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1995 December 5

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Just wanted to drop a line to announce that TDU-JAM! officially retires from the Scene. Why? Mainly because the leadership has to face up real life and think about what the future holds for them outside this dreamworld. But also because we hoped that everybody would follow the example and mold their priorities on getting quality CD releases out there. All there is besides us is a bunch of obnoxious and frustrated characters who serve only their delusion of grandeur when ripping games. Our personnal goals (to be the best, and shut-up the pretences of our competition) were met years ago with the dominion of PENTAGRAM and GENESIS, and TDU-JAM just follows in the line of outstanding achievements. We have gone way beyond our wildest expectations. We've worked hard for your benefit, and in fact, way beyond the call of duty. We are sure that you have enjoyed our work. Good luck for the future, but we have to move on to other things now. The Digital Underground ceases to exist as such as of now. Fanfan la Tulipe & TDU-JAM! bid the Scene farewell. The handle and the Label are retired. Fanfan la Tulipe, Wayward, Werner & Tardy.
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