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SCEEN 'magazine for digital extravaganza' is an international magazine for digital arts and culture between pop and sub, high and low, on and off. SCEEN compiles a fine selection of stories and projects / artist features from such areas as Creative Coding, Demoscene, Machinima, Micromusic, Netaudio, VJing, 2D/3D Animation, Motiongraphics, Game and Media Arts.

SCEEN #1 SEPTEMBER 05: Demoscene: Breakpoint 2005, Scene.org Awards 2004, Shizzle (Pokmon mini hacking), Mobile Mayhem (realtime demos on cellphones) Machinima: Reviews, Animation for the Nation, Person 2184, Engine, Play/Pause Game Art: John Paul Bichard's Evidencia Series, i am 8-bit Netaudio: Netlabel Feature, Monotonik, Stadtgrn Micromusic: Mikro-K Trainers, Lektrogirl's High 5 3D Animation: Amondo VGRemixing: Nostalgia with a Substance VJing: SAS21, Effekt

SCEEN #2 2007: Featured Artists: VJ/DJ/AV ensemble ADDICTIVE TV (UK), generative artists MARIUS WATZ (NO) and LIA (AT), 3D animator and film maker ROBERT SEIDEL (DE), Wiimote DJ/VJ DAITO MANABE (JP), the STRUKT VJs (AT), ASD (GR), 8-bit/reggae crossover artist DISRUPT/JAHTARI.ORG, the 4 kilobytes microfilm coder MINAS (DE), the Tekken theatre performers from GOD'S ENTERTAINMENT (AT) and many, many more.