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****************************************************************************** Crack #17 "Bad Street Brawler" The latest crack from BSP is a fine example of violence in today's software market. With plenty of room for individual talent, we are sure that you will enjoy Mindscape's Bad Street Brawler. Sincere thanks go to The Viper for getting us this game. Other BSP Cracks out: Harrier Combat Simulator * Rampage * Blockbuster * Blackjack Academy Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? * Prowler * California Dream's Gambler Shiloh * Death Sword and MANY MANY other BSP exclusives... So for the newest cracks - first! Call one of these fine boards and get up-to-the-minute software quicker than you could imagine possible... Celestial Woodlands (713)580-8213 65 megs Sysop:The Ranger Forbidden Passage (713)774-0449 40 megs Sysop:Mr. X Both are members of BSPN (the Bentley Sidwell Productions Network) Oh Yeah...thanks to Electric Rat, Iron Glove, and Lord Blix (for cracking it) Coming Soon: Uridium, Impossible Mission II, and more every day! ^This End Down^ ******************************************************************************
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