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Docs (Codes) To Sierra's Conquest Of Camelot I. by Independent (IND)


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                         Docs (codes) to SIERRA'S

                          Conquest Of Camelot I

          Greets to Barimor and Viper of the Firm, and to Candyman
          of The Humble Guys....docs typed up by Rom Chip.

                           4/5/90 !!

     heres what page 7 of the manual has...for the doc-check!

    The message of the Rose:
         Love is my shield                 Almond blossom-Hope
  The language of the flowers.             Anemone-withered hopes
    From the earliest days of civil-       Aster-afterthought
  ization, flowers have been given         Buttercup-memories of childhood
  special meanings. For example, the       carnation-heartbreak
  rose has a long association with         columbine-folly
  love,sexuality and with many godd-       chrysanthemum,yellow-slighted love
  esses, the virgin mary, and the sci-     chrysanthemum,white-truth
  ence of alchemy. Not only the flower     cornflower-celibacy
  itself, but often the color indica-      daffodil-death
  ted what significance was attached       forget-me-not:true love
  to it. There are many legends of         hyacinth-sport,game or play
  flowers springing up where drops of      lily,white-purity
  blood or tears fell to the ground.       lily,yellow-falsehood
  What follows is a list of flowers        orchid-seduction
  and their meanings.                      periwinkle,blue-early friendship
                                           periwinkle,white-pleasures of 
                                           poppy,scarlet-fantastic ex-
                                           snowdrop-hope or consolation
                                           tulip,red-declaration of love
                                           tulip,yellow-hopeless love

     Now, hopefully this should be about all the conquest of camelot
game will ask of you to type in...codes i guess?

                      call Bloom County for new AMIGA warez


Rom chip