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  • ACiD Productions was originally founded in 1990 as ANSI Creators in Demand by five members: RaD Man, Shadow Demon, Grimm, The Beholder, and Phantom. Their work originally concentrated in ANSI and ASCII art, but the group later branched out into other artistic media such as music tracking, demo coding, and multimedia software development (e.g. image viewers). In the mid-1990s, ACiD created subsidiary groups responsible for these broader areas. For example, Remorse is the official ACiD sub-label responsible for ASCII art and other text-based graphics. Similarly, pHluid is responsible for module tracking and music production. Today, ACiD focuses largely on the preservation of digital art history, talk radio news, and sale of their DVD-based artscene archives.
  • Courier weekly report card aka CWS was a long running courier chart magazine from the late 1990s. This website was created in the early days of the magazine's life.
  • Our web site was hacked once during it's earlier days. We never found out who did it or why. Other then it seemed to be some disgruntled kid who couldn't get access to the scene.
  • This is an early version of our web site when we also operated a scene news service, a small scene archives and an art group.
  • Now Defacto2 has split up into three groups. The front page is pretty ugly and is nothing more then a web host for the groups and various other pages.
  • Again a very bland front page that hosts various web sites dedicated to various different projects.
  • YES, its true we are shutting down all activities ...
    Discontinued. An demo off-shoot of the cracking group with the same name.
  • DrinkOrDie entertaiments. Pure Warez.
  • This was a web page created for Fairlight by our former Design Division. Unfortunately at the last moment the project was canned by the Fairlight leadership and it was never put into use.
  • Welcome to the FairLight64 home grounds! This is a home page supporting Commodore 64 and especially in combination with the reknown scene group FairLight.
  • Fusion was a French PC game group from the late 1990s. Their website was never completed.
  • Hybrid were one of the earlier groups to create a website, though it was often bare of any information. This copy unfortunately lacks graphics.
  • iCE is not a pure forum for posting artwork, like other sites. iCE is an art group that has dedicated members (i.e. are not members of any other digital art group) who choose to release their art with us. Every month we gather the art that our members have drawn and package it up and put it on the web site. Making an account on ice.org does not make you an "iCE Member", although it does allow you have to an identity here. To go on to become an iCE Member you need to go through a formal application process and be accepted. It is very hard to get into iCE - we only accept the best out there.
  • Just The Facts was a chart magazine from Class. Coded by their famous Windows coder ATM, the magazine used this webpage as a primary means of distribution.
  • Level 4 was a lesser known utility group founded by Madboy that was around during the 1997-1998 period.
  • Motiv8 was a training ground for many an early courier.
  • Razor 1911 were one of the first groups on the scene to launch a web site. Though this version is one of their later web publications.
  • Razor 1911, the legendary group that has been around since 1985.
  • Rebels had a few web sites online during their time thanks to the numerous areas and computer formats the brand worked on. This edition was easily the most popular though.
  • The main Relativity magazine web site. No awards for art design here!
  • A very early web site for the Relativity electronic magazine.
  • What we loosely call the biweekly updating we do for the website. Every two weeks you will find new articles, index entries, contests, and announcements from groups. Other projects are updated at different times, see the site map for more info.
  • Shock is a very well known application and utility group that during it's earlier days used to run a popular web site.
  • Sodom was a small time utility group that was well known for releasing Novell titles and creating the Defacto electronic magazine.
  • Superior Art Creations, often referred to as SAC, is an underground artscene group which caters primarily to and is well known within the warez scene. During the mid to late nineties most of the notable ANSI artscene groups had distanced themselves from the warez scene, rather creating art for the sake of art, or for bulletin boards that were purely artscene related. Seizing this opportunity, SAC moved into this vacant territory and quickly became recognized as the leading group of warez scene artists. Towards the late 1990s, a good majority of NFO file ASCII art was created by various members of SAC. In 1999, lead ASCII artist Ferrex ascended into the role of senior staff and leader, continuing to control the group to this day.
  • Titan :: pouët.net. pouët.net - your online demoscene resource.
    The Titan Demo group is a respected art group who dabbles in all areas of the scene.
  • TRIAD is a demo- and cracking group, active on the Commodore 64 (C64) since 1986.
  • Domain Default page.
    The Tristar group page, though don't expect to see much content in English.
  • Scene databases - ReScene.
    Various scene related file packs and metadata collections hosted online.