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Hello again, its been a while since I contacted you but while bored at work I wrote a little about my memories of Lamers of Power. You might want to add it to your files!. - Ian (Bryn Rogers) ==== Lamers of Power Lamers of Power was a fake cracking group created by Bryn Rogers of The Humble Guys primarily as an outlet to release all the crap that was not worthy of the THG name, to emphasize the overuse of the word 'UR' and upper-case text pointedly at the German Traders, and to wind up people in general. Lamers of Power existed from around early 1992 to 1994. The Power Lamer (Hans Gruttenburg) was the sole member of Lamers of Power who hosted the fictional 'Power Factory' in Cologne, Germany. The Power Lamer had very bad English skills but continually boasted that his English was improving with comments such as, 'MY ENGLIS GITS BETER YIS?'. Over the coarse of several years, Lamers of Power released over 20 titles, mostly updates, and bad games such as Popeye 2, a title which Fabulous Furlough refused to host using the THG name but still cracked for LOP. The Power Lamer was a member of several prominent US BBS's including The Pits, The Elusive Dream, The Demon's Forge (Bryn's BBS), The Flying Teapot and Spamland (the Sysop's all being aware that Bryn Rogers was behind all the antics). He often chatted with people using all upper-case text and improvising with terrible English on the fly. The Power Lamer tried in vain to convince Crash Impact (Sysop of Canadian BBS, Maximum Overdrive) to become the Canadian Headquarters of Lamers of Power, thus adding a second BBS to the Lamers of Power repertoire. After failing to add Crash's BBS to the ranks, Hi.T.Moonweed who was the co-sysop of Maximum Overdrive transformed Crash's BBS into the Lamers of Power Canadian Headquaters while Crash was in bed. While on The Elusive Dream, The Power Lamer uploaded his latest hot title and added a FileId.diz file that filled up more than a page. The content of the diz was generally badmouthing other groups about their 'lameness' all in upper-case with many spelling mistakes and bad grammar. The FileId.diz files were quickly removed. The Flying Teapot hosted a long message chain between a user named 'Kegs' and The Power Lamer. Kegs had been rejected on The Demon's Forge as a potential lamer and so had applied on the Teapot where the more easy going Hi.T.Moonweed had accepted him as a member. The Power Lamer getting wind of this started a torrent of abuse at the unsuspecting Kegs with topics of 'LAMER' and 'HOMOSEXUALS' which escalated into a slanging match. After several weeks of this, Bryn did eventually relent and spilled the beans to Kegs after the poor guy had been subjected to an overdose of upper-case abuse and was allowed on to The Demons Forge. The Power Lamer claimed often that he and his group 'CRUSHS WORLDZ' but on other occasions could only 'CRUSHS ASS'. Lamers of Power ceased to be when Bryn left the UK to live in the US in March 1994. 16/Sep/2012
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