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,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. [ Hi, okay this all started as a prank in AOD channel, but we were bored ] [ like hell, so we decided to play with some people and here are the results. ] [====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X====X===X===] [ Just before you read it, let me explain what exactly we were doing, so: ] [ I logged in to one of my hacked shells which is on a very known swedish ] [ network and i started messaging groups shell coordinators and seniors to ] [ see the response that i will get. So enjoy this text and remember that ] [ AOD OWNZ YOUR MAMA! - (c) Angels on Drugs (of Death) '98 - Edited by: JEW ] `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' -> *xavier_* hi! are you a dimension leader? i got your name of grym0r -> *lester* hello are you here? grym0r told me to msg you he said your dimension leader or something and i msged xavier before but he is not replying me :( i thought you guys want me -> *[stix]* hello? grym0r told me to msg you he said you can help me join dms -> *brainy* hello? smoe guy named grym0r told me you can help me join risc *brainy* hello -> *brainy* hi are you from risc? *brainy* join risc as what... *brainy* yes i am -> *brainy* as a shell supplier *brainy* ok.. -> *brain* i supplied shells to fof, ret, vol, dey and sop *brainy* not hacked shells i suppose? -> *brainy* no -> *brainy* i got a 10mbit box *brainy* ok.. so you want to affiliate with us is that it? -> *brainy* yes, but the question is what can i get from it -> *brainy* because i got offers from millenium and dimension but i want risc *brainy* what are you expecting from the group -> *brainy* my friend zeronerd told me that risc are the best and he said that he had a shell box owner that had accounts on risc top sites and he got hardware and stuff like that -> *brainy* i used to run a site on my computer -> *brainy* but it tkaes too much bandwith *brainy* yes. we can get you a leech account on our sites. *[STiX]* who is grymor ? *brainy* and we can also get you some hardware -> *[stix]* some guy i found in #WUT *[STiX]* what do you want to join as ? *brainy* can i check the box you want to offer us? *brainy* also.. i need some references.. *brainy* from some scene dudes or something.. -> *[stix]* as a shell supplier, i supplied shells to fof, ret, vol, dey and sop but i heard that dimension are very good -> *brainy* i dont know any scene dudes -> *brainy* and im not gonna give you shell on my machine just like that -> *brainy* im not stupid *brainy* ? *brainy* im risc high council member *[STiX]* they are *[STiX]* hold *brainy* i need to check what you have to offer the group... *brainy* or you tell me.. -> *brainy* prove that your from risc and if you wanna know what my box has so hereis the nfo: 64ram 6.4 hdd 166mhz machine, im ready to give 4sehlls no more *brainy* prove that im from risc? -> *brainy* yes *brainy* bleh... ask whoever you want -> *brainy* i dont know anybody from the scene -> *brainy* i got alot of friends from #ryd though *Xavier_* hi -> *brainy* they didnt know you -> *xavier_* hi *brainy* what do you want me to do then? *Xavier_* ok I am a senior *Xavier_* you wanna join dms? -> *brainy* hmm invite me to their channel *[STiX]* ok *brainy* well i have 3 liu boxes at the moment *[STiX]* someone's gonna msg u *[STiX]* and take it from there *[STiX]* ok ? *brainy* sure *brainy* you can join pub chan *brainy* #risciso *[STiX]* xavier is gonna msg u *Xavier_* what can I do fer ya bro? :) -> *brainy* no i want the real risc channel #risciso means nothin, i can get in too easily *[STiX]* i gotta eat.. bl *[STiX]* bbl -> *xavier_* i wanna join dms *** brainy invites you to channel #ascent -> *xavier_* but i got offers from risc and mnm and i wanna know what dms can offer me before i choose *Xavier_* leeches on vcd/iso/mp3 sites *Xavier_* :) *Xavier_* and warez offcourse *** paupo has left channel #wut ,-----[*** paupo (******@*******.***.***.se) has joined channel #ascent]-----. `----------------------------------------------------------------------------' *** Topic for #ascent: Please set new password on FiKUS, if not added talk to Eternal *** #ascent ^Eternal^ 904448805 *Xavier_* I dont got much time heh *Xavier_* dimension owns :) <brainy> happy now? -> *brainy* waht is #ascent? *brainy* what do you think? *brainy* risc channel -> *xavier_* mnm offered me 2 4gigs ide hdds *Xavier_* we dont do hw *Xavier_* and mnm *Xavier_* usually never gets any hw *Xavier_* :) *brainy* now *Xavier_* I got hmm.. *brainy* you tell me who are you *Xavier_* many liu's and stuff *Xavier_* :) -> *xavier_* and risc offered me leech on RM or some site like that i dunno, and also they said some guy named tpep and he will send me hardware *Xavier_* so if you wanna join, join us before you are pound to be one of us :) *brainy* cagar54 ,---[*** paupo has left channel #ascent]----. `-------------------------------------------' *Xavier_* RM is DOWN *Xavier_* it was busted -> *brainy* you are a liar -> *brainy* you are not from risc -> *brainy* bye *Xavier_* thepep doesnt send hardware any more *brainy* ahahah *Xavier_* he stopped supplying *brainy* im risc council believe it or not -> *xavier_* hmm im sure i can get hardware for my box -> *brainy* no your not *bwain* HI this any better? *** bwain is [email protected] (Brain) *** on irc via server irc.exodus.net (International IRC Server of Mystery) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -> *bwain* better what? *brainy* oh no ? *Xavier_* it aint about hardware -> *bwain* you just changed your name *Xavier_* many boxops join dms *Xavier_* cause they want to be apart of us -> *bwain* here is a prove that your not risc : #risc can't join channel (it's invite only) *brainy* bahha *brainy* i invited you risc channel, msg you from risc98 host and some dude sends you to me and im not from risc ? -> *brainy* #risc is the real risc channel -> *brainy* if you invite me to there ill beleive you *Xavier_* :) *brainy* No its not *brainy* get a clue *brainy* ive been in risc for 3 years *brainy* we never used #risc *Xavier_* whats it gonna to be? :) -> *xavier_* well AOD offered me some hardware nowsome guy named morbid from there is gonna send me some hardware *Xavier_* bwhaha *Xavier_* you aint gonna get any :) *Xavier_* plus the hardware *Xavier_* they get is carded -> *xavier_* why? so what if its carded *Xavier_* meaning its either stolen or was gotten *Xavier_* by carding -> *xavier_* still i get the hardware *Xavier_* bwhah *Xavier_* there is no use for dat :) *Xavier_* if yer interested in hw *Xavier_* I will let you go *Xavier_* but you have no idea *Xavier_* what you will be missing in dimension :) *Xavier_* I can get hardware *plush0r* there? *Xavier_* but I dont offer it for shells -> *xavier_* hmm invite me to #dms -> *plush0r* ya *Xavier_* why? *Xavier_* we are private heh *Xavier_* the channel doesnt have a single non member in it *Xavier_* hehe *plush0r* Wonderin if you would be interested in being a shell box operator for Request to Send -> *xavier_* hmm -> *plush0r* what can you offer me? -> *xavier_* what sitez am i gonna get? *brainy* hello? -> *brainy* yes *Xavier_* PZ *plush0r* leech on many sites/ hardware at times / other shells /memebership *Xavier_* fm2 *Xavier_* tt *brainy* i'm in risc! *Xavier_* few more *Xavier_* depends *brainy* ascent is our channel *brainy* what do you want more? -> *brainy* no its not #risc is the channel i just asked my friends *brainy* hahhaha -> *xavier_* any iso sites? *brainy* ok suit yourself *** plush0r invites you to channel #r.t.s *Xavier_* they are all iso :) *Xavier_* pretty much *Xavier_* iso/vcd *Xavier_* :) ,------[*** paupo (******@*******.***.***.se) has joined channel #r.t.s]------. `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' *** Topic for #r.t.s: if you trade iso msg jaw or join #rtsiso - Rebooted HOLE .. everything | Allanonba *** #r.t.s allanon_ 904586560 *brainy* ask your friends who's risc leader and council *brainy* they'll tell you -> *brainy* they said enforcer and eagle1 *plush0r* I know I saw ya lookin at DMS but to tell ya the truth man they have no need for you ( don't say nething to them ) but they have a liu.se box a umu.se box a luth.se box ++++ ,---[*** Mode change "+v paupo" on channel #r.t.s by plush0r]---. `---------------------------------------------------------------' *brainy* thats right *brainy* enforce is the leader *brainy* eagle_1 is retired now *brainy* #risc isnt the channel! for obvious reasons -> *brainy* what reaons? -> *plush0r* what can you give me ? -> *xavier_* i really really need another hd *Xavier_* why? *Xavier_* everyone can get thru without a harddrive *brainy* takeovers?? *Xavier_* no one sends hardware any more *Xavier_* trust me *brainy* what you thinkk *plush0r* I mean shit if I can take this box to VGN or SiEGE or somethgn and get leech on a top site like STH or something then thats what I will do -> *brainy* hmm no way risc has to have #risc as a channel it will be stupid because what is ascnte ?? *brainy* who are those friends of yours? *brainy* No we dont have period. *plush0r* whoops hehe wrong window d0h *brainy* ascent is just a chnnels name *plush0r* was talkin bout another box I own sorry :) heh *Xavier_* are you running outta space? :) *brainy* rise is superior couriering *plush0r* hah -> *xavier_* i really need a hd so i think im gonna go with aod and if they wont send me anything ill prolly wont open the box -> *xavier* ya *brainy* influenced on the groups name *plush0r* <<< dumbass was talkin bout a cornell.edu box *brainy* so it was ascent *Xavier_* they wont *brainy* as it has been alot other *brainy* that have been changed trough the years *Xavier_* well I dont think you will get nething *brainy* if you want in risc msg me back when you believe me -> *xavier* hmm welp so can you send me a hd? *Xavier_* but dms has the best vcd/iso sites *Xavier_* and stuff :) *brainy* otherwise dont bother -> *brainy* forget it you are a liar i dont like liar's people like you are screwing up the net *brainy* get a risc98.nfo *plush0r* at all interested? *brainy* see for yourself who am i -> *plush0r* hmm only if you can get my a hd, not big, just a 6.4ide -> *plush0r* cause aod is gonna send me one *Xavier_* so is aod sending the hw? :) -> *xavier_* ya morbid said he will *Xavier_* <morbie> how the hell u think i can offer hw ? :P *Xavier_* <morbie> i lied *Xavier_* bwhaha *Xavier_* well dms gots a lot of happy boxops *Xavier_* :) *plush0r* oki wish I could say I could at this point but I can't I won't have hardware to offer for another month or so :( *brainy* i dont think you are really who you say you are.. *Xavier_* other grps try to get more we got a lot cause they join us :) *Xavier_* cause we OWN :) *brainy* you're just playing around with me *brainy* anyways cya -> *xavier_* show me one happy box owner and ill talk tohim -> *xavier_* if you have any from my univ -> *xavier_* it will be better *Xavier_* I got many from lu.se -> *xavier_* i know almost every liu guy *Xavier_* hmm.. -> *xavier_* that has boxes *Xavier_* I got many utu.fi *Xavier_* hut.fi *Xavier_* umu.se -> *xavier_* hmm *Xavier_* I got liu's too :) *Xavier_* 100mbit liu.se's not on ryd and stuff *Xavier_* :) -> *xavier_* can you gimme shells on every box you have and every site you have, and then ill agree, and ill join DMS instead of AOD *Xavier_* bwhaha *Xavier_* why do you need shells *Xavier_* that would compramise security *Xavier_* how can I trust you? -> *xavier_* how can you trust me??? *Xavier_* like why -> *xavier_* its my box that standing on the steak here *Xavier_* would you need shells on every box? -> *xavier* i just want more shells i never had shells *Xavier_* in dms we really care about security *Xavier_* so we only add 2-3 users *Xavier_* on each box *Xavier_* :)) -> *xavier_* plus thats how i can keep files on my shells -> *xavier_* and then move them to my box *Xavier_* I will provide you 1 shell :) *Xavier_* and I will fix some leeches :) *Grym0r* hey i will give you 9.1gb ide hdd 7200 rpms *Grym0r* like i did for many other AOD box owners =p -> *xavier_* shell on hut.fi? -> *xavier_* *Grym0r* hey i will give you 9.1gb ide hdd 7200 rpms / like i did for many other AOD box owners :P ,--------------------------------------------------------------------------. =[-*-CUT-*-]=[ Here, Xavier messaged Grym0r, check this log too ]=[-*-CUT-*-]= `--------------------------------------------------------------------------' <Xavier_> bwhaha <Grym0r> hmm? <Xavier_> offering hw are we :) <Grym0r> if i have it to offer then i offer it <Xavier_> hmmm <Xavier_> sending hw? :) <Grym0r> yes to aod boxes <Xavier_> heeh ,--------------------------------------------------------------------------. =[-*-CUT-*-]------------------------------------------------------[-*-CUT-*-]= `--------------------------------------------------------------------------' *Xavier_* <Grym0r> hmm? *Xavier_* <Xavier_> offering hw are we :) *Xavier_* <Grym0r> if i have it to offer then i offer it -> *xavier_* grym0r is not a liar i had 2 friends that he sent them hardware, one from lulea and one form linkoping *Xavier_* hmm.. ,---[*** paupo has left channel #r.t.s]---. `-----------------------------------------' *Xavier_* well bro *Xavier_* this shouldnt be about hw -> *xavier_* so whhy should i danger my self for gettin kicking out of the univ and lose my connection for a lousy ftp site? i can go to #warez666 and get all the warez i want from there -> *xavier_* i also have leech account on warpzone that morbid just gave me *Xavier_* bwhaha -> *xavier_* the site really owns *Xavier_* I will put it this way *Xavier_* wit dms *Xavier_* there isnt a chance you will be caught #1 *Xavier_* since we only put 2-3 users *Xavier_* only 1-2 will use the box *Xavier_* the 3rd one would be me *Xavier_* #2 *Xavier_* we are concerned about security and do no make security mishaps *Xavier_* #3 we provide what we can :) *Xavier_* being leeches and such *Xavier_* we do not feel hardware is a way to get ops *Xavier_* #4 Dimension Domination *Xavier_* do you understand ? :) -> *xavier_* hehe, you seems like you have enough ego :) *Xavier_* haha I have the right to :) -> *xavier_* why? *Xavier_* well truthfully *Xavier_* like many boxops are happy with us and stuff *Xavier_* they know we try hard to do everything we can *Xavier_* we look at their needs *Xavier_* we dont even ask for root on shell boxes *Xavier_* :)) *Xavier_* I hope you make the right decision *Xavier_* but like I cant do much *Xavier_* its upto yer heart :) *Xavier_* have you left me? :) *brainy* hiya -> *xavier_* no im just installing some stuff -> *brainy* waht? *Xavier_* make it secure cause its you who is on the line :) *Xavier_* and the sitops *Xavier_* so whatcha upto now? :) *Xavier_* sorry for being an asshole to you *Xavier_* but like I havent had any sleep and stuff *Xavier_* and I hate it when people ask me for hardware heh *Xavier_* I get offered hw and stuff but I dont take -> *xavier_* forget it bye ,--------------------------------------------------------------------. ====[ Thess LOGS were logged by some AOD members, we wanna say Thanks to ]===== ====[ Jew, Grym0r, Morbid, Xavier, Brain, Stix, Plush, Nightsky, Sweden! ]===== `-. -------------------------------------------------------------- ,-' ====[ This log was edited by a Jew on September 1st for a few hours! ]==== `----------------------------------------------------------------' (c) AOD 1998
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