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Session Start: Mon Jun 08 11:05:04 1998 [11:05] <^watcher^> u dual group also <_glen_> no i do not [11:05] <^watcher^> or triple [11:05] <^watcher^> huh <_glen_> i never did <_glen_> dont lay that bs on me [11:05] <^watcher^> u said so in c98 <_glen_> i was wlw, and i quit <_glen_> then i was rss and i quit <_glen_> where is dual? [11:05] <^watcher^> u said in channels u had affils <_glen_> dod <_glen_> is not courier [11:05] <^watcher^> and many groups allow dual [11:06] <^watcher^> u know that <_glen_> if u are in a util group a games group and a courier group <_glen_> that is not dual grouping <_glen_> if u are in 5 courier groups [11:06] <^watcher^> wlw is one who allows duals <_glen_> that is dual [11:06] <^watcher^> dual=2 [11:06] <^watcher^> or more [11:06] <^watcher^> unless u made the diffintion <_glen_> last time i checked <_glen_> 5 is more then 2 [11:07] <^watcher^> checked with who <_glen_> a number line [11:07] <^watcher^> i was always told dual=2 <_glen_> courier groups <_glen_> tell me <_glen_> u are cws ranked some weeks <_glen_> so tell me <_glen_> look at top traders <_glen_> how many groups r they in? <_glen_> 1 <_glen_> 1 courier group im saying [11:08] <^watcher^> nope [11:08] <^watcher^> i know most [11:09] <^watcher^> most have 2-4 affils <_glen_> COURIER <_glen_> COURIER <_glen_> say it with me [11:09] <^watcher^> put 1 main tag <_glen_> COURIER [11:09] <^watcher^> what is ur prob <_glen_> name ONE top trader that is in more then one courier group [11:09] <^watcher^> what is ur prob [11:09] <^watcher^> i cant mention [11:09] <^watcher^> but i know <_glen_> u cant mention <_glen_> cause there is NONE [11:09] <^watcher^> ill tell u why i cant mention... [11:09] <^watcher^> u cant be trusted <_glen_> oh my god [11:10] <^watcher^> u r un trust worthy <_glen_> ppls groups are public knowledge [11:10] <^watcher^> and its speading on the scene [11:10] <^watcher^> what u do and r doing now with ur slamming of people is hurting u [11:10] <^watcher^> not them <_glen_> oh christ... u arent even in the discussion in the channel <_glen_> so shutup [11:10] <^watcher^> u r the one being laughed at <_glen_> good [11:10] <^watcher^> u r the one being laughed at <_glen_> laugh at me <_glen_> i am a better trader then them [11:11] <^watcher^> not just me <_glen_> laugh at me <_glen_> i thought u were getting me deluserd on sites? [11:11] <^watcher^> its ur rep as a person <_glen_> i listed sites <_glen_> u said u would deluser me on? [11:11] <^watcher^> it turning many against u [11:11] <^watcher^> ur attitude <_glen_> let them turn against me.. i have friends that i am loyal too, and it goes both ways [11:11] <^watcher^> u r hurting urself [11:12] <^watcher^> u need to think ur actions thru [11:12] <^watcher^> i am hearing many things from many high people <_glen_> high ppl like who? <_glen_> name names [11:12] <^watcher^> many not happy with ur actions [11:13] <^watcher^> they dont care if u r trader [11:13] <^watcher^> it... [11:13] <^watcher^> the way u treat people [11:13] <^watcher^> curries r replaceable [11:13] <^watcher^> just like sites [11:13] <^watcher^> its ur rep [11:13] <^watcher^> with the scene [11:13] <^watcher^> thats important [11:13] <^watcher^> not a cople of people [11:14] <^watcher^> but the whole scene <_glen_> name some fucking names <_glen_> or this conversation is over <_glen_> u said "many high ppl" <_glen_> so name some [11:15] <^watcher^> then its over...i cant reveal people..all i know u will see <_glen_> good, this is over Session Close: Mon Jun 08 11:17:13 1998 Session Start: Mon Jun 08 11:17:21 1998 [11:17] <^watcher^> i wont reveal names <_glen_> b\c you dont KNOW any names [11:17] <^watcher^> all jsut sit back and watch what they do cause of ur actions [11:17] <^watcher^> u will see slow and easy [11:18] <^watcher^> i wont give u heads up on who they r <_glen_> slow and easy.... i cant wait [11:18] <^watcher^> i would be stupid [11:18] <^watcher^> to tell u names <_glen_> get me site deluser from one site <_glen_> i dare you [11:18] <^watcher^> more fun for me to watch u die slowly <_glen_> you couldnt do it if u tried <_glen_> you couldnt get me deluserd on fucking trashcity if u wanted too [11:18] <^watcher^> cause of ur mouth and actions <_glen_> i trade fairly, and i dont cheat.. siteops give a shit about attitude if warez gets there <_glen_> especially since i am already *on* the sites [11:19] <^watcher^> see u bad mouthed brianna... <_glen_> no i didnt, i called dual grouping lame, if she wants to be in 5 groups at once, then she can be lame [11:19] <^watcher^> that many many people didnt like [11:19] <^watcher^> that many many people didnt like <_glen_> thats my attitude <_glen_> christ <_glen_> NAME FUCKING NAMES <_glen_> are u fucking 10 years old? [11:20] <^watcher^> and will come back to haunt u [11:20] <^watcher^> hey [11:20] <^watcher^> if i gvie u name of 10 top curries [11:20] <^watcher^> that do the same thing [11:20] <^watcher^> will u smear them also on infos <_glen_> no i wont.. b\c u cant name 10 top currys who dual group [11:20] <^watcher^> that r in multiple groups..do u have balls to do to them also <_glen_> ill name some tpo couriers right now <_glen_> and if u anme some <_glen_> i will fight them [11:21] <^watcher^> i can <_glen_> no problem at all [11:21] <^watcher^> i said i wll [11:21] <^watcher^> if u will announce [11:21] <^watcher^> that u will go an nfos and smear them also <_glen_> yes [11:21] <^watcher^> with ur opinion <_glen_> i will definatly <_glen_> write them each a note <_glen_> i have no problem with that [11:22] <^watcher^> will u make a public announcment of it <_glen_> yes <_glen_> but these need to be top couriers [11:22] <^watcher^> not write them a note <_glen_> i dont want the #1 courier from WLW <_glen_> or robinhood or some crap [11:22] <^watcher^> put it on nfo like u did on twmc <_glen_> i want u to start naming psyber <_glen_> and garoto <_glen_> and morbid <_glen_> and geno <_glen_> and bizzy <_glen_> name some really fucking traders [11:23] <^watcher^> are u saying u r in their calibur [11:23] <^watcher^> or r u just a wanna be [11:23] <^watcher^> u slammed brianna <_glen_> NAME NAMES [11:23] <^watcher^> is the point <_glen_> and i will get to work on writing notes for all of them [11:23] <^watcher^> u slammed brianna is the point [11:24] <^watcher^> many many people didnt like that [11:24] <^watcher^> that is the point [11:24] <^watcher^> not wheter u can trade [11:24] <^watcher^> or u can up [11:24] <^watcher^> u slammed brianna <_glen_> watcher <_glen_> name some fucking names right now [11:24] <^watcher^> u missed my point <_glen_> NO <_glen_> THE WHOLE POINT OF US STILL TALKING IS THAT U ARE GOING TO NAME NAMES [11:25] <^watcher^> u slammed brianna [11:25] <^watcher^> no [11:25] <^watcher^> this all started cause u slammed brianna [11:25] <^watcher^> thats what started it all Session Close: Mon Jun 08 11:26:10 1998
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