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  • GDI Effects from the PC cracking scene.
  • The 1980's represented the dawn of the hacker age. No group represents the early days of hacking and cybercrime more than LoD, aka the Legion of Doom. Led by Lex Luthor, Erik Bloodaxe and The Mentor, the Legion of Doom ruled the online BBS systems and struck fear into the hearts of the US government.
  • WiderScreen returns to the topic of computer subcultures and “scenes”. However, while previous issues of this journal had a stronger focus on the artistic output of computer subcultures, the present issue focuses on the social conditions and practices that constituted computer subcultures and alternative user cultures in a particular period – namely the time span between the introduction of home computers as a mass commodity in the late 1970s and the triumphant march of the World Wide Web in the first half of the 1990s.
  • Currently, I am working on a book about the technical culture of dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs), tentatively titled The Modem World: A Prehistory of Social Media. In the 1980s, hobbyist BBSs provided an infrastructure for the emergence of online community and many of the practices that we value today originated in these low-cost systems.
  • I first started BBSing with a 1200baud modem. I was initially heavily involved in the H/P/C/V/A scene and was most interested in Phreaking (boxes, 950's, etc.). The first application I ever wrote was a brute-force 950 attacker/logger. I lived in Southern Calfiornia. I was never a sysop, but a co-sysop of a few boards. I started out as a courier and eventually assisted in starting a Courier group that was internationally known. I later worked for a major computer game company and was a member of Razor1911. I supplied and was responsible for releasing MAJOR releases such as C&C Red Alert, Z, and others. I once drove 200 miles through the middle of the night to get a gold copy of a release to a "friendly" ISP so that we had the bandwidth to get the "uncrackable game" to our cracker.
  • "I didn't have involvement with cracking etc. and was involved in the far less glamorous MP3 side of the scene".
  • Here you can find various NFO Viewers contained in cracks releases from different cracking groups.
  • Demozoo.
    The world's largest database of scene productions.
  • BBS Ninja :: ANSi Art Scene. Artpacks from the artscene over the years.
    All your ANSi are belong to us! Well, not really, but we love collecting artpacks and serving them to you.
  • PC.TEXTMOD.ES. PC artscene preservation archive.
    The text mode art preservation network.
  • HTTP Error 403.
    A wiki about bulletin board systems.
  • Legends of the Commodore 64 & Amiga scene | Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64. Commodore 64, Amiga, demoscene ,C64.
    This site is about the forgotten scener-heroes of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga days.
  • Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood | Dub Mood | Free Listening on SoundCloud. Stream Dubmood - The Mighty Pirate Sessions Volume 2 (2006) by Dubmood from desktop or your mobile device.
    Live-recording of an STj mix containing both Dubmood tunes and various Atari ST covers. In-desk recording at Main Party 2006 @ La Friche, Marseille.
  • The art of the crack | Apple II Bits. Jason Scott's gallery of cracked splash screens showcases Apple II pirates' work, while Daniel Kruszyna uses T40 to create ASCII art.
    Piracy is as much an issue today as it was thirty years ago: gamers who pay for their software are often penalized for the actions of those who won't. But somewhere between the DRM and the theft is the actual hack.
  • Scene databases - ReScene.
    Various scene related file packs and metadata collections hosted online.
  • » scenerules.org.
    A collection of standards and rule documents agreed to by different scenes.
  • Scenenotice.org; Archive.
    A large collection of scene notices, internal and public announcements.
  • The Scene Notice Pack 2010 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Collection of Scene Notices, notices between various file-trading groups, insulting other groups, announcing changes in the group, or sending out general...
    A 1.9 GB collection of scene notices, pubic postings and data files.
  • BBS Archives. The largest resource of BBS Utilities on the internet,.
  • A copy of the honeypot site after it went public. "A site founded by a former moderator of one of the most popular file-hosting and uploader hangouts has admitted today that his site was a honeypot setup to capture data on pirate activity. WDF, a former senior staff member at popular discussion forum WJunction, says that in the 12 months since his site went online he's been grabbing information about uploaders and file-hosts. "I suckered shitloads of you," he said today as he announced the acquisition of his site by a U.S.-based anti-piracy company.".
  • An incomplete snapshot taken in early 2000. "Welcome to the Future Home of the Underground ART Scene! We will be hitting you soon with the largest archives of ANSI, and JPG Art! If you are interested in contributing, please contact me at [email protected] Cheers!".
  • An incomplete snapshot taken in October 1999. "TCA IS GONE R.I.P 1997 ---- 1999 ONE DAY WE SHALL RETURN .....".
  • Internet Archive Search: "Teh Scene".
    A parody of Welcome To The Scene, also known as Welcome to Teh Scene.
  • glFTPd :: We make files transfer! glFTPd - A great FTP server for anyone on a *NIX platform.
    glFTPd is a free FTP server that historically has been commonly used by the warez scene.
  • A broken and incomplete copy of Black Acid's TCA before it went offline in May of 1999.
  • A massive collection of historical art, demo, music and warez scene paraphernalia contained within a well structured FTP site. Use anonymous login to gain access. Included within. /artscene /icebox.com /kosmic.org /textfiles.com /warezscene.