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Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football Crack for USA/FLT's supposed crack (works depending on stuff in memory) Cracked by The Mad Scientist/THG To use this: 1) Unzip USA/FLT's DITKA.ZIP to a directory. 2) Unzip MIKEFIX.ZIP to the directory (yes,overwrite the original) 3) DELETE MDFB.COM from the directory (The USA/FLT "crack") 4) Do not run RUNME.BAT. Run SETUP first. Then just run MDF.BAT. 5) At the doc check, enter any four numbers. Thank you very much The Mad Scientist and THG for this crack. I am only releasing it separately like this in case you are one of the many who (like me) downloaded USA/FLT's Mike Ditka release and determined it did not work. If their crack works for you with the current TSRs you have in memory, then good for you. If it doesn't, then use this. I have no idea about whether Razor's crack works or not, I only know USA/FLT's does not (for some systems) and THG's does (for all systems). I simply extracted this file since it contained the crack from THG's release and zipped it up for your convenience. -Nightwing RR/INC Courier