISED! [22:12] <Lester> u "molester" > dont put down a whole group based on sitez :P [22:13] <roll|264> lol [22:13] <[sitez]> hehe [22:13] <inphi> mega lag [22:13] <glen> inphi rofl [22:13] <[sitez]> =0 [22:13] <Lester> jess: roller said he was a racist too [22:13] <inphi> can all kkk members in here pleas raise a hand.. :) [22:13] <Lester> i was being sarcastic anyways > ok then sitez and roller :P [22:13] <Lester> :) [22:13] <roll|264> LESTER JOKE [22:13] <inphi> hitler had jewish relatives [22:13] <roll|264> u dumbthing [22:13] <glen> this channel scrolls so much its like #teensex .. right sitez? [22:13] <Wintrhwk> haha, I had to read Inphi, remark like twice to get it..:) DOH! [22:13] <[sitez]> yah [22:13] <[sitez]> it does glen :) [22:13] <glen> u been ther on occasion [22:13] <Lester> roller..go play elsewhere [22:13] <riches> did any of my stuff get through? [22:13] <riches> =] [22:13] <glen> just to "hang out" right? [22:13] <glen> =p [22:13] <[sitez]> yah i like hanging outt hre [22:13] <[sitez]> thats all [22:13] <[sitez]> why? [22:13] <riches> i kinda hope not cuz lotsa people wil disagree:) [22:13] <inphi> sitez: how can you sit here and whine about hitlers "deeds" and the next second call some molester? :) [22:13] <Lester> sitez...got anymore nuggets of wisdom for us ? [22:14] <roll|264> lester nah [22:14] <[sitez]> yes lester [22:14] <inphi> i am lagging badly..local nameserver crashed.. [22:14] <Lester> let's hear em [22:14] <glen> lester rofl [22:14] <Lester> i feel like i'm in presense of a divine being here [22:14] <roll|264> get a life [22:14] <Lester> you all should be writing this down [22:14] <roll|264> get out of virtual mode [22:14] <Lester> the new gospel [22:14] <glen> lester: indeed [22:14] <glen> this is going in the new new testement > im keeping this logged lester :P [22:14] <Lester> jess: glad someone is:) NWR baby:) > hehe [22:15] <Wintrhwk> <glen> pick a new topic that we can make fun of u on hehhe [22:18] <Lester> next topic? Why does sitez prefer the company of farm animals rather than humans? [22:19] <Wintrhwk> nude [22:19] <inphi> french language is like having a turd in your throat when you talk... [22:19] <Lester> answer? [22:19] <riches> they wouldnt fucking beep out the swearing [22:19] <Wintrhwk> that would be great! [22:19] <glen> lester [22:19] <riches> cuz u cant hear anything [22:19] <Pixel-> Wintrhwk: i wish i could legally watch you ;) [22:19] <Wintrhwk> no more tan lines [22:19] <glen> they r cheaper dates [22:19] <glen> thats y [22:19] <glen> hehe [22:19] <Lester> animals can't tell him how stupid he is [22:19] <[sitez]> Next Topic: the statuatory rape rule.... I think it should be removed from the lawbooks...if a 18 yr old wants to fuck a 14 yr old and she wants to fuck him...whats the problem > OH GOD [22:19] <Pixel-> well [22:19] <Pixel-> i agree with that [22:19] <riches> HAHA [22:19] <Wintrhwk> OH SHIT? [22:19] <Lester> hahahah [22:19] <glen> sitez there is no problem there.. u dont get action anyway [22:19] <inphi> sitez? are you for real?!?! :) [22:19] <Wintrhwk> and you ar ea conservative?? [22:19] <inphi> BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH > THIS IS GONNA FUCK GET OUTTA CONTROL IN A SECOND [22:19] <Wintrhwk> glen" haha [22:19] <inphi> whats missing in you head sitez???? :) [22:19] <Lester> sitez is full of shit [22:19] <Lester> there is no way one person can have all these views [22:20] <Lester> he's just doing it for fun [22:20] <inphi> were you dropped 20 times in the concrete floor as a baby? :) [22:20] <riches> i agree with sitez a bit only on his stance of abortion/a little about homosexuals:) [22:20] <Lester> you saw what he said when we didn't respond to global warming > sitez it's not the laws fault the only girls who would want your green gank little dick are 14 year old girls who arent mentally developed yet to know how idiotic and perverse you are! [22:20] <glen> yea he made up some garbage about global cooling [22:20] <mik-> :-) [22:20] <glen> HAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA [22:20] <Wintrhwk> I like waiting till they are 18..:) more fun that way...:) [22:20] <Pixel-> riches: you think a 17 yr old girl is incapable of making a decision to have sex ? :) [22:20] <inphi> in the crack of my ass yes i need a nigger [22:20] <glen> gree gank little dick [22:20] <glen> hahahhaha [22:20] <riches> pixel [22:20] <Lester> i like to get em before they enter their teens [22:20] <inphi> ooooo put in my mooouth [22:20] <riches> you have to look at it both ways [22:21] <inphi> i said my mother fucking mooouth [22:21] <glen> girls r so goooooood before they could walk [22:21] <inphi> you can eat me oooout [22:21] <Lester> or after they break the senior citizen barrier [22:21] <Pixel-> riches: whats the other way? [22:21] <glen> o baby [22:21] <glen> i see a hot chick crawling around the sandbox [22:21] <Lester> old enough to crawl, in the right position > sitez.. if they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed eh? [22:21] <riches> like sitez said a 14yr old? > you sick little fuck [22:21] <riches> what do you think of that pixel? [22:21] <inphi> glen: you also go to delivere room to get dates? [22:21] <Wintrhwk> whoa, jess..:( [22:21] <glen> inphi ofcoz [22:21] <Pixel-> well i dont know about 14 > then we're back to this whole abortion bullshit [22:21] <inphi> i just love stomach warm girls... [22:21] <Pixel-> heh [22:21] <glen> HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nurse > u get some 14 yo knocked out and what's she supposed to do? [22:21] <Bones-> #mpower.log just got so damned big > i need to sign off :P [22:21] <mik-> jess: Calm down, baby:-)I won't hurt you:-) [22:21] <Pixel-> but 16-17 i can understand [22:21] <[sitez]> <jess0r> sitez.. if they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed eh? DAMN good quote :) I like that [22:22] <riches> not even 16... [22:22] <Lester> shes' supposed to have the kid [22:22] <Pixel-> er [22:22] <Lester> and ruin her life [22:22] <glen> dude [22:22] <Pixel-> plz nigger [22:22] <Lester> right sitez? [22:22] <[sitez]> mmhmm [22:22] <glen> just watch dawson's creek > right sitez? [22:22] <[sitez]> right lester [22:22] <Pixel-> you had sex before 18 [22:22] <inphi> jess is boiling.. [22:22] <glen> and masturbate sitez [22:22] <Pixel-> dont tell me you didnt :) > bullshit [22:22] <glen> that is ur dream date [22:22] <Lester> nice justification [22:22] <riches> ruin her life? [22:22] <Lester> bring a neglected child into the world [22:22] <Pixel-> and it does not matter how old the other person is [22:22] <riches> adoption [22:22] *** Joins: KFleX ([email protected]) [22:22] <Lester> ruin the life of a girl who made a mistake [22:22] <[sitez]> i like joey, she is hot :P and jenifer love hewit=SEXY [22:22] <inphi> i watch Baywatch..i cant take anymore action...i am so sensitive [22:22] <glen> adoption sucks [22:22] <riches> there is TONS of families who cant have kids [22:22] <glen> u know why > riches [22:22] <Lester> too bad any girl who you told these beliefs too would run for her life [22:23] <Bones-> somebody just nuke off sitez already.. a quick resolution > what makes you think a 14 year old can mentally take the pain and heartache of having to raise a child inside her? [22:23] <glen> cuz if u are pregenant for 9 months, and u have a kid, no matter how financially screwed u are, u are never going to want to give away the baby [22:23] <glen> u will love it [22:23] <Lester> somebody put a bullet in sitez head before he puts one in some innocent persons [22:23] <Pixel-> jess0r: isnt that her decision :) > no > according to sitez it's not [22:23] <milcrat> come on [22:23] <inphi> and sitez wondered why he allways got banned on #falsehood.... :) > according to sitez abortion should be outlawed [22:23] <glen> lester: and he could do it too.. according to his gun control laws [22:23] <milcrat> everyone deserves to live [22:23] <Lester> glen: exactly [22:23] <Pixel-> tahts gay [22:23] <milcrat> yeah [22:24] <Pixel-> jess0r: then again what if your mother was that 14 yr old girl [22:24] <Pixel-> you wouldnt be here today for your belief [22:24] <glen> sitez is an aborted fetus gone wrong... [22:24] <Lester> jess wouldn't be here > ya, and? [22:24] <Pixel-> and.. thats bad > my life wouldnt be like it has been [22:24] <Pixel-> heh [22:24] <Lester> because the 14 yr old girl would not be able to afford a computer [22:24] <Pixel-> aw > because she couldnt of taken care of me the way she could of when she was 30something when she had me [22:24] *** Joins: redman- ([email protected]) [22:24] <roll|264> steal one [22:24] <Lester> she would have killed herself and the baby..like so many girls have done lately [22:24] <milcrat> hehe [22:24] <milcrat> steal one [22:24] <Pixel-> jess0r: you dont know that [22:24] <Pixel-> she coulda married a rich guy :) [22:25] <Pixel-> things happen [22:25] <cablegod> milcrat! [22:25] <Lester> chances are [22:25] <milcrat> hey cablegod [22:25] <Lester> rich guy wont fuck a 14 year old > pixel, a 14 yo cant get married at 14 [22:25] <Lester> most "good" guys dont fuck little girls [22:25] <milcrat> jessor > without parental consent [22:25] <Pixel-> no but when she is old enuf [22:25] <Pixel-> for farts sake [22:25] <roll|264> well [22:25] <milcrat> if you fly to africa you can [22:25] <[sitez]> in Montanta a 14 yr old can get married :P [22:25] <Pixel-> you want me to write a short story about it ? [22:25] <Pixel-> hehe [22:25] <glen> jess0r maybe or maybe not, lets get sitez stance on MARRIAGE AGE LIMITS [22:25] <milcrat> they marry when there like 5 years old [22:25] <roll|264> u hear about the 13yrs girl with a BABY witha 30yrs old man? [22:25] <glen> go sitez [22:25] <Lester> ya montana is where the unabomber went [22:25] <glen> this should be good [22:25] <Lester> fitting > im not from africa [22:25] *** Quits: Temp- (Ping timeout) [22:25] <Pixel-> ROFL [22:25] <mik-> ok dudez...I'm getting sick and tired of this waste of time and pointless discussion.We are not the first ones who are bringing it up - as long people live, there will always be FOR/AGAINST sides.So...what's the point? [22:25] <Pixel-> :) [22:25] <Lester> sitez..is that your dad? [22:25] <mik-> I'm outta here [22:25] *** Parts: mik- ([email protected]) [22:25] <[sitez]> get rid of afriaca and u elminate 15,000,000 cases of aids, we should like nuke the whole continent [22:25] <roll|264> Why are we talking about such lame subjects > o god [22:26] <cablegod> ahahah lester :) [22:26] <Lester> uh [22:26] <riches> HAHA [22:26] <glen> oh lord [22:26] <riches> SITEZ [22:26] <roll|264> lets talk about the dolphin game [22:26] <roll|264> :D > where did that come from? [22:26] <glen> nuke africa? [22:26] <riches> sitez your fucked:P [22:26] <Lester> im' not gonna dignify that one with a response > im just gonna ignore that > the boy cant even spell africa [22:26] <Lester> all he wants is contraversy [22:26] <glen> that is the biggest load of crap i ever heard [22:26] <riches> i agree with you on some points you have said [22:26] <Lester> he needs attention [22:26] <riches> but heh > this topic is obsolete [22:26] <glen> in my entire life [22:26] <riches> your talking out o[f your ass now:P [22:26] <Lester> he has nothing of his own to say > riches, that's my saying :P [22:26] <Lester> no real beliefs [22:26] <glen> sitez is just still talking [22:26] <Bones-> i think hes just doin this for attention [22:26] <glen> just so people pay attention to him [22:26] <riches> sorry jess0r;P [22:26] *** Quits: roll|264 (Connection reset by peer) [22:26] <Lester> he's just spewing countless things he's heard to get a reaction [22:26] <Lester> so someone will think he's special [22:26] <Pixel-> sitez is trying to distract you while he uploads a pre > i dont have to worry bout that :P [22:27] <glen> lester exactly [22:27] <Pixel-> =] [22:27] <Lester> sitez is a pftp'er, he can talk and trade.. :P [22:27] <[sitez]> no, I believe whole hearedly in everything i have said tonight [22:27] *** Quits: hazlame (nirvana.net:60117) [22:27] <cablegod> ahahah [22:27] <[sitez]> bah [22:27] <[sitez]> i dont pftp [22:27] <Lester> cept on mp3's right? [22:27] <glen> sitez [22:27] <[sitez]> yah [22:27] <inphi> LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG [22:27] <inphi> pleeeeas make the bad man stop! [22:27] <Lester> you dont threaten mp3 sites when you get kicked out of apc either huh? [22:27] <[sitez]> cept on mp3 [22:27] <[sitez]> whe i OWNED u all [22:27] <[sitez]> damnit lester [22:27] <[sitez]> shut ur mouth [22:27] <Lester> you owned us all? [22:27] <Lester> i beat you stupid [22:27] <glen> u stil want to join qsr? we have openings in "stupid fucking idiots" dept. [22:27] <Pixel-> you threatened an mp3 site? [22:27] *** Joins: hazzy ([email protected]) [22:27] <Pixel-> HEHE [22:27] <[sitez]> i owned u on xf/dj [22:28] <[sitez]> no [22:28] <Lester> 1.4 gigs to your 800 megs > ok [22:28] <Pixel-> lol (server) BAN [#ups]: (*!*@*.ipt.aol.com) removed by no-fx. (server) To redo ban press F11. [22:28] <[sitez]> i never threatened anything [22:28] <Lester> ask loco > what does abortion and homosexuality have to do with an mp3 site? [22:28] <Lester> he was laughing at your ass > it's like not very balanced here [22:28] <Pixel-> jess0r: hmm.. [22:28] *** Quits: cablegod (Leaving) [22:28] <Pixel-> they listen to music during hte abortion? [22:28] <glen> jess0r.. well its quite simple see.. > i dont think so? [22:28] <glen> i ahve no idea [22:28] <Pixel-> hehe [22:28] <Lester> jess: just another way i can make fun of him..:) [22:28] <riches> homo's shouldnt be allowed on sites [22:28] <riches> j/k [22:28] <riches> :P [22:28] <Pixel-> ok n/m > RICHES [22:28] <[sitez]> RIGHT ON RICHES > FUCK YOU! [22:28] <glen> sitez u should be ashamed [22:28] <[sitez]> homos are fags :P [22:28] <glen> letting lester rape u on an mp3 site [22:28] <riches> j/k @#)$* damnit [22:28] <riches> look at my second line [22:29] <Pixel-> that was intelligent [22:29] <Pixel-> <[sitez]> homos are fags :P [22:29] *** Joins: godbless_ ([email protected]) [22:29] <inphi> its no fair that you people can irc and me not.. :( [22:29] <glen> and even thou u are using pftp anyway [22:29] <inphi> jess [22:29] <inphi> your boiling..calm down :) [22:29] <Lester> oh ya sitez? [22:29] <Lester> well jew's are fucking jewish! [22:29] <Lester> so what do you think of that > i think sitez is a raging hermaphrodite who doesnt care about homosexuality because he can get sex from a guy or a girl and either way it's ok cause he's got both genitalia [22:29] <glen> hahahhaha [22:29] <[sitez]> damn right we are jewish :P [22:29] <digger-> dns jess is a girl! [22:29] <riches> but i do think homosexuality is wrong/gross. but i dont HATE them..i just dont think its right.. [22:29] <digger-> and even [22:29] <digger-> err [22:29] <milcrat> yeah riches [22:29] <inphi> sitez was born thru a penis...he cant think very long cause it hurts after awhile.. [22:29] <milcrat> your right! [22:29] <Pixel-> riches: same here [22:30] <milcrat> now let's all be pals [22:30] <inphu> test [22:30] <milcrat> and make up [22:30] <glen> riches exactly.. thats y we arent making fun of sitez cause he is gay.. we r doing it cause he is stupid > why is it gross? [22:30] <Pixel-> cause thats what i feel when i see homos going at it [22:30] <Pixel-> grossness [22:30] <riches> jess: because i find it gross? two guys making out? i find it gross. > homos, fags, faggots, queers [22:30] <Lester> sitez, you should really take some pointers from me..you see how all the women here HATE you [22:30] <inphu> pixel > why such deragatory words [22:30] <milcrat> stupidity is measured by stupid people :P [22:30] <[sitez]> im leaving soon.....dont u dare put this in cws or nwr or ill kill u.......................... [22:30] <inphu> why do you watch then? :) [22:30] <Lester> but think I am really cool? [22:30] <Pixel-> inphu: i try not to [22:30] <riches> jess0r: you call me a 'fag' all the time:) [22:30] <Lester> OPEN MINDEDNESS is much more attractive then bigotry and racism [22:30] <Pixel-> but they integrate these things into our lives :) > that's because ur an unsecure heterosexual [22:31] <Pixel-> like tv shows > and i know it offends you [22:31] <Pixel-> etc. [22:31] <glen> Lester: cause u are a pimp and the original scene player [22:31] <glen> <g> [22:31] <riches> heh [22:31] <inphu> hahahahahah [22:31] <Bones-> or a secure homosexual [22:31] <Lester> glen: well that too [22:31] <inphu> HAHA [22:31] <Lester> <[sitez]> im leaving soon.....dont u dare put this in cws or nwr or ill kill u.......................... > oh oh [22:31] <Lester> jess.i need the full log for nwr > this is definately going into nwr [22:31] <glen> OH NO > :P [22:31] <inphu> riches is a unsecure hetersexual :))) [22:31] <Lester> this will be in nwr [22:31] <Lester> i promise you [22:31] <glen> lester i will give u the log [22:31] <Lester> :) [22:31] <glen> err no [22:31] <Bones-> hold on i have the log [22:31] <glen> i cant i quit for a bit [22:31] <riches> inphi dont u start boy:P [22:31] <digger-> i have the log:) [22:31] <glen> jess has it thou im sure [22:31] <[sitez]> if u log it u better use the WHOLE Log and all of what i said damint [22:31] <inphu> i am a VERY secured lesbian.. > no we're gonna tamper with it [22:31] <glen> sitez [22:31] <Lester> oh yes > to look even more stupid then you already look [22:32] <Pixel-> jess0r: hehe [22:32] <Bones-> hahahhaha > o wait is that possible? [22:32] <Lester> we wouldn't want to misinterpret your views [22:32] <[sitez]> good [22:32] <glen> i know u did this just so some lamer who uploads 1 meg per week and reads NWR will see ur name and think u are the leetest thing god ever made [22:32] <inphu> sitez [22:32] <[sitez]> when does nwr come out [22:32] <Lester> we wouldn't want to make you look like hitler [22:32] <Lester> a "misunderstood" man > although u admire his ideas [22:32] <Pixel-> or clinton :) [22:32] <Stixovic> haha [22:32] <[sitez]> I hate clinton [22:32] <[sitez]> he should be shot [22:32] <Lester> nwr wont be out till next weekend [22:32] <[sitez]> like jfk [22:32] <Lester> but why sitez? [22:32] <[sitez]> damn liberal [22:32] <Pixel-> UH [22:32] <Lester> he has sex with women [22:32] <Pixel-> jfk rocked :( [22:32] <Lester> you have to admire that [22:32] <inphu> if someone raped your 14 year old kid sister, would you tell her "you deserv it" and watch her get all pregnant with some freaks kid? [22:32] <glen> uhhhhhh [22:32] <riches> HAHA > haha [22:33] <glen> clinton gets ACTION [22:33] <glen> from actual GIRLS [22:33] <inphu> sitez [22:33] <glen> u should bow to him [22:33] <[sitez]> yes inphu, and id jerk off while it happend [22:33] <Lester> clinton doesn't have sex with men..so you have to respect that [22:33] <Pixel-> shit look what i started [22:33] <[sitez]> yes inphu, and id jerk off while it happend [22:33] <inphu> do you THINK before you write ? [22:33] <glen> and pray that some day u get action from fat ugly chicks like monica lewdinsky [22:33] <riches> HAHA > inphu, no he doesnt :P [22:33] <riches> monica isnt ugly [22:33] <glen> chunky [22:33] <[sitez]> Wintrhwk: [22:33] <riches> chubby [22:33] <Lester> are we done here? [22:33] <glen> husky [22:33] <riches> but not ugly [22:33] <[sitez]> Wintrhwk: around, u havent charmed in lately [22:34] <glen> livvvin' large [22:34] <Lester> your game is old sitez [22:34] <inphu> [sitez]: you must be as dumb as it gets.. [22:34] <glen> inphi hahahhha [22:34] <[sitez]> nah [22:34] <Lester> your one quality, stupidity [22:34] <Lester> is no longer worth our time [22:34] <glen> AMEn lester [22:34] <Stixovic> haha [22:34] <Lester> so now what will you do? [22:34] <Bones-> lester wins [22:34] <glen> CAN I GET A HALELUYA? > no =p [22:34] <glen> darn [22:34] <glen> =P [22:35] <Lester> :) [22:35] <inphu> [sitez]: if someone broke into your hut and slashed your parents into 40 kiwis and then slipped on your dads brain while walking out...if he sued you for that..would you accept that also and pay up? > ok is anyone here a sagitaurus? :P [22:35] <glen> HAHAAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHA [22:35] <[sitez]> HELL NO inphu [22:35] <Bones-> hahah [22:35] <Lester> see..sitez is like hitler..he lost too [22:35] <Bones-> hahahhahh [22:35] <Lester> :P [22:35] <Pixel-> capricorn > inphu, that was very uhm.. random [22:35] <Bones-> hahahhaha [22:35] <Lester> i am a Leo [22:35] <glen> jess inphi is very random [22:35] <Bones-> ahahhhaha inphi i like that one [22:35] <riches> FUCK [22:35] <inphu> [sitez]: the difference with you and a train is that the train moves allways forward.... [22:35] <riches> am i dead again? > age/location/sign check? [22:36] <Lester> no riches > :) [22:36] <glen> riches no [22:36] <inphu> [sitez]: i guss the train is smarted then you then.. [22:36] <Lester> 19/california/leo...come get some baby [22:36] <Lester> :) [22:36] <glen> 69/#mpower/arias [22:36] <Lester> rowr [22:36] <inphi> test > aries?? [22:36] <riches> christ [22:36] <glen> arias [22:36] <glen> whatever [22:36] <[sitez]> I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY COCK AND MAKE ME CUM [22:36] *** [sitez] was kicked by mickem (c/mk: mirc sucks, use a real client) [22:36] *** Joins: [sitez] (sitez@*.com) [22:36] <glen> my bday is in april [22:36] <glen> hehe > april what [22:36] <Lester> can we kline someone for idiocy? [22:36] <glen> 16th > hm > i think you might of been born on a cusp [22:36] <glen> lester it's been done > hold on [22:37] <glen> jess no its like 3 days after or b4 the deadline [22:37] *** Joins: riches ([email protected]) [22:37] <Stixovic> lol [22:37] <glen> i think [22:37] <Lester> do they arrest people for being too dense to live? [22:37] <glen> yea i think april 19th is the cuttoff [22:37] <inphu> all i wanna do is zoom zoom zoom zoom just shake that rumb [22:37] <glen> not EXACTLY sure [22:37] <[sitez]> a/s/l check [22:37] <[sitez]> er [22:37] <[sitez]> nm [22:37] <milcrat> so where's wize? [22:37] <digger-> jess where is ur buddy barnil ? :P [22:37] <glen> lester: just look at mike tyson.. they had to get him off the streets.. [22:37] <Lester> go away sitez.. go think of some more ideas.. [22:37] <milcrat> what ever happened to wize ? [22:37] <glen> he was too dumb to rape that chick though [22:37] <milcrat> I want to see him [22:38] <inphu> glen [22:38] <milcrat> me want me want [22:38] <Lester> and try to come up with a better nick too [22:38] <riches> haha [22:38] <riches> barnil is benji now [22:38] <Lester> Benji is a dope nick..:P [22:38] <digger-> barnil is benji?? > ya digger [22:38] <digger-> heheh [22:38] <inphu> what the hell was that woman doing in his hotel room in the middle of the night of NOT wanting sex with him??? [22:38] <glen> digger, duh [22:38] <glen> hehe [22:38] <glen> inphi i didnt say she didnt want sex [22:38] <Pixel-> hm [22:38] <glen> or he didnt want sex [22:38] <inphu> mike tyson is a stallion [22:38] *** Pixel- is now known as Bingo [22:39] <Bones-> B I N G O [22:39] <glen> i said his mental capacity does not encompass the ability to rape someone [22:39] <glen> in other words [22:39] <Bingo> hehe [22:39] <glen> he is too stupid [22:39] <glen> to know how [22:39] <Bones-> and bingo was his namo [22:39] <Lester> Woo, this was tiring..:) someone dcc me the log in it's entirety..i'll work on it later..football/simpsons/70s show/xfiles
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