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KingXTC vs Rocker by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 12 14:59:57 1998 <r0cker> awake? [15:00] <KingXTC> yes [N] The time is now 3:00pm. <r0cker> got a suggestion for your site <r0cker> interested? [15:00] <KingXTC> sure... <r0cker> tell the time at which a release went to HQs <r0cker> or the release time or whatever <r0cker> stupid idea eh? Session Close: Thu Nov 12 15:02:46 1998 Session Start: Thu Nov 12 15:14:45 1998 Session Ident: KingXTC ([email protected]*.*) [15:14] <KingXTC> it would be hard to do <r0cker> not really <r0cker> if you can get an american guy on good sites <r0cker> and an aussie on good sites <r0cker> =) <r0cker> i can supply you with things when i am on <r0cker> but thats about it <[r0x]> over here <r0cker> bleh <r0cker> stil there? [15:28] <KingXTC> yes <r0cker> so you think you cant do that? [15:33] <KingXTC> like i said, thered be no point <r0cker> yeah there would <r0cker> it'd save me some time [15:33] <KingXTC> why? <r0cker> cause then i'd have to go join a sitechannel and ask what time it was released <r0cker> cuase i find that stuff important <r0cker> and i am sure someone else does too [15:34] <KingXTC> no but why does it matter what time it was released...i understand that it would matter what day it was released, but why the time? <r0cker> it would solve some arguements <r0cker> and no other sites have that <r0cker> i am ret. <r0cker> i used to trade [15:35] <KingXTC> haha <r0cker> i am only on one decent site these days <r0cker> that would matter to me [15:35] <KingXTC> trading eats shit <r0cker> yep <r0cker> sure does [15:35] <KingXTC> remember that... <r0cker> i do <r0cker> no point to it <r0cker> too bad i releasised that only a few months ago [15:36] <KingXTC> so why do you need to know what time a release comes out? <r0cker> got 6mb left on that site <r0cker> good enough for NFos <r0cker> see where i can find it <r0cker> without going through 600 sites <r0cker> and ummmm <r0cker> personal use <r0cker> for no reason <r0cker> just to know [15:37] <KingXTC> well its almost impossible to tell <r0cker> yeah <r0cker> if you are on impulse sites it is <r0cker> =) <r0cker> i am on thedome <r0cker> thats one of the best US sites <r0cker> gets releases pretty quick [15:37] <KingXTC> hehe <r0cker> but i am not always on to see that [15:38] <KingXTC> i dont worry about sites like that <r0cker> well <r0cker> so you dont want to do it? [15:39] <KingXTC> no <r0cker> ok Session Close: Thu Nov 12 15:39:55 1998 Session Start: Thu Nov 12 15:39:58 1998 Session Ident: KingXTC ([email protected]*.*) [15:39] <KingXTC> i see no real reason to do it, just more shit... <r0cker> bleh <r0cker> its not a shit idea =) <r0cker> your site could stand out [15:40] <KingXTC> yes it is... <r0cker> no its no <r0cker> t [15:40] <KingXTC> it already does... <r0cker> not really <r0cker> there's defacto2 <r0cker> scene link <r0cker> whatever happened to it [15:41] <KingXTC> that is deacfto2 <r0cker> there was black acid but he seems to be getting lazy <r0cker> no its not <r0cker> scenelink and defacto2 is different [15:41] <KingXTC> defacto2 doesnt publish details on individual releases <r0cker> yeah it does <r0cker> on major games <r0cker> you do it on all games [15:41] <KingXTC> exactly <r0cker> then why not include another detail? [15:42] <KingXTC> listen, do you have to update a news site daily ? <r0cker> no [15:43] <KingXTC> then you wouldnt understand the time it takes... <r0cker> like every 2 hours <r0cker> yeah i do <r0cker> i know a friend that does <r0cker> copy paste upload [15:43] <KingXTC> then get him to do it...im not doin it just for you <r0cker> heh <r0cker> fine <r0cker> no need to get jumpy [15:44] <KingXTC> you still kept askin about it...i said no <r0cker> ok <r0cker> conversation over Session Close: Thu Nov 12 15:44:45 1998 Session Start: Thu Nov 12 15:45:01 1998 Session Ident: KingXTC ([email protected]*.*) [15:45] <KingXTC> gay boy <r0cker> heh <r0cker> i thought you'd be more mature <r0cker> not like some brazillian fucknut in divine [15:45] <KingXTC> haha you really have no clue <r0cker> i dont? [15:45] <KingXTC> and get on #warezhq <r0cker> is that channel god to me or something? [15:46] <KingXTC> is impulse? <r0cker> yep [15:46] <KingXTC> haha <r0cker> not as many lamers here as in #warezhq [15:46] <KingXTC> a few things i dont like about impulse... [15:47] <KingXTC> colours, trading, ratios... the list goes on [15:47] <KingXTC> none of that in warezhq <r0cker> colors = lame <r0cker> trading? <r0cker> who cares <r0cker> ratios? without ratios the scene would die <r0cker> no one would up <r0cker> they'd all leech [15:47] <KingXTC> not true <r0cker> totally true [15:48] <KingXTC> if you knew me you'd realise that <r0cker> i dont want to know you <r0cker> ok <r0cker> i open up a site <r0cker> i put sin on it <r0cker> i bet NO ONE would ever up to it [15:48] <KingXTC> so <r0cker> then ratios come in [15:48] <KingXTC> and make it gay <r0cker> yeah whatever <r0cker> even koka makes more sense than you <r0cker> and thats down right sad Session Close: Thu Nov 12 15:49:46 1998
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