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  • Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) | Department of Justice.
    Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section - United States Department of Justice.
  • Federal agents seized computers in 27 U.S. cities Tuesday morning to gain evidence against hackers in an international software piracy ring. Police in five countries also served warrants against people accused of stealing software, U.S. Customs Service officials said. They alleged the people targeted in the raids stole and distributed all types of media, including Microsoft Windows operating systems, computer games and high-quality copies of new movies like Harry Potter and Monsters, Inc.
  • Game companies have filed federal racketeering suit against a nationwide ring of software pirates who methodically distributed top games, sometimes even before they were commercially available. The Interactive Digital Software Association has banded together with six major game publishers to file suit against three alleged pirate rings, known as Class, Paradigm, and Razor 1911.
  • Warcraft III, the much-anticipated sequel from Blizzard Entertainment, hits store shelves on July 3. The series, which is the company's most recognizable franchise, hoped its rollout would create a big splash in an industry that thrives on glitz and glamour. That wasn't to be. While designers rushed to complete the game, groups of crackers around the world were trying to get their hands on Warcraft III before it was released. It's a regular dance between game companies and pirate groups. The bigger the game, the more intense the pressure on both sides. In this battle, the game companies almost never win.
  • A Slashdot public interview conducted with former Drink Or Die member BiGrAr, taken before he served a 33 month jail sentence after being busted in Operation Buccaneer.
  • In the early hours of July 6, Jenny, head of a software piracy ring based in the Pacific Northwest, paced impatiently in front of a rack of high-speed personal computers, waiting for the phone call that would make her a superstar in the pirate underground. It would come from an employee of LucasArts Entertainment Co. in San Rafael,who for $300 would supply Jenny's pirate group with one of the most anticipated games of the summer: "TIE Fighter," based on the "Star Wars" movie trilogy and priced at about $60 per copy. At LucasArts, the employee attached a small cellular modem to the back of his PC - a technique that would keep any record of the call off the company telephone bill - and dialed. Within a few minutes, the program had arrived in Jenny's computer, lacking only the code keys that would make it possible to play the game without an owner's manual.
  • Two years of probation with periodic urine tests, and a limit on access to the Internet. That's the sentence handed down Tuesday to Jeffrey Gerard Levy, 22, who pleaded guilty for illegally distributing MP3 files, movie clips, and software including Adobe Photoshop.
  • Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today that in three separate federal law enforcement actions federal agents executed approximately 100 search warrants worldwide against virtually every level of criminal organizations engaged in illegal software piracy over the Internet. The three Operations, codenamed 'Buccaneer,' 'Bandwidth' and 'Digital Piratez,' struck at all aspects of the illegal software, game and movie trade, often referred to as 'warez scene.'.
  • Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today that in three separate federal law enforcement actions federal agents executed approximately 100 search warrants worldwide against virtually every level of criminal organizations engaged in illegal software piracy over the Internet. The three Operations, codenamed "Buccaneer," "Bandwidth" and "Digital Piratez," struck at all aspects of the illegal software, game and movie trade, often referred to as "warez scene.".
  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
    Operation Buccaneer is an ongoing international copyright piracy investigation and prosecution undertaken by federal law enforcement. On December 11, 2001, in a coordinated international effort, the U.S. Customs Service and the Department of Justice executed, or caused to be executed, more than 65 searches in the U.S. and five foreign countries. As of October, 2002, 16 defendants have been convicted in the U.S. of felony criminal copyright offenses, including conspiracy to commit those offenses, and 13 defendants have been sentenced to federal prison terms of up to 46 months. These are the longest sentences ever imposed in the United States for Internet copyright piracy. Additional guilty pleas and sentencings are scheduled in the coming months.
  • The release groups targeted by Fastlink specialize in the distribution of all types of pirated works including utility and application software, movies, music and games. Among the groups targeted by Fastlink are well-known organizations such as Fairlight, Kalisto, Echelon, Class and Project X, all of which specialized in pirating computer games, and music release groups such as APC. The enforcement action announced today is expected to dismantle many of these international warez syndicates and significantly impact the illicit operations of others.
  • WASHINGTON, D.C. - The leading public Internet site dedicated to online copyright piracy was seized by the Justice Department today. Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff and Paul J. McNulty, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia today announced the seizure of www.iSONEWS.com as part of a previous plea agreement entered into by a defendant convicted of violating the criminal copyright laws.
  • Seventeen defendants from across the United States and Europe were indicted by a federal grand jury today for allegedly conspiring to infringe the copyright of more than 5,000 computer software programs that were available through a hidden Internet site that was located at a university in Quebec, Canada, the Justice Department announced.
  • CHICAGO – A federal jury here returned a guilty verdict in the nation’s first trial under the 1997 No Electronic Theft (NET) Act involving a computer software piracy conspiracy, Scott R. Lassar, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, announced today. Following a week-long trial, jurors deliberated only 30 minutes late on Friday, May 11, before finding Christian Morley, 28, of Salem, Mass., guilty of conspiracy to infringe software copyrights.
  • Sega announced Thursday it had crushed more than 60 illegal websites and 125 auction sites flogging pirated versions of its Dreamcast games, until recently viewed as one of the most secure digital entertainment systems on the market.
  • A copy of the honeypot site after it went public. "A site founded by a former moderator of one of the most popular file-hosting and uploader hangouts has admitted today that his site was a honeypot setup to capture data on pirate activity. WDF, a former senior staff member at popular discussion forum WJunction, says that in the 12 months since his site went online he's been grabbing information about uploaders and file-hosts. "I suckered shitloads of you," he said today as he announced the acquisition of his site by a U.S.-based anti-piracy company.".
  • To hear the federal government and piracy experts describe it, DrinkOrDie, the network of software crackers that was the focus of worldwide anti-piracy law enforcement action on Tuesday, is the al-Qaida of Internet software theft. The U.S. Customs Service called the group "the oldest and most well known" of Internet piracy organizations, describing it as a loose affiliation of computer experts who operate as sleepers in our midst, ready to drop their cover and crack the latest copy of Photoshop at any instant.
  • Jason Scott and RaD Man (ACiD) - 100 Years of the Computer Art Scene : Jason Scott and RaD Man (ACiD) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Since the first time that machines could calculate, people have twisted, modified, hacked and played with them to create art. In a fast-paced hour, we're going...
    Since the first time that machines could calculate, people have twisted, modified, hacked and played with them to create art. In a fast-paced hour, we're going to do our best to capture 100 years of computer art, the magic of the art scene, the demo scene, and a dozen other "scenes" that have been with us as long as computers have. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of visual and audio history as your two over-the top scene pilots take you on "the story so far" to the artscene.
  • The 1980's represented the dawn of the hacker age. No group represents the early days of hacking and cybercrime more than LoD, aka the Legion of Doom. Led by Lex Luthor, Erik Bloodaxe and The Mentor, the Legion of Doom ruled the online BBS systems and struck fear into the hearts of the US government.
  • GameCopyWorld ONLY supplies Information and Tools necessary to make a PERSONAL BACKUP of legally owned Game CD's. GameCopyWorld cannot be held responsible if any of the information and/or files contained on this site is used in the pursuit of illegal activities such as copyright infringement or piracy.
  • The art of the crack | Apple II Bits. Jason Scott's gallery of cracked splash screens showcases Apple II pirates' work, while Daniel Kruszyna uses T40 to create ASCII art.
    Piracy is as much an issue today as it was thirty years ago: gamers who pay for their software are often penalized for the actions of those who won't. But somewhere between the DRM and the theft is the actual hack.
  • Forum that formerly covered the pirate scene but these days is mostly above board.
  • Forum index page before the website was busted.
  • ISO games list before the website was busted.
  • The welcome screen after the website was busted by The Department of Justice.
  • A broken and incomplete copy of Black Acid's TCA before it went offline in May of 1999.
  • An incomplete snapshot taken in October 1999. "TCA IS GONE R.I.P 1997 ---- 1999 ONE DAY WE SHALL RETURN .....".
  • An incomplete snapshot taken in early 2000. "Welcome to the Future Home of the Underground ART Scene! We will be hitting you soon with the largest archives of ANSI, and JPG Art! If you are interested in contributing, please contact me at [email protected] Cheers!".
  • The largest collection of art packs, emags, documents, and related files online. Includes the complete 'Acid: The Collection', 'The Ice Collection' as well as collections of packs dating back to 1992.
  • BBS Ads Collection v1.0.
    This is the most complete collection of BBS adverts including PC and Amiga scene boards, legal as well as illegal ones. All the ads were found in release packages and are thereby authentical.
  • BBS Archives. The largest resource of BBS Utilities on the internet,.
  • BBS Ninja :: ANSi Art Scene. Artpacks from the artscene over the years.
    All your ANSi are belong to us! Well, not really, but we love collecting artpacks and serving them to you.
  • HTTP Error 403.
    Blocktronics is a international group of talented ansi artists that releases artpacks on a regular basis. The group was found in 2008 and aggregates artists from various countries.
  • ASCii / ANSi and Demoscene productions - Cleaner Alternative Museum.
    Online ANSI/ASCII gallery / museum.
  • This site is dedicated to all crackgroups founded the sCENE and created later the demoscene lots of people know today. It includes all the information to old cracking groups cracking and spreading games and apps on the Amiga computer since 1987 - after the C64-scene which has been founded somewhen in 1983. You can download all the Cracktros from this website and start them on your Amiga, or using UAE on your ibm compatibles. The Cracktros all are freeware - you won't find any warez here.
  • Demozoo.
    The world's largest database of scene productions.
  • docsnyderspage.com - C64 cracker intros for your browser. HTML5 re-codings of famous C64 cracker intros - 2000AD, 711, Abyss, Active, Actual Cracking Entertainment, Alphaflight, Beastie Boys, Black Reign, Dominators, Dynamic Duo, Dynamix, Dytec, Eagle Soft Incorporated, Empire, Epic, F4CG, Fairlight, Fantasy, FBR, Genesis Project, Hotline, Ikari, Laxity, Level 99, Men at work, North East Crackers, Nostalgia, Orion, Papillons, Powerrun, Pulsar, Red Sector, ROM, S451, Shining 8, Strike Force, Strike Force + The Movers, The Light Circle, The Ruling Company, Thundercats, Triad, Wanderer Group, Warriors of Darkness, Xades Society, Yeti, Zenith.
    Commodore 64 cracker intros in your browser.
  • Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions - Vol_01 (download torrent) - TPB. Download Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions - Vol_01 torrent or any other torrent from the Audio Music. Direct download via magnet link.
    This is a 35 minute Atari ST mixtape with classic Amiga / PC chip tunes. Everything is tracked and remix using an Atari ST in MaxYMizer and mixed together in a long session in STj.
  • Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood | Dub Mood | Free Listening on SoundCloud. Stream Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood from desktop or your mobile device.
    Live-recording of an STj mix containing both Dubmood tunes and various Atari ST covers. In-desk recording at Main Party 2006 @ La Friche, Marseille.
  • flashtro.com - cracktros for your browser. cracktros for your browser.
    Amiga cracktros converted to Flash.
  • Collection: Scene Art Pixel Logos and Fonts and More. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
    Pixel Art Logos for the most part from the Commodore Amiga and PC scene, but some Commodore 64 logos and a handful ANSI and ASCII logo also got mixed in. :).
  • A massive PC demo, graphic, magazine and music directory covering 1987 to 1998.
  • Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 279 billion archived web pages.
    The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.
  • Hornet mirror, Acid Artpack mirror, Padua mirror.
  • If it is coded and scene related, then chances are it will be here. It covers all types of demo art on any PC or console format, and has a large active user base.
  • Retro Remakes - Home. Retro-Remakes.Net is your number one source for flawless conversions of cracktros from days gone by. All lovingly recreated to run on the Windows 32 operating system, all free, gratis and for nothing.
    You can find a huge collection of Win32 (Windows) flawless remakes of old-school Amiga cracktros and intros.
  • ASCII Art and ANSI Art - Text Art by Roy/SAC - Superior Art Creations. Famous ASCII art and ANSI art by Roy/SAC (retired) - Superior Art Creations. Home of the (in)famous Text Artist. All SAC Artpacks available for download. The three Styles of the Underground ASCII Art Scene Article and more.
    Roy's personal scene site which contains all the SAC packs, all of Roy's work as well as some excellent guides to scene art.
  • Scenenotice.org; Archive.
    A large collection of scene notices, internal and public announcements.
  • Scene.org is a non-profit organization aimed at providing the 'electronic art scene' with a forum for communication and for sharing their work. We provide ftp and web space for groups and individuals who apply for them and whose applications are accepted. If the application is not approved on the first try, we encourage people to try applying again in the future. Meet other sceners on our IRC network (irc.scene.org) or on the news server. The site is maintained by a voluntary team of around 15 members contributing from around the world.
  • A massive collection of historical art, demo, music and warez scene paraphernalia contained within a well structured FTP site. Use anonymous login to gain access. Included within. /artscene /icebox.com /kosmic.org /textfiles.com /warezscene.
  • Site not found · DreamHost. The owner of this domain has not yet uploaded their website.
    Contains a massive collection of ascii and ansi packs from 1990 onwards. All the content of the packs can be viewed online after free registration.
  • What this site offers is a glimpse into the history of writers and artists bound by the 128 characters that the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) allowed them. The focus is on mid-1980's textfiles and the world as it was then, but even these files are sometime retooled 1960s and 1970s works, and offshoots of this culture exist to this day.
  • PC.TEXTMOD.ES. PC artscene preservation archive.
    The text mode art preservation network.
  • ACiD Productions was originally founded in 1990 as ANSI Creators in Demand by five members: RaD Man, Shadow Demon, Grimm, The Beholder, and Phantom. Their work originally concentrated in ANSI and ASCII art, but the group later branched out into other artistic media such as music tracking, demo coding, and multimedia software development (e.g. image viewers). In the mid-1990s, ACiD created subsidiary groups responsible for these broader areas. For example, Remorse is the official ACiD sub-label responsible for ASCII art and other text-based graphics. Similarly, pHluid is responsible for module tracking and music production. Today, ACiD focuses largely on the preservation of digital art history, talk radio news, and sale of their DVD-based artscene archives.
  • Courier weekly report card aka CWS was a long running courier chart magazine from the late 1990s. This website was created in the early days of the magazine's life.
  • Our web site was hacked once during it's earlier days. We never found out who did it or why. Other then it seemed to be some disgruntled kid who couldn't get access to the scene.
  • This is an early version of our web site when we also operated a scene news service, a small scene archives and an art group.
  • Now Defacto2 has split up into three groups. The front page is pretty ugly and is nothing more then a web host for the groups and various other pages.
  • Again a very bland front page that hosts various web sites dedicated to various different projects.
  • YES, its true we are shutting down all activities ...
    Discontinued. An demo off-shoot of the cracking group with the same name.
  • DrinkOrDie entertaiments. Pure Warez.
  • This was a web page created for Fairlight by our former Design Division. Unfortunately at the last moment the project was canned by the Fairlight leadership and it was never put into use.
  • Welcome to the FairLight64 home grounds! This is a home page supporting Commodore 64 and especially in combination with the reknown scene group FairLight.
  • Fusion was a French PC game group from the late 1990s. Their website was never completed.
  • Hybrid were one of the earlier groups to create a website, though it was often bare of any information. This copy unfortunately lacks graphics.
  • iCE is not a pure forum for posting artwork, like other sites. iCE is an art group that has dedicated members (i.e. are not members of any other digital art group) who choose to release their art with us. Every month we gather the art that our members have drawn and package it up and put it on the web site. Making an account on ice.org does not make you an "iCE Member", although it does allow you have to an identity here. To go on to become an iCE Member you need to go through a formal application process and be accepted. It is very hard to get into iCE - we only accept the best out there.
  • Just The Facts was a chart magazine from Class. Coded by their famous Windows coder ATM, the magazine used this webpage as a primary means of distribution.
  • Level 4 was a lesser known utility group founded by Madboy that was around during the 1997-1998 period.
  • Motiv8 was a training ground for many an early courier.
  • Razor 1911 were one of the first groups on the scene to launch a web site. Though this version is one of their later web publications.
  • Razor 1911, the legendary group that has been around since 1985.
  • Rebels had a few web sites online during their time thanks to the numerous areas and computer formats the brand worked on. This edition was easily the most popular though.
  • The main Relativity magazine web site. No awards for art design here!
  • A very early web site for the Relativity electronic magazine.
  • What we loosely call the biweekly updating we do for the website. Every two weeks you will find new articles, index entries, contests, and announcements from groups. Other projects are updated at different times, see the site map for more info.
  • Shock is a very well known application and utility group that during it's earlier days used to run a popular web site.
  • Sodom was a small time utility group that was well known for releasing Novell titles and creating the Defacto electronic magazine.
  • Superior Art Creations, often referred to as SAC, is an underground artscene group which caters primarily to and is well known within the warez scene. During the mid to late nineties most of the notable ANSI artscene groups had distanced themselves from the warez scene, rather creating art for the sake of art, or for bulletin boards that were purely artscene related. Seizing this opportunity, SAC moved into this vacant territory and quickly became recognized as the leading group of warez scene artists. Towards the late 1990s, a good majority of NFO file ASCII art was created by various members of SAC. In 1999, lead ASCII artist Ferrex ascended into the role of senior staff and leader, continuing to control the group to this day.
  • Titan :: pouët.net. pouët.net - your online demoscene resource.
    The Titan Demo group is a respected art group who dabbles in all areas of the scene.
  • TRIAD is a demo- and cracking group, active on the Commodore 64 (C64) since 1986.
  • Domain Default page.
    The Tristar group page, though don't expect to see much content in English.
  • Legends of the Commodore 64 & Amiga scene | Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64. Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64.
    This site is about the forgotten scener-heroes of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga days.
  • Enter the "iso scene": One day, Pirate1 figured out that he could transfer his iso image of GameX to Pirate2 over the internet where Pirate2 could then burn the image and essentially have an exact duplicate of the original! Imagine the possibilities... to share one massive CD collection with all of the greater pirate community. PC games, utils, and console games can all be traded the same way. Expand your PSX or Saturn collection for the mere cost of a blank CD ($2). Download company patches and version upgrades without worrying about compatibility with your rip. Get the latest programming/graphics utils with full online docs and examples (finally!) instead of seeing them ripped out. Build a massive CD library and be the envy of all the other kids on your street!
  • Apollo-X was a short-lived demo and warez scene website that focused on the art of intros and crack-tros. The site became popular long after it had been abandon due to its archived interviews with Bandido of Drink or Die and Marvel of the Future Crew. Bandido hit the headlines in 2007 after an arrest and extradition to the USA from his home of Australia for copyright infringement. While Marvel has since become a professional artist in the video-game industry working on titles such as Max Payne, Killzone and Medal of Honor.
  • Bell Labs Journals, 1922-present | Nokia Networks. The scientific discoveries and technological innovations produced by Bell Labs research and engineering have been critical not only to the evolution of global telecommunications but, more widely, they had a considerable impact on the technological base of the global economy and, indeed, on our daily lives.
    With this posting of the Bell System Technical Journal from volume 1 issue 1 in July 1922 to the final issue published in December 1983, we are pleased to be able to open the vault of this knowledge to our global technical colleagues.
  • HTTP Error 403.
    A wiki about bulletin board systems.
  • In the years 1987-1989 there was just one big cracker zine in Europe. (With the term 'cracker' we hereby mean a person who removes protection from software.) Alongside the dutch magazine Hacktic this was probably the crown media of the European computer underground, comparable to TAP and 2600 in the United States. Word has it that Illegal was the main inspiration source for all underground diskzines later produced on C= 64, Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC. Illegal was not the first cracker fanzine, and certainly not the last, but beyond reasonable doubt it was the biggest and most influential "Warez"-producer magazine in the world history of cracking.
  • In January of 1995, The Renegade Chemist decided that he wanted to retire from the scene and retire RAZOR 1911. The general consensus of the group was that they wanted to see the legacy continue. So EOS, The Gecko, and myself decided we would continue the group and then TRC came to the conclusion of kicking us out and then shutting down the group.
  • Currently, I am working on a book about the technical culture of dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs), tentatively titled The Modem World: A Prehistory of Social Media. In the 1980s, hobbyist BBSs provided an infrastructure for the emergence of online community and many of the practices that we value today originated in these low-cost systems.
  • MP3 Scene — A historical archive of the MP3 scene. A historical record of the early mp3 warez scene, including release nfo's, ASCII art and general information about the history of the mp3 scene.
    Welcome to mp3scene.info, a historical record of the early mp3 scene. We're always looking to expand our repository of files, release nfo's and articles, please check the contribute page for more details on what we're missing.
    Discontinued - In the grand tradition of the pirate scene. We have a contemporary blog that takes the micky out of random quotes floating around the scene.
  • The concept of "Oldskool" is pretty much the entire foundation for this website. Specifically: Oldskool is my flavor of "Old school", a term commonly given to something that, while old, was (and still is) innovative, fresh, proper, clever, and generally correct and the right way to do things. The old school begets the new school (anything new and modern), for you certainly can't get to anything new without going through the old. For example: Robotron is the old school, while Quake III is the new school; Sister Sledge is the old school, while En Vogue is the new school; and so on. Old school is, ultimately, a term of respect.
  • The aim of this website is to provide fresh information about new scene releases and also other interesting software and tech news. We’ve selected a blog-like style using WordPress as the backend, which makes posting much more easier.
  • The original web archive of game manuals - replacementdocs. The original web archive of game manuals and documentation.
    Replacementdocs.com pledges to bring you only high quality scanned images of instruction manuals in their full, original format with all original artwork and other graphical elements intact. There will be no text-only documentation unless that is how it was originally released. There will also be no conversion to monochrome images or any other severe quality degradation.
  • Scene databases - ReScene.
    Various scene related file packs and metadata collections hosted online.
  • » scenerules.org.
    A collection of standards and rule documents agreed to by different scenes.
  • C64 demo online directory We hope this collection of information will be of use to you, and provide an interesting read as well as serve as reference material for those of you who collect and love everything about the c64 demoscene. We still make no claims (far from it) of being neither perfect nor 'definite', but we try as hard as we can, and hopefully at least some of you will be pleased with the results :] As you can see for yourself, the list of major new additions/changes since the last release is pretty big, but still doesn't even come close to suggesting the amount of fixes and additions since our last release.
  • An overview of BBS program. This directory is an outgrowth of the BBS documentary. To help in my research about BBSes, I am attempting to make a canonical list of all the BBS Software Packages there ever were for any platform, excepting one-off "custom" sets that weren't distributed. The priority is on dial-up software created before 1995, although additions for any and all BBS programs are welcome.
  • The History of Phone Phreaking.
    How did phone phreaking start? Who were the first phone phreaks? What motivated people to undertake this interesting but illegal hobby? What did the telephone company think about them? How did the government view them?
  • Before you plan on packaging up a piece of software for release, please make sure that it complies with the guidelines for acceptable releases. These rules were agreed upon through a meeting with a number of the top ISO release groups, which include: CIFE, RiSCiSO, and RAZOR ISO.
  • The Scene Notice Pack 2010 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Collection of Scene Notices, notices between various file-trading groups, insulting other groups, announcing changes in the group, or sending out general...
    A 1.9 GB collection of scene notices, pubic postings and data files.
  • Internet Archive: Wayback Machine.
    Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible.
  • WiderScreen returns to the topic of computer subcultures and “scenes”. However, while previous issues of this journal had a stronger focus on the artistic output of computer subcultures, the present issue focuses on the social conditions and practices that constituted computer subcultures and alternative user cultures in a particular period – namely the time span between the introduction of home computers as a mass commodity in the late 1970s and the triumphant march of the World Wide Web in the first half of the 1990s.
  • This is a book about cops, and wild teenage whiz-kids, and lawyers, and hairy-eyed anarchists, and industrial technicians, and hippies, and high-tech millionaires, and game hobbyists, and computer security experts, and Secret Service agents, and grifters, and thieves. This book is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s. It concerns activities that take place inside computers and over telephone lines.
  • NO COPY - Die Welt der digitalen Raubkopien: Die Website. NO COPY war das erste deutschsprachige Buch, über das Zusammenspiel der Raubkopierer, Industrie und der Hackerethik. Das komplette Buch ist hier zu lesen.
    Of the ideals of the first hacker to download as a mass phenomenon - Jan Kroemer and Evrim Sen cover the background and context on a global scene. What is at all a copy? What damage can be caused by copying? Who are the masterminds of a community that could still neither industry nor prosecutors halt? What are the beliefs of the hackers are so plausible that even scientists and lawyers representing them with zeal? And who actually owns the Internet and what the Pentagon has to do with anything?
  • What does it mean to own software? When I buy a game, what can and can't I do with it? Does illegal copying of software really hurt anyone? If a company no longer sells a game, should I be able to download a copy of it? Not too long ago, most people would never have given any of these questions a thought. But as computer use has spread, and with it the use of software, these questions have gained in currency.
  • In Microsoft's battle against software piracy, the first round goes to pirates, even though the starting bell hasn't even rung yet. Microsoft's new operating system, Windows XP, won't be in stores for another seven weeks, but pirated copies are already floating around on the Internet.
  • AH! The good old days. I used to roam bbs's around the world getting wares as well as getting those wonderful ansi packs (that I still have BTW - contact me if you want some). When I started in 1992, everything was almost over in the scene, INC the biggest cracking team, as well as the first on PC's (I think?) was dying. Then it came to THG, and Phoenix, a local (but very good) Montreal cracking team. Then there was Nuke and Darkman (which I met accidentaly - BTW those Nuke people are VERY dangerous and I think they still exist).
  • "I didn't have involvement with cracking etc. and was involved in the far less glamorous MP3 side of the scene".
  • I first started BBSing with a 1200baud modem. I was initially heavily involved in the H/P/C/V/A scene and was most interested in Phreaking (boxes, 950's, etc.). The first application I ever wrote was a brute-force 950 attacker/logger. I lived in Southern Calfiornia. I was never a sysop, but a co-sysop of a few boards. I started out as a courier and eventually assisted in starting a Courier group that was internationally known. I later worked for a major computer game company and was a member of Razor1911. I supplied and was responsible for releasing MAJOR releases such as C&C Red Alert, Z, and others. I once drove 200 miles through the middle of the night to get a gold copy of a release to a "friendly" ISP so that we had the bandwidth to get the "uncrackable game" to our cracker.
  • Some people have always had bad reputations on the scene. Some of them even spawn their own legion of haters. And in this case, Ice (of Origin/Myth fame) even had a website dedicated to him.
  • This is MuadDlb's personal page. Mainly rambles on about his magazine Relativity and the universal electronic magazine api he created for the scene.
  • This is the entry page dedicated to the flaming of ICE (MythPC).
  • The search engine for security related websites. :: Serving the community since 1994.
  • index.
    Yes it indirectly pulls from several predb bots, but from other sources as well. It can run independently of access to those systems. This was a project thrown together when a group of old friends got together after a long separation and compared skills. This is for those friends and their friends. We realize there will be ongoing exposure.
  • Formerly known a s NFOrce Entertainment, NFOHump is a scene, news and information website.
  • PreDB.me. The best public PreDB there is, with millions of releases at your fingertips.
    This site's purpose is to provide information within a functional and easy to use interface.
  • Werner & Tardy's dupe check was quite popular during it's time. Operated by Werner & Tardy who were also famous for leading the legendary TDU-Jam, Pentagram and Genesis.
  • ACiD View 6 for Windows download | SourceForge.net. ACiD View 6 for Windows download. ACiD View 6 for Windows 2016-02-29 10:57:01.098000 free download. ACiD View 6 for Windows ACiD View 6 is is a multimedia viewer for Windows. Its the first to support a variety of both textmode and bitmap graphic formats such as ANSI/ASCII, XBIN,.
  • ANSI Viewer: Special Edition.
    The program has only one difference to the normal version. It is using a fixed bitmap font instead of a Windows font. You didn't need to search for a ANSI emulation font and there will be no problems with the ratio aspect. The bitmap font is a 1:1 copy of the DOS font. There will be no wrong displayed characters like in 'Terminal'.
  • Ansilove - ANSi to PNG converter. ANSi to PNG converter - A set of tools to convert ANSi and artscene related file formats into PNG images.
  • GDI Effects from the PC cracking scene.
  • Notepad Replacement. GetDiz is a Notepad replacement which offers a wide range of features while maintaining an incredible speed, ease of use, stability and small size.
  • glFTPd :: We make files transfer! glFTPd - A great FTP server for anyone on a *NIX platform.
    glFTPd is a free FTP server that historically has been commonly used by the warez scene.
  • A text viewer application that has been carefully designed around its main task: viewing and presenting NFO files. It comes with three different view modes (Rendered, Classic and Text Only), export functionality and lots of options! All Windows versions starting with Windows XP are supported. iNFekt works very well with Windows 7, 8 and is available in a native 64 bit version.
  • JavE - Java Ascii Versatile Editor.
    JavE is a free Ascii Editor. Rather than for editing texts, it is intended for drawing simple diagrams by using Ascii characters. It is like a graphics editor for editing texts instead of images.
  • Here you can find various NFO Viewers contained in cracks releases from different cracking groups.
  • NFO Generator download | SourceForge.net. NFO Generator download. NFO Generator 2013-03-14 22:36:28 free download. NFO Generator This projects aims to create a NFO generator which will be able to create different kinds of nfo files with different artwork for the different needs of it.
    This projects aims to create a NFO generator which will be able to create different kinds of nfo files with different artwork for the different needs of its users.
  • NFO Viewer.
    NFO Viewer should run on all major operating systems, but is primarily targeted for Unix-like systems (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc).
  • The OldSkool DemoMaker creates demos like cracktros on the good old Amiga. Here a list what you can do with it: Horizontal and sinus scrolling text, bouncing copperbars, starfield in three modes, colorfull plasma effects, logo with old stylish deforming effect or as gif anim, 3d ball, dot & vector object view with rotation, replays music in different sound formats eg. SID and V2M, free use of display (window or fullscreen), export optimized standalone executables (no files needed), compressing executables will shrink size upto 90%, able to pack medias to use real large files. A lot of bitmap fonts and tracker modules included. O.S.D.M could be an ideal tool to put your own demos within archives to introduce yourself.
  • PabloDraw « Picoe Software. PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities. PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms cross-platform….
    PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities.
  • QuickNFO on the Mac App Store. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about QuickNFO. Download QuickNFO for Mac OS X 10.6 or later and enjoy it on your Mac.
    A simple viewer application for .nfo files on OS-X.
  • tetradraw.
    Tetradraw is a fully featured ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems by John McCutchan.
  • TundraDraw download | SourceForge.net. TundraDraw download. TundraDraw 2013-04-25 18:52:18 free download. TundraDraw TundraDraw is a cross-platform ANSI drawing program written with C++, using the Qt Toolkit. Thus, it runs natively on both X environments and Windows. It f.
  • "BBS: The Documentary" is an 8 episode series about all aspects of the history of the dial-up Bulletin Board System, or BBS. 3 years in the making and the result of over 200 interviews, this collection puts in one convenient package a sense of the variety and wide-reaching effects of the BBS phenomenon. All in all, over seven and a half hours of material is included across the three region-free DVDs.
  • BBS: The Documentary : Jason Scott : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Long before the Internet escaped from the lab, connected the planet and redefined what it meant to use a computer there was a brave and pioneering band of...
    Legally download all 8 episodes and extras of BBS: The Documentary by Jason Scott. Available in multiple formats, DivX, Ogg Video 256Kb MPEG4, 512Kb MPEG4 and 64Kb MPEG4.
  • A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture.
  • No Copy - English Version - YouTube. This is the english version of the short flash movie for the book "No Copy". The book is written in German language and talks about Copyright, Warez and peop...
    This is the english version of the short flash movie for the book "No Copy". The book is written in German language and talks about Copyright, Warez and people and how the greedy media publishers try to squeeze every penny out of consumers and make those to criminals who do not pay up. http://vimeo.com/3465136.
  • Steal This Film II.
    A film series documenting the movement against intellectual property.
    A film series documenting the movement against intellectual property.
  • This is the YouTube Channel of the Demoscene Documentary - Documentary about the Finnish Demoscene.
    This is the YouTube Channel of the Demoscene Documentary - Documentary about the Finnish Demoscene. May 2010.
  • tpbafk.tv.
    TPB AFK is a documentary about three computer addicts who redefined the world of media distribution with their hobby homepage The Pirate Bay. How did Tiamo, a beer crazy hardware fanatic, Brokep a tree hugging eco activist and Anakata – a paranoid hacker libertarian – get the White House to threaten the Swedish government with trade sanctions? TPB AFK explores what Hollywood’s most hated pirates go through on a personal level.
  • You're Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles on Vimeo. Historian Jason Scott walks through the many-years story of software piracy and touches on the tired debates before going into a completely different direction -….
    Historian Jason Scott walks through the many-years story of software piracy and touches on the tired debates before going into a completely different direction - the interesting, informative, hilarious and occasionally obscene world of inter-pirate-group battles. A multi-media extravaganza of threats, CSI-level accusations and evidence trails, decades of insider lingo, and demonstrations of how the more things change, the more they still have to keep their ratios up.
  • Teh FuX0red Scene - Episode 1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. A group of friends and I have created a parody of The Scene and it has been great fun. For the last two or three weeks we have been filming for this mini...
  • Internet Archive Search: "Teh Scene".
    A parody of Welcome To The Scene, also known as Welcome to Teh Scene.