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1994 October 15

  • Amiga Text / Community drama
  • Sledge, writer credits
[+] Configuration Copy text
Towards Nightfall , get your facts straight ! If i fix the header like you do ( which you claim is a Bug in the Trainer .?) it doesnt work on my Copier. So there you go. I said MCA has got not so much time as he used to , so he still does Trainers but he wont be doing so many as he used to. You dont reply towards the Player 1 and Player 2 in 1 Option ? You claim your so good at cracking , how come you didnt remove the checksum in Mickey at adress $8179 ? If i dont change that i will have to play Level 1 for ever , and cant make any progress at all towards the next Level. We have more members in the group that do surten things as releasing games , they dont all know how to crack/train etc.. MCA never has never even seen that Kirby game to begin with , so whats the deal huh ? Calling Paradox Mega Mighty ( good ass kissing ! ) , F**king Pappie-Ron has released so many Un-cracked shit , i lost count .. And then you blame us for this ? Get real .. Since your so High Class at all this , i will forget about the fact , on how many versions of Kirby i have seen was it 3 or 4.. Fact is that NOBODY is perfect ! Every other group fucks up here and there .. So stop acting like your King of the Hill , coz you aint ..nobody is.. If you want to get on the Band wagon , trying to slag us off . You're the real WANNA BE's then, Think about that for a Change ! And yes a lot of your Options are a bunch of bullshit.. Go ahead Train Unlimited background if you think its so damn Cool.. Worst part is that every other group seem to join in with adding all kinds of dumb options.. Just to have a Trainer with more +'s then the other groups .. F**king LAME is what all this is turning into.. Yeah , yeah and before you think that i just write this , coz we simply cant handle it, just go through your collection to see prove of a fair amount of Trainers with more then the normal 3 or 4 Options.. But like a wise Game Player once said..The more Options you put in , the Bigger the chance the game might Fuck Up ... I think its well weird that your Pacland Trainer works fine , and Mickey doesnt work at all..Cant even select a Damn thing.. Wanna be Cool ? Make sure your trainers work on ALL Copiers . Seems impossible these dayz.. Dont bother to reply to this , i dont hate Nightfall ..i even use some of your Trainers , just setting straight some things , and giving some food for thought. There is nothing more to it.. L8er Sledge/Elite/ndo
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