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<Eagle_1> You owe me $300 <Bug_Lord> hahaha <Bug_Lord> why? <Eagle_1> For the cost of shipping RiSC Main back to MiloM. <Bug_Lord> ohh lord <Eagle_1> That came out of my pocket, $300. For the price of the box, the packing material, and insurance cost. <Bug_Lord> if ya want me to do something to make things up I'll see, but I was not involved with rm. <Eagle_1> I want my fucking money, thats what I want. <Bug_Lord> though I do feel bad for having been involved period <Eagle_1> You owe me $300, and I want it. <Bug_Lord> uhm maybe I can get ya $300 of hardware <Eagle_1> No, I want the cash that came out of my fucking paycheck you stupid fuck. <Bug_Lord> what do I look like, a piggy bank? <Bug_Lord> I'm an unemployeed student, I have $10 to my name <Eagle_1> And whatever the charge is to get the box shipped to it's new location, whenever that happens.. I'll add that to the bill. <Bug_Lord> you need to use cheaper shipping =) <Eagle_1> Let me tell you something straight, I'm not fucking around here. <Eagle_1> It took me 3 months to dig up the fucking money and finally get the box shipped. <Eagle_1> Now you owe me it you stupid fucker. $300 is not light. <Eagle_1> You think this is a fucking game don't you. <Bug_Lord> listen, I personally have $0 but I'll ask some people and see what I can do <Eagle_1> You can give me my fucking money back, thats how you can make it up. <Bug_Lord> what cost $300 to ship?! <Eagle_1> Good, you get the money, and I'll give you a p.o. box to send a money order to. <Eagle_1> The fucking system you punk fuck. <Bug_Lord> you mind chilling with the name calling? <Eagle_1> 75 lbs of equpment that requires $5,000-$10,000 insurance. <Bug_Lord> what'd ya do ship it with the case and everything? <Eagle_1> Of course. <Bug_Lord> I'll see what I can do <Eagle_1> Plus the cost that the shipping <Eagle_1> Fine, and once you do give me and milom our money back then that doesn't make up for the shit you did to us. <Bug_Lord> then whats the point? <Eagle_1> I put in the $300, MiloM put in god knows how much more money and time to get things back. <Eagle_1> The point is I digged up $300 for your little game you're playing. <Eagle_1> And I'm NOT happy. <Bug_Lord> you're never gonna believe me when I say that wasn't me, so whats the point? <Eagle_1> Fine, you go on ignore and my perm shitlist forever until you pay me my $300. And I will make sure everyone knows it for the rest of history and my time in the scene. <Eagle_1> That was 3 months of work to pay off your punk game. <Eagle_1> I wont ever forget it. <Bug_Lord> listen, I feel bad for the whole thing, and I will see what I can do to help make things right, but no guarentees. <Eagle_1> Bullshit, you're sitting there laughing your ass off and logging everything so you can put it on blackacid. <Eagle_1> You can go fuck yourself you stupid punk fuck. <Eagle_1> You owe me $300 and thats that. <Eagle_1> Stupid fuck.
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