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Discussion on what constitutes warez trade cheating by The Crazed Asylum (TCA)

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<[Pixie]> no ;) <_moomoo> ok :) <_moomoo> lookie <_moomoo> | Storm | [EQL] EQUALiTY [EQL] | LIST -la | <_moomoo> | Storm | [EQL] EQUALiTY [EQL] | LIST -la | <_moomoo> every about 7 seconds <_moomoo> ive seen him <_moomoo> been looking the last minute <[Pixie]> what's wrong with that ? <[Pixie]> he's using linfxp <_moomoo> umm.. <_moomoo> hes auto refreshing <[Pixie]> I know cause I gave him my linfxp ;) <_moomoo> linfxp is cheating anywho <[Pixie]> and ? <_moomoo> you allow cheating :/ <[Pixie]> heheheh you are too funny <[Pixie]> you mean, you think you can deceide what's cheating, and I have to follow that <_moomoo> umm ok <_moomoo> your site <[Pixie]> I think it;s not cheating <_moomoo> im just saying :P <_moomoo> ok :) <[Pixie]> I dunno why you do <_moomoo> well.. most siteops consider linfxp/riscftp/nftp/pftp cheating.. <[Pixie]> I know, but besides that riscftp + nftp + pftp is totally different from linfxp, you still didn't tell me why it's cheating <_moomoo> ok <[Pixie]> (I'm just asking, I'm open for any opinion, just it should be based on something, that's why I ask) <_moomoo> nftp = does the same thing like list -la it shows latest dirs.. just like linffxp pftp <[Pixie]> I never seen nftp, I have to say <_moomoo> heh.. its your site.. everyother siteop i know bans cheating.. and i have told you how its cheating <[Pixie]> then you know very few siteops ;) <[Pixie]> but why is autorefreshing so bigtime cheating ? <[Pixie]> see, pftp... ok...... that I can understand <_moomoo> ok :P <[Pixie]> ok let me explain what I see as cheating: any form of couriering in which no 'controller' is to be used... also known as 'automatic programs' or 'scripts'. The auto-refreshing is not cheating towards me, cause the cheatbots (like TWH) do the exact same thing. <[Pixie]> just my point of view, it can be changed ;) <_moomoo> ok :P <[Pixie]> you don't agree eh ;)) <_moomoo> nope <[Pixie]> well maybe you can explain why, one time ;) <_moomoo> i allready did
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