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Dee argues with Darkiex and Biohzard about PFTP. by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<[dee]> hey
<]SiCK[> hi
<]SiCK[> bo0t wakeup
<DarkieX> sick: yer a momo
<DarkieX> j/k
*** TeRRaZip ([email protected]) has joined #lucky
<[dee]> DarkieX, you pftp?
<DarkieX> dee: maybe :)
<DarkieX> yeh.. i admit to it
<DarkieX> I dont think its cheating
<DarkieX> thats why I used it
<]SiCK[> no
<TeRRaZip> haha.. :)
<]SiCK[> i am a peach
<taktike> uhh
<taktike> propz to the brotha
<taktike> he admitted it
<DarkieX> I still lost alot of sleep
<BioHzard> hahah!  u lied to me darkiex ;D
<DarkieX> pftping
<DarkieX> bio: i lie alot :) when i am on drugs all the time
<BioHzard> i don't see any probs with it..................
<DarkieX> neither do I
<DarkieX> neither does the top 30 cws basically
<DarkieX> coz they all use it
<DarkieX> I aint naming ne one tho
<BioHzard> i still won't use it tho.. coz i don't wanna lose my sites
<DarkieX> bio: u dont get deleted
<DarkieX> no body cares
<DarkieX> long as u curry fast
*** TyGtired is now known as TyGDinner
<BioHzard> nor look too bad ;D
<DarkieX> I am surprise I never got acused of pftping
<DarkieX> ne 1 sitting in #topsites would have seen it pretty obviously
<TD-King> [TD] Anti-idle Message!
<DarkieX> couriering isnt about what client u use
<DarkieX> its about how much time you put in
<TeRRaZip> !tdwho
<SkyNet> the client also plays a major role
<DarkieX> look at x-penis :P he uses it
<]SiCK[> [email protected]#[email protected][email protected][email protected]%[email protected]+%(^@(%^&@%^@%*()^@*(@*^(*@%
<DarkieX> what weektops do u see him on?
<]SiCK[> umm
<]SiCK[> sth/fs/ms
<DarkieX> skynet: if .au didnt have such lag I'd be a macro magic boy
<]SiCK[> and more
<]SiCK[> :)
CTCP Ping request from suntzu ([email protected])
<]SiCK[> biut he doesnt use it
<[dee]> well i deleted you off tg
<]SiCK[> err but
<[dee]> i dont tolerate pftpers
<]SiCK[> he only jokes around wif it
<[dee]> ruin the fucking scene.. thats why i dont trade much
<]SiCK[> he doesnt use it
<DarkieX> dee: go for it.. i never logged in
<[dee]> im sick of restarters/macros/pftpers
<]SiCK[> hahaha
<SkyNet> dARKsUN: .gr has also major lag and i'm macro magic boy
<]SiCK[> bahahaha
<]SiCK[> im sick of penis
<BioHzard> dee: tell me one reason how it ruins the scene
<[dee]> macro magic is JUST as fucking bad
<DarkieX> dee: nothing u can do about it
<SkyNet> DarkieX: .gr has also major lag and i'm macro magic boy
<[dee]> BioHzard, because people that trade without the use of bots, cheat machines, can't compete with a machine
  compete with a machine
<[dee]> so theres no damn point
<BioHzard> why dee?     all that can be done in macro magic can be done better in crt
<DarkieX> skynet: skynet .. like how many ms?
<[dee]> u blink your eye for 1/2 a second and its everywhere cuz of cheaters
<[dee]> whats the point of trading anymore
<BioHzard> dee: they don't have to trade that way tho
<[dee]> lets just have scripts move everything
<[dee]> BEFORE
<SkyNet> dARKsUN: enough ...:(.....
<[dee]> whoever is lucky to notice a release
<SkyNet> DarkieX: enough ...:(.....
<[dee]> would get the credz on the top sites
<SkyNet> grrrrr
* ]SiCK[ slaps [dee] around a bit with a large trout
<[dee]> now with all these fucking bots
<[dee]> and cheaters
<[dee]> its retarded to trade
<BioHzard> lol  bots
<taktike> LETS ALL PFTP
<[dee]> thats why u dont see any old schoolers trade anymore
<taktike> j.k
<DarkieX> pftping is NOT cheating
<]SiCK[> :P
<SkyNet> pftp is allowed in mp3 scene
<BioHzard> if u don't like it dee    give up and leave ;D
<]SiCK[> hahaha
<]SiCK[> the mp3 scene
<TeRRaZip> well QUIT trading and start SUPPLYING or CRACKING!!!!
<TeRRaZip> hehe
<]SiCK[> yeah
<]SiCK[> shit
<DarkieX> If we all PFTP.. then its all about who puts in the most time
<]SiCK[> quit whining
<[dee]> fucking all of rts pftps probably
<]SiCK[> dammit
12:10am est) SthWhore(#sth); [[dee]] <|nitro|> plus i aint seen you weektop anywhere
<TeRRaZip> why the FUCK we need traders anymore.. hehehe<DarkieX> dee: have u used it?
<taktike> hey..
<taktike> war
<taktike> war
<taktike> war
<]SiCK[> WAR!!!!!!
<]SiCK[> :P
<DarkieX> dee: I pftp'd on my own decission.. not anyone else forcing me to
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +o taktike
<BioHzard> dee: i screen and still have no probs
<[dee]> it syncs your ups
<]SiCK[> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
<]SiCK[> :P
<[dee]> which is cheating
<BioHzard> i have not once used it on a top site   only on pub sites to test it
<taktike> fight.
<]SiCK[> tactic: there yea go
<]SiCK[> :P
<LandzZz> shells is cheatin neways :)
* ]SiCK[ slaps taktike around a bit with a large trout
<[dee]> no they arent
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: -o taktike
<taktike> pFTP r0x u guys
<]SiCK[> i slapped u and u fell
<]SiCK[> :(
[[wia]]: hi
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v taktike
* taktike kicks sicky in his groin
-[wia]- [Away (Sun Nov 01 01:56PM CST)] [4d 10h 32m 7s] [BX-MsgLog On]
<]SiCK[> noooo
<BioHzard> dee: since when does the scene care about cheating and fraud
<]SiCK[> i thto we were frineds
<BioHzard> don't we cheat software developers out of their money ?
*** SauroN is now known as mordor
<taktike> heh
<]SiCK[> fraud was sum guy in m8
<]SiCK[> he was a cock
<[dee]> shut up biohazard
*** mordor is now known as kabal
<]SiCK[> :P
<taktike> lets all be cheaters
<DarkieX> haha :) good call bio
<BioHzard> personally i think that is a much worse crime then syncing a few fucking transfers
<]SiCK[> dee hush
*** kabal is now known as sauron
<BioHzard> lol
<BioHzard> ;D
<]SiCK[> darkie hush
<]SiCK[> bio hush
<]SiCK[> thanks
<]SiCK[> :)
<BioHzard> :>
<DarkieX> dee: before i go off and go to work.. PFTP is NOT cheating
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v Sir_ZZzzz
* DarkieX is AWAY [] not here.. monitor off.. i got last say [] BitchX OwnZ ME!!
*** DarkieX is now known as DX-Away
<BioHzard> bibi dx
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v TeRRaZip
*** Tribe ([email protected]) has joined #lucky
<taktike> everyone suck sick's right nut to make the elft one jealous
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v Frockie
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v Tribe
<Puffy-> tak
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v TyGDinner
<Puffy-> u sweat me
<Puffy-> again
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +v [dee]
<]SiCK[> puffy is a cheater
<]SiCK[> analy rape him
<taktike> kickban his ass
<TeRRaZip> dooooh..
<BioHzard> ehe
*** Puffy- has quit IRC (in the world today, i make it go around baby)
<]SiCK[> .ctcp puffy- RAPE ANALLY
<TeRRaZip> enuff of da RAPE shit.. ewwwwwwwwwwkkkk
<TeRRaZip> that shit is NASTY
<]SiCK[> behehe
<]SiCK[> -> [terrazip] RAPE ANALLY
<DX-Away> dee: one last thing.. u ever tried to screen or fxp with atleast 700ms ping times?
<TeRRaZip> you SiCK SiCK bastard!!!!!!!! hahahahah
<DX-Away> most of the time greater
*** Frockie has quit IRC (irc.umn.edu irc.df.lth.se)
*** Lethal_ has quit IRC (irc.umn.edu irc.df.lth.se)
*** [GFLOZZY] has quit IRC (irc.umn.edu irc.df.lth.se)
*** Siim has quit IRC (irc.umn.edu irc.df.lth.se)
<[dee]> DX-Away, shut the fuck up lamer
*** freakshow has quit IRC (irc.umn.edu irc.df.lth.se)
<]SiCK[> ehhehe
<[dee]> i dont care what ping times you have
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: -v [dee]
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: -v DX-Away
<[dee]> dont fuck with me sick
*** ]SiCK[ sets mode: +m
<]SiCK[> shut the fuck up
<]SiCK[> both of u
*** TD-King sets mode: +o hazzy
<]SiCK[> this isnt the place to fight
* BioHzard kicks [dee]
<sauron> !tdnew 3
<]SiCK[> msg each other or sumthing
*** hazzy sets mode: -m
<BioHzard> now hazzy will have big kisses with dee
<]SiCK[> heh
<]SiCK[> i better b careful
<]SiCK[> hehe
*** Tribe has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<]SiCK[> dee threatened me
<]SiCK[> :P
<hazzy> u dont like something u type /ignore
<taktike> uhh
<TheDome> [- TheDome -] Currently  sixteen  user(s) connected...
<DX-Away> dee: if the courier scene is soo fucked up.. go join the release scene and quit bitchen
<taktike> fight
<[dee]> you fucking newbies are the reason the scene died this year
<]SiCK[> hazzy: no
<]SiCK[> they shuldnt fight  here
<[dee]> EVERYTHING was fine before march this year
<taktike> hehe
<]SiCK[> this isnt the place
<[dee]> trading was actually fucking enjoyable
<]SiCK[> ddee: quit whining
<taktike> fight niggaz
<BioHzard> dee  the scene did not die   it changed
<DX-Away> dee: it was gunna happen some time
<[dee]> this is sickening
<DX-Away> dee: it might of been march might of been today pftp went public
<TeRRaZip> okay.. lets all GET ALONG
<TeRRaZip> quit fighting amounst ourselves..
<taktike> lets fight
<]SiCK[> lets all SHUT THE FUCK UP
<]SiCK[> :)
<TeRRaZip> we ALL here for da SAME REASON
<BioHzard> nah sick ;D
<BioHzard> fun
<TeRRaZip> have FUN
<TeRRaZip> yea.. 
<TeRRaZip> so whether ya a CRACKER, SUPPLIER, TRADER, whatever.. WE NEED EVERYONE to make this shit HAPPEN!!!
<BioHzard> exactly  the point of the couriering scene..   move the warez    doesn't pftp do it the most efficient way ? 
<]SiCK[> quit this damn bickering
* DX-Away is BACK [] [] BitchX OwnZ ME!!
*** DX-Away is now known as DarkieX
<BioHzard> :
<BioHzard> :P
<BioHzard> go be sick somewhere else lol
<BioHzard> ;D
<TeRRaZip> dee.. why don't you be a cracker??
<DarkieX> dee: live with the newskool or die the like oldskool
<taktike> hehe
<taktike> terrazip is funny
<BioHzard> ;)
<taktike> lol
<TeRRaZip> why'z dat??
<]SiCK[> cuz dee is incompetent
<]SiCK[> :P
<TeRRaZip> I don't try anymore..
<taktike> lol
<TeRRaZip> like you said.. how can ya compete with a machine..
<TeRRaZip> plus..
<taktike> terrazi[ why dont u be a bum
<DarkieX> as of March 1998 Old School has died.. bye bye
<TeRRaZip> if a freaking computer can do it and 10000000x's faster... why would ya waste ya 
<TheDome> [- TheDome -] -1106- (siim/AOD/r0cker owns) DUPE (1103): Total_Access_Developer_Suite_v8-FCN
<TeRRaZip> haha.. bum like me taktike!!!  LoL
<taktike> uhhhhhh
<]SiCK[> im a bum like terrazip
<]SiCK[> ;p
<]SiCK[> tactic is a wannabe
<]SiCK[> :P
<TeRRaZip> it'z not like it takes a lot of brains to MOVE FOLDERS around to diff FTP's... heheheh
<]SiCK[> behhehe
<LandzZz> there won't be ne currys needed in the future all sites will have autoscriptin neways i bet
<TeRRaZip> so lets focus more on cracking and suppling now that we got'z computers doing our TRADING!!!
<taktike> hyehehe
<DarkieX> terra: it takes alot of time if u dont fully script
<TeRRaZip> just gonnna make da scene that much better..
<taktike> lets go high tech
<TeRRaZip> cuz now all da curry's can do sumting else...
<]SiCK[> dx: he said brains.. not time
<]SiCK[> :P
<taktike> like futuristic n shit
<TeRRaZip> <Like Go STEAL software from Stores!!!!!>
<TeRRaZip> hahaha
<DarkieX> sick: couriering has never been about brains
<DarkieX> its about time
<]SiCK[> no shit
*** MetallicX ([email protected]) has joined #lucky
<TheDome> [MetallicX] ..::[[ TheDome r0x ]]::..
<taktike> hey ..lets be like hackers the movie
<TD-King> [MetallicX] ..::[[ TheDome r0x ]]::..
<]SiCK[> thats wut terra said u jewbery
<TeRRaZip> <ATTN ALL TRADERS:  quit your curry jobs and STEAL from the STORES - RETiAL Software>  hehehe
<TD-King> [TD] Anti-idle Message!
<DarkieX> its not like i couriered 1 hour a day
*** TD-King sets mode: +o MetallicX
<DarkieX> and did well
<taktike> retial
*** MetallicX sets mode: +vv DarkieX [dee]
<DarkieX> i spent like lots of hours
<TeRRaZip> hey mX!!!
<DarkieX> so many i dont remember
<TeRRaZip> you can in at a GREAT TIME.. hehehe
<taktike> hey
<MetallicX> hey!
<TeRRaZip> hey you
<TeRRaZip> hehe.. :)
<taktike> lets be futuristic and have robots n stuff
* ]SiCK[ slaps taktike around a bit with a large trout
<]SiCK[> shutup
<DarkieX> MX is a legend .. he worx at maccas too :)
<]SiCK[> :P
<BioHzard> hehe
<TeRRaZip> let.. and lets play with barbies taktike.. hahaha
<MetallicX> maccas? :)
<DarkieX> macdonalds
<taktike> uhhh
<DarkieX> i think i sed is once
<taktike> u wanna play with my anaconda
<DarkieX> is = it
<]SiCK[> macros
<taktike> ?
<]SiCK[> jewberry
<MetallicX> ahhh.. yes I do! :)
<MetallicX> it sucks..
<sauron> <CrackR0ck>  [dCt] -1105- (intent - TFA) Total_Access_Developer_Suite_v8-FCN
<taktike> terra..do u
<TeRRaZip> naw.. you lier!! mX!!!  :)
<sauron> that old
<taktike> ?
<DarkieX> It sux :) but its fun: ...
<DarkieX> harassing the chix
<]SiCK[> !info <taktike> u wanna play with my anaconda
<TeRRaZip> mX is a Corporate ExEC!!!
<MetallicX> yeah.. thats all I do down there is harass chicks..
<TeRRaZip> he just doesn't like to brag..
<TeRRaZip> don't let him f00l ya...
<TeRRaZip> he don't work at no micky d's
<MetallicX> hehe
<taktike> construction worker
<TeRRaZip> he work for Large Corp laundry $$$$ with mafia!!!
* Logging #lucky to '#lucky.log'
<TheDome> [- TheDome -] -1106- (siim/AOD/r0cker owns) New Dir: DiceDeluxe.v1.0.Regged-BLIZZARD
<DarkieX> The fight with dee is gunna make a good log for nwr this week
[hazzy]: ill tell him when he comes back
<[dee]> already been logged
<[dee]> now editing
<DarkieX> sick
<TeRRaZip> haha.. Oooh noo.. 
<DarkieX> I was gunna send it too
<TeRRaZip> not dis shit again!!!
<DarkieX> U can try weed me out.. but i'll be back :)
<TheDome> [- TheDome -] -1106- (mgd/ENTiTY/TheDome Owns Me!) New Dir: Microsoft_NetShow_Theater_Server_v3.0-ENTiTY
<taktike> is mgd a bot
<taktike> :P
<DarkieX> no
<DarkieX> lol
<TeRRaZip> haha...
<TheDome> UPDATE: DiceDeluxe.v1.0.Regged-BLIZZARD ( 01 disk(s) - 1st Disk b-ddv10.zip: 934.86 KB )
<DarkieX> !info <taktike> is mgd a bot
<TeRRaZip> he stole my GLORY last night!!!  ;)
<TeRRaZip> I'm gonna give him shit bout it soon as he gets on.. heheh
<DarkieX> hrm
<DarkieX> I better go now
<TheDome> [- TheDome -] (DiceDeluxe.v1.0.Regged-BLIZZARD) (siim/AOD/r0cker owns) New Dir: Microsoft_NetShow_Theater_Server_v3.0-ENTiTY
* DarkieX is AWAY [] pftping rulz [] BitchX OwnZ ME!!
*** DarkieX is now known as DX-Away
<TheDome> UPDATE: Microsoft_NetShow_Theater_Server_v3.0-ENTiTY ( 09 disk(s) - 1st Disk entnst3a.zip: 3412.81 KB )
Sent pftp.txt at 1.384k/s to [K]ane
<TeRRaZip> ya.. got'z some Assembler to write..
<TeRRaZip> I'm gonna jet..
<taktike> <silence>
<TeRRaZip> take it easy ya guyz..
<TeRRaZip> NO MORE FIGHTING.. hehe.. ;)
<TeRRaZip> l8trz
<taktike> yea rite..u just wanna jack off
<TeRRaZip> okay.. c00l taktike..
<sauron> !tdwho
<DX-Away> i've gone :) dont worry.. i'll stir shit when i get home from work
<TeRRaZip> but don't jiiizzz in ya keyboard..
<TeRRaZip> it FUCKS it up..
<TeRRaZip> hehe.. or at least that'z what ya told me.. ;)
<taktike> dont do it when ur sleeping..u hafta change boxers when u wakey wakey
<DX-Away> when I get back I am putting a pftp offer bot up
<TeRRaZip> okay DX
<Lithium2> how bigg0r?
<DX-Away> didnt look at slowup/down tho<taktike> lol
<TeRRaZip> ;)
<TeRRaZip> l8trz guyz
<taktike> how bout riscftp
*** TeRRaZip has quit IRC (Leaving)
<]SiCK[> 103098 MS.Netshow.Theatre.Server.v3.0-DeMoN
<]SiCK[> hehehe
<]SiCK[> hehe
<]SiCK[> nm
<taktike> :(
<hazzy> prev vers nonworking
<]SiCK[> sum hoomp pasted that
<hazzy> read the nfo
<hazzy> lamahs
<DX-Away> i've used riscftp aswell
<]SiCK[> heh
<Lithium2> hazzy
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