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1998 September 29

  • Text / Community drama
  • Eternal, Riches, writer credits
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[23:58] CTCP CLIENTINFO: 1^2^3^4^5^6^7^8^9^10^11^12^13^14^15^1^2^3^4^5^6^7^8^9^10^11^12^13^14^15^ from riches--- (sehcir@*) [23:58] [riches---!sehcir@*] TEST [23:58] CTCP CLIENTINFO: 1^2^3^4^5^6^7^8^9^10^11^12^13^14^15^1^2^3^4^5^6^7^8^9^10^11^12^13^14^15^ from riches--- (sehcir@*) [23:58] [riches---!sehcir@*] TEST Start of riches buffer: Tue Sep 29 18:38:07 1998 Session Ident: riches (~metaray@*****.***.se) <^Eternal^> understand this you stupid fuck..try to fuck with the new risc shit and i'm gonna have my packet whores fuck you until you die for good..i'm tired of you guys' bullshit...and bwound found out last time when they took over #ascent... <^Eternal^> and if that doesnt stop you i'm gonna start contacting ISPs for harassment and abuse [18:23] <riches> dont threaten me or ill own your precious #mint/#risciso <^Eternal^> i have logs of you trying to overflow our bot <^Eternal^> i'll send them to ican.net <^Eternal^> you won't even have internet anymore [18:24] <riches> for taking over a irc chan?! hahahahahah im sure my isp gives a shit ulame fuck <^Eternal^> i'll fuck you so hard every ISP in your fucking area won't want you [18:24] <riches> rofl ican.net = wingate go ahead:] <^Eternal^> bwound found it out the hard way when every ISP black listed him [18:24] <riches> uhm ok go ahead bitch:) [18:25] <riches> thanx to your mouth, your shit is now owned. <^Eternal^> haha <^Eternal^> you guys are so lame it isnt funny <^Eternal^> so fuck you [18:25] <riches> go call my isp tell them im owning your channels hahahaha [18:26] <riches> ya were so lame that we owned your precious channel, next = risciso <^Eternal^> hah <^Eternal^> you think irc channels mean dick ? [18:27] <riches> like my isp cares if i tried to 'overflow' your bot hahaha <^Eternal^> you are truely lame [18:27] <riches> no they dont mean a dick your the one gonna go tomy isp cuz i took yours haha <^Eternal^> no i'm tired of the bullshit <^Eternal^> it's abusive and harassment <^Eternal^> the channel means nothing [18:27] <riches> well tobad eh?:) <^Eternal^> yeah it will be ..for you <^Eternal^> that lhs.se will be dlined on the efnet <^Eternal^> =) [18:28] <riches> maybe ill call up the spa on risc sites big b0i <^Eternal^> and then you'll never be in the scene again [18:28] <riches> uhm do i look like i care? <^Eternal^> yeah well you'll be pissing alot of people off..then you'll be totally fucked [18:28] <riches> lhs.se dies..and e/la better start changing there ips [18:29] <riches> cuz i wont need to report shit ill just take them down :] <^Eternal^> oo..big boy now <^Eternal^> you think you are hot shit <^Eternal^> but you are one person..so get over it [18:30] <riches> many people share my hate for your gay group =] [18:30] <riches> lhs.se goes down and risc sites get dropped so go for it =] <^Eternal^> oh i won't bring it down..i'll just email the admin <^Eternal^> it's so much easier <^Eternal^> and simpler <^Eternal^> and then everything i see you on i'll email until you have nothing <^Eternal^> and will continue [18:31] <riches> then ill email admins of E/LA ..ya there is a pirate site running <^Eternal^> admins don't want your bullshit i can assure you of that [18:31] <riches> trust me..you wont get me off lhs.se =] [18:31] <riches> and admins dont want pirate sites nigger [18:31] <riches> clueless fuckwit <^Eternal^> haha [18:32] <riches> ******.***.fi =] [18:32] <riches> port *** [18:32] <riches> Eniiignaaah [18:32] <riches> rofl <^Eternal^> keep talking..cuz so many people are gonna wanna rape you [18:33] <riches> im like shakin =] <^Eternal^> people like you shouldnt even be here..stupid fucking children [18:33] <riches> children? you play pirate 24/7 lameass <^Eternal^> pfft [18:33] <riches> atleast i only have tobeonline for an hour or so to fuck shit up for u=] <^Eternal^> tobe ?..wtf is that ? [18:35] <riches> uhm my spacebar is fucked [18:35] <riches> ident pass shatter [18:35] <riches> woops [18:35] <riches> =] [18:36] <riches> by pussy <^Eternal^> anyhow..keep doing your sniffing shit <^Eternal^> one day you'll get fucked over for it [18:36] <riches> keep pirating [18:36] <riches> one day, you'll get fucked for it <^Eternal^> laf End of riches buffer Tue Sep 29 18:38:07 1998
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