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Our library of scene and warez related websites, links, and online resources.

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  • Demozoo.

    The world's largest database of scene productions.
  • BBS Ninja.

    BBS Ninja :: ANSi Art Scene. Artpacks from the artscene over the years.
    All your ANSi are belong to us! Well, not really, but we love collecting artpacks and serving them to you.
  • Textmod.es.

    PC.TEXTMOD.ES. PC artscene preservation archive.
    The text mode art preservation network.
  • Break Into Chat.

    http://breakintochat.com 403 Bad Behavior
    HTTP Error 403.
    A wiki about bulletin board systems.
  • 8 Bit Legends.

    Legends of the Commodore 64 & Amiga scene | Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64. Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64.
    This site is about the forgotten scener-heroes of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga days.
  • Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2.

    Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood | Dub Mood | Free Listening on SoundCloud. Stream Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood from desktop or your mobile device.
    Live-recording of an STj mix containing both Dubmood tunes and various Atari ST covers. In-desk recording at Main Party 2006 @ La Friche, Marseille.
  • The art of the crack - Apple II Bits.

    The art of the crack | Apple II Bits. Jason Scott's gallery of cracked splash screens showcases Apple II pirates' work, while Daniel Kruszyna uses T40 to create ASCII art.
    Piracy is as much an issue today as it was thirty years ago: gamers who pay for their software are often penalized for the actions of those who won't. But somewhere between the DRM and the theft is the actual hack.
  • ReScene Scene database.

    Scene databases - ReScene.
    Various scene related file packs and metadata collections hosted online.
  • Scenerules.org.

    » scenerules.org.
    A collection of standards and rule documents agreed to by different scenes.
  • Scene Notice.

    Scenenotice.org; Archive.
    A large collection of scene notices, internal and public announcements.
  • The Scene Notice Pack 2010.

    The Scene Notice Pack 2010 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Collection of Scene Notices, notices between various file-trading groups, insulting other groups, announcing changes in the group, or sending out general...
    A 1.9 GB collection of scene notices, pubic postings and data files.
  • BBS Archives.

    BBS Archives. The largest resource of BBS Utilities on the internet,.
  • UploaderTalk acquired by NukePiracy.

    uploadertalk.acquired.by.nukepiracy_2013-octobe... mirrored
    A copy of the honeypot site after it went public. "A site founded by a former moderator of one of the most popular file-hosting and uploader hangouts has admitted today that his site was a honeypot setup to capture data on pirate activity. WDF, a former senior staff member at popular discussion forum WJunction, says that in the 12 months since his site went online he's been grabbing information about uploaders and file-hosts. "I suckered shitloads of you," he said today as he announced the acquisition of his site by a U.S.-based anti-piracy company.".
  • The Crazed Asylum.

    tca.cpu1058.adsl.bellglobal.com_2002.02.12/inde... mirrored
    An incomplete snapshot taken in early 2000. "Welcome to the Future Home of the Underground ART Scene! We will be hitting you soon with the largest archives of ANSI, and JPG Art! If you are interested in contributing, please contact me at scene@thecrazed.com Cheers!".
  • The Crazed Asylum.

    tca.phatchicks.com_1999.10.12/index.htm mirrored
    An incomplete snapshot taken in October 1999. "TCA IS GONE R.I.P 1997 ---- 1999 ONE DAY WE SHALL RETURN .....".
  • Teh Scene.

    Internet Archive Search: "Teh Scene".
    A parody of Welcome To The Scene, also known as Welcome to Teh Scene.
  • glFTPd.

    glFTPd :: We make files transfer! glFTPd - A great FTP server for anyone on a *NIX platform.
    glFTPd is a free FTP server that historically has been commonly used by the warez scene.
  • The Crazed Asylum.

    tca.ramwar.com_1999.05.08/800x600.html mirrored
    A broken and incomplete copy of Black Acid's TCA before it went offline in May of 1999.
  • Shroo.ms FTP.

    A massive collection of historical art, demo, music and warez scene paraphernalia contained within a well structured FTP site. Use anonymous login to gain access. Included within. /artscene /icebox.com /kosmic.org /textfiles.com /warezscene.
  • Fusion.

    fusion-from-1998-september-11/index.html mirrored
    Fusion was a French PC game group from the late 1990s. Their website was never completed.
  • Dupecheck Project.

    Yes it indirectly pulls from several predb bots, but from other sources as well. It can run independently of access to those systems. This was a project thrown together when a group of old friends got together after a long separation and compared skills. This is for those friends and their friends. We realize there will be ongoing exposure.
  • PreDB.me.

    PreDB.me. The best public PreDB there is, with millions of releases at your fingertips.
    This site's purpose is to provide information within a functional and easy to use interface.
  • Astalavista.

    The search engine for security related websites. :: Serving the community since 1994.
  • Teh FuX0red Scene.

    Teh FuX0red Scene - Episode 1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. A group of friends and I have created a parody of The Scene and it has been great fun. For the last two or three weeks we have been filming for this mini...
  • Releaselog.

    The aim of this website is to provide fresh information about new scene releases and also other interesting software and tech news. We’ve selected a blog-like style using WordPress as the backend, which makes posting much more easier.
  • No Copy.

    NO COPY - Die Welt der digitalen Raubkopien: Die Website. NO COPY war das erste deutschsprachige Buch, über das Zusammenspiel der Raubkopierer, Industrie und der Hackerethik. Das komplette Buch ist hier zu lesen.
    Of the ideals of the first hacker to download as a mass phenomenon - Jan Kroemer and Evrim Sen cover the background and context on a global scene. What is at all a copy? What damage can be caused by copying? Who are the masterminds of a community that could still neither industry nor prosecutors halt? What are the beliefs of the hackers are so plausible that even scientists and lawyers representing them with zeal? And who actually owns the Internet and what the Pentagon has to do with anything?
  • No Copy - English.

    No Copy - English Version - YouTube. This is the english version of the short flash movie for the book "No Copy". The book is written in German language and talks about Copyright, Warez and peop...
    This is the english version of the short flash movie for the book "No Copy". The book is written in German language and talks about Copyright, Warez and people and how the greedy media publishers try to squeeze every penny out of consumers and make those to criminals who do not pay up. http://vimeo.com/3465136.
  • The Demoscene Documentary.

    This is the YouTube Channel of the Demoscene Documentary - Documentary about the Finnish Demoscene.
    This is the YouTube Channel of the Demoscene Documentary - Documentary about the Finnish Demoscene. May 2010.
  • Paradox - Wikipedia.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/paradox_(warez) Last attempt at connection failed
  • Myth - Wikipedia.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/myth_(warez) Last attempt at connection failed
  • Operation Buccaneer.

    http://web.archive.org/web/20120204065121/http:... 404 Not Found
    Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
    Operation Buccaneer is an ongoing international copyright piracy investigation and prosecution undertaken by federal law enforcement. On December 11, 2001, in a coordinated international effort, the U.S. Customs Service and the Department of Justice executed, or caused to be executed, more than 65 searches in the U.S. and five foreign countries. As of October, 2002, 16 defendants have been convicted in the U.S. of felony criminal copyright offenses, including conspiracy to commit those offenses, and 13 defendants have been sentenced to federal prison terms of up to 46 months. These are the longest sentences ever imposed in the United States for Internet copyright piracy. Additional guilty pleas and sentencings are scheduled in the coming months.
  • Flashtro.

    flashtro.com - cracktros for your browser. cracktros for your browser.
    Amiga cracktros converted to Flash.