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Death Knights of Krynn Doc Check Removal 03/13/91 Well it seems I misjudged SSI on this one folks. I knew going into the game that they are notorious for additional doc checks. What I didn't even think about was that they would go about calling the additional doc checks in a completely different manner than what they usually do. So my apologies go out to all those playing this game. Just press enter when you see any doc check screen come up. The correct answer is now that simple. Sorry for not taking the check out completely but in case SSI has any more surprises in store for me this will force the program to think you have entered in the correct response. Sorry for the delay in getting this fix out but I was just told today that the game had a second check. Greets to Billy Name: Beat ya on this one, eh? THG: Sorry guys but unlike you I am only human! Hard Core: Keep the loaders coming dude. They keep getting better. The Guch: Love that THUG! Jenetic Bytemare: How's that new loader coming along? Cool Hand: Glad you're not going to Saudi dude! Jake Pickett INC '91
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